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Mon, 12 Nov 2018
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'I will kill them all': Six children "possessed by spirits" collapse at school in Colombia

Another girl can be seen jumping and screaming as she is held back by an adult. Spooky moment schoolchildren have fits and faint after 'possession'

Another girl can be seen jumping and screaming as she is held back by an adult. Spooky moment schoolchildren have fits and faint after 'possession'
The parents of six children who suddenly collapsed after having fits at school are pleading for 'spiritual help' from the church after claiming they were 'possessed'.

In footage taken after the children fainted, the limp body of a girl in school uniform can be seen being carried by an adult as a crowd looks on.

Another girl can be seen jumping and screaming as she is held back by an adult.

Adalmis Movil, mother of one of the girls affected, said of her daughter: 'Suddenly, she felt something make a sound inside her body, she sat down and told her classmate "I feel sick".

Comment: Cases of possession appear to be on the rise, and one wonders whether it's a reflection of the evil running rampant on our planet:


'It was staring at me': Strange, twinkling UFO hovers in the skies over Cambridgeshire, England

UFO over Cambridge, England
© Cambridge News
A man in Cambridgeshire, England, videotaped what appears to be a UFO hovering in the night sky Sunday evening.

The video shows two flickering balls of light floating west of Landbeach, a small village in eastern England.

"I went out for a cigarette before bed, it must have been about 11 o'clock at night, and I saw these two lights," the anonymous resident told Cambridge News, a British daily newspaper.

​"One was roughly 300 feet in the air and white, the other hovering just above the tree line and orange. The orange one hovered for about five minutes before disappearing out of view. The one you can see hovered for at least 15 minutes. It was still there after I got the footage and went back inside."

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UK: Freaky UFO caught on video falling to the ground during storm

UFO Bridgewater Somerset
A reader captured a mysterious falling object during a storm in Bridgwater over the weekend...

The storms hit Somerset on Saturday afternoon and megan Taylor caught some dramatic footage of lightning in the skies above the town.

But what she didn't bank on was captured something else too...

A black object is seen falling from the sky just after a lightning strike.

So far, it remains an unidentified falling object...

Can you tell what it is? Leave your comment below, email us at newsdesk@bridgwatermercury.co.uk, or visit us on Twitter or Facebook.

Comment: You can watch the video on this link.


Director of 'The Exorcist', William Friedkin, on his new documentary 'The Devil and Father Amorth'

© The Orchard
William Friedkin returned to Washington last week to talk about his latest project - The Devil and Father Amorth, a documentary project that explores real-life exorcisms.

In it, Friedkin witnesses and films an exorcism in Italy in 2016, of a young Italian woman named Christina who believed that she was possessed. The experience was different from what was portrayed in Friedkin's 1973 classic, The Exorcist, but he says that it was still very chilling.

"I had to consider whether or not I wanted to show this, but I ultimately felt that I had seen it and people should see it," Friedkin tells Variety's "PopPolitics" on SiriusXM.

Comment: See also:


Very strange object hovers over Florida beach - few seem to notice!

ufo florida
Beyond preparing for the next war drill, or advancing hypersonic weapons, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced it has also researched the likely existence of unidentified flying objects (UFO).

Among the aerial anomalies, the program investigated, which we have reported here, reveals incredible audio and video recordings of aerial encounters by U.S. military pilots and unknown objects.

While the DoD has secretly operated government programs to monitor UFOs, there is one video that has sent the internet haywire and could soon be examined by the government to validate its authenticity.

Earlier this year, a mysterious object was spotted by civilians above a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to the Daily Star, the footage shows a dark object hovering in the distance over the ocean, as some people think it is a drone while others say it is a UFO.

Comment: If this wasn't some CGI-created image the only wonder here is how oblivious some of the beach goers seem to be!


UFO or space reflection? Orb-like object spotted near NASA's International Space Station

ISS orb
© YouTube/ The Hidden Underbelly 2.0
A video captured by NASA's International Space Station (ISS) live camera on Friday reveals what appears to be a 900-foot triangular UFO in the background.

The object lurking behind the ISS first pops up as three twinkling lights in a triangular shape, disgorging into an orb-like object before slowly fading into darkness.

The video was shared on popular YouTube conspiracy channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 on April 13.

"This UFO appeared on live cam and spit out an orb that quickly came closer to the space station. As the orb left the main ship, it was visible. However, its systems seem to become activated after it left, because it soon cloaked," the YouTube description states.


William Friedkin revisits old haunts with new documentary on famous exorcist, Father Amorth

William Friedkin

William Friedkin, director of "The Exorcist" has created a new documentary called “The Devil and Father Amorth".
When you've got a demonic child in Washington splattering dark stinking bile, croaking gibberish, spewing vulgar personal attacks, lying to sow confusion, whining about the unfairness of the attempts of righteous men to compel the diabolical behavior and head-spinning outbursts to stop, who do you call?

The demon-buster himself, of course, William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist.

Before Donald Trump became president, the most frightening thing that happened in the capital was The Exorcist, which brags on its DVD cover that it's "the scariest film of all time."

Comment: Actually, before Donald Trump, the most frightening specter was the thought of Killary becoming president: Top Russian Exorcist: Hillary shows 'clear signs' of demonic possession (VIDEO)

It could well be, if the measure is moviegoers putting down their popcorn in unison when Linda Blair gushes green vomit.

"That was oatmeal - the pea soup was just for coloring," the 82-year-old Friedkin tells me, as we have lunch at 1789 in Georgetown, a restaurant opposite the steep concrete steps where Jason Miller's tortured Father Karras fell to his death in a violent struggle with the demon.



Argentina: Did a 'werewolf' savage two dogs or was it a hoax?

beast Santa Fe Argentina bestia window faller chupacabra
© Ufomania

Horrifying footage has emerged of a mysterious creature that has reportedly terrorised a neighbourhood.

The unknown animal is said to roam the streets at night and is not shy of confrontation.

According to local media reports in Santa Fe, Argentina, the creature has attacked two dogs.

They say the large animal killed a German Shepherd and Pitbull before disappearing.

But one resident apparently managed to snap a quick pic of the beast.

Comment: A couple of dogs were killed, so something happened. However, the picture above looks suspiciously like some depicitons of werewolves as imagined by artists. Nowadays a lot can be done with image manipulation software.

Grey Alien

Study suggests we haven't met aliens simply because we are blind to them

Film Akte X, Aliens
© Fox Broadcasting Company
Mankind has been gazing into space for some time now, but scientists still haven't found any evidence that intelligent life exists in our neck of the cosmic woods. The universe is, of course, huge, so we normally just assume that our inability to detect alien civilizations is due to the fact that they're just too far away. A new report by researchers at the University of Cadiz in Spain suggests that maybe that's not actually the case, pointing to a very different possibility: we're simply blind to their existence.

Human scientist have an unfortunate tendency to look for alien civilizations that are, well, human-like. This preconceived notion that life as we know exists elsewhere could be hampering our ability to detect alien life hiding in plain sight, the study explains.

Comment: Time to read:

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Catholic priest warns demands for exorcisms are rising as pastors see more demonic activity

Father César Truqui, exorcisms

While the majority of people who come to him for help are dealing with psychological or physical problems rather than diabolical activity, Truqui said in a recent interview, a small percentage undeniably face true demonic “vexation.”
A Catholic priest who has been performing exorcisms for 10 years says that demand for exorcists is on the rise as more and more pastors become convinced that the devil is real and needs to be fought.

"Christ was the first exorcist," says Father César Truqui, a Mexican priest based in Switzerland. "The power of casting out demons was one of the signs that Christianity was a true religion."

While the majority of people who come to him for help are dealing with psychological or physical problems rather than diabolical activity, Truqui said in a recent interview, a small percentage undeniably face true demonic "vexation."

The presence of the devil becomes apparent, the priest said, when a person does what is humanly impossible, such as performing feats of superhuman strength or suddenly speaking in Hebrew or Aramaic despite never having studied the languages.

Comment: The challenging times we are currently experiencing and the increases in mental health issues may provide some explanations for the rising demand for exorcisms, but these same forces might also provide opportunities for spirit attachments to take hold: