Ron James
© Youtube/Julian DoreyRon James says Pentagon commanders blocked UFO research because ‘they thought aliens were demons’
Pentagon commanders have clamped down on research into extraterrestrials because of their religious beliefs, it's claimed.

Leading UFO researcher Ron James says senior figures in the US government fear aliens are in fact demons. Ron, who is Director of Media Relations for UFO research group MUFON, claims there is "a very large contingent of people" within the Pentagon who opposed the work of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program [AATIP] because they think the UAPs regularly reported by US military sources are piloted by creatures from Hell.

He says he was told by Luis Elizondo, who has gone on record as being the boss of AATIP, it "was not just a little voice in The Pentagon...but a huge group of people thought the phenomenon that was being witnessed was demons".

This fundamentalist Christian lobby within the US defence establishment "actually affected Elizondo's ability to get funding," Ron says. Belief in both UFOs and the literal truth of the Bible is not entirely incompatible, he adds.

For example, Ron spoke to staunchly Christian US congressman Tim Burchett. "I sat down and interviewed him. His feeling was that if you look in the Bible and you look at Ezekiel building the wheel there's a lot of people that think that that was a spaceship". He adds that His Holiness the Pope has officially acknowledged that there is life on other planets.

But the strong arm of religious fundamentalism within US political circles has actively hindered research into UFOs - and science generally, Ron says.

"I talked to John Brandenburg, a researcher who's done a lot of work about Mars," Ron told podcaster Julian Dorey," and he told me that he was working under classification as a physicist for a long time and he said there's a a big contingent that that extreme fundamental religion is governing what we are in investing our energy and our time".

But while some authorities maintain that UFOs can't be from another planet, Ron thinks they could be from another universe altogether.

"This guy came up with this thing called Quantum Jumping, his name was Burt Goldman.

"Burt Goldman said that you can 'quantum jump' through certain meditation techniques and certain mental exercises and certain visualisation exercises and actually connect with these other versions of yourself - you can even bring something back from them". Whether any of these versions of ourselves live in realities where demons are coasting through our skies in flying saucers was not mentioned.