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Sun, 08 Dec 2019
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MindMatters: Decoding the American Minds: The Deep History of America's Culture Wars

american nations
The United States is a big country, but its population is anything but homogenous. For its entire history the people of its various regions have clashed over everything from politics and economics, to religion and cultural norms. But why? Today on MindMatters we discuss Colin Woodard's book American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, inspired by the earlier work of David Hackett Fischer. The current cultural landscape of North America traces back to its beginnings: the first settlers of its numerous colonies and their eventual spread west across the continent. From the Tidewater gentry and Puritan Yankees, the Spanish mestizo in the south and French in the north, the Dutch in New York and the Quakers in the Midlands, to the plantation slavers of the Deep South and clannish warriors of Greater Appalachia, the Left Coast and the Far West - the cultural template of each region was set by their respective 'founding fathers', and those trends have continued to the present day.

Tune in for a look at the fascinating, bloody, and often courageous history of North America, with all its twists and turns. This isn't the history your boring high-school teacher taught you!

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Objective:Health #33 - Society Is Degenerating

O:H header
de·​gen·​er·​ate - to sink into a low intellectual or moral state.

Witnessing the current state of society and comparing it to even a decade ago, one can't help but notice a clear degenerative path, seemingly toward disintegration. Things that would seem deplorable in the past now seem to be becoming more and more acceptable, even normal.

Aborted fetuses sold off organ by organ like car parts, sick and twisted sexual fetishes being collectively celebrated, cannibalism suggested as a solution to climate change, girls as young a eleven legally allowed to go topless in Colorado - it seems there's no end to this collective slide into perversion and depravity.

Join us for this episode of Objective:Health, where we talk about degeneracy - humanity's increasingly low intellectual and moral state.

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Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel

Maxwell Epstein Mossad
© Claudio Cabrera | MintPress News
Since the apparent death by suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan prison, much has come to light about his depraved activities and methods used to sexually abuse underage girls and entrap the rich and powerful for the purposes of blackmail. Epstein's ties to intelligence, described in-depth in a recent MintPress investigative series, have continued to receive minimal mainstream media coverage, which has essentially moved on from the Epstein scandal despite the fact that his many co-conspirators remain on the loose.

For those who have examined Epstein's ties to intelligence, there are clear links to both U.S. intelligence and Israeli intelligence, leaving it somewhat open to debate as to which country's intelligence apparatus was closest to Epstein and most involved in his blackmail/sex-trafficking activities.

In a recent interview with Zev Shalev, former CBS News executive producer and award-winning investigative journalist for independent outlet Narativ, former senior executive for Israel's Directorate of Military Intelligence, Ari Ben-Menashe, claimed not only to have met Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, back in the 1980s, but that both Epstein and Maxwell were already working with Israeli intelligence during that time period - specifically, running a sexual blackmail enterprise as an Israeli intelligence operation for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - September 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

sott ecs september 2019
© Sott.net
September 2019 will be remembered as the month when 16-year-old prophet Greta Thunberg spoke at the UN to warn the world of global catastrophe if people didn't change their ways. At least, that's how the media apparently wanted people to remember September.

Away from that circus, increasing weather extremes and seismic upheaval continues apace.

Last month, fatal flash-flooding in Morocco and Algeria killed 18 people; Hurricane Dorian absolutely wrecked the Bahamas; severe flooding across southeast Asia and India killed hundreds; Spain was hit with its worst storm system in at least 140 years; destructive earthquakes hit Kashmir and Indonesia; dozens of meteor fireball events lit up the night sky; and early snowfall and cold temperature records were broken across the northern hemisphere.

So, should we panic? Greta certainly thinks so. She wishes people would do something about the unfolding climate chaos, but she doesn't understand that nothing can be done to stop it because climate is neither controlled nor mitigated by human CO2 emissions.

A 'tipping-point' is likely upon us - she's right about that - but if there's a shift, it'll be into ice age conditions. While people have been misled into paying 'green' taxes, governments have been deluded into divesting of secure fuel sources right when they ought to have been manically hoarding it...


How I Walked Away From Global Warming Hysteria

global warming
There was a time when I was a fairly ardent believer in anthropogenic global warming (AGW). The first time I remember encountering the subject was in a science class at age 13. They had this little graph showing CO2 concentrations measured against average temperatures taken from atop Mauna Kea, I believe, and there was almost a 1:1 correlation. Then there was a history of global temperatures from about 1650 to the present, which showed a slow and steady rise in temperature coinciding with industrialization in the West. Since industrialization globally was proceeding at an exponential pace, the theory 'logically' predicted that warming would correlate in an exponential fashion. The science textbook had numerous references to back up its assertions and for someone who wasn't particularly interested in long-term climate trends, it all looked legit.

The science teacher said we were all going to suffer because of the mistakes her generation had made (the baby-boomers) and that we had to stop it. She was an ardent environmentalist and talked about many other subjects with which my parents and I agreed. She was against the destruction of wetlands and the overdevelopment of sensitive areas which is destroying the aquifer, the overabundance of golf courses and people fertilizing their lawns which contributes to nutrient runoff and red tide, and a certain loathing of the oil companies which is almost universal among Floridians in the decades-long campaign to secure offshore drilling rights. They always say that their drilling is clean and won't impact the beaches, but the experience of Louisiana and Texas suggests otherwise.

