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Mon, 06 Dec 2021
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Pensioner mauled to death by 2 dogs in Italy

An American Staffordshire dog (file photo)
© Newsflash
An American Staffordshire dog (file photo)
An elderly woman was mauled to death in a savage dog attack after her carer allegedly left her to wander off.

The carer in Italy is facing jail after she failed to notice that an 89-year-old woman she was supposed to be looking after had wandered out of her bed into a neighbour's garden.

Tragically, the woman was killed by two American Staffordshire Terriers in a vicious dog attack.

The carer only realised what had happened when police called about the attack on Carmen Gorzanelli, 89, in the town of Sassuolo in the province of Modena in Italy on October 12.

The news site Rai reported that the incident occurred after Carmen left her house alone and wandered around her neighbourhood before going into a garden just a few metres from her own house. It is believed that the elderly victim mixed up the two entrances.


Woman killed in pit bull attack in Grant County, Indiana

Officials say a Grant County woman has died after she was severely injured by a dog bite.

The coroner reports that Kathleen Bertram, 69, was in the living room of a home in the 300 block of High Street in Matthews, holding her 3-year-old granddaughter.

Someone in another room heard screams.

According to Coroner Stephen Dorsey: "At that moment the pit-bull then attacked Kathleen, biting down on her neck."


6-month-old baby killed after being attacked by family dog in Kodak, Tennessee

dog attack
An infant in the Kodak community of Sevier County died Sunday night in an attack by the family dog.

Sevier County Sheriff's Office deputies were called at about 6:15 p.m. to a home on Apache Lane after the large dog attacked the 6-month-old, police said.

Someone else in the home was hurt trying to protect the child, police said.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene.

The dog was aggressive to emergency responders as well and was put down on site.

The Sevier County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

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Woman found dead believed from crocodile attack in Malaysia

The Sabah Fire and Rescue Department operations centre, in a statement, said it received an emergency call about a victim being attacked by a crocodile in Kalabakan

The Sabah Fire and Rescue Department operations centre, in a statement, said it received an emergency call about a victim being attacked by a crocodile in Kalabakan
A woman was found dead in Kampung Serudung Laut, near here, today, believed due to a crocodile attack.

The body of Fosanih Nansel, 22, was found at 8am by the villagers who were searching for her, after the woman was reported missing in a nearby river since yesterday.

The Sabah Fire and Rescue Department operations centre, in a statement, said it received an emergency call via MERS 999 at 8.19pm about the victim being attacked by a crocodile.

"From the information provided by the family, a search and rescue operation was carried out today. The victim was found by residents about 300 metres from the location where she reportedly was attacked by the reptile," the statement said.

According to the statement, the victim's body was handed over to the police for further action and the operation ended at 10.27am.

Source: Bernama

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Body of teen dragged away by crocodile found in Gujarat, India

Body of a 15-year-old boy, who was dragged away by a crocodile in Dhadhar river in Karjan taluka on October 6, was found in a decomposed state in Padra taluka on Friday.

The body of the boy identified as Vijay Mali was found around 5km downstream at Sadad village in the river by the locals. Police said that the body was found in a badly decomposed state with the head and one leg missing.

However, the identity was verified by the injury marks and the clothes on Mali's body. The body was sent to the health centre in Padra for postmortem examination and a case of accidental death was registered at Padra police station.

Comment: Also recently: Crocodiles kill two divers hunting for sea cucumbers in Solomon Islands


Police investigate suspected wolf attack in western Finland

A grey wolf seen in a file photo.
© AP/Dawn Villella
A grey wolf seen in a file photo.
Police in Southern Ostrobothnia are investigating a report that a person walking a dog near Lauhanvuori national park was bitten on the hand by a wolf on Saturday night.

"This matter was reported to the police over the weekend," Ostrobothnian Police Department's Communications Manager Mikael Appel confirmed to Yle.

The report to police detailed how the owner and dog were walking in the area when the dog became agitated - growling and trying to free itself from the leash. The owner spotted the figure of an animal just in front of them, and the animal then attacked the man, who lifted up his hand in order to defend himself.


Taiwanese man dies after pit bull attack

A Hsinchu County man died on Sunday (Oct. 10) due to massive blood loss after being attacked by a pitbull, CNA reported.

The Hsinchu County Fire Bureau received reports on Sunday afternoon that a 53-year-old male was attacked by a dog in Hsinchu County's Jianshi Township. The victim reportedly had been drinking and attempting to play with the pitbull, which belonged to one of his friends, when the dog attacked.

The man suffered a wound to the thigh that reached his artery. He collapsed after bleeding profusely.

When paramedics arrived, he had lost vital signs. He later died in the hospital.

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Crocodiles kill two divers hunting for sea cucumbers in Solomon Islands

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles on the planet.
© ABC News: Iskhandar Razak, file photo
Saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles on the planet.
Two men have been killed in separate crocodile attacks in Solomon Islands while diving for sea cucumbers at night.

The deaths last week of a 36-year-old man and another man in his 20s came less than a month after the country lifted a ban on harvesting the marine animal, also called beche-de-mer, in order to boost the economy after COVID-19.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Provincial Assistant Commissioner Joseph Maneluga said he was concerned about the attacks, which occurred just a day apart.

"I think the people are going crazy because of the reopening of the beche-de-mer," he said.

"And the population of crocodiles is really increasing, and so that is the threat that we have."

Police enlisted assistance from Explosive Ordnance Device Unit divers, who are usually tasked to dispose of old World War II shells, to recover the bodies from the crocodile-infested waters.


Northern bottlenose whales found stranded in Chaleur Bay, Canada

Two northern bottlenose whales were stranded in Chaleur Bay recently, one of which died.
© Marine Animal Response Society
Two northern bottlenose whales were stranded in Chaleur Bay recently, one of which died.
Two northern bottlenose whales found stranded in Chaleur Bay recently have scientists questioning how they got there — hundreds of kilometres from where they should be.

A report that the whales were stranded in shallow water came to the Marine Animal Response Society on Sept. 30.

"At that time, the report was that local people — and I think it was actually local police — had pushed these two animals back in the water, and so then they swam off," said Tonya Wimmer, executive director of the Marine Animal Response Society.

After being pushed back into the deeper water, the whales were stranded again later that night. One of the whales died, Wimmer said they believe the other swam free.


A beluga whale in Puget Sound? Rare visitor from Arctic waters startles boaters in first sighting here since 1940

In a flash of white out of the blue, a beluga whale has been seen at least six times around Puget Sound since Sunday, the first such sightings since 1940.

It began Oct. 3 with a report from the south end of Fox Island, then another from Point Defiance, and then in Commencement Bay. In the fourth sighting, the whale was reported at West Seattle and on the fifth it was aglow in the waters of the Bremerton Ship Yard, according to Michael Milstein, spokesman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration West Coast Region.

There is no way to know why the whale is far from its home and family in south central Alaska's Cook Inlet, or other populations in the arctic and subarctic waters of the U.S. and Canada.

But there are several possible explanations, said Paul Wade, a research fisheries biologist based at NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Sand Point. He leads research on the endangered population of belugas at Cook Inlet.