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Tue, 27 Jul 2021
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High Strangeness


UFOs or satellites? A string of lights freak Hawaiians out

UFO or satellite
© Hawaii News Now/Clau Laz
Hawaiian residents statewide see strings of lights in the sky for the second night in a row.
For the second night in a row, the skies over Hawaii have been lit up by a string of mysterious objects shimmering in the dark, many residents reported. Although a local outlet contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, there has been no official explanation yet.

Locals in Hawaii have reported en masse that mysterious near-perfectly ordered lights returned to the night sky after they first appeared the night before, Hawaii News Now has revealed.
"I was jumping up and down, freaking out like, 'What is that? What is that?' It was pretty weird. I couldn't make any sense of it", Kala Holiday told the outlet, while another viewer spoke about 20 to 25 lights "that resembled a Roman candle shot across the sky".

Comment: In the absence of official confirmation or denial from SpaceX, or any other official body, and given a hint of thought engineering, one has to wonder exactly what is going on.

When some of Elon Musk's other projects are taken into consideration, thought engineering in regards to the subject of UFO's doesn't seem too wide of the mark. Additionally, the SpaceX Starlink program is for deploying the worlds most advanced broadband internet system. The question then becomes, is the SpaceX program an elaborate attempt to hide the UFO phenomenon or is it the cause of the recent observations? Time will tell, however one lesson from the Wizard of Oz is that no expense is spared in the creation of elaborate illusions.


'Didn't match any known aircraft': Navy crew speaks out on 2004 UFO encounter, saw flying 'elongated egg' with 'phosphorus glow'

US Navy UFO encounter
© Reuters/Argentine Navy handout (file photo)
Members of the US Navy aboard the Boeing P-8A Poseidon plane.
Crew members who were aboard a Navy warship during a freak encounter with unidentified flying objects in 2004 have come forward with new details about the mysterious episode, offering captivating first-hand accounts.

On a training mission with the Nimitz carrier group in November 2004 about 100 miles off the coast of Southern California, technicians on the USS Princeton began to notice anomalous "ghost tracks" and "clutter" on the ship's radars.

Concerned the Princeton's brand new AN/SPY-1B radar system was acting up, the crew recalibrated the high tech gear to clear the errors, but the ostensibly "false" radar tracks only amplified and became stronger, the first sign something rather strange was happening.

"Once we finished all the recalibration and brought it back up, the tracks were actually sharper and clearer," former Petty Officer 3rd Class and Princeton radar technician Gary Voorhis told Popular Mechanics. "Sometimes they'd be at an altitude of 80,000 or 60,000 feet. Other times they'd be around 30,000 feet, going like 100 knots."
Their radar cross sections didn't match any known aircraft; they were 100 percent red ... no IFF [Identification Friend or Foe].


'Seinfeld' actor Charles Levin's death details leave Oregon police baffled

Charles Levin
© Grants Pass Department of Public Safety via AP
Actor, Charles Levin
New details have emerged about the death of former "Seinfeld" and "Night Court" actor Charles Levin.

Levin's son had reported him missing on June 28 after the 70-year-old actor called a friend to say he was lost near Cave Junction, Ore. On July 13, his body was found in a slope near the road where it had been partially consumed by what police believe to be turkey vultures.

According to new details obtained by USAToday, police were baffled by how Levin's orange Fiat made it so far down the desolate mountain road in a remote part of Oregon. Responders reportedly noted that there were several fallen trees in the area that made getting vehicles down the path particularly difficult. The Fiat was reportedly found four miles from the nearest paved road on terrain that was so treacherous to traverse that officers had to walk a quarter of a mile away from their emergency vehicle to reach the spot.

Comment: David Paulides, author of the Missing 411 series, poses some interesting questions about the case:

Bizarro Earth

Missing 411? Hiker found dead in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Alan Stringer, Missing 411 hiker

Stringer reportedly did not tell anyone where he planned to hike or what routes he might take.
A missing hiker has been found dead in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, according to the National Park Service.

On November 4th, the Inyo County Sheriff's Office received a call about a missing hiker in the park.

The missing man, later identified as 40-year-old Alan Stringer from Huntington Beach, started the hike in the Bishop area on Sunday, but never showed up back home the next day.

Stringer reportedly did not tell anyone where he planned to hike or what routes he might take.

Comment: See also:


David Paulides details 'Missing 411: The Hunted' in Edge of Wonder interview

Missing 411 The Hunted
© Can Am Missing Project
We have a very special guest joining us today, David Paulides, himself! Please welcome this extraordinary former policeman and now author/investigator who wrote the famous Missing 411 books and videos. David gives us an inside scoop into his work and investigations first hand so it's definitely a must watch if you're a fan of his work or have been following him since the beginning.

It started with 5 missing children in 2016. Now, 3 years later we follow the trails of missing hunters. This Halloween, we bring you something truly special. Haunting true stories of the unexplainable. Based on the book which documents 185 cases of missing people from 4 countries. This former police detective, now investigator and author will surely blow your mind. So get ready, because the one and only David Paulides is coming to Edge of Wonder!

Part One


UFO? Strange 'rotating disc' caught on video by driver stuck in North Carolina traffic

Possible UFO in NC
© YouTube/Stevewivibeevy channel
Eleven UFO sightings were logged by experts last month in North Carolina, but it's an even dozen if you include a lesser known report made near Shelby, about 50 miles west of Charlotte.

