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Thu, 25 Aug 2016
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High Strangeness


Six fascinating tales of kids who remember their past lives

Reincarnation is a fascinating subject that has remained on the fringe of scientific study for too long. Fortunately, it has recently begun to attract serious interest from the scientific community. Decades ago, American astronomer and astrobiologist Carl Sagan stated that "there are three claims in the [parapsychology] field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study," with one being "that young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation."

Fast forward to today, and amazing discoveries have been made, as multiple researchers have taken it upon themselves to study this intriguing and inexplicable — at least from a materialist scientific worldview — phenomenon. Subjects like reincarnation belong to the non-material sciences, an area of research that deserves more attention. As Nikola Tesla himself said, "the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

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'Ghost ship' washes ashore on Liberian coast, no crew aboard

© Preston Veteran Gayflor / Facebook
A huge oil tanker has washed up on a beach in Liberia with no captain or crew, leaving authorities baffled as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding it. The Panama-registered Tamaya 1's last location was recorded on April 22, when it was heading toward the port of Dakar, Senegal, according to Marine Traffic.

The 64-meter tanker drifted ashore May 4 on a beach near Robertsport on the northern Liberia coast. Locals spotted the vessel and reported it, but it took two more days before it was officially noticed by the Liberian government, according to the Daily Observer.

Liberia's coast guard chief, maritime security chief and high ranking government officials have since visited the scene and an investigation is under way. Officials told residents that the abandoned vessel posed no security threat, according to Farbric Radio. All communications and other major parts of the ship were removed before authorities arrived to inspect the vessel. There were no recent operational documents on board, just some papers dating between 2009 and 2014.

Armed police officers were stationed at the ship after several arrests were made for looting, though some of the stolen property - including crude oil - has been retrieved, according to a Farbric Radio update.

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The Truth Perspective: Interview with David M. Jacobs: "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity"

UFO sightings. Alien abduction accounts. These topics have been so fraught with misinformation, sensationalism and pure speculation over the years that to learn what is actually occurring can be a very difficult undertaking even under the best of circumstances. There are a few out there who succeed in doing so.

Joining us for this episode of The Truth Perspective is retired Professor of History David M. Jacobs, author of such well-known titles as The UFO Controversy in America, Secret Life and The Threat. In his most recent book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, Dr. Jacobs takes his research another step further and presents his latest findings and conclusions about the alien presence here on Earth.

In his well-grounded and concrete style, Dr. Jacobs goes into detail to explain the rigors of his study, as well as how he has come to understand this topic of topics. If you have ever wondered what the truth about aliens was, you'll want to listen in!

The Truth Perspective is brought to you by the SOTT Radio Network and SOTT, your one-stop source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events.

Running Time: 02:08:50

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UFO resembling jellyfish seen 'swimming through the sky' over Mexico

Have UFO hunters just sighted a gigantic, glowing creature 'swimming through the sky' over Mexico?

Or is it just a plastic bag?

Tireless alien-hunter Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says, 'It is not often you get to see a UFO that moves like a living, breathing animal, but this is one of those.

'Such creatures do exist in space and have been recorded on live cam, but to see them in our sky, that is even more rare.'

Even die-hard UFO fans are a little sceptical of this supposed 'sighting' - with one saying, 'I totally believe in UFOs, but that kinda looks like a torn blue bag caught in an air current.'


'Shiny' UFO filmed hovering near massive lightning storm, disappears inside cloud

© Via YouTube/Edmar Silva
The video, shot in Brazil, shows a towering bank of cloud looming over a city skyline, lit up by brilliant flashes of lightning

This footage purports to show a 'shiny' UFO hovering near a massive lightning storm and then zooming inside.

The video, shot in Brazil, shows a towering bank of cloud looming over a city skyline, lit up by brilliant flashes of lightning.

Part of the clip, filmed at dusk, also shows a small bright spot hovering outside the gathering storm - by then looking much more ominous - before it disappears inside.

It was posted to YouTube by UFO-chasers Secureteam and has racked up more than 40,000 views.

One commenter called the footage "super provocative" and added: "The connection between UFO & lightning is becoming stronger every day".


Mysterious explosion rattles residents in West Auckland, New Zealand

© Brett Phibbs
An explosion was heard by residents in Te Atatu and other parts of West Auckland.
West Auckland residents are not sure what hit the area last night.

People living in Ranui, Massey, Henderson and Te Atatu said they heard a bizarre explosion around midnight.

A Massey resident who did not wish to be named said a loud noise rattled through her house waking up the family. Some of the neighbours also stepped out to check what had happened.

The police and fire service have no information regarding the explosion.


Strange sounds recorded in Mexico City's sky

© Via YouTube/Rafara Cares
El miércoles 20 de Abril pasadas las 12 am en la Ciudad de Mexico estaba descansando y comencé a darme cuenta que afuera se empezaban a escuchar sonidos extraños, me levante y empece a grabar. El video dura poco mas de dos min. pero los sonidos según mi calculo duraron de 10 a 15 min.
* Se escucha mejor con audifonos.*

Comment: Google Translation:
"On Wednesday April 20 past 12 am in Mexico City was resting and I began to realize that outside was beginning to hear strange sounds , I got up and started recording. The video lasts just over two minutes . but the sounds in my calculation lasted 10 to 15 min."

Mexico City, 20 April 2016 - I recorded this strange sounds.

Comment: For a more in-depth look at strange sounds occurring across the globe and what they might be, check out our Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?


Bigfoot, "government agents," and "giants"

© unknown
Back in the mid-1950s, a highly unusual and brief account of a cryptozoological nature surfaced. It came from one C.S. Lambert. The subject matter? The world's most famous man-beast. We're talking about Bigfoot, of course. In 1954, Lambert commented on his knowledge of very strange activity not too far from the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was activity which reportedly occurred almost two decades earlier, in 1935. While Lambert's account is brief, it contains a handful of intriguing nuggets of material that could still potentially be worth following up on - even decades after he told his story. Particularly so because it revolved around a band of violent and mysterious "giants."

Lambert wrote: "After a series of alarming reports that these giants were prowling around Harrison Mills, 50 miles East of Vancouver, disturbing the residents by their weird wolf-like howls at night, and destroying property, a band of vigilantes was organized to track the marauders down. However, no specimen of the primitive tribe was captured, and many white people became openly skeptical of the existence of the giants."

Comment: See also:


Prince's otherworldly encounter as a child [video]

© Steve Parke Photography
There was always something otherworldly about Prince - a pixie-like man (both in stature (he stood 5'2"), and in his facial features) who possessed musical talents that one can only assume were bestowed at a crossroads in the deep south around midnight (he was said to be proficient on at least 35 instruments, and pretty much a master at guitar, piano, bass and drums). He was like a prince of the fairies who decided to slip into our reality through a mushroom ring, just to screw with our heads for a bit. (Which is one of the reasons I love the photo above)

So it doesn't seem too surprising that in 2009 Prince told of how - according to his mother - as a youngster he had an encounter with an 'angel', who cured him of his childhood epilepsy:
I've never spoken of this before, but I was born epileptic. And I used to have seizures when I was young. My mother and father didn't know what to do, how to handle it, but they did their best they could with what little they had.

My mother told me one day I walked into her and said 'Mum, I'm not going to be sick anymore'. She said, 'Why?', and I said 'An angel told me so.'

Now, I don't remember saying it, that's just what she told me.

Black Magic

Mass hysteria over sightings of 'black figure' in Malaysian school

© Philip Golingai/Twitter
A student's photo of the "black figure" at the school.
A school in Malaysia was forced to close after sightings of a mysterious "black figure" sparked a suspected outbreak of "mass hysteria".

The panic began last Monday when several students and teachers in the city of Kota Bharu said they had seen a "black figure" in the school.

Sightings continued to be reported for the next two days, with about 100 people affected by what they believed were supernatural experiences.

The school was shut on Thursday while Islamic traditional experts, scholars and even witch doctors were called in to carry out prayer sessions and "exorcisms".

Although the school reopened on Sunday, screaming and shouting continued to be heard at SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 secondary school on Sunday, according to Free Malaysia Today.

"Our students were possessed and disturbed [by these spirits]. We are not sure why it happened. We don't know what it is that affected us," a senior school staff member told the BBC.