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High Strangeness


Daylight UFO sighting caught on video in Siberia

UFO tomsk
© YouTube/State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company Tomsk
Mysterious objects over Tomsk, Siberia April 6, 2020
It's not often you see an unidentified flying object overhead, and when you do — you'd better film it. On Tuesday, citizens of Tomsk began sharing a short clip of three glowing flying objects moving in a triangle formation.

While some locals are convinced of its interplanetary nature, experts are flummoxed.


An alien invasion next?

Alien Invasion
Humanity is currently wrestling with the very tangible threat of the coronavirus pandemic, but some fear that the planet could face another global danger in their lifetime: an alien attack.

Earthlings do not have a plan in place for a potential alien invasion, warns ufologist Nick Pope.

Pope, who had worked at a now-defunct UFO research division at the UK Ministry of Defence, believes that life would descend into chaos in the event of an attack from space.

"If real-life aliens are regarding this Earth with envious eyes, and are drawing up plans, what are our plans to deal with them? The short answer is that there aren't any," he told The Daily Express. "If it came to a real-life War of the Worlds, there's no alien invasion war plan - we'll just have to wing it."
"Conspiracy theorists will doubtless say there is a plan, buried somewhere deep within government, but I promise there isn't. If there was, I would have been responsible for writing it."
He says that the panic around the changing climate, terror attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic shows that the idea of living in a disaster-proof bunker "doesn't sound quite so odd."


'Ezekiel's Wheel' UFO 'bigger than Earth' spotted by viewers of NASA observation mission - UPDATE: It's just a reflection of Venus

Comment: UPDATE 13 March 2020

Our apologies to readers: this is no mysterious object'. It's just a reflection of Venus causing an artefact to appear on screen. See here from SuspiciousObservers, who has explained this each time it appears every few years...

ufo near sun ISS huge
© The Hidden Underbelly 2.0/YouTube
Huge 'UFO' spotted by viewers of NASA's STEREO sun observatory satellite.
The development comes weeks after a camera at the International Space Station spotted an unknown cone-like object that was flying upward.

NASA's STEREO observation mission has spotted what fans of conspiracy theories said is a gigantic UFO flying past the Sun. The incident itself occurred on 29 February, but the footage of it was posted just recently on the channel "Hidden Underbelly 2.0" dedicated to mysterious events and sightings. According to the host, STEREO's camera filmed the humongous object for four seconds after which it turned off and began working only after the UFO passed.


NASA officials 'baffled' after cameras catch UFO pacing ISS for over 20 minutes

UFO ISS space station NASA
© IG
Astonishing footage of a UFO hovering above Earth has been caught by NASA cameras
Astonishing footage of a UFO hovering above Earth has been caught by NASA cameras. The incredible video, captured on the US space agency's live camera sees the cone-shaped object keep pace with the International Space Station (ISS) above it. In a bizarre twist, the NASA camera zooms in on the object, appearing to show the US space agency acknowledges the UFO.

The footage was posted by UFO enthusiast Scott Waring on his YouTube channel ET Data Base and has since gone viral across social media.

The 22-minute long footage shows the bus-sized UFO moving at the same speed as the ISS, which moves at 78km/second.

At the end of the live feed stream, the UFO shoots upwards and disappears, leaving behind a green burst of light.


California couple missing for 8 days found alive, police call it 'a miracle'

Carol Kiparsky and Ian Irwin
© Marin County Sheriff's Office via AP
In these undated photos released by the Marin County Sheriff's Office are Carol Kiparsky and Ian Irwin.
A couple missing for over a week in Northern California were found alive on Saturday morning by rescuers who had given up hope of finding them alive.

The Marin County Sheriff's Office said at a news conference that Carol Kiparsky, 77, and Ian Irwin, 72, were found around 10 a.m. on Saturday in "very dense drainage [ditch] that was overgrown with foliage" near Tomales Bay, a narrow inlet about 30 miles north of San Francisco.

"This is a miracle," Marin County Sheriff's Sgt. Brenton Schneider told reporters.

The couple, from Palo Alto, was last seen Valentine's Day, at their Airbnb rented cottage near Inverness, a town at the foot of the bay. The couple never checked out the next day as planned and failed to show up for an appointment on Feb. 16, which sheriff's officials said was highly out of character for them.

When housekeepers went to the cottage to clean up, they found the couple's phones and wallets in addition to their vehicle parked outside the rental home.

Comment: A case of 'recovered 411'? Check out what David Paulides has to say:

Evil Rays

Cosmic phenomenon? Strange waves pulse through cloud in skies over northwestern Syria

Comment: We are most certainly not in Kansas anymore...

