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How they might be conducting a genius-level psy-op:

In the face of rapidly declining public support for US military intervention and imperialism in the Middle East, sometime in the 2010s, the establishment decided to flip a "switcheroo" to destroy the reputation of the traditional "anti-war Left".

Practically overnight, the mainstream narrative regarding Muslim immigrants went from "Islamic terrorists" to "victims of Islamophobia and xenophobia."

Around a similar time, the Left seemingly went crazy (and this was no doubt by design):
1. They bolstered the position of radical communist (bat-shit-crazy) ideologues within the movement. Through mainstream media and education, promote their twisted and degenerate views on race, gender, sexuality, and society at large.

2. They established "Wokeism" as the public face of the traditional Left. They have fully incorporated "Wokeism" into the governance of political, social and cultural institutions under the democrats. White Americans are being attacked for the color of their skin and made to feel guilty for their cultural heritage. State-sponsored genital mutilation of children is carried out in the name of "diversity and inclusivity", and normal-minded people are sickened by this.

3. Soros and co have facilitated floods of Muslim immigrants across the borders of the US and sovereign nations of Europe. This naturally enhanced division, and there were policies in place to prevent their integration into local culture. All the while, they continually had notions of oppression and victimhood instilled into them.

4. Increased tensions and resentment have gradually built up, in part because of natural cultural incompatibilities, worsening quality of life, but also because of coordinated campaigns to gaslight native populations. The gaslighting includes downplaying of immigrant crime, decrying any valid criticism as "racist" or "xenophobic", downplaying economic problems due to the immigrant crisis etc.

5. They managed to radicalize a few of the leftie "true believers", who have become the small but vocal minority in all forms of media and entertainment. This has (perhaps intentionally) alienated most of the normal-minded liberals who correctly witnessed an attack on their culture and values, who cannot align themselves with the anti-Christian (and frankly anti-human) ideologues who are now the prominent voices of the Left, and no longer feel represented by their party. There has been a mass migration of these individuals to the Right (and so-called "alternative right")
When you look at the "failures" of the Democratic party, the massive increase in national debt, the border crisis, the drug addiction crisis, Ukraine, housing prices, economic downturn, chaos and crime riddling the cities run by democrats... the stage has been set for everything to be blamed on the Left.

Not only do all of these factors sow chaos and division... but they have collectively managed to obliterate the reputation of the "anti-war" Left. The Left is now tarnished with Wokeism, and it just so happens that the Left is also predominantly aligned with the Palestinian cause.

We are now in a time where they may turn the tables yet again and flip another "switcheroo".

To witness so many of the so-called "alternative-right" commentators and voices (Jordan Peterson, James Lindsay, etc.) lose their minds and start baying for blood has been nothing short of enlightening. If these past three days or so are anything to go by, it would seem as though the vast majority of them are Zionists (whether they know it or not).

The people who have been leading the fight against Wokeism are drawing comparisons with those who support Palestine, and claiming it is a Radical Leftist/Anti-White ideology. They are quick to point out that radical leftist groups such as Antifa and BLM just so happen to also be openly pro-Palestine.

So in many peoples' eyes, pro-Palestine is equivalent to Wokeism, defense of terrorists as "victims", and myths of white supremacy. It is quite understandable, because so many people are sick of having had these talking points shoved down their throats for the past 8 years at home.

So what does this achieve, and who ultimately benefits?

If the ultimate goal is to destabilize the Middle East, prevent alliances and healthy relations from forming between neighboring states in that region, and cause as much chaos as possible... then we can be fairly sure who might be responsible for what's currently going on The "Usual Suspects", let's say!

The Palestinian people clearly do not benefit, and neither do the Israelis. At the very least, this rift has been an excellent way to fracture the alt-right movement in the USA.

However, in the (hypothetical) event of future terror attacks or a 9/11-type event on US soil, together with lockdowns, economic depression, and societal upheaval, we can also see how the groundwork has been laid for some kind of an ultra-nationalistic backlash and a major swing to the far-right... which is something no one was anticipating.

Remember, Hitler didn't become popular in Germany for no reason. The German population had genuine grievances, and we might be seeing something very similar play out in the USA today.

We could see the resurgence of far-right nationalist sentiment which is gunning for all-out war with the Muslim world. And that could indeed lead to a WWIII type scenario.