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Objective:Health #32 - ITN - Fast Food Makes You Blind | Woman Cries Crystals | 5G Rebellion

O:H header
Welcome to another installment of 'In the News' (ITN), where your humble hosts at Objective:Health take a look at the headlines in health that are getting traction.

On this show we talk about a UK teen who ate nothing but processed food until he went deaf and blind! Also in the UK, students at a posh school are coming home hungry as the school enforces a vegetarian diet for all.

We also talk about an Armenian woman who cries solid crystals, Canadian teens swearing off having babies until the government 'does something' about climate change and the Swiss rally to prevent widespread implementation of 5G networks (God bless the Swiss!) and more.

Join us for a rousing discussion, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Latest Hot Summer in The Netherlands is Not a Sign of Man-Made Global Warming

Amsterdam rond 1540

Amsterdam around 1540.
Late July this year, the Netherlands recorded all-time high temperatures, but has it ever been that hot before, or even hotter?

Take the summer of 1540. It was particularly hot over all of Europe. As Dutch author Jan Buisman of the book Duizend jaar weer, wind en water in de Lage Landen describes: "Harvest failed, drinking water was hardly available, and diseases were rampant. On top of that, there was also a mouse plague in the Netherlands. A chaplain from the Dutch province of Limburg kept a diary and described how farmers on the land fell dead as a result of the heat while they were mowing."

Many people in Amsterdam succumbed to heat stroke, heart attack or contaminated drinking water. We do not know the exact temperatures of the summer of 1540, but from the described dry rivers, many forest fires and prolonged heat and drought we can assume that these were certainly not lower than during the past summer. Many sources speak of seven months of sun-drenched, dry and hot weather.

The heat lasted so long that the year 1540 was recorded in the history books as the "Great Solar Year". Generations will continue to talk about the hottest summer ever, and for modern climatologists the summer of 1540 is still a fascinating benchmark. The following year, the summer of 1541, by the way, reverted straight back to the typical summers in Amsterdam: cold and wet.

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MindMatters: Origins of the Power Elite: Inequality and "The 1%"

According to Walter Scheidel in The Great Leveler, the only ways to equalize the distribution of wealth effectively have involved violence on a massive scale: famine, war, state collapse, revolution. But how did things get so inequal in the first place? Today on MindMatters we discuss the first chapter of Scheidel's book, which provides an overview of the history of inequality. From chimps and hunter-gatherers to the first farmers and the emergence of classes of elites, there has always been - and arguably always will be - inequality. But certain circumstances and practices have made things perhaps more extreme than they need to be. Especially since the advent of agriculture and the possibility of surplus production, elite classes of thieves and thugs (otherwise known as governments) have greatly exacerbated wealth inequality, and created new means accruing even more wealth and power to themselves. Join us today as we begin our discussion of inequality: is it good or bad, or both? And if it's inescapable, what can be done about its negative consequences?

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Bizarro Earth

Stoicism vs. Identity Politics: What is Properly 'I' And 'Mine'?

Stoa Poikile

Stoa Poikile
People in the Western world are increasingly divided by identity politics. That is, by identifying themselves or being forced to identify, to their very core, with the colour of their skin, their gender, sexual orientation and so on.

Much has already been said about the dangers of such a racist and exclusionist worldview, and it's worth looking into, and it is certainly the case that the ruling establishment is the primary benefactor of this divisive ideology, all in a desperate attempt to maintain the crumbling status quo, i.e. their grip on power.

The conception of the self as conceived by the Stoic philosophy tradition, primarily focusing on the Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus (c. AD 55-135) and his Discourses, which might appeal to people that are put off by identity politics nonsense and the inevitable decadence and degradation of self/other relation which such an ideology leads to.


Greta Thunberg: False Prophet of the Children's Crusade

Greta thunberg mural bristol

A Greta Thunberg mural in Bristol, UK
As SOTT readers may know, I've been in the "prophet business" for over 25 years now. It hasn't been easy, either. Despite a "Hit List" longer than both my arms, I still feel like Cassandra most days.

I haven't written anything for public consumption for quite a few years now, other than posting on our forum, and the reason is mainly the "Cassandra Complex" just mentioned. I came to realize fully that there just isn't anything that can be done to change the mad descent of humanity into near extinction. In addition to that, beginning back in the early days, vigorous efforts were made to suppress my warnings by taking me off the stage, so to say.

Failing that, the global censorship imposed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and the mainstream media has taken its toll. SOTT.net used to have 6 million readers a month - now we are lucky if we get 2 million. Referrals from FB and Twitter used to be our main mode of connection; now they have faded to oblivion.

Anyway, I'm not dead yet and everything is pretty much proceeding as predicted by our prophecy project - The Cassiopaean Experiment - and we have a good idea of where it will end.

But Greta Thunberg has no idea. And the propagation of her ignorance is literally criminal which, since she is a willing participant, though little more than a child, makes her a criminal too. She doesn't realize that, of course, because she has been thoroughly brainwashed - as has a whole generation of children on this planet; but when was that ever not the case? The words change, but the tune is the same: manipulation and control of humanity is the game.