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Fri, 29 Jul 2016
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High Strangeness


Mysterious bright lights spotted in the skies above Cornwall

Mysterious bright lights were spotted in the skies above the South West last night.

The phenomenon, described as a series of lights in a line, has left people as far away as Exeter perplexed.

Emily Ridgman spotted the UFO and frantically grabbed her phone to film the strange lights in the sky.

She said: "We recorded lights last night, early hours of the 30 th [and] zoomed in to get a good look.

"It just drifted down, stopped, no noise then I dropped my phone and it was gone."


Strange lights filmed over St Petersburg, Russia (VIDEO)

Weird triangular UFO hangs in the air over Russian town
This intriguing footage shows a triangular UFO is hovering in the skies over Russian president Vladimir Putin's home city of St Petersburg.

The mysterious floating object was captured on camera by Vyacheslav Golovkin on Tuesday, March 22.

Three static glowing lights formed in a triangle formation are seen burning out from the overcast sky.

As if to prove some skeptics wrong, a plane is seen flying overhead to demonstrate that whatever it is, it is not your normal aircraft.

The object stays completely still throughout the two and a half minute video.

Comment: Actually, this cluster of lights isn't stationary - it does move down and to the right over the course of the video footage.

An explanation provided by locals is that they're flares attached to parachutes, used by the Russian military for flight training purposes.

Black Magic

Selfie of possible ghostly apparition in window reflection goes viral

© Reddit
The internet has been taken over by a "devilish" sorcery debate, and all because of this seemingly innocent selfie.

The picture, originally posted to the photo sharing website 9GAG, was shared by a Twitter user with the caption: "What kinda devilish thing is going on?"

While the photo seems normal at first, a closer look at the glass behind the couple shows what appears to be the woman's smiling reflection - facing the wrong way.

Some 17,000 retweets later (before the user made the account private), the people of Twitter responded with a bizarre array of reasons for the weird photo perspective.

Suspicions jumped from allegations of photoshop use to possible paranormal activity, and a surprising number of Lord Voldemort appearance suggestions.

Most people were just extremely unnerved by the image:


Las Vegan films 'UFO that makes a landing' in a residential area

© Steven Barone
Is the white light a UFO? Not all viewers were convinced
Mysterious footage appears to show a 'UFO' floating in the sky before descending to the ground. The bright white orb whips past a residential area before disappearing near the ground in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFO enthusiast, Steven Barone uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, which features dozens of videos of 'aliens'.

"I saw where the UFO came from and caught it in the air just before it began to descend and eventually land," he captioned the video. "It lurked in the darkness at the base of the mountain and eventually showed itself again briefly. "I saw it for a second or two more back in the same spot it landed and then it disappeared. Amazing."


Update: Search for missing Manitoba boy ends in tragedy

The search for a missing Manitoba toddler has ended after his body was found on Saturday, RCMP say.

At a news conference on Saturday afternoon, RCMP Sgt. Bert Paquet said that two-year-old Chase Martens' body was found in a creek, about 500 metres south of the home, shortly after 1 p.m.

Paquet said that there were no obvious signs of foul play.

Comment: Condolences to the Martens' family at this very sad time.


The disturbing story of the Silent Twins

June and Jennifer Gibbons
"Zombies." That's the best descriptor medical experts who met identical siblings June and Jennifer Gibbons could come up with to describe the young women. They didn't speak. They walked in a synchronized fashion. They were the Silent Twins. And they unsettled everyone who came into contact with them.

Everyone, that is, except for Sunday Times investigative journalist Marjorie Wallace. Wallace befriended the twins in the 1980s and wrote about their shared life and its mysterious end in the 1986 biography The Silent Twins (that's a version of the cover above).

Born in 1963, June and Jennifer were moved by their Barbadian parents to a small town off the coast of Wales called Haverfordwest. Known for its tranquility, the town and the twins had but one thing in common: Quiet. Amazingly, the two had never spoken to anyone else their entire lives. Instead, they communicated with each other in a strange, birdlike language only they could understand.

Comment: Read more about the Gibbons twins here.


Missing 411: Manitoba 2-year-old goes missing while playing outside with his dog

Manitoba RCMP are asking for help finding missing two-year-old Chase Martens.
The search for a missing two-year-old boy in Manitoba entered its fourth day Friday as RCMP, local police, and volunteers continued to scour fields and wooded areas.

Chase Martens went missing Tuesday from his farm near Austin, Man. roughly 120 kilometres west of Winnipeg.

RCMP said the search for the missing toddler resumed Friday at 9 a.m. CT and has covered a three kilometre radius around the family farm.

Officials have issued an urgent plea for help in the search from residents in the community as temperatures have dropped below zero.

Here is at look at the events since Chase Martens disappeared.


Missing 411: Unexplained disappearances of people that have never been solved

Unexplained disappearances of people that have never been solved

Odd, Unexplained Disappearances Haunt Our Nation's National Parks


Disc-shaped UFO photographed over Irazu volcano in Costa Rica

Witness image captured over Irazú Volcano National Park in Costa Rica.
A Costa Rica witness at Cartago reported watching and photographing a saucer-shaped UFO near the Irazú Volcano National Park, according to testimony in Case 74756 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside in the park area with a girlfriend in good weather with sunlight and no clouds when the incident occurred at 11:06 a.m. on February 24, 2016.
"This volcano is 3,400 meters of altitude above sea level (11,260 feet) close to the biosphere, so we were above the clouds," the witness stated."Like when you fly on an airplane, the sky was really clear so at 11 a.m. on that altitude part of the sky was light black."
The witness was taking pictures of the volcano and the landscape. "The clouds looked like a white sea, but I noticed close to one of the mountains some clouds with different forms, so I started to take pictures there." The witness then finished the tour and began to head home.


Is NASA's SOHO satellite capturing images of UFOs near the sun?

Online UFO hunters have once again criticized NASA over the agency's alleged silence in the face of what UFO hunters claim to be glaring evidence of a constant and heavy traffic of massive alien UFOs — motherships, cruiseships, battleships and expeditionary fleets — passing through our inner solar system close to the Sun.

UFO hunters accuse NASA of refusing to talk about frequent sightings in Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite images of the Sun uploaded to the agency's Helioviewer website, of massive objects with intricate, symmetric structures, and aerodynamic features, suggesting artificial or intelligently designed interstellar spacecraft.

The SOHO satellite — a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency — (ESA) is stationed in space in halo orbit around the Sun-Earth L1 gravitational balance point from where it sends to NASA and ESA scientists on Earth near-real-time data about solar activity needed to predict space weather.

NASA has received criticism once again from UFO blogger Scott Waring, following the latest UFO sighting on NASA's Helioviewer by the avid YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1. Streetcap1 claims to have spotted the same massive UFO in two SOHO images of the Sun snapped on March 14, 2016.

Comment: Its difficult to say what these images - if they are authentic - are of. But if UFO's can be seen all over Terra as often as we see them - why not around the sun as well?


Stunned drivers gazed up in awe as bright lights from a mystery UFO were spotted in Edinburgh

ASTONISHING dashcam footage shows FIVE mystery aircraft circling the sky over Edinburgh.

The extraordinary video shows UFOs flying along the M8 motorway as stunned drivers gaze up in awe.

The mysterious lights were captured on film hovering above Hermiston Gait roundabout was captured by motorist Lee Frame on Wednesday night.