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Sun, 04 Dec 2016
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The Health & Wellness Show: Connecting the Dots: There's something rotten.....everywhere

Things are heating up in the health world with many interesting news stories from the last few weeks. Is something big on the vaccine front headed our way? Public agencies are certainly acting as if there is. The WHO released an instruction manual on how to win the hearts and minds of vaccine deniers and if that doesn't work, the CDC has plans to stop, quarantine and 'treat' any travelers who look a little under the weather. The American Academy of Pediatrics says it's okay for doctors to ditch the non-vaccinated and, thanks to a little bill out of California, showing the film VAXXED could become a crime.

Join us for this episode of the Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss the above madness as well as ways to protect against the dreaded MMR vaccine, the high costs of Autism, useless cancer screening and more.

Stay tuned, as always, for Zoya's Pet Health Segment and find out what an anal gland is.

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Here's the transcript of the show:


SOTT News Snapshot: September 15 edition - Everything you need to know about American doping

American dopers.
So, someone hacked WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). As expected, the Russians are blamed. But that's not the issue. Just like the DNC hacks, the issue isn't who did the hack; the issue is the content of the leaks. In a nutshell, America's greatest and bestest athletes have been doping for years. Big surprise. But they've been doping legally. Yep, you heard that right. They got a doctor's note that says they can dope. That's probably all our regular readers need to know in order to grok the heart of the matter, but for new and casual readers, we'll expand a bit.

Self-described "international hack team" 'Fancy Bear' says they stand for fair play and clean sport. On their website, they state:
We announce the start of #OpOlympics. We are going to tell you how Olympic medals are won. We hacked World Anti-Doping Agency databases and we were shocked with what we saw.

We will start with the U.S. team which has disgraced its name by tainted victories. We will also disclose exclusive information about other national Olympic teams later. Wait for sensational proof of famous athletes taking doping substances any time soon.
Their first hack revealed that American athletes like Simone Biles, Serena and Venus Williams all took banned substances for years. But The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency says it's all cool, "the athletes have done nothing wrong", because they had "therapeutic use" exemptions for these banned substances because of undisclosed medical conditions (those fields are marked "confidential" in the documents).


SOTT News Snapshot: September 14 edition - Syrian ceasefire reaches 2-day mark

Golan Heights, June 2016.
The first 48 hours of the ceasefire have been largely successful, and the Russian General Staff is calling for the first 48-hour extension. This despite the fact that, according to them, "the total number of violations by militants increased to 60... We also note that some armed groups controlled by the United States, such as Ahrar Al-Sham, announced directly their unwillingness to cease fire. The biggest number of violations is linked to these groups." If these next 48 hours hold, and the 72 after that, the U.S. and Russia will presumably team up to coordinate attacks on Daesh and Nusra. (Though Washington will continue to support any "moderate opposition" that uphold the ceasefire, according to Kerry.)

As we covered yesterday, Russian FM Lavrov is saying that Russia has nothing to hide regarding the details of the Syrian ceasefire, the details of which have been kept secret, presumably at the U.S.'s urging. As Leonid Bershidsky wrote in a Bloomberg article after the press conference last week, "The agreements, five separate documents, won't be published, ostensibly to prevent Islamist groups from disrupting the humanitarian effort that should follow the deal."

U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner responded to Lavrov's statement, confirming that it is the U.S. that wants it to stay secret: "[T]here are some operational details, areas of sensitivity, we do not believe would be in the interest of the agreement, or in anyone's interest, to share." Of course, this raises the question as to what the U.S. considers so "sensitive". Maybe the rumors of a dozen or so U.S. special forces troops embedded with the al-Nusra and stuck in encircled east Aleppo are true - and the agreement ensures their safe passage. Maybe the agreement has the U.S. selling out some of their terrorist groups in writing. Impossible to know. Just watch the following video:


SOTT News Snapshot: September 13 edition - What is Israel doing in Syria? Are Killary's batteries running out?

