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Mon, 20 Jan 2020
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Famed UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, dead at 84

Stanton Friedman
© Melissa Friedman
Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist devoted to uncovering what he could about alien life, has died. He was 84.
Stanton Friedman, the famed UFO researcher based in Fredericton, has died.

Friedman was returning from for a speaking engagement in Columbus, Ohio, when he died suddenly at the Toronto Pearson Airport on Monday night, according to his family.

He was 84.

A nuclear physicist by training, Friedman had devoted his life to researching and investigating UFOs since the late 1960s.

He was credited with bringing the 1947 Roswell Incident - the famous incident that gave rise to theories about UFOs and a U.S. military coverup - back into the mainstream conversation.

He was an accomplished writer, publishing dozens of papers on the subject and writing or co-writing several books.

Comment: More on Stanton Friedman:


Churches combine forces in Rome to learn best exorcism practices because of rise in possession cases

Exorcism is going multi-denominational. Where once those competing for the souls of followers would burn each other as heretics and spur decades-long wars, different Christian denominations are now rallying together to battle a resurrected threat.

And that's no less than Satan himself.

The Roman Catholic Church has for the first time opened up its annual exorcism class in Rome to representatives of all major Christian faiths. The Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum is a Vatican-affiliated university in Rome has been conducting the increasingly popular annual exorcism conventions for Catholic priests for the past 14 years.

But now the doors of the 14th Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation Course has been thrown open to groups once considered heretical and demon-infested only a few short centuries ago.

Now some 250 Catholics, Lutherans, Greek Orthodox and Protestant priests have assembled to arm themselves with the sword of the holy word to battle Satan amid the souls of their parishioners.

It is itself a dark art, born of a dark age.

The Catholic Church, however, insists demonic possession is on the rise.

Grey Alien

UFO researcher claims there's an underwater alien base under the Great Lakes

UFO lights
© CC0
It appears that in the hunt for extra-terrestrial life, the ocean waters of our planet could hold intriguing answers, with more and more alien-seeking enthusiasts persisting in their search not only on the ground, but also beneath.

A self-proclaimed UFO expert has claimed that there is an "underwater alien base" lying beneath the surface of the Great Lakes in North America, making reference to an extraordinary phenomenon caught on camera and publicised online.

A set of snapshots shared by Christine McNaughton‏ (@chancesmommy) showed the sun encircled by four distinct reddish rainbow-like rings as it went down, lighting up the skies all around the area.

Top Secret

What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense?

UFO footage
© Defense Department
This UFO footage released by the Defense Department shows a remarkable UFO captured on camera onboard the Navy F / A-18 Super Hornet chasing the unidentified flying object
Few stories have garnered more requests from our readers for commentary than the recent news that the Navy has decided to very publicly change its reporting rules and procedures for when its personnel observes an unexplained phenomenon like a UFO and a USO.

There have been wildly varying takes on this sudden change, but the truth is that it is very hard to know what to make of it considering how absurd it sounds-the Navy now wants to know about unidentified craft that can penetrate airspace over its installations and around its most capable naval vessels with impunity? Shouldn't that be a default position for a service tasked with defending American interests and controlling vast swathes of area above, below, and on the surface of the Earth?

Bizarro Earth

'Yeti' footprint photographed near Nepal Base Camp, says Indian Army

Yeti Footprint
© Twitter
Image of the footprint tweeted by the Indian Army.

The Indian Army on Monday claimed to have seen a huge footprint of mythical character Yeti near Makalu Base camp in Nepal.

Taking to Twitter, the Army shared the images of the footprint, measuring 32x15 inches.

The footprint was reportedly seen by the mountaineering expedition team of the Army on April 9. It said the "elusive snowman" has also only been sighted nearby at Makalu-Barun National Park.

"For the first time, an #IndianArmy Moutaineering Expedition Team has sited Mysterious Footprints of mythical beast 'Yeti' measuring 32x15 inches close to Makalu Base Camp on 09 April 2019. This elusive snowman has only been sighted at Makalu-Barun National Park in the past (sic)," the army said in the tweet.


'UFO falls from sky' against double rainbow after being 'struck by lightning'

ufo drops rainbow
© ufosightingsdaily.com
Mysterious 'UFO' spotted falling from sky during thunderstorm
AN alien spacecraft has been filmed falling from the skies after being struck by lightning, a prominent UFO proponent has alleged.

"Seeing is believing" is the mantra for those offering-up evidence for extraterrestrial visitors using UFOs. And the latest proof of an alien spaceship exploring Earth has arrived today, according to wild online reports. For the shocking footage is said to show a UFO falling to the ground after being caught in a thunderstorm over England.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C Waring uploaded the blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip today

Waring wrote on his ufosightingsdaily.com blog: "In the video this dark UFO fell from the sky.

"It is very thin, yet compared to the buildings in the background, it is probably close to 30m long and 4m wide.

"The UFO falls directly under the location of where lightning exploded, so it appears that an object was struck by the lightning and fell."


Secret US aircraft or UFO? San Antonio woman films mysterious 'craft' flying over neighborhood

UFO over San Antonio, TX
© YouTube/Red White And Disclosure
The reported UFO sighting took place over Texas, with a woman arguing with her fiancé about its nature and insisting that the craft was not of this world.

A San Antonio woman has shared footage of a mysterious object seemingly hovering in the distance in her suburban residential neighbourhood.

"Ok what is it? It's f***ing hovering," the woman can be heard saying to her partner. "It's helicopters," the man responds. "That's a UFO," she responds. "Ok what is it, it's hovering in the sky, and one of the lights disappeared," she adds.

