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Fri, 24 Mar 2017
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High Strangeness


UFO filmed over Lima, Peru

© Photo: Alerta Noticias
The 'burning' UFO was filmed travelling across the sky above Lima, Peru, for a full minute
The mysterious orange light was filmed for a full minute.

A mysterious 'burning' UFO has been filmed travelling across the sky above a capital city.

Residents of Lima, Peru, were left stunned as the orange light floated slowly through the air in the slightly darkened sky.


Massive 3.4 mile 'doorway' spotted on Mercury allowing 'UFOs' to travel in and out?

PORTAL: The 3.4 mile object would 'fit large alien ships'
A huge door-like object has been spotted on the planet Mercury's surface and UFO hunters are convinced it is a portal for alien spacecraft to travel in and out.

The bizarre image - captured on the Victoria Rupes Cliffs on the Solar System's smallest planet - appears to show a rectangular shape sitting next to a crater.

And alien fanatic Scott C. Waring - who first discovered the shape - is certain the object is proof of an alien doorway.

"I was looking over some Mercury photos and found this unusual black doorway," he said.

"It is long and rectangle in shape with four almost perfect right-angled corners.


The mystery of the Mary Celeste began on Staten Island 144 years ago

Mary Celeste
On Nov. 7, 1872, the merchant ship Mary Celeste left from Staten Island for Genoa, Italy.

The ship -- and the 1,701 barrels of alcohol for fortifying wine it carried -- would never make it to its destination.

And so the mystery began.

The ship was found on Dec. 4 of that year by sailor David Morehouse at the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal located in the mid-Atlantic.

Morehouse, however, didn't find any traces of Benjamin Briggs, the captain of the Mary Celeste, his wife and two-year-old daughter, and the seven crew members.

Briggs, his family and the crew were never heard from again.


This UFO spotted over Whitby coastline left photographer 'freaked out'

Andrew Beattie spotted this UFO over the Whitby coastline

What do you think it is?

Theories have ranged from the moon peeping out from behind the clouds through to a meteor.

But whatever the object over the Whitby coast is identified as, the photographer - who took the snap at around 7.30pm on Monday night - admits to being 'freaked out' by the experience.

Photographer Andrew Beattie, originally from Yarm, had taken a stroll to the beach in an attempt the capture the aurora.

He said: "I had a walk down to the sea wall near the beach huts to see if I could catch a glimpse of the aurora.

"I set up my tripod and camera and it was pointing out to sea.

"I saw a strange red glow above the light house, around 100 to 150ft above it.

"It then disappeared for a second, so I pointed my camera that way. Then a yellow light appeared for a few seconds with no noise and moved to the side before glowing red and completely vanishing from sight.

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Witnessing Father Amorth: "The Vatican Exorcist" at work and the pathology otherwise known as possession

© William Friedkin
HALLWAY TO HELL The corridor leading to the exorcism room (second door on right) at the Paulist Fathers residence in Rome.
When he made his 1973 classic, The Exorcist, William Friedkin had never seen an exorcism. For decades he wondered how close he had come to reality. So, last May, he followed "the Dean of Exorcists" as he fought to expel Satan from an Italian woman.
We have a clergy today who no longer believe in the devil, in exorcism, in the exceptional Evil the devil can instill or even in the power that Jesus bestowed to cast out demons. —FATHER GABRIELE AMORTH
Sunday morning, May 1 of this year, was Father Amorth's 91st birthday, but he had no plans to celebrate. He awoke just after dawn, said his usual morning prayers and one to Joseph of Cupertino, a 17th-century saint, and another to the late Father Candido Amantini, his mentor. Clutching a walking aid, he shuffled from his cell-like room to the dining room on the third floor of the Paulist Fathers residence, south of Rome's historic center.

After his usual breakfast of caffè latte and biscotti, Father Amorth returned to his room, which had a tall window, a hospital bed, two chairs, and a wooden desk cluttered with pictures of the Virgin Mary and Padre Pio, a priest-mystic who experienced stigmata—bleeding wounds, corresponding to those inflicted on Jesus Christ on the Cross. For the next six hours, Father Amorth reviewed the mail requesting his services from around the world. Each letter contained tragic questions and appeals from people who knew Amorth only by name and reputation. He answered the letters, writing with a fountain pen, licking the envelopes and stamps himself. At two P.M., he knelt again to pray, then arose with difficulty, took up his walking aid, and made his way to an elevator, which took him to the first floor, where the small room dedicated to his work was located. The hallway was empty and dark. Whispering voices and footsteps could be heard, as from a tomb.

