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Sun, 19 Aug 2018
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High Strangeness


Washington Post: The military keeps encountering UFOs but the Pentagon doesn't care

Air Force UFO encounter
© To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science

We have no idea what's behind these weird incidents because we're not investigating.

In December, the Defense Department declassified two videos documenting encounters between U.S. Navy F-18 fighters and unidentified aircraft. The first video captures multiple pilots observing and discussing a strange, hovering, egg-shaped craft, apparently one of a "fleet" of such objects, according to cockpit audio. The second shows a similar incident involving an F-18 attached to the USS Nimitz carrier battle group in 2004.

The videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies. Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence confirm more than a dozen such incidents off the East Coast alone since 2015. In another recent case, the Air Force launched F-15 fighters last October in a failed attempt to intercept an unidentified high-speed aircraft looping over the Pacific Northwest .

A third declassified video, released by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a privately owned media and scientific research company to which I'm an adviser, reveals a previously undisclosed Navy encounter that occurred off the East Coast in 2015.

The future belongs to not only the physically brave but also the intellectually agile.
More specifically, to those aligned with Truth. If you're off in la-la-land about enemies seeking to destroy you here on Earth, and are thus seeking to pre-emptively destroy them, you have no future.

Aside from the incidents themselves, it's curious that the 'UFO problem' is finally receiving sober mainstream media attention. Previously, the only time given it was for ridicule and debunking.

See also: There have long been rumors that the 'deep state' would one day begin some kind of 'disclosure' about 'the alien reality'. And there are two variants of this theory: one is that it would be an actual disclosure of what the secret world government actually knows; the other is that it would be a controlled, 'fake' disclosure for the purpose of retaining control of people's minds.


Hmmm... Pentagon releases ANOTHER video of its jets chasing UFO

GO FAST ufo video
© U.S. Navy
The ATFLIR display reveals significant information regarding flight conditions and characteristics of the imagery
Newly-released video of a mysterious object streaking over the Atlantic Ocean shows the Pentagon needs to take UFOs seriously, a researcher says.

The sensational two-minute clip captured by a camera aboard a US Navy F/A 18 jet flying at 25,000 feet wowed military personnel.

"What the f- is that thing?" shouted the pilot in the video posted online by the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a private research company.

"Oh my gosh dude!" exclaimed the jet's weapons systems officer.

The video was shot off the East Coast in 2015. To the Stars Academy did not say how it obtained the declassified footage, but said others could obtain it through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Comment: This is the third such Pentagon release in the last few months. What are they up to?


Triangular UFO videoed flying low in the night sky could be the 'best evidence ever' for alien life

The bizarre object soars through the skies and UFO enthusiasts believe that it could be a TR-3B, the alleged surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force

The bizarre object soars through the skies and UFO enthusiasts believe that it could be a TR-3B, the alleged surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force
This clip of a triangular UFO flying through the air has been dubbed the 'best evidence ever' for proof of extraterrestrial life.

The bizarre object soars through the skies from an unknown location in the US and UFO enthusiasts believe that it could be a TR-3B, the alleged surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force.

Theorists have been quick to point out that the footage shows a craft with three lights at each point that do not flash.

Planes have to have blinking lights by regulation which has led people to believe that it is something out of this world.

Black Magic

Exorcists go online as Vatican faces mounting demand

YouTube Screenshot of the Order of Exorcists

YouTube Screenshot of the Order of Exorcists
As Italy has experienced a massive explosion in demand for exorcisms, an independent organization offers demon-busting services in 24 countries that can be ordered online.

The Order of Exorcists has an easily accessible "Contact Us" form to request an investigation and an exorcism.
The family or person needing help - please make the request via our "Contact Us" form on this page. Please include all the details about the situation including the names of people within the household, what kind of help they are looking for, and complete contact information.
The order undergoes an extensive multi-week process to ensure that demon possession or paranormal activity is involved, and then to perform the exorcism.

Comment: Life on our planet seems to be deteriorating:

Black Cat

Mothman-like entity seen near truck stop on Illinois/Wisconsin border

mothman illinois
I was driving home on 94 headed back home. I pulled in to the TA truck stop to get something to drink and something to eat before finishing my trip home. It was about 11:30 p.m. when I left the store and got in my car, as I was pulling out of the parking lot to get onto the Interstate I noticed what looks like large person standing to the side of the road. This thing looks right at me with very bright red eyes and then opened a huge pair of wings and started to fly off like some kind of big bat. The whole damn thing took less than 5 seconds but I know what I saw and it look like a giant, skinny man with a large pair of wings and red eyes. I'm not sure what to tell you that it was, but I can assure you it's something I've never seen on the Discovery Channel before.

Comment: See also: Increasing window-faller events? There were 55 Mothman sightings in Chicago in 2017


More time travelers with revelations, future warnings and photos

Time Travel
© Mysterious Universe
Is 2018 the year time travel comes out of the closet and achieves some sort of legitimacy, if not actual proof, like UFOs did in 2017? After videos of three alleged time travelers surfaced earlier this year in one week, three more appeared recently and a presidential candidate, who claims he has time traveled and promised to expose the technology if elected, revealed he has also time traveled to Mars and seen evidence of life and graveyards. What about some lottery numbers or stock market predictions?

Let's start with pixel-faced "Noah." He appeared first in a video from Apex TV (the new go-to source for time travel videos) where he claims he's from the year 2030, says he can't show his face or use his real voice because he could be assassinated for revealing the future and looks like his comments are being evaluated by a lie detector which buzzes in the background while the video flashes the word "True" on the screen. That last part seems pretty questionable, not to mention hokey.

No Entry

Polish family terrorized by a poltergeist

The Pokropski family

The Pokropski family
The story of a family terrorised by a poltergeist exploded across the Polish media in early December 2017. While the case created a news frenzy in Poland, it seems to have been completely missed by the English language press.

The events had commenced in late November in the town of Turza Wielka, around 200km north of Warsaw. An excellent summary of the initial reports can be found at the Polish news portal codziennikmlawski.pl, whose editor-in-chief Jerzy Kącki generously allowed me to publish translations of two of his articles. The author of the articles and the photographer was journalist Szymon Wyrostek.

If the poltergeist literature gives us any clue, the family should be looking closer at their 12 year old daughter, Martyna. In many of the reports I have investigated, the focus of the events is usually a young girl around Martyna's age. I'm still investigating the case so expect further follow-ups on the blog.

The content, including photographs, remains the copyright of Szymon Wyrostek.

Read the rest here


Worlds unknown: Tales of mysterious underground civilizations

Shrine of the Mystic Dragon

Shrine of the Mystic Dragon
In this age of exploration a lot of attention has been paid to what lies out beyond our planet and what swims about in the darkest depths of our unexplored seas, but an area that seems to get significantly less attention is the world that lies locked down in the never-ending black night below us. Here caves and caverns stretch out and meander over vast distances, sometimes harboring new discoveries beyond our wildest dreams. Yet the most bizarre and baffling supposed accounts of the deep places of the earth are those concerning strange, unknown civilizations long gone, who are claimed to have dwelled within the earth and that remain lost and unconfirmed. Covering everything from giants from the inner earth, to aliens, to reptilian monsters and the protectors of mysterious lost religious artifacts, here are some of the weirdest claims of supposed lost civilizations that supposedly rose and fell beneath the world as we know it.

One of the most seemingly absurd claims of an underground civilization was detailed in a 1956 bestselling book called The Third Eye, which is an allegedly autobiographical account by a man named Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, outlining his experiences at Chakpori Lamasery, in Tibet. Among the wealth of strangeness in the book, such as Rampa's operation to drill a hole in his head to release mysterious mental powers, the titular Third Eye, and the strange discovery of his own mummified body from a previous incarnation, there is his curious account of finding a vast subterranean world crafted by inscrutable entities under the Tibetan capital, Lhasa.

Comment: Further reading:


From the black depths, bizarre cases of underground monsters

© Unknown
Many of us never think about the fact that down below us, beneath the world of light and civilization lurks another world altogether, one of cold, eternal darkness, a stranger to the sun. Down in these black depths of the earth exist vast caverns and caves that most are not even aware of, and there are reports that these are not necessarily devoid of life. Indeed, it seems that there possibly exist strange monsters down in the deep places of the earth, which shuffle about and stalk the never-ending night, even once in a while poking up from their hidden lairs into our world to baffle and terrify.

When talking about underground monsters, something one might wonder is whether there are any sorts of mystery giant worms prowling about out in the wilds under our feet, and the answer is, according to some reports, yes. If you've ever seen the movie Tremors, then you might know what I mean, and there is said to be a cryptid in the remote areas of South America that is very much like this. Called the Minhocão (literally "big earthworm" in Portuguese), this creature is described as an absolutely enormous worm-like beast measuring from 75 feet up to an astounding 150 feet long, which burrows through the earth and feeds on anything it can catch walking above. Some added details are that it has black skin, small eyes, a pair of tentacles on its mouth or head, and an array of large, sharp teeth within its maw. The creature is so massive that it is believed to leave huge trenches in its wake, which sometimes collapse to send houses and other structures tumbling down into the ground, and there are various reports of it sucking animals down into the earth, such as dogs, cats, and even livestock such as cows.


Vatican reportedly sets up new exorcism course amid soaring claims of demonic possession

woman rosery
© Getty Images
A woman holds rosary beads
The Vatican has reportedly set up a new exorcism training course amid soaring demand for priests trained to rid people of demonic possession.

Sicilian priest and trained exorcist Benigno Palilla told Vatican Radio that demand for priests trained in exorcism had tripled in recent years, with 500,000 alleged cases now recorded in Italy annually.

He attributed the rise to the popularity of fortune tellers and tarot cards, which he said "open the door to the devil and to possession." However, he noted that many cases of apparent possession were in fact caused by spiritual or psychological problems.