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Wed, 07 Jun 2023
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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - September 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Hurricane Ian hit Florida as a furious Category 4 storm taking the lives of at least 100. The strong winds and floods destroyed hundreds of houses and businesses and left hundreds of thousands of people without power. Some residents of island communities were cut off from the mainland.

Ian caused the most significant hurricane loss in Florida history, with total economic damage of $100 billion.

Sheets of rain and record-breaking floods continue to wreak havoc around the world, but in parallel, volcanic and seismic activity in the Ring of Fire peaked in September:
  • 7.6 M earthquake in Michoacan, Mexico (September 19)
  • 7.6 M earthquake in the Eastern New Guinea region (September 10)
  • 7.0 M earthquake Southeast of the Loyalty Islands (September 14)
  • 6.9 M earthquake in Taiwan (September 18)
  • 6.9 M earthquake in the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge (September 4)
On September 19, 1985, an 8.1-magnitude earthquake killed 10,000 people in Mexico City. On September 19, 2017, an earthquake struck Puebla, killing 369 people in several states, mainly Mexico City. And now, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City... on the same day as the previous years.

José Luis Mateos, a physicist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, pointed out that the likelihood of having three strong earthquakes on the same day in different years is 0.00000024%.
"The coincidence of the dates of the earthquakes deserves to open new lines of scientific research. It must be done with seriousness and methodology. In science, new questions require answers", said the National Seismological Service. "There is no scientific reason that explains or justifies it."
So what's behind this quite unlikely series of events?

Pierre Lescuadron tells us in his book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection, that human experience and collective consciousness are connected to nature in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways, and it seems that nature responds to emotionally charged human events.

It might not be a coincidence to see significant earth changes events when there are crises and turmoil in society. The Chinese Dynastic cycles show that much too.

So we can assume that these series of coincidental earthquakes in Mexico have something to do with suffering, oppression, and overall social crisis.

In general, things are getting tense out there, to say the least. We have the Great Reset psychos pushing for a controlled collapse of the existing economic and social systems to impose their totalitarian utopia, and the only counter-force now is represented by Russia and China.

So far, neither front is giving ground on their objectives, yet, the Western world is starting to show clear signs of an impending precipitous fall. So maybe it is not so crazy to suggest that as this conflict between these opposing forces develops, and the serious, global social consequences start to become more obvious (famine and sickness, for example), we might see a gradually increasing response from the cosmos in the form of earth changes and cosmic events.

All this and more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for September 2022:

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Amazon Bans Political Ponerology in Germany

amazon trash
My last post was about cancel culture. Well, this week, Red Pill Press received a message from Amazