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© AP Photo/Alex BrandonRep. Turner
Congress held a landmark hearing on the Unidentified Ariel Phenomena (UAP) matter at the end of last July. So what's new? What progress has been made? Reasonable questions that should concern any citizen who's been outraged by recent examples of federal government weaponization, politicization, and a pervasive, perennial lack of transparency.

Other than the hours of posturing, asking not very informed questions, and creating a vaudevillian tableau of quizzical intensity, alternating with unctuous concern worthy of a Palme d'Or at next year's Cannes Film Festival...not much aside from the usual bureaucratic stalling, smears, and back room attempts at derailing further inquiry.

Sadly, Americans witness this brand of malfeasance in office routinely. Their government pursues its provincial interests while the vast expanse of the body politic is fobbed off. Our representatives demonstrate their contempt by their polite smiles and pedantic sermonizing about what they think is important.

The most prominent voice of opposition to clarity and accountability on the UAP subject is Representative Mike Turner (R-OH). Turner represents Ohio's 10th district, which encompasses Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Not coincidentally, Wright Patterson was the headquarters for Project Blue Book, which became the government's disinformation program designed to delegitimize UAP/UFO inquiry and research. It's also the location of the infamous Hangar 18 where, it was alleged, the Roswell materials were stored.

Representative Turner is the Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). As such, he's in a controlling position to influence the construction and/or defeat of two critical pieces of legislation, the Intelligence Authorization Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

These two proposed pieces of legislation are critical in securing the transparency and accountability necessary to make substantial headway, enabling continued analysis of the UAP question, especially as it relates to federal government and corporate involvement in the alleged reverse engineering of advanced non-earth origin materials.

Representative Turner, on Fox News with Bret Baier, categorically denied any government involvement in a cover-up of UAP possession or exploitation. In speaking with Maria Bartiromo, Turner dismissed the July UAP testimony and stated that China was a greater threat than any alleged UAP activity.

However, Tuner's flippant attitude toward the UAP question belies a much more serious problem. Though China does represent an existential threat to America, federal government weaponization through the use of deceit and obfuscation presents an existential threat of arguably much greater proportion.

As New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews has said, "The most dangerous thing any nation faces is a citizenry capable of trusting a liar to lead them."

More broadly, this is an opportunity for the American people to engage with elements of the federal bureaucracy bent on keeping the curtains drawn on their private dealing with big corporations and defense contractors, who have gleefully purchased cronies by the isle full for decades. In addition, it's an opportunity to set a precedent with respect to government weaponization by holding representatives accountable, and reminding them that the American people are the ultimate arbiters of power.

Representative Turner has attacked the credibility of individuals like former F/A 18 pilot Ryan Graves, who provided sworn testimony before Congress in July.

Graves told Townhall, "The final word on the nature and origin of UAP may come from open scientific efforts, but Congress has an important role to play in mandating UAP reporting, detection, characterization and public transparency across every relevant government agency.

The Schumer-Rounds amendment is key to government transparency, creating a mechanism for collecting UAP records from across government, and responsibly making them public through a civilian review board. Without a process for disclosure, UAP records that can otherwise be safely made public and studied, may remain stuck in the black box of classified systems.

Congress has a rare opportunity to restore trust with the American people on the uniquely bipartisan issue of UAP by passing this disclosure legislation."

Perhaps, one of the most important voices to come forward in the last decade, former Director of the Department of Defense's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), Lue Elizondo, has consistently worked for government transparency and accountability.

Mr. Elizondo told Townhall regarding the proposed legislation before HPSCI, "The effort by some in Congress to create new legislation that further increases transparency is truly historic, and those members should be praised the loudest for their courage and drive towards greater transparency. Unfortunately, there remain elements in Congress that are opposed to such legislation and transparency โ€” we must ask ourselves why this is.

"It was recently remarked that some elements in our Executive Branch were putting pressure on certain members of Congress to kill the legislation, because it was perceived as being 'embarrassing' to those organizations. My response to Congress is, be mindful of your duties to serve the American people. Sparing an organization embarrassment for deeds done is not in the best interest of the American people. Transparency and proper oversight is!"

Regardless your perspective on the UAP matter, these voices ring true to the patriot's ear. What they are championing is the very essence of liberty โ€” an open and accountable government. People like Representative Mike Turner, regardless his party affiliation, are voices for the tyrannical. Turner wants you to think this issue is about believing in life on other planets, or subscribing to what may be perceived as fringe conspiracy theory. You have to see beyond the misdirection to the rotten, crony capitalist center.

But, in fact, UAPs are real. There is incontrovertible evidence of that, as was established beyond a reasonable doubt by those men who testified last July with voices characterized by the clarity and sincerity of virtue.

Here's what we can all do: call Representative Mike Turner (202-225-6465) and demand accountability. Believe it or not, a phone call is a powerful tool when utilized en masse. And, support Representative Tim Burchett, who is on the front lines of government accountability legislation, especially with regard to UAP matters. Also, a great organizational resource can be found at UAP Caucus.