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Sun, 17 Feb 2019
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High Strangeness


Something unusual filmed in the skies of Montana

Weird object in MT Skies
The team at Into The Little Belts shot some aerial video in the Highwood Mountains on Monday, May 21st, and captured something that has people puzzled.

They wrote: "When we turned the drone to get a view of Round and Square Butte, we captured something pretty interesting... a UFO? maybe just a plastic bag? Either way, it is a pretty strange thing we captured. In this video we slow the footage down and zoom in. What do you think it is?"

On Thursday, Into The Little Belts shared the video with KRTV with the following message:
KRTV- The other day, we were using our aerial camera in the Highwood Mountains and captured this strange anomaly. We posted it to our page and got a ton of responses of what it could be such as "ball Lightning", Ice from the storm, Cottonwood fluff, weather balloon and many other theories. We have landed on ice, but still have our doubts. Maybe you could help us figure this out?


Pilot captures mystery object in sky over Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Mystery object over NZ
© Tim Whittaker
An unidentified flying object was spotted hovering above rural Hastings yesterday.

A student pilot captured a shot of the mysterious object, which seemed rather indecisive about what direction it was going.

Freelance photographer Tim Whittaker posted the photos on his Facebook page and received plenty of suggestions about what the object might be, from a drone wearing a raincoat to an escaped roast turkey.

Hawke's Bay Aerodrome flight instructor Cassandra Jefferies said the object was first spotted at about 600m or 2000ft above the aerodrome and aircraft was sent up in an attempt to identify it.


Bigfoot: The 10 most convincing sightings?

© Roger Patterson, Courtesy of Red
For decades, people around the world have been fascinated with the legend of bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, or whatever you choose to call it. Sightings of a furry, upright biped and reports of beastly footprints have been reported from as far afield as the Himalayas. Although no definitive proof exists, the (often questionable) reports continue adding up. Outside plunged into the deep, dark corners of this subculture to compile the most famous-perhaps most convincing-bigfoot photos ever captured. Here's the evidence. Is bigfoot real? You be the judge.

Photo above: Arguably the most famous and influential Bigfoot footage is the 1967 film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Northern California. The "Bigfoot walk" it depicts has been parodied by many, but never truly replicated. Even with this enhanced image, it's hard to tell if it's a person in a gorilla suit or the real deal.
© Courtesy of The Mills Family/YouTube
A youth group was camping in the Marble Mountain Wilderness when leader Jim Mills noticed a strange-looking creature skulking along a ridge nearby. He filmed it for nearly seven minutes, making the somewhat-grainy footage the longest video of an alleged bigfoot sighting.

Comment: See also:


Missing 411? 21-year-old man goes missing after leaving house party in Sun Peaks, BC

Ryan Shutka
© Wikimedia Commons and B.C. RCMP
Ryan Shutka
As the snow continues to melt at Sun Peaks, search efforts are ramping back up in hopes of finding Ryan Shtuka.

The 21-year-old man went missing on Feb. 17, after leaving a house party in the Burfield Drive area, a short distance away from his home. He hasn't been seen since, despite countless efforts from volunteers who have scoured Sun Peaks over the past 12 weeks.

Kamloops Search and Rescue manager Alan Hobler says nearly 20 crew members went to Sun Peaks this weekend to help search for Shtuka, along with 40 to 50 volunteers who came in from Alberta.

Hobler says depending on where you are in Sun Peaks, much of the snow has started to melt, but north-facing slopes still have quite a bit. He adds that searchers were able to scour areas that had less snow, going over every inch to see if anything has been missed.

Comment: See also:


Miracle or Mothman? Security camera captures image of winged creature in Michigan

Mothman, Michigan winged creature
Do you believe in miracles?

A group of people in East Jordan believe they have come across one.

"I said 'That's an angel!' And I was just blown away," said Glen Thorman, whose security camera captured the image. "I couldn't wait to send it to my wife and send it to Deneille. And I said 'I got an angel, and my camera took a picture of an angel.'"

The camera is only activated by a motion sensor.

Comment: The creature is more likely to be a Mothman as sightings of such creatures have been increasing over the past few years:


Some of the strangest UFO sightings in the city of Hull's history

UFO clouds
Nothing captures the imagination quite like the supernatural.

From ghosts and ghouls to unidentified flying objects, Hull and East Yorkshire is no stranger to the paranormal.

Historian Mike Covell has been spending the past few months in painstaking research into a few of the forgotton UFO sightings from around the area.

Since May 2008, the National Archives has witnessed a slow and steady release of UFO files to the public. The files feature thousands, if not millions of files, and every time they release them, they give Ufologists, or people that study UFO's, a short window in which they can be downloaded for free.


Photos of strange winged creature prompt 'angel' sighting debate online

Ghostly images captured by the motion sensor camera
© Glen Thorman / Jordan Rivers Church
One of the images captured by the motion sensor camera
A small community in northern Michigan believes it has been touched by an angel after a motion-sensor camera captured a mysterious object apparently looming over a parked vehicle. People online, however, remain unconvinced.

According to the local church in East Jordan and the man whose camera detected the presence, the image clearly shows a head and wings.

Comment: What is it? Bizarre, winged, fairy-like creature found in Mexico

Magic Wand

Prop or prank? Mystery car hanging from bridge perplexes Toronto residents

Was it the aftermath of a horrific accident? An art project? A prank?
Car found hanging in Toronto
© Malcolm Thomas/Twitter
Police and passersby were left perplexed and concerned after a burned-out car was found dangling precariously from a Toronto bridge as traffic rumbled overhead.

Soon after the blue sedan was spotted during rush-hour traffic on Wednesday, police, firefighters and paramedics showed up to assess the mysterious car. Strung up by a cable, it floated over a grassy area and posed no danger to public safety, officials said.

City police at first said it was a prop for a movie shoot. But after speaking with city officials, they retracted this explanation.

No movie shoot had been authorised, they said, and police were now investigating how exactly the car ended up suspended in mid-air.

Grey Alien

Ancient Aliens features John Podesta: Hillary Clinton would've declassified UFO information

WikiLeaks  Podesta clinton
© Alex Wong / AFP
Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman was on cable television Friday night peddling conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life forms, and nobody seems to have noticed.

In fairness, I didn't really believe it until I saw it either. But there he was, John Podesta, speaking gravely over a foreboding soundtrack, lending his very earnest insights to "Ancient Aliens" on The History Channel. (Don't tell Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa).

Podesta has long been in avid pursuit of the truth about UFOs, memorably reassuring the public during Clinton's 2016 campaign he'd "convinced her that we need an effort to kind of go look at that and declassify as much as we can, so that people have their legitimate questions answered."

And so it came to be, this former White House chief of staff and counselor to the president sat before "Ancient Aliens" cameras and unloaded enigmatic observations like, "The government seems to be completely unaccountable to the American public," and "I've had a number of members of Congress, members of the U.S. Senate say to me, 'Keep going at this. I'm really interested in it, but I can't say anything about it.'"

Behold this surreal exchange, wherein Podesta very seriously reflects on the Clinton campaign's pro-alien declassification platform.

Comment: Podesta is dreaming. It's unlikely Clinton would've been able to get anything very interesting declassified. Previous presidents have tried, and failed. And besides, TTS is already filling the gap with the only sort of information that might be deemed safe for public consumption.


Video captures strange black craft floating across Texas sky over Houston

Black UFO Houston TX
A video captured Saturday shows a large black figure floating across the Texas sky over Houston.

The footage was shared on the YouTube Channel TexasUFOs Monday.

​"April 28, 2018, sighting of a large, tall black structure flying across the sky over central Houston has been submitted to Mutual UFO Network [MUFON]. What could this UFO be? Plane or helicopter carrying something, hot air balloon... or a top-secret military craft or even aliens????" the YouTube description states. MUFON is a US nonprofit organization that investigates alleged UFO sightings.