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Sat, 25 Feb 2017
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High Strangeness


Witnesses photograph 'worm-like' object hovering over Washington D.C.

A Washington D.C. witness reported watching and photographing a "worm-like" object hovering in the sky under 40 feet that could not immediately be identified, according to testimony in Case 79569 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was walking home in northwest D.C. at 11 a.m. on October 2, 2016, when the object was noticed in the sky.

"I noticed a strange object hovering in the sky, about 30-40 feet up, across the street from me, maybe a total distance of 60-70 feet between myself and the object," the witness stated. "The object was unlike anything I've ever seen."


NASA cuts live feed from ISS after flying object spotted

© Streetcap1 / YouTube
NASA is once again being accused of hiding evidence of UFOs after cutting off a live stream from the International Space Station (ISS) during which an unidentified object was spotted.

Keen space observer Streetcap1, who has almost 40,000 subscribers on YouTube, claims some sort of otherworldly object can be seen flying near the ISS during a live stream carried by the space agency on September 30.

A recording of the stream was uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1 highlighting a blue light apparently hovering in the distance.

While skeptics argue the light is merely lens flare, Steetcap1 denies this is the case as the "unidentified object is brighter on the left side due to the light from the Sun."


Man films strange 'brilliantly white lights' in skies of Swindon, UK

© Graham Woodward
Video still of UFO by Richard Newton
Footage of a mysterious flying object seen in Swindon's skies by dozens of residents on Sunday has prompted more confirmed sightings and sparked speculation over what it could be.

As reported in the Adver yesterday, former BT engineer Graham Woodward was driving home near Westcott Place with his son Stefan, 18, at 8.19pm when three 'brilliantly white lights' in the shape of a triangle with a red light in the centre appeared in the sky.

The 62-year-old of Nelson Street is convinced it was not a drone nor a military or commercial aircraft as it had no blinking navigation lights. He could also not hear the sound of an engine when he wound his window down.

"It certainly was unlike any flying object that I have ever witnessed before," he said.

The small aircraft only hovered for around three minutes before it veered to the left and vanished out of sight. Graham was so perplexed he even called police on 101 to report what he had seen.

And yesterday Richard Newton shared a video with the Adver of what he describes as 'strange lights' hovering above Liden at the same time on Sunday as Graham spotted the mystery triangular object.

"It was not a drone," Richard said.

Grey Alien

The science-oriented art movement of crop circles

Richard Taylor, a physicist at the University of Oregon, is one of several academics to take interest in the crop circle phenomenon within recent years. Why? Well, when extremely complex, huge, and perfectly carved out geometrical patters to precision are made, people are going to notice.

Taylor believes that "crop circle artists are not going to give up their secrets easily." He believes that unknown artists are venturing "into the countryside close to your homes" to "carry out their craft, safe in the knowledge that they are continuing the legacy of the most science-oriented art movement in history."

He published those words in an August 2011 edition in Physics World, and it's not hard to see whey he feels this way. These designs are truly jaw dropping.

For example, this massive 780-foot (238 meters) crop circle appeared in a remote area (Milk Hill) of Wiltshire, England back in 2001. It was an extremely complex and elaborate design, composed of exactly 409 circles that form what is known as a triskelion - a motif consisting of three interlocking spirals. The symbol has been seen throughout history and across multiple cultures dating back thousands of years.


Police helicopter records mysterious flying object in South Wales

Footage of what appears to be a UFO was shot by a South Wales police helicopter, and it has officers and the public baffled.

The object - which could not be seen with the naked eye - was captured by thermal cameras.

The mysterious footage was filmed by the helicopter while it was flying 1,000 feet over the Bristol Channel at around 9.30 pm on Saturday, September 24.

The police recorded the object for just over seven minutes. They reported that it was flying against the wind, and said it was difficult to judge the size.

Footage from the heat-seeking helicopter camera shows a spherical object bobbing around in the center of the screen.

Take a look:

Evil Rays

Sky trumpets: What is the strange noise plaguing Windsor, Canada?

© Inside Edition
The mysterious noise that has many around the world baffled has now spread to Windsor, Canada.

It sounds like a trumpet and the bizarre noise is being called both a real-life X-Files and "The Windsor Hum."

Comment: See also:

Light Saber

Leading exorcists in US try to account for huge increase in demand for the Rite - and the priests to carry them out

File image of an alleged exorcism
In the US, over the past 10 years, the number of official priest exorcists has more than quadrupled from 12 to 50.

But for two of America's most active exorcists - Father Gary Thomas, whose training in Rome was chronicled in Matt Baglio's book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, and Father Vincent Lampert, whose work was depicted on Paranormal Witness - it is an ongoing struggle to keep up with the demand.

In lengthy interviews with The Telegraph, the two exorcists discuss how the increase in drug and pornography addiction, failure of the mental healthcare system and a rise in popularity of "pagan activities", such as using a Ouija board to summon the dead, are among the factors contributing to the huge increase in demand for the Rite.

Comment: As we've warned many times, it's a jungle out there, so if you don't know what you're doing when it comes to deliberately entering altered states or attempting to 'contact other realities', best to refrain.

The association with porn addiction is a new one to us. Though not necessarily related to the specific phenomenon of demonic possession, we've wondered if the masses' addiction to 'smart' technology, drugs and tattoos facilitates 'binding' with negative energies (in the broadest sense).

Warning that "evil is a reality", the priests debunk several of the myths around exorcisms, discussing how they decide who is eligible for an exorcism, how the procedure is carried out and some of their most notable cases.

Comment: In Malachi Martin's startling book Hostage to the Devil about demonic possession and exorcism, he cites a story that occurred in China during WWII when Japanese soldiers committed horrific atrocities towards civilians en masse. Preceding all that evil one priest and his friends were witness to a case of demonic possession that seemed to reflect another dimension of evil but that was also somehow connected to the carnage and brutality of war.

Is it possible that the unleashing of U.S. proxy forces like ISIS, Azov Battallion and a host of other psychopathic killing groups are a part of the same processes and unleashing of evil that the article above alludes to? And that seemed to have occurred in China and elsewhere during WWII?

See the following articles and then read the relevant section from Hostage to the Devil, and decide for yourself:
When the search party reached the disused grain store known locally as Puh-Chi (One Window), the bombing of Nanking was at its height. The night sky was bright with incandescent flares and filled with explosions. Japanese incendiaries were wreaking havoc on Nanking's wooden buildings. It was December 11, 1937, about 10:00 P.M. The Yangtze delta all the way down to the sea was in Japanese hands. From Shanghai on the coast to within two miles of Nanking was a devastated area on which death had settled like a permanent atmosphere. Nanking was next on the invaders' list. And defenseless. December 13 was to be its death date.

For one week the police of a southern Nanking city precinct had been looking for Thomas Wu. The charge: murder of at least five women and two men in the most horrible circumstances: Thomas Wu, the story was, had lolled his victims and eaten their bodies. At the end of one week's fruitless searching, Father Michael Strong, the missionary parish priest of the district, who had baptized Thomas Wu, sent word unexpectedly that he had found the wanted man in the barnlike Puh-Chi. But the police captain did not understand the message Father Michael had sent him: "I am conducting an exorcism. Please give me some time." *

* This Is the only exorcism reported in this book for which I have no transcript and could not conduct extensive interviews. My sole source was Father Michael himself, who recounted these events to me and allowed me to read his diaries.

The main door of Puh-Chi was ajar when the police chief arrived. A small knot of men and women stood watching. They could see Father Michael standing in the middle of the floor. Over in one corner there was another figure, a young, naked man, suddenly ravished by an unnatural look of great age, a long knife in his hands. On the shelves around the inner walls of the storehouse lay rows and rows of naked corpses in various stages of mutilation and putrefaction.

"YOU!!" the naked man was screaming as the police captain elbowed his way to the door, "YOU want to know MY name!" The words "you" and "my" hit the captain like two clenched fists across the ears. He saw the priest visibly wilt and stagger backward. But, even so, it was the voice that made the captain wonder. He had known Thomas Wu. Never had he heard him speak with such a voice.

"In the name of Jesus," Michael began weakly, "you are commanded . . ."

"Get outta here! Get the hell outta here, you filthy old eunuch!"

"You will release Thomas Wu, evil spirit, and ..."

"I'm taking him with me, pigmy," came the voice from Thomas Wu. "I'm taking him. And no power anywhere, anywhere, you hear, can stop us. We are as strong as death. No one stronger! And he wants to come! You hear? He wants to!"

"Tell me your name ..."

The priest was interrupted by a sudden roaring. No one there could say later how the fire started. An incendiary? A spark carried by the wind from burning Nanking? It was like a sudden, noisy ambush sprung by a silent signal. In a flash the fire had jumped up, a living red weed running around the sides of the storehouse, along the curved roof, and across the wooden floor by the walls.

The police captain was already inside, and he gripped Father Michael by the arm, pulling him outside.

The voice of Wu pursued them over the noise: "It's all one. Fool! We're all the same. Always were. Always."

Michael and the captain were outside by then and turned around to listen.

"There's only one of us. One . . ."

The rest of the sentence was drowned in a sudden outburst of flaming timbers.

Now, the glass rectangle of the single window was darkening over with smoke and grime. In a few minutes it would be impossible to see anything. Michael lurched over and peered in. Against the window he could see Thomas' face plastered for an instant of fixed, grinning agony a horrible picture, a Bosch nightmare come alive.

Long, quickly lashing tongues of flame were licking at Thomas' temples, neck, and hair. Through the hissing and crackling of the fire, Michael could hear Thomas laughing, but very dimly, almost lost to I lie ear. Between the flames he could see the shelves with their gray-white load of corpses. Some were melting. Some were burning. Eyes oozing out of sockets like broken eggs. Hair burning in little tufts. First, fingers and toes and noses and ears, then whole limbs and torsos melting and blackening. And the smell. God! That smell!

Then the fixity of Thomas' grin broke; his face seemed to be replaced by another face with a similar grin. At the top speed of a kaleidoscope, a long succession of faces came and went, one flickering after the other. All grinning. All with "Cain's thumbprint on the chin," as Michael described the mark that haunted him for the rest of his life. Every pair of lips was rounded into the grinning shape of Thomas' last word: "one!" Faces and expressions Michael never had known. Some he imagined he knew. Some he knew he imagined. Some he had seen in history books, in paintings, in churches, in newspapers, in nightmares. Japanese, Chinese, Burmese, Korean, British, Slavic. Old, young, bearded, clean-shaven.

Black, white, yellow. Male, female. Faster. Faster. All grinning with the same grin. More and more and more. Michael felt himself hurtling down an unending lane of faces, decades and centuries and millennia ticking by him, until the speed slowed finally, and the last grinning face appeared, wreathed in hate, its chin just one big thumbprint.

Now the window was completely black Michael could see nothing. "Cain . . ." he began to say weakly to himself. But a stablike realization stopped the word in his throat, just as if someone had hissed into his inner ear: "Wrong again, fool! Cain's father. I. The cosmic Father of Lies and the cosmic Lord of Death. From the beginning of the beginning. I ... I ... I ... I ... I ..."

Michael felt a sharp pain in his chest. A strong hand was around his heart stifling its movement, and an unbearable weight lay on his chest, bending him over. He heard the blood thumping in his head and then loud, roaring winds. A dazzling flash of light burst across his eyes. He slumped to the ground.

Strong hands plucked Michael away from the window just in time.

The storehouse was now an inferno. With a tearing crash, the roof caved in. The flames shot up triumphantly and licked the outside walls, burning and consuming ravenously.

"Get the old man away from here!" screamed the captain through the smoke and the smell. They all drew back. Michael, slung over the shoulder of one man, was babbling and sobbing incoherently. The captain could barely make his words out:
"I failed ... I failed ... I must go back. Please . . . Please . . . must go back . . . not later .. . please . . ."

When they got Michael to the hospital, his condition was critical. Apart from burns and smoke inhalation, he had suffered a minor heart attack. And until the following evening, he continued in a delirium.

Before the fall of Nanking, he was smuggled out by the faithful police captain and a few parishioners. They made their way northwestwards, barely escaping the tightening Japanese net.

On December 14, the Japanese High Command let loose 50,000 of their soldiers on the city with orders to kill every living person. The city became a slaughterhouse. Whole groups of men and women were used for bayonet and machine-gun practice. Others were burned alive or slowly cut to pieces. Rows of children were beheaded by samurai-swinging officers competing to see who could take off the most heads with one sweep of the sword. Women were raped by squads, then killed. Fetuses were torn alive from wombs, carved up, and fed to the dogs.

All told, over 42,000 were murdered. Death enveloped Nanking as it had the entire Yangtze delta. Animals and crops died and rotted in the fields.

It was as though the spirit that Michael had tangled with in the microcosm of Thomas Wu's grisly charnel house in the suburbs of Nanking -"the Cosmic Lord of Death"- had been let loose over all the lands. In the world-shaking events of the war years, some special viciousness had been given free rein, had impressed itself on hundreds of thousands with the sting of absolute and irresistible authority. Death was the strongest weapon. It settled all disputes over who was master. And eventually it claimed all as its victims, putting everyone on an equal level. In war, where death was the victor, you tried to have it on your side.

Grey Alien

Stephen Hawking: Aliens perhaps "looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach"

Stephen Hawking is known for offering insightful and often scary commentary on the universe and technology. The world-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist has cautioned against rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, humans exploiting and destroying Earth, and Donald Trump becoming one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Now, he's warning scientists and humanity in general against becoming too friendly with alien life.

Hawking hosts a show called "Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places" on the science-themed subscription service, CuriosityStream. During the half-hour broadcast, CNET explains, he "flies by the potentially habitable exoplanet Gliese 832c in a CGI spaceship as part of his hypothetical dream itinerary for a tour of the universe."

Hawking intends to scan Gliese 832c for signs of intelligent life using powerful radio telescopes, which he is using in a new $100 million project with Mark Zuckerberg and internet investor Yuri Milner. They intend to determine whether they can successfully send a "swarm of tiny spacecraft, each weighing far less than an ounce, to the Alpha Centauri star system" in search of intelligent life, the Toronto Sun reported in April.

Evil Rays

Bad vibrations: U.K. woman living with mysterious noise in her house

© n/a
Temple Hill, in Dartford. So far no source has been found.
A Dartford resident has been living with bad vibrations for more than a year - with no explanation to the mysterious noise.

Katherine Turner from Temple Hill first noticed a noise, described as 'low voltage sound waves', in her home in the spring of 2015.

But as winter 2016 beckons, the pensioner is no closer to finding out the source of the noise, which keeps her up at night and forces her out of the house during the day.

When the noise first started, Mrs Turner went to Dartford council to get to the bottom of the noise, which she has described to us.

"It's very strange, it just seems to resonate around the air in the house, it isn't like a hum. It's very difficult to explain."

Comment: See also:


UFO filmed in night sky near Goshen, New York

© YouTube / Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)
A man and his girlfriend believe they have captured a bizarre UFO on camera after stopping to film the sky near New York.

The craft, which has a shape similar to that of the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise, can be seen in the clip.

The footage was uploaded online with the comment: "Me and my girlfriend were coming home at approx between 9 and 10 pm when we saw a light to our left.

"This thing was a complete lit surfaced craft.

"It wasn't blinking lights the entire surface of craft was lit up and glowing."