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Sun, 25 Feb 2018
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High Strangeness

Grey Alien

Ancient astronauts, a government file and George Van Tassel

Glyph codex
© Ancient Aliens
Do agencies of government take note of millennia-old mysteries, tales of ancient astronauts, and archaeological anomalies? Well, yes, albeit to a degree. The CIA, for example, has taken an interest in the tales of Noah's Ark - or as the agency refers to it, "The Ararat Anomaly." The late Miles Copeland - who held a significant position in the Central Intelligence Agency - told an intriguing story concerning the CIA and the Dead Sea Scrolls. And, then, there's the matter of a man named George Van Tassel.

In the early 1950s, Van Tassel claimed interaction with extraterrestrials out in the desert near Joshua Tree, California. Van Tassel's visitors from the stars were said to have been: (a) extremely human-like and (b) highly demanding, when it came to getting across their space-laws and regulations. At the time of the encounters Van Tassel was living in the desert region of a small town called Landers - actually in a large, converted cave beneath a gigantic rock that, unsurprisingly, is called Giant Rock.

Van Tassel claimed the aliens told him that the Human Race had been molded, guided and manipulated for thousands of years - by extraterrestrials who posed as gods. Such was the fascination that the public had with his claims, Van Tassel was prompted to establish a yearly UFO conference at Giant Rock that - at its height, in the mid-1950s - attracted audiences in excess of ten thousand. The word was spreading. It even reached the FBI, who opened a file on Van Tassel in 1954.

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Do independent researchers know more about Roswell than the government?

roswell weather balloon

Roswell weather balloon
That may sound like a strange - even bizarre - question to ask. But, stay with me. There's absolutely no doubt that something very strange happened on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico in the summer of 1947. There is intriguing witness testimony which supports the idea that people were warned not to talk about what they knew - as in ever. There were, allegedly, death threats made too. Tales even exist of people being murdered to prevent the truth of Roswell from surfacing outside of the secret world of government. But, that was then - seventy years ago. What about now? That's the important question. It's a question which gets to the heart of the title of this article.

Whenever elements of the U.S. Government, such as the GAO (the Government Accountability Office) or the Air Force have anything to say about Roswell, Ufologists typically scream "Lies!" "Disinformation!" I saw this, and still remember it, when back in the 1990s the Air Force published its reports on Roswell. One surfaced in 1994 and was soon followed by a massive report in excess of 1,000 pages in length. The Air Force concluded that, most likely, what came down on the Foster Ranch was a huge "Mogul" balloon array, designed to monitor for early Soviet atomic bomb tests. Then, in July 1997 - which was the 50th anniversary of Roswell - the Air Force published another report on Roswell. This one was on the controversial matter of the bodies found at Roswell - which the Air Force suggested were probably crash-test dummies. Ufology was in a state of uproar, pointing figures at what it considered to be a bunch of liars. But, those same ufologists were wrong.


John Keel Case File - An alien threat in Long Island

John's daily record continues with more drama from Jaye Paro: a new alien, Rodan, threatens to murder four people she knows if she doesn't stop her contact with "those people." Apol/Appell had previously given Paro the name "Tim'na" in a letter to John.

Of course, if she actually wrote the letter, she would know about her new name. More puzzling, perhaps, is the report from John's girlfriend Gerda, about a small disc outside her window.

keel new threat


The 2004 USS Nimitz Event: Video, documents and analysis

U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Force-11
© US Navy
U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Force-11.
Editor's note: This series by Robert Powell chronicles his discovery and investigation of the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Force-11 investigation. It is a three part series.

I am going to tell you about a Navy-UFO encounter that deserves a congressional investigation to determine if this happened or not. I am going to create three posts related to a recent UFO event that occurred in November of 2004 and involved the Navy's Carrier Strike Group 11 off the southwest coast of California. This will be the first post and it will include the information that I initially obtained on the incident. If after reading these three posts you are reasonably convinced that this event happened then I will ask you to join me in a letter-writing campaign to a congressional subcommittee requesting that they ask for a debriefing of the incident from the Navy. Please share this story with anyone that you know who would be interested. You can use the hashtags: #F18UFO #UFO.

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Paranormal activity caught on CCTV in haunted UK pub

Tyler's kiln
© Facebook
EERIE: Staff have previously complained of haunted goings-on
Chilling CCTV from a British pub appears to have captured ghostly happenings in the dead of night.

Footage taken from Tyler's Kiln, in Canterbury, Kent, shows a chair in the beer garden seemingly moving of its own accord.

The clip then shifts to a view of inside the pub.

Suddenly, a door slams shut despite there being no one in the vicinity.