© Digital Globe/Foundation for Deep Ecology
Random revealing picture of the day: New Delhi, India, where many landfills are reaching a breaking point. The surrounding population of Delhi totals some 25 million people.
The Syrian ceasefire officially went into effect last night. The Russian General Staff reports the Syrian government has fully halted attacks on all but Daesh and Nusra areas. Early reports yesterday suggested "some reduction in violence", according to Kerry. German FM Steinmeier called it a "significant" reduction in violence. Today we have the same story: largely holding, only minor violations reported (e.g., rebels shelled army positions near the Castillo Road north of Aleppo - they even attacked Russian Marines during a live broadcast with the Russian Defense Ministry). Things are even reportedly calm in rebel-held east Aleppo -- somewhat surprising given the presence of Nusra there. And even the UK-based one-man anti-Assad psyop known as the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" is reporting that not a single civilian has been reported killed in the last 15 hours. SOHR focuses on civilian deaths allegedly caused by Syrian airstrikes, but as usual, he (it's just one guy) doesn't pay all that much attention to civilian deaths caused by rebels.

The Russian military reported 23 violations by rebel militants over the past day, shelling residential and army positions and causing 6 deaths in Aleppo and 10 wounded. Russia has called on the Syrian government not to respond to these provocations: "I ask everyone not to succumb to provocations, to carefully record all possible violations and send the data to the Russian Reconciliation Center," Russian General Staff official Viktor Poznikhir said.


Cooperation between US and Russia in Syria finally a reality?

© Abdalrhman Ismail / Reuters
After 14 hours of marathon talks in Geneva, Russia and the USA agreed on a new ceasefire deal in Syria. A key difference to the February cessation of hostilities deal is that the US and Russia have agreed to coordinate airstrikes on Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS, formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra). There is a catch — and here is where we get the first signs of the agreement unravelling: pre-conditions of a seven-day cease fire need to be met before strikes can commence.

Under the deal an initial 48-hour ceasefire commences as of yesterday, 12 September. This ceasefire then extends to at least 7 days. Should the ceasefire hold, a Russian-US Joint Implementation Centre (JIG) will be set up to delineate territories controlled by JFS and opposition groups in areas of active hostilities. This amounts to separating terrorists and "moderate" or "sane" opposition.

Russia and the US will share targeting data and coordinate air strikes against JFS and ISIS. To ensure the effectiveness of airstrikes, the US is to persuade opposition groups it supports to separate themselves from JFS forces. Up to this point this has been an exercise in futility, or perhaps intransigence, and is another potential pitfall to unravel the agreement in its embryonic stage.


SOTT News Snapshot: September 12 edition - Conspiracists vindicated, Hillary sick as a dog

It was bound to happen. After months of alternative news coverage over Hillary's poor health - and the predictable mainstream denials and search-engine manipulation (we've covered it before, but Sputnik published a study today with even more examples and analysis) - Hillary's health is now mainstream news after her fainting spell after a 9/11 memorial in New York City. She had to hole up in Chelsea's NYC apartment to recover, but also ended up cancelling a fundraiser trip to California. You've probably seen the video by now, but here it is anyway:

Just 4 days ago Killary tweeted: "The most important quality in a president and Commander-in-Chief is steadiness—an absolute, rock solid steadiness." Nice try! Just look at some of the coverage (culled from the Drudge Report): from NBC and CBS News to Fox, Politico and more: The last article asks an important question. Just what will happen if Killary's health continues to be an issue, or, God forbid, she kicks the bucket before the election?

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - August 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

© Sott.net
While TV audiences were distracted by the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the farcical build-up to the US presidential election, the relentless pace of increasing extreme weather events around the world continued in August. Among the trends in environmental upheaval last month, we observed...
  • A record-breaking number of tornadoes in the US for August
  • Another '1-in-1,000-year flood event', this time in Louisiana
  • A destructive earthquake in central Italy
  • The fastest comet ever recorded
  • Lots more lightning deaths, including an entire herd of reindeer in southern Norway
  • Three massive sinkholes opening up to swallow (and kill) people in China
  • Intense storms hitting many world capitals, including record rainfalls in Macedonia and Moscow
  • Raging wildfires across the western Mediterranean and western US
These were just some of the signs in August 2016:


SOTT News Snapshot: Weekend edition - Syria ceasefire signed, the 9/11 wars continue

John Kerry being a good sport after diplomatically being beaten into submission during marathon Syria negotiations.
Syria ceasefire update

The ceasefire is supposed to go into effect tomorrow at sundown. So far at least, most sides are expressing their intention to honor the ceasefire, which is to be expected. FSA says they're ready for ceasefire - IF the Syrian government complies:
"The upholding of the ceasefire by the armed opposition depends on being upheld by the regime and by Russia, the previous agreement was not upheld by the regime, which attacked moderate opposition under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State," Abu Zeid told RIA Novosti. "For us, the protection of the civilian population is important, and we want to establish a real truce in order to protect civilians, but our experience of interacting with the regime totally precludes us from such optimism," the representative said.
The Syrian government approved the agreement, according their state news agency. Somewhat improbably, the FSA also say they support the fight against al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/al-Sham: "Regarding the clauses of the agreement on carrying out strikes against Jabhat Fatah al Sham, of course we do not want al-Qaeda to have a presence in Syria," FSA legal adviser Abu Zeid told RIA Novosti. Which is patently untrue, but they say what they're expected to say.

On the other side, Hezbollah fighters support the deal: "The allies of Syria promise to fully abide by whatever the Syrian high command and the government decides with regard to the ceasefire. We fully support the ceasefire," an unnamed Hezbollah field commander for Syria operations said as quoted by Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen broadcaster.

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Behind the Headlines: America. Because 9/11. Because 'Murica.

On that fateful day in the year two thousand...and one, the world changed forever. Well, actually, it didn't change that much, it just got "more" - more obvious, more ridiculous, more dangerous, more murderous, and more "pretty much everything objectively bad that you can think of". Foreign nations were bombed, invaded, and occupied for the flimsiest of reasons - a time-honored tradition among world elites. Faceless foreigners were arbitrarily detained and tortured by the thousands, murdered by the hundreds of thousands or even millions - another Western value. Society went even further down the toilet into hedonism, a strong embrace of abject ignorance, and obsession with the trivial, mindless, and inane - a freedom the terrorists allegedly hate us for. All embrace the new American century.

So today, if you see what we see, if you feel as we feel, and if you would seek as we seek, then we would ask you to imaginarily stand beside us this 11th of September, on the 15th anniversary of that fretful day, and we will give you a 9/11 retrospective discussion that shall never, ever be forgot.

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Eye 1

The Easters: A case study in psychopathy and ponerization

Kent and Jill Easter
The constant anti-Russian hate propaganda that fills today's airwaves gives us an unprecedented glimpse into the creation of history and the mindset of those in positions of power. One could be forgiven for tuning out all of the noise and blather, but it is still a fascinating look at how history is distorted even as it's happening. And, thanks to an LA Times write-up, we have a perfect example that helps us understand the very nature of how the 'game is played at the 'common or garden' level.

In August of 2016 the LA Times began publishing an incredibly vivid case study of psychopathy named FRAMED: She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her? It is certainly must-read material for people interested in the subject of psychopathy, and it is made even more valuable due to the fact that the journalist who wrote the story is apparently unaware of the subject.

The Easter case study

The story begins with the background of Kelli Peters, a popular PTA president who had worked into the position through volunteering countless hours in after-school care-giving activities. She was popular, loved by the community, and especially loved by the children.

Having spent years living and working in the peaceful city of Irvine, California, Kelli was ill-prepared when an otherwise normal day was interrupted by a surprise visit from a police officer. Kelli was initially puzzled but grew more concerned as the officer asked to search her car. When the officer came back with a 'Ziploc bag of marijuana, 17 grams worth, plus a ceramic pot pipe and two smaller EZY Dose Pill Pouch baggies, one with 11 Percocet pills, another with 29 Vicodin', she was horrified, but she knew the drugs weren't hers. In shock, she begged the officer to believe her.

Comment: For more on psychopathy check out SOTT Radio's The Truth Perspective: Introducing Political Ponerology, plus some odds and ends