Comment: Please excuse the foul language.


UK police: 'Drone' that shut down Gatwick Airport for days last December 'could see what was happening on runways, was eavesdropping on radio communications'

gatwick airport drone ufo
© Getty
UK military deployed equipment at the airport to 'catch' the 'drone' but it evaded them every time
The drone attack that caused chaos at Gatwick before Christmas was carried out by someone with knowledge of the airport's operational procedures, the airport has said.

A Gatwick chief told BBC Panorama the drone's pilot "seemed to be able to see what was happening on the runway".

Sussex Police told the programme the possibility an "insider" was involved was a "credible line" of inquiry.

About 140,000 passengers were caught up in the disruption.

The runway at the UK's second busiest airport was closed for 33 hours between 19 and 21 December last year - causing about 1,000 flights to be cancelled or delayed.

In his first interview since the incident, Gatwick's chief operating officer, Chris Woodroofe, told Panorama: "It was clear that the drone operators had a link into what was going on at the airport."

Comment: Yes, it was a 'drone' alright, a really OUT THERE one with intelligence beyond our ken!

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From AAWSAP to AATIP: How the Pentagon's UFO program changed names, and focus

Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo at the SCU AAPC conference March 15, 2019.
On Dec. 2017, the New York Times published a story about a secretive UFO program ran out of the Pentagon. The project the NYT referred to was the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). However, since the NYT posted their article, more information has come to light, and it turns out the program had a different name in 2007 when it began.

There has been a lot of confusion around this issue, myself included. Other researchers had found that the project's first name was the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP). So why did the NYT refer to it as AATIP?

Using information from my interviews with former AATIP chief Elizondo, and information found online in other interviews, I put together what I could on how AAWSAP became AATIP. I then interviewed Elizondo to fill in gaps and verify what I thought I knew was accurate and correct what I had wrong. I was then able to put together the information in this post that Elizondo has verified as correct.

Although others involved with these programs have commented on the names, Elizondo is the only one who was an administrator, and he is the highest authority I have interviewed on this topic.

Road Cone

26 electricity poles in a row collapse on a street in Seattle for no apparent reason

seattle power poles
© Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times
Two people were trapped in their car, center, for more than an hour after 26 power poles came crashing down on East Marginal Way on Friday afternoon. The two were discharged from the hospital late Friday.
The more than two dozen power poles that collapsed near the Museum of Flight on Friday underwent a "full inspection" three years ago, and showed no risks of a mass failure, said Debra Smith, the recently-hired CEO of Seattle City Light.

Some were replaced in 2016 as a result, some were due to be replaced within five years, and others had many years remaining, "but there were none that were outside of the identified life span," Smith said in an interview Saturday.

Engineers this weekend are examining the 26 snapped wooden poles for clues, and walking East Marginal Way South to determine how and where to rebuild lines west of the huge roadway, she said.

City Light doesn't have an explanation yet about why any of the poles suddenly toppled at 4 p.m. Friday, causing a domino effect where not just one but an entire row snapped.

Comment: To be clear, it's not known whether they fell sequentially, as 'domino effect' suggests. They may have come down simultaneously!

Comment: Ok, now that is weird.

Some kind of power surge? Perhaps not via the power grid per se (which utilities and companies would have noticed), but from the atmosphere? From below ground? But then why would such an externally-sourced surge snap strong wooden poles in the same manner along a discrete, specific area?

An eyewitness in this King 5 Seattle News report describes seeing "a flash of light" and hearing "an explosion" just before "they all came tumbling down..."

This ABC News report includes footage from people's camera-phones, recorded shortly aft it happened. The weather doesn't look particularly windy, though there could still have been a super-brief meteorological micro-burst moments before...

Here's CCTV footage of the moment it happened. It is overcast, raining, and somewhat windy, but the trees in the background don't move as much as one might expect during the intensity of a micro-burst:

Also notice how, in the second angle CCTV view, beginning at 00:35, there's a flash, followed by the pole in view beginning to keel over. Note also that it broke right at its base, at ground level...

More info from another Seattle Times report:
Meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Seattle said there were no Boeoi strikes in Western Washington on Friday.

There was a decent burst of wind accompanied by moderate rain earlier in the day, but nothing particularly alarming, said Carly Kovacik, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Around 16,500 customers in South Seattle, Tukwila, Burien and White Center lost power as a result of the incident, but power was restored to all but 300 of them by 6 p.m., according to Seattle City Light. Some Boeing offices in the area lost power, White said.

David Drum, a structural engineer who works at Boeing, said he left his office around 4:15 p.m. and saw at least 10 poles on the ground on the west side of the street.

"It was really dramatic. Really dystopian. The poles were snapped. They hit the ground with enough force and splintered," he said. "It must have taken a lot of force to do what I saw."
Indeed, it's as if some powerful EM force bent everything - power poles, street signs, a couple of trees, street lights - over, in one direction and on one side of the street.

Also, Seattle City Light power company has announced that an unnamed "third party" will be conducting an "independent" investigation into what happened. Hmmm...

It's very interesting that Boeing HQ is located nearby... in fact, it's located RIGHT THERE!

boeing seattle power poles

Rough location of downed power poles in red. Known Boeing, Inc. facilities marked in yellow...
The mile-long stretch where these poles broke corresponds more or less exactly with the stretch of East Marginal Way in Seattle where Boeing offices, hangars and testing centers are located. Boeing Field airport, named after the founder of the major airplane and weapons company, runs parallel to this stretch of road...

Boeing's run of bad luck continues...