What was strange about this was not the clouds, but something apparently moving THROUGH the clouds...
Alien hunters and conspiracy theorists of all sorts do not need much to get them to seek traces of extraterrestrial guests or secret governmental programmes. A clip said to be filmed in Aleppo, with a stripe-like pattern in the clouds, inspired the most bizarre assumptions, as well.

Online commenters latched onto the footage of smoke ripples in the sky, said to be filmed in the Aleppo countryside in Syria, to reinforce claims that weather control weapons exist. Although its authenticity cannot be confirmed, the clip prompted conspiracy theorists' imagination to fly. It was posted on Twitter by a user with the handle Ahmad1618A, who describes himself as "an activist here to deliver the voice of Syrians."

The video shows a cloud in the bright sky with smoke, moving upwards in a stripe-like pattern. The show lasts a few moments. The author of the video suggested in the caption that it was an electromagnetic interference, "whose source has not yet been determined."

Comment: Note also the UFO at 19 seconds...

See also:


Third Navy crew saw 2004 Nimitz UFO 'forming in front if them' - but were 'ordered to stay quiet'

ufo tic tac
© YouTube
Fighter jet radar image of the UFO the Nimitz crew labeled the 'tic-tac' which supposedly moved at speeds never seen before
A third US Navy craft witnessed the infamous tic-tac UFO in 2004 "form" in front of them, but the crew on board were ordered to "never talk" about what they saw.

It is widely believed two F/8-18E Super Hornets from the USS Nimitz were the first to witness the infamous UFO off the coast of San Diego on November 14, 2004, before a second team were sent out later and caught the object on camera.

Commander David Fravor, piloting one of the Super Hornets, has gained worldwide fame after his testimony was included in a bombshell New York Times article exposing the encounter in 2017.



Two ring-shaped clouds appear above Russian city, then 'multiply' - UPDATE

irkutsk rings sky
Multiple ring-like clouds appear across the sky above Irkutsk in southern Russia
Bizarre footage of two mysterious large ring-shaped clouds appearing in the sky above a Russian city has baffled the internet.

Video has emerged showing the two disc-like clouds floating before a third suddenly becomes visible. Towards the end of the footage, a plane is seen heading towards the sky rings and pierces the first circle. Local media said a fourth ring appeared shortly afterwards.

The incident was filmed in the city of Irkutsk in the southern Russian region of Irkutsk Oblast by numerous local residents, and the images were later widely shared on social media.

Comment: RT provides further footage of the event and reports that current speculation in Russia is that these were left by a Su-30 fighter jet:


Inside Skinwalker Ranch, a paranormal hotbed of UFO research

Locals say the ranch has been plagued by strange creatures and cattle mutilations. It's also been used for government UFO research. So what's really happening there?
skinwalker ranch
The long red mesas of Utah's Uintah Basin greet us as my driver, an American real estate mogul and tech investor, pulls us into Fort Duchesne. Looking out my window, we are finally out of the mountains and in the valley. My mind is lost in thought about the legends here, the supposed curse that now haunts this land, and the men and women who have experienced that curse head on. I have monsters on my mind. Well, actually just one: the Skinwalker.

A quick right turn shakes me from my daze.

"We are almost there," my driver tells me. "Are you excited?"

He has a childlike grin on his face. We had travelled for nearly three hours from Salt Lake City. A snow storm had interrupted our journey through the mountains, blinding us and covering the highway in a sheet of ice.

Safe in the valley, the sky is blue, a sharp contrast from the grey storm skies at higher altitudes. The sun bounced off the mesa that made the area famous for paranormal junkies and UFO enthusiasts alike. Local lore has always told that strange lights hover over this area and that strange creatures roam the wilderness here. One tale tells of the Ute, an Indigenous tribe from this valley and their uneasy alliance with the Navajo. Siding with American military forces in the late 19th century, the Ute helped force the Navajo people out of the area. Local lore suggests that the Navajo unleashed a Skinwalker, a shapeshifter who can possess animals' skin.

Comment: See also,


UFO filmed in skies over Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano seconds after eruption

UFO volcano
© Twitter / Webcams Mexico
Mexico's highly-active Popocatepetl volcano began its latest eruption on Monday evening, but mysterious, fast-moving lights in the vicinity immediately after the explosion prompted major concerns online.

Government-run webcams monitor Popocatepetl and eagle-eyed netizens spotted what appeared to be a UFO in the skies above shortly after it began spewing ash following a massive volcanic explosion late Monday evening.

Naturally, online speculation about alien visitors was rife, with some making light of such an unlikely scenario and others simply wanting to believe that the truth is out there.

Comment: This appears to be a fairly common phenomenon - and not just at Popocatepetl: