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Mon, 22 Jul 2019
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High Strangeness


'Ghost ship' reappears off the coast of Myanmar after being lost at sea for 9 years

Sam Ratulangi freighter
© Yangon Police
The freighter Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 was last seen offshore Taiwan in 2009
The sudden appearance of a massive 'ghost' ship off the coast of southern Myanmar has shocked local fishermen who were stunned to find the freighter carried no cargo nor traces of crew.

After nearly a decade lost at sea the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600, finally ran aground on a sandbar approximately seven miles (11km) off the coast of Thama Seitta village of this week.

The fishermen boarded and inspected the ship after reporting it to local authorities. Teams from the navy, coast guard and police all subsequently searched the abandoned freighter which reportedly measures an impressive 177.35 meters in length, 27.91 meters in width and weighs 26,510 tons.


Canadian tourist spots Nessie hours before schoolgirl takes 'best Loch Ness Monster picture for years'

loch ness monster 2018
© Lynn Locke
Lynn’s pic of the sighting in August 2018 has now been officially logged
Lynn Locke's report has now been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register - the seventh of the monster this year, which is heading for a record

A school secretary has captured Nessie on her mobile phone - just hours before a schoolgirl photographed a similar image 12 miles away.

Lynn Locke's report has now been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register - the seventh of the monster this year, which is heading for a record.

The 54-year-old elementary school secretary from Ontario in Canada was on holiday with her husband and daughter - visiting family in Glasgow - when they took a trip to the Highlands for a few days.

While at Loch Ness, Mrs Locke saw Nessie for about a minute about 50 yards offshore near Urquhart Castle, said to be a favourite haunt of the monster.


Mysterious glimpse of the "Kingdom of Heaven" appears China sky

sky mirage china
© via Youtube
Fata Morgana: Kingdom of heaven appears over China. video below
In recent years, strange appearances have been reported in the skies around the world. Yes, sometimes, 'ghost towns' appear in the sky. Witnesses remain baffled even for years... Some are even terrified by these spectacular sightings. But what are these strange shadows in the sky?

According to the scientists, these ghost cities that appear floating among the dense fog are mirages, or a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays bend to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.

In contrast to a hallucination, a mirage is a real optical phenomenon that can be captured on camera, since light rays are actually refracted to form the false image at the observer's location. What the image appears to represent, however, is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind.


Unidentified humanoid creature seen near Mount Vernon, Virginia

Washington's estate
© mysteriousuniverse.org
A strange, unidentified humanoid creature has been spotted near Mount Vernon just outside of the nation's capital. Has one of Washington D.C.'s reptilian swamp creatures crawled out of her office for a bit of sightseeing during the Congressional summer recess? The sighting reportedly occurred a "couple miles" north of Mount Vernon. Despite its name, Mount Vernon is not a mountain; it is the former plantation home of George Washington situated on the Potomac River. Today Mount Vernon is an independently owned historical attraction.

The remains of George and Martha Washington are interred at the site - as do the remains of their slaves.

On July 31, a motorist driving near Mount Vernon spotted what appeared to be a deer by the side of the road - until it stood up and ran across the road. MUFON Ohio investigator Ron McGlone received a report of the sighting this week, which has been published by the Mount Vernon News. The witness is described as credible and requested to remain anonymous. Whoever they are, the eyewitness says the creature ran out of a cornfield and across the highway "at a tremendous rate of speed," crossing the highway in only a few steps.

According to the witness, the creature appeared to stand 7 to 8 feet all, hairless with light brown skin, and possessing a "tall slender body, arms and legs in small diameter, hands and feet looked oversized for its body proportion, small neck with oval elongated head." The witness also said the humanoid figure had large, black oval-shaped eyes similar to everyone's favorite grey aliens.


Nick Redfern: From a Ouija Board to Sasquatch

Ouija board
© Jon Santa Cruz/Rex Features
Laura Carter was thirty-six, lived in New York, and was employed by the Post Office when I interviewed her in 2007. She related to me the details of a distinctly odd and unsettling series of occurrences that took place back in mid-1985. On one particularly warm summer's night, Laura said, three of her friends had come over to visit. Her parents were out of town, and so the girls planned to have an evening hanging out, playing music, drinking, and and generally having a fun time.

At some point during the night, the discussion turned to horror-movies, ghosts, spooks and specters, and the four girls decided to experiment with an old Ouija Board. As Laura admitted to me, none of them were seriously frightened by the board or the possible implications of what might transpire - in fact, they had no real idea at all how to even use the board, apart from "what we had seen in horror movies," added Laura. But, like teenagers everywhere, they found the idea of "playing with the Ouija Board while my mom and dad were out" to be great fun and immensely exciting. However, what initially started out as nothing more than a bit of late-night joking around quickly changed into something far darker and much more disturbing.