His old adversary was waiting.

Comment: So interesting to see how Dr. Lieberman begins this last discussion with his scientific skepticism hat on - and then allows himself to make other associations which suggest the validity of demonic possession.


Strange UFO lights reported across the sky in Gilbert, Arizona

Some people have been messaging us saying they saw some strange lights in the East Valley on Tuesday.

Ashley Grayson posted on our Facebook page and said the objects she saw were flying from north to south, possibly from McKellips Road to about Warner Road and Val Vista Driver. She said that there were "airplanes being diverted."

Another guy named Todd posted on Twitter he was at the Queen Creek wash when he saw multiple lights in the sky. He posted a video that has explicit language.

There was also a reported sighting in Globe. Phoenix Skyhawks said they had no planned jumps tonight. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said it didn't receive any crazy calls.

Evil Rays

Astronomers claim to have just received a message from extraterrestrials

© Photos.com
Anomalous signals from deep space often evoke a quick pulse of gossip and speculation about aliens that dies off soon thereafter, when scientists are able to explain it. Usually, the explanation involves a natural cosmic process — an asteroid, space detritus, or frequencies from an exploded star.

Sometimes, however, the signals are too mysterious to explain. There's a reason why you may have seen a sustained social media buzz regarding aliens this past week. A few days ago, two scientists from Laval University in Quebec released a paper arguing they may have just received our first communication from extraterrestrials.

First, a bit of context. This has been an exciting decade for those of us who stargaze in awe, wondering how many sentient beings live in this incomprehensibly enormous universe of ours. First, the search for exoplanets accelerated dramatically, aided by the Keplar telescope, which has identified over 1,000 planets outside of our solar system.


'UFO' seen over Vienna, scared onlookers call police (VIDEO)

© vienna_austria / Instagram
Startled residents in the Austrian cities of Graz and Vienna were so spooked by an apparent UFO hovering in the skies, they called the police.

Footage was uploaded on social media showing the bright object flying through the skies and while many people were skeptical of the sightings, others thought an alien invasion was imminent.

Comment: Yeah that's what it is, a small remote controlled helicopter - that glows.


Isle of madness: Poveglia and the Ghosts of its victims

© unknown
People often ask me what my dream haunted destination would be if I could go anywhere in the world to conduct a paranormal investigation. I've had the same answer for the past 15 years: The Island of Poveglia in Northern Italy. Completely abandoned and isolated from the public, the island once served as a dumping ground for over 160,000 plague sufferers. Not everyone's idea of an ideal vacation, but for the ghost hunters who have visited the island, it's considered one of the most paranormally-active locations in the world. Some visitors are so shaken by what they've experienced on Poveglia that they vow never to return.

© unknown
For the sick who traveled to Poveglia, the gondola ride to the island was a one-way ticket. No one ever got better on the island of Poveglia. The distance from the mainland meant that sufferers would not only be out of sight and out of mind, but a safe distance away from those who had yet to contract the Black Plague, the fatal disease that left its victims with puss covered boils and rotting black tissue. For those who look carefully, there are still a number of plague pits littered all over the island, giant graves where bodies were dumped quickly after death with the hopes of keeping the disease from spreading to the doctors and nurses.

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'Leaked' security film shows UFO flying over ocean before 'splitting in two'

The 'leaked' security footage shows a strange UFO flying over the ocean
Bizarre footage appears to show the moment conspiracy theorists believe a UFO plunges into the ocean - before splitting in two.

The clip was allegedly recording in Aguadillia in Puerto Rico on April 25, 2013 but the footage has only recently been released by the Department of Homeland Security by a whistleblower.

In the video, the strange metallic sphere hurtles through the sky before dropping down and plunging into the ocean.

When it re-emerges, it appears to have split in two.

The object was being monitored by US Customs and Border Protection, according to Headlines & Global News.

Nick Pope, a UFO expert, said: "Assuming the video isn't a clever hoax - which is always a possibility these days - it's a fascinating piece of footage.

The bizarre object then appears to split in half