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Sat, 22 Oct 2016
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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - July 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Enormous meteor fireball - possibly a comet fragment - disintegrates over the US Southwest, 27 July 2016
July 2016 was a crazy month in more ways than one. A global spike in terror attacks and people going postal was apparently mirrored by Mother Nature. Among the extreme weather events and trends in environmental upheaval last month, we observed:
  • A destructive tornado outbreak in South Africa (where it's winter-time)
  • Hail the size of golf-balls falling in - of all places - Colombia and Brazil
  • Intense electrical storms everywhere, with lightning strikes continuing to pick people off in alarming numbers
  • Deluges of rain washing away cars and people everywhere from Mexico City to Berlin to Maryland
  • Devastating flooding across swathes of China, India and Nepal
  • Multiple destructive waterspouts coming ashore in Cuba
  • Animals, both wild and captive, attacking and killing people
  • An enormous meteor fragmenting from horizon to horizon over the US Southwest
These were just some of the signs in July 2016:

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The Truth Perspective: X-Files, Mothman and the inimitable John Keel

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In 1975, John Keel published his strange and classic Mothman Prophecies about the even stranger events he experienced and investigated in 1966-67 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The book, and the articles he wrote nearly 10 years before, were decades ahead of their time, identifying and taking seriously countless topics that most people ignored or wrote off as fantasy, but which are now being taken seriously by many in the field of ufology. Today, we took a broad look at the book and the phenomena Keel described.

We also discussed the latest iteration of the X-Files TV show (see SOTT editor Ennio Adams' series on the show starting here): what it gets right, and what it gets wrong, and why it matters. In the last half hour we gave brief updates on the situations in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the U.S. presidential election. Tune in!

Running Time: 02:01:00

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Police State Roundup: a disturbing trend of murder, home invasion and pet slaying by police

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Another week, another string of police crimes being justified. This incident is truly disturbing, what was a simple instance of parents disciplining their daughter resulted in the death of the father who had committed no crime.
The incident, which was caught on video, began when Mrs. Nair Rodriguez got into an altercation with her 19-year-old daughter outside the Moore Warren Theatre in the early hours of February 15 and slapped her. A bystander who witnessed the incident reported the event to police. The mother-daughter disagreement had upset Mrs. Rodriguez so much that she had bolted for the family car. Her husband, Luis followed her to calm her down when he was intercepted by five police who arrived on the scene. However instead of confronting Nair, five cops took down her innocent husband Luis Rodriguez, beating, pepper spraying and pinning him on the road.
Important to note, this anonymous bystander, who merely thought they were doing the right thing, bears some responsibility for the death of this innocent man. We should all consider that the next time we ponder calling the cops, for any reason.
Police say their actions were protocol, though three have been suspended with pay while the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate.
Not only was everything done 'according to protocol' but Luis' murderers get a paid vacation during the investigation, which can be anywhere from months to years when compared with historically similar accounts.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Connecting the dots: Health in the news

© Rachel Levit Ruiz
On this episode of The Health and Wellness Show we did a bit of dot connecting. There have been a lot of interesting stories in the news as of late and we did our best to cover them. In gut news we covered the power of mother's milk, how gut flora can influence food cravings and the rapidly shrinking population of America. Pharmaceutical and vaccine madness continues. Statins, birth control pills and the HPV vaccine continue their reign of destruction. There have been big stories on corruption at the CDC and FDA (what else is new?). And in political health news -- what will a Killary Clinton presidency mean for your medical sovereignty?

Running Time: 01:31:05

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Behind the Headlines: Weekly Mayhem Roundup: Olympic hi-jinks, the German terror, Turkish delight, election madness, and the Russian connection!

© Reuters/Lucy Nicholson (L) and Jim Urquhart/File Photos

As the world spirals into unprecedented depths of madness, it's hard to keep track of everything that's going on. This past week or so has been a doozy, and today on Behind the Headlines, we tried our best to cover it all: the political cultural warfare banning Russian athletes from the Rio Olympics, the latest on the Turkish clean-out of fifth-column 'opposition', the recent spate of terror attacks in France and "terror" attacks in Germany, the outbreak of "non-terror terror" incidents practically everywhere, 'terror management theory', the information war against the Syrian siege of Aleppo, a hopeless U.S. election, and the 'Russian Connection'. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

Running Time: 02:17:12

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Cultural warfare: US attempt to ban Russia from Olympics for 'cheating' is rank hypocrisy

Russian long jumper Darya Klishina
Now that some common sense has been restored and the International Olympic Committee has decided against banning the entire Russian team from competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, I'd like to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Western elites, via their paid shills in the media and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), attempted to block an entire country from participating in a worldwide, amateur athletic competition because they didn't want Russia to garner any public goodwill through its athletic performances, nor did they want to have to watch Russian athletes stand on the podium, receive their medals, and play the Russian national anthem in celebration of their athletic achievements.

Does that not sound absurd, and incredibly petty to you? It does to me. It comes across as wholly desperate too. It's like the Western elites have realized that Putin has beaten them in the geopolitical field so they have changed course to a different field, one much smaller and less important in the grand scheme of things. They have enlisted their agents in the media to act as judge and jury despite the fact that there is actually no real evidence of "institutionalized doping", a fact that's apparently insignificant to journalists who have apparently long ago abandoned integrity and objectivity.

This is what tool-of-the-elites WADA reported: During the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014, Russian athletes were all working directly with the FSB to pass drug tests. The FSB was apparently passing vials of urine through a hole in the wall to athletes. They also somehow were able to put the urine in sterile containers and add salt in the process. WADA does not actually have any proof of this. They are relying on testimony from Grigory Rodchenkov, a Russian national who defected to the USA after being fired for, you guessed it, doping fraud. Pot, meet kettle.


Hillary proffered as alternative to Trump, no one cares she's a warmongering psychopath

© Mr Rojiito
Evil is with him
There's so much happening around the country and around the world that it's almost impossible to keep up. Mass shootings, weird weather, cops on power trips, strange animal behavior and weird phenomena abound. Then there are power plays in the Middle East, including the on-going wars against the Syrian and Palestinian people by rich psychopaths aka the western political and corporate elite. But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... there's an election happening!

Dominating the headlines in the US, we have had the Republican National Convention which crowned Donald Trump (and yes, his real name is Donald Drumpf) as the Republican candidate for president. He's supported by wonderful people such as the man in this video (fair warning, the language used by this individual is revolting):

Lovely guy, right?


Writing on the wall for Erdogan: Align with Russia, Iran and Syria or Turkey's destruction awaits

Like it or not, this is what democracy looks like.
So, has everyone noticed what's going on? Has everyone taken stock of the 'brink' on which we now stand? July 2016 has been a month of absolute mayhem all over the world, with brutal and bloody terror attacks occurring almost everywhere - much of it no doubt organized and premeditated, and some of it 'spontaneous' madness resulting from the former. The main event, however, has undoubtedly been the attempted coup in Turkey, which was effectively an act of war by NATO's largest member-state against its second-largest.

What happened in Turkey on July 15th was clearly a US-sponsored/supported coup attempt, probably thwarted at the 11th hour by Russia in the form of intel and advice to Erdogan and Co. Do we expect the world's exceptional superpower to accept such impertinence? Unlikely. If there's one thing the global warmongers-in-chief have learned over the past 70 years, it's that they rule the world, and any nation with the temerity to stand in their way will be severely punished.

As Erdogan and friends go through the process of rooting out the NATO fifth columnists in Turkey (3 of the 5 Turkish army regiments that took part in the coup are part of NATO's Rapid Deployable Corps), unnamed British 'defence sources' are already floating the possibility of another coup: "If there is another coup attempt then civil war will follow. If that happens there will be a major international crisis," the source told British tabloid the Daily Star on Sunday.

"Civil war" and "major international crisis", i.e. just the kind of scenario on which US and British political psychopaths thrive and have lots of experience in manufacturing. If Erdogan has any sense, if he has learned anything about the true nature of Western powers over these last 9 months (and the decade he spent in power as prime minister before becoming president in 2014), he will be in no doubt about what he has to do next, and what awaits Turkey if he does not.

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The Truth Perspective: Beyond Iran-Contra: The secret history of America's covert wars, with Hugo Turner

The original 'moderate rebels', the Contras, on patrol in 1987.
For the first hour of the show, we were joined by blogger Hugo Turner of Anti-Imperialist U to discuss the thirtieth anniversary of the Iran-Contra scandal. Funding the Contras in Nicaragua was just a small window into a much wider history of American death squads, drug trafficking, torture, arms smuggling, regime change, and terrorism that was nothing new in the 80s, and hasn't changed much at all today. We talked about how it all fits together, and how it relates to what's going on today. You can read Hugo's Iran-Contra series on SOTT:

Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 1: The secret team
Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 2: World War 3 has already happened
Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 3: The World Anti-Communist League

In the second half of the show, discussed the aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey, the mass shooting in Munich, and other current events, followed by a Police State Roundup.

Running Time: 02:20:36

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Here's the transcript of the show:

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The Health & Wellness Show: Beyond the Pump: Getting to the heart of the matter

On this episode of the Health and Wellness show we will delve deep into the heart. Did you know the heart is more than just a pump? (Some would argue that it's not a pump at all.) It is made up of muscle cells and neurons, generating the strongest electromagnetic field of any organ of the human body. In addition to generating the strongest electromagnetic field, the heart has an intelligence of its own, which is why some neurocardiologists refer to it as the heart-brain or the fifth brain. With the knowledge of this electromagnetic heart-brain can we be tap into a different forms of intelligence such as intuition and wisdom? And what can we do to protect and strengthen this heart brain connection?

Running Time: 01:23:49

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