The mysterious video has gone viral since the pub's owner, Allister Collins, posted it.

"It has been quite surprising just how much reaction there has been," he said.


What do Americans' ghost stories actually tell us?

eerie night
"Did you just see something in the window?" he asked. She felt a chill.

They saw her only once. That was before Linda Roberts-Antinoro and her husband, Mike Antinoro, had moved into the historic stone house surrounded by sloping hills and a scenic stream.

As they visited the Baltimore County property on a blustery afternoon in January 1990 and stood gazing at the locked and empty home, they noticed a shadowy figure in the window above the front door.

Linda didn't say anything. Her husband was a New York City firefighter, a no-nonsense type of guy. It's probably just reflections of trees, Linda told herself. But then Mike turned to her, perplexed: "Did you just see something in the window?" She felt a chill.

During the more than 25 years they lived there, they grew accustomed to the occasional sound of footsteps above them when no one was upstairs, or the inexplicable relocation of a candle from the fireplace mantel to other corners of the room.

And - well, that's the whole story. Linda and Mike never actually saw their ghost again.


The Bloop: Loudest underwater sound ever recorded has no scientific explanation

the Bloop
In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discovered an unusual, ultra-low-frequency sound emanating from a point off the southern coast of Chile. It was the loudest unidentified underwater sound ever recorded, detected by hydrophones 5,000 miles apart. It lasted for one minute and was never heard again.

The Bloop, a mesmerizing short documentary by Cara Cusumano, investigates this unknown phenomenon with Dr. Christopher Fox, Chief Scientist of the Acoustic Monitoring Project of NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Lab. "I took it to the very classified innards of the United States Navy intelligence," says Dr. Fox in the film. "It wasn't theirs. It's captivating because we don't know what it was. I am glad there are still mysteries on earth and in the universe."


William Mumler: The "spirit photographer" who claimed to capture Lincoln's ghost

Mary Todd Lincoln
© William H. Mumler
Mary Todd Lincoln, circa 1870.
The first photographers were necromancers: their work fixed faces in time, sending a flood of memories into the chasm between the living and the dead. As a bulwark against grief and loss, a picture of a loved one was at once more visceral and more magical than anything that had existed before. Maybe it was inevitable, then, that nascent photographs, literally written in light, flickered between science and superstition, defying our sense of the tangible. Cameras gazed into our lives - wasn't it possible that they could see a little further, too?

Nothing captured the fervid confusion of the new medium better than spirit photographs, in which the ghosts of the departed seem to float cheek by jowl with those who mourn them. In his new book, "The Apparitionists," Peter Manseau offers a sensitive, insightful history of the original spirit photographer, William Mumler, whose rise and fall in the late nineteenth century put him at the center of a debate about religion, fraud, and, of course, the material reality of our immortal souls.

Mumler worked as an engraver in Boston, but he dabbled in photography on the side. His first spirit photograph, developed in the early eighteen-sixties, came by surprise: in a self-portrait he'd taken, he discovered "a girl made of light," as Manseau puts it, and identified it as the spectral figure of his deceased cousin. Regarding the photo as a curio, he began to pass it around, garnering astonishment and acclaim from the city's thriving spiritualist community. Mumler had stumbled - unwittingly, he later argued - into a realm of séances and mesmerism, and its adherents ascribed to him the same gifts they saw in clairvoyants and mediums. Here was a man who'd breached the black curtain between worlds. They blared his name in such papers as the Banner of Light and the Herald of Progress.

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Top Secret

Uri Geller says he was hired by CIA to investigate JFK assassination, met with Jackie Kennedy

uri geller
© NBC / Getty
Israeli psychic Uri Geller has claimed that he helped the CIA with their investigation into JFK's assassination and that he made 'shocking' discoveries.

The 70-year-old spoon bender says he was hired by a CIA agent in Mexico City to investigate whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or had accomplices when he shot dead President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Geller claims he even met with First Lady Jackie Kennedy at her apartment in New York to inform her of the information that he uncovered.

He revealed he was only now able to go public with his involvement in the investigation following President Donald Trump's decision to unseal thousands never-before-seen documents on JFK's assassination.

'For the first time in nearly 50 years, I can go public with my involvement,' he wrote on his Facebook page.

'I was already in Mexico City at the time. One of my roles included being a secret agent for the Mexican treasury department.


Man encounters 'upright canine' in rural Mississippi

upright canine
The following account, recently posted on Reddit, referenced a 'werewolf' sighting in rural Mississippi. There has been an increase of upright canine sightings throughout Mississippi in 2017. Many of the reports have come to me through Facebook and other social media: