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Tue, 28 Mar 2017
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High Strangeness

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Why monsters sit on your chest and try to strangle you

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Brazilians speak in hushed tones about an ugly monster - sometimes a giant man, sometimes an old hag, sometimes a scary demon - that sneaks into bedrooms while they're sleeping, sits on their chests and presses down on their throats so that they wake up gasping for breath and unable to move. It turns out versions of the same tale are told in many countries by many cultures about many monsters. While science has not developed a get-this-monster-off-of-my-chest cure, it has come up with an explanation for them.

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A depiction of a Pisadeira
In Brazil, the monster is called Pisadeira and is most often described as an old hag with long fingers who jumps down from roofs onto the chests of unsuspecting sleepers. In Portugal, Pisadeira is sometimes depicted as old man (sadly, a Friar) and occasionally sits on the full belly of children rather than on their chests. In Spain, it's a large black dog or cat. The indigenous people of Canada believe the creature is a shapeless demon created by an evil shaman. Nigerians describe it as a scary old woman while the Japanese say it's a male spirit trying to suffocate his enemies. In Cambodia, it's a "khmaoch sângkât" - "the ghost that pushes you down." Victims all say they can see the monster or spirit but can't move or breath until it finally goes away.

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Unseen foes: Hostile contact with non-human entities

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To call them ufonauts would evoke unwanted associations with the long-haired, blonde entities of the Adamskian tradition or the Greys that peppered UFO research in the 1990s. In some cases there is no structured craft suggesting an interplanetary origin or even a actinic light that conjures up a paranormal provenance. "Things" appear to unchain a series of events in unsuspecting communities having absolutely no interest in matters involving ufology or even the human space age, now receding into the past as civilization chooses to journey inward.

Time and distance separate us from some of these events in such a way that it is quite understandable how contemporary researchers would feel more comfortable dismissing them as rumor, journalistic exaggeration or outright hoax. Publishing pictures of lights in the sky is far more satisfying, of course.

Nevertheless, I feel these cases deserve their day in court, despite the inability to put the events -- or their witnesses -- on the stand.

Comment: For more information on bizarre and unexplained phenomena, you can read popular UFO researcher Richard Dolan's review of Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book, The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction. The book can be purchased on Amazon and through the publisher, Red Pill Press.


Colorful orb-like UFO causes Delaware resident's video camera to malfunction

© Via YouTube/Starlings of Light
The baffled woman claims her recording equipment became jammed after she tried to capture the strange 'humming' phenomenon on video

A UFO enthusiast claims a strange multi-coloured light 'broke' her video camera as she tried to record it hovering over her house.

The woman, who reveals on her YouTube channel that her name is Melody, describes multi-coloured ball of light, that appear to be chasing an orange 'orb'. At several points throughout the footage, the mysterious ball appears to change from red to blue to green, but that wasn't the strangest thing she noticed.

In the video, Melody says: "There is a humming noise coming from this craft. "We're not sure if it's a form of military helicopter that was investigating that orange glowing ball, or was it some, UFO, perhaps an alien spacecraft? "As I came out to film it, our camcorder began to malfunction."

Comment: About the Starlings of Light YouTube Channel:
This channel is dedicated to sharing important channeled messages. It is run by Dwayne & Melody, who for a while had been uploading the messages to their own accounts. We have been channeling groups such as those of the Galactic Federation Of Light for a long while. We dedicate our life to spiritual knowledge through growing and sharing that love and light. We also do psychic readings and sell metaphysical goods through our shop, Dark Secret Creations. This channel will be dedicated to sharing the messages from our Galactic Family of the Galactic Federation Of Light to aid in the global ascension.


Possessed politicians? A brief historical look at exorcism and demonic possession

© Wikimedia
Jesus exorcising a boy possessed by a demon. From Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, 15th century
At a recent Hillary Clinton campaign rally on Tuesday, October 11, President Obama took the opportunity to address some grave accusations waged against both himself and Hillary Clinton as of late, namely that they are demons. In reaction to a comment by radio host Alex Jones, who said the president smelled of sulfur, Obama playfully took a sniff of his own shirt sleeve and declared that he did not, in fact, agree with that assertion.

The accusation of demon possession has a long history within early Christian literature and liturgy - even if demon possession seems only the stuff of horror movies today.

For hundreds of years, demons were seen by early Christians as one of the main causes of disease. Consequently, demon possession and one of its cures, exorcism, were accepted parts of healing in the later Roman empire into the middle ages. A number of early Christian authors point to demons as the spreaders of sickness. In the third century, the writer Tertullian's Apology (22) even notes that such demons inflict "sickness and other grievous calamities upon our bodies." He also alleged that demons specifically taught women to use magical herbs. As Nicole Kelley, a professor of Religion at Florida State University has argued, demons were one way for early Christians to explain epilepsy and other sicknesses. Demonic thoughts could also creep in and cause havoc. The monk Evagrius Ponticus (345-399 CE) proposed eight cardinal demonic thoughts: gluttony, lust, greed, anger, sadness, acedia (sloth), vainglory, and pride. These eight would later be reworked as the seven deadly sins, as further developed by thinkers such as a monk named John Cassian and then Pope Gregory the Great.

Comment: The author is correct; historical misogyny in the form of accusations of demonic possession/evil is nothing new. For an in-depth discussion of these types of accusations as they relate to several other important historical issues, read: Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms. (you'll be happy you did!)

Sometimes, though, these types of accusations may have some validity!: Top Russian Exorcist: Hillary shows 'clear signs' of demonic possession


UFOs over Charlotte? Strange lights appear in sky over North Carolina (VIDEO)

Video taken by C. Hulbert from near Le Meridien Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 15th, appears to show multiple flashing lights high in the sky above the city:

There was a time when this sort of thing would have gone down as 'The Great North Carolina Lights', but now it's almost an everyday occurrence!


Previously-declassified British UFO archives RECLASSIFIED as Pentagon takes over UK's 'X-Files'

Long-buried files about UFO activity in the UK have been sent back to the National Archives for further censorship, despite assurances they would be released.

Authorities claim extra sanitization was needed after they noticed sensitive material had been missed which did not have a Freedom of Information (FoI) exemption - meaning it could not be released to the waiting public.

A spokesman for the National Archives told German paranormal website Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell that:
"The National Archives (TNA) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) had agreed a timetable for the release of these records which would have made the records available for the public at TNA this autumn.

Unfortunately, following the transfer of files to TNA in June, additional information which is covered by FoI exemption was identified, resulting in the files being returned to the MoD in August.

"This has delayed the release of these files. The MoD are now ensuring that all information that is covered by an exemption is identified."


Did UFO just buzz Geneva, Switzerland? (VIDEO)

© Florian Secretan / Facebook
People have been left confounded by the appearance of an inexplicable flying object in the skies above Geneva, leading some to speculate about extraterrestrial activity.

The UFO appeared on Wednesday evening in the Praille area near Geneva stadium. Footage of the unusual dark circular object was captured by numerous witnesses, with several people posting photos and videos on social media.

"Everyone sees the same thing as me ???" asked Servette FC footballer Matías Vitkieviez on Facebook. "It's completely crazy!!! UFO above the industrial area behind the stage of la praille #ufogva."

One witness told Tribune de Genève that the UFO emitted a shrill noise and was "as big as a plane."


Seeking liberation from demonic influence - Italy is experiencing a 'boom' in exorcisms

© Reuters/Getty
The number of exorcisms has been rising sharply in Italy, with some 500,000 Italians requesting an exorcism each year and not nearly enough exorcists to meet the rising demand, according to recent reports.

The archdiocese of Milan in northern Italy has doubled the number of its exorcists, while an exorcism hotline has been launched in Rome, but those in the field claim it isn't nearly enough.

Rome's most famous exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth (pictured), died last month and his successor, Father Vincenzo Taraborelli, says that he cannot keep up with the daily requests for liberation from demonic influence. "Padre Vincenzo," as he is known, handles some 30 "clients" a day, and is calling on the Church to appoint more priests as exorcists to share in the mission of satanic deliverance.

"There are only nine of us left and many more are needed," he said. "We need other priests like me to meet the needs of so many families."

Last month, an Italian documentary on exorcism called Liberami won the award for "best film" in the Venice Horizons category at this year's Venice Film Festival, drawing still more attention to this rapidly growing industry.


UFOs? Mysterious lights baffle residents along Australia's Sunshine Coast

Bellvista, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Two mysterious lights spotted in the sky above Caloundra have got the Sunshine Coast talking.

Brett Anderson captured the two lights in an almost four minute long video he posted online.

Mr Anderson wrote that he filmed the lights about 10.45pm.

"There was no sound coming from them, and as you can see, one shot something out of itself and then stopped, while the other one crossed its path then continued on over my head and of into the distance," he wrote.

Another social media post on Facebook indicates the lights were also seen at Bellvista, west of Caloundra.

Donna Radcliffe took to the Sunshine Coast Community Board to see if anyone else saw two bright orange lights in the Bellvista area about 11.30pm.

There was speculation that the lights were space junk burning up or drones.


Strange, elongated 'slit' of light appears in sky over Bridge City, Texas

© Via YouTube/secureteam10
New footage was received from a viewer in Bridge City, Texas that shows a mysterious streak of light that appeared over the city around 11pm on October 1, 2016. The bizarre event lasted about ten minutes where the light remained stationary. At one point it gets brighter, gains some color and we see this very bright orange phantom streak of light brighten up the sky.

About 15 minutes away, in Port Arthur we have some more high strangeness going on with people swerving off the road, their electronics going out, a strange high-pitched noise going through the radio. A woman named Rhonda reported on Facebook that she was headed back home from the mall when she encountered something very strange:
Did anyone else passed by the Groves loop just now and experience a weird wave-like thing that shutdown things in the car? A weird high-pitched noise came from the radio, lights dimmed, the radio stopped, everyone around was breaking or pulling over. Cars swerved not knowing what was going on. Anyone know what this was?
Now that seems to me like an EMP wave or something like that something that is knocking out power systems along this area. Really bizarre.

Comment: Not the first such appearance: this happened in Sabah, Malaysia two years ago:
What Are These Weird Lights Hovering Around In Sabah?

On 2 September 2014, many Sabahans have been reporting sightings of strange lights in the sky on social media

A pillar-shaped light was seen moving across the sky around 9.30pm and was hovering over for a few minutes, leaving locals baffled

Meteorologists, policemen and firemen were unable to explain the pillar-shaped lights that moved across the sky in the Putatan area, around 9.30pm, for several minutes.