Missing 411? Crews search for missing hiker in the North Cascades, Washington

Missing hiker, Sam Sayers
© KOMO News
Search and rescue crews are now on their third day of intense efforts to find missing hiker Sam Sayers, who disappeared while hiking Vesper Peak.
Search and rescue crews are now on their third day of intense efforts to find missing hiker Sam Sayers deep in the mountain loop highway area of Vesper Peak.

"We have about 70 search and rescue members down on the Spada side, including canine, and we also have our helicopter and air operations," said Sargent Greg Sanders of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Sayer's friends reported her missing after she didn't return from her hike this past Wednesday. Although she was alone, she's hiked this area before. And even though its summer, conditions up top are very different. "It's alpine, at about 5,400 feet we actually still have snow up there."

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Aliens blamed for spate of cow mutilations in Argentina after 'strange lights' seen in sky

Aliens accused for Argentinian cattle mutilation
© Express, UK
Local farmers in Santa Fe, north-eastern Argentina, have seen seven cows killed and mutilated with some believing extraterrestrials are killing the bovine animals.

Witnesses claim the cows look as if they were attacked with lasers, while strange markings were also found on their tongues and genitals.

Farmers in the region are blaming aliens or the mythical chupacabra - a myth from South America which supposedly feeds on animals' blood.

Norberto Bieri, owner of one of the seven cows, told local media: "They did not have tongues or flesh around the jaw, but they did not take any animals away or remove their bones.

"It seems as though the clean incisions were done with a laser as there is no trace of a knife being used. The cows did not have signs of blood and nothing had appeared to eat them.


'Alien craft' discovered at the Bermuda Triangle using maps made by NASA astronaut

scuba diver
© Darrell Miklos / Instagram
A treasure-hunter exploring the depths of the Bermuda Triangle using a secret map made by NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper in space has made a mysterious discovery which he claims may prove the region was visited by aliens.

Explorer Darrell Miklos has been investigating more than 100 magnetic 'anomalies' using maps created in the 1960s by his friend and famed NASA astronaut Cooper to locate shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

Many of Miklos' discoveries have been featured over two seasons of the Discovery Channel docu-series 'Cooper's Treasure.' However, the latest installment of the show includes an unexpected discovery at an undisclosed location near the Bahamas.

Miklos had expected to find an ancient shipwreck but instead, the explorer said he found an astonishing structure unlike anything he had seen before. The 'unidentified submerged object' (USO) is huge, and has 15 long 15,300ft obtrusions extending from its side.

Comment: More pictures from The Daily Mail:

ancient coral

Horizontal cylinder structures jut out from this large dome feature at the center of the site. Geophysicists on the team report that the coral covering these structures appears to be more than 5000 years old.
underwater discovery

A close up of one of the horizontal structures which has scientists baffled. Because of the extreme currents at the location it's almost impossible for coral to grow at all, let alone into a anything this large.
underground discovery

Here, what he describes as the right jutting section of the USO. According to scientists on Darrell's team, no coral anywhere in the world could grow in this formation naturally, there would have to be an underlying structure to support that type of growth.


Plymouth, UK paranormal investigators receive major spike in calls over June, July

Ghost hunters at Palace Theatre
© John Allen
Ghost hunt- search for paranormal activity at Palace Theatre.
The scorching heatwave is being blamed for causing a massive increase in paranormal activities in people's homes around the South West region.

This is according to ghost hunter expert Gary Parsons of the Plymouth Paranormal Investigators (PPI), who says they have received a "major spike" in the number of calls during the past two months.

Some people have even been afraid to enter their own homes.

Mr Parsons said: "We have received a major spike in the number of calls during June and July, with people reporting scary supernatural phenomena, and one couple almost afraid to go into their own home because of poltergeists, and residual energies making things move."


Reflection in the window or 'Gollum' in Canadian woods?

© YouTube/Kong Viral
SPOOKY footage of faceless creature spotted in woods in Canada.
A mysterious faceless beast has been captured on camera stalking a moose.

While Audree Frechette was filming a moose peacefully feeding by the side of a desolate road in Gaspé Valley in Quebec, she didn't expect the camera to film anything unusual. But when she re-watched the tape, she noticed a pale, faceless monster-like creature hiding in the shadows. Compared to the moose, it was 6ft (1.8 meters) tall and appeared to be eying the animal.

The video went viral, garnering almost 700,000 views in just one week. Many of YouTube users thought that the creature resembled Gollum - a lean, pale character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Others remembered Rake - a monster that was supposedly seen in 2009 in the woods of Canada.