That potential sighting came to light after a video appeared on YouTube, showing a disc-like object that remained stationary over Cleveland County for several minutes before vanishing, according to a witness.

The video was recorded in morning rush hour on Oct. 25 and posted with a request that viewers give ideas on what it might have been, including the possibility it was just a reflection or strange play of light.

Aaron Bostic, 33, told McClatchy news group that he was stuck in traffic on U.S. 74 in Shelby when he spotted the "diamond shaped object glowing really brightly" against a cloudy sky. It appeared to be rotating, he said.


'This is crazy': Mysterious UFO lights appear in nighttime skies of Bountiful, Utah

UFO lights in UT
© Screenshot/ET Data Base
A cluster of mysterious, blinking lights recently appeared in Utah's nighttime skies and has since given rise to alarm among UFO enthusiasts, who are questioning the cause behind the eyebrow-raising event.

The curious matter unfolded on October 10 in Bountiful, Utah, and was captured on camera by a local resident as he was in his front yard and communicating with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net, which is a network of trained, organized volunteers who assist in public services in the event of a disaster.

The video has garnered more than 3,000 views since being posted on YouTube page ET Data Base on Monday.
This is crazy what I've been seeing here," says the unidentified individual as he attempts to zoom in on the blinking lights. "Picture is really bad ... there's like crazy ... these lights keep appearing. There's one, now split into two, three, four, five, six, eight.
The brief video cuts off as the sounds of passing vehicles are heard in the background.


UFO enthusiasts stabilize shaky 2008 video footage from Turkey

UFO videos
© AFP/Frederic J. Brown
Thrilled by the enigma of a famous video shot in Turkey over a decade ago, some internet dwellers processed it through a powerful stabilization tool, revealing uncanny images that could dazzle even sophisticated ufologists.

The mystery started back in 2008 when a Turkish night guard named Yalcin Yalman began videotaping bright, crescent-shaped objects that regularly appeared and hovered over the Marmara Sea near the resort village of Kumburgaz.

His pastime earned him fame as a UFO spotter, and his videos quickly went viral due to their authenticity confirmed by numerous experts and witnesses who saw the same objects at the time of filming.

The gear Yalman used wasn't top-notch at all as the original videos he made were quite shaky. The quality and definition of the unstabilized tapes dropped significantly when zoomed in or out, which led some skeptics to suggest the UFO was actually a US stealth drone or other aircraft.

Black Magic

New book on Elisa Lam case looks at evidence of police coverup and botched investigation

Elisa Lam
Many insist to this day that a resident evil looms within the very walls of the infamous Cecil Hotel in downtown LA.

Back in 2013, I became obsessed with a true-crime case that was very popular online. And very strange. You might be familiar with it.

A surveillance recording of a young woman in a red hoodie — who can be seen acting bizarrely, almost as if she is hiding from someone, in an elevator inside the infamous Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles — went viral on YouTube.

That same young woman, 21-year-old Chinese-Canadian tourist Elisa Lam, was found nearly two weeks later in one of the hotel's rooftop water tanks. Her naked body was removed with relative difficulty by firefighters, who had to cut into the side of the cistern with lasers to extract the corpse.

The conditions were extremely suspicious. Though no one could quite explain how Elisa would have ended up on the alarm-triggered roof in the first place, much less drowning naked in a difficult-to-access water tank, LAPD detectives closed the case without criminal charges. They concluded there was no foul play and that Elisa had accidentally drowned due to complications resulting from bipolar disorder.

I subsequently spent five years researching this tragic, extraordinarily eerie, one-of-a-kind case and wrote a book, GONE AT MIDNIGHT: The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam.

Comment: Of course there's always the possibility that the case wasn't botched by the LAPD so much as it's high level of strangeness simply could not be accounted for given the very limited knowledge base and resources that most police departments have. In other words, this case was simply way above their pay grade.

For more details on this very disturbing case, see: And David Paulides' Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence


Exploring the fourth dimension: Possible implications for consciousness and the paranormal

4d man

Poster for the 1959 sci-fi film The 4D Man
This will be a rather dense post, because I'm adapting it from some notes I wrote last night when I was noodling on the question of how to make sense of paranormal and postmortem phenomena. The idea requires more elaboration than I can give it here. But at least this is a start.

The basic idea is that our four-dimensional reality (three dimensions of space and one dimension of time) exists on a continuum, with higher dimensional realities above our own. For simplicity, I'll refer collectively to these higher-dimensional planes as five-dimensional or 5D reality, although there could be more dimensions than that.

The famous book Flatland by Edwin Abbott imagines a two-dimensional world existing on the surface of a sheet of paper. The narrator, a Flatlander, has an epiphany in which he experiences a higher, three-dimensional world from which he can look down on the paper from above. This episode of "cosmic consciousness" alters his worldview irrevocably.

Note that the two-dimensional world of Flatland is grounded in the three-dimensional world (known as Spaceland in the book). The ground of being, in other words, has more dimensions than the ordinary world. This observation points up a defect in the model of a holographic reality. A hologram is a three-dimensional image projected out of a two-dimensional plate. In that case, the ground of being is lower-dimensional than the observed reality. But in the Flatland model, the ground of being is higher-dimensional than our ordinary reality. I believe this is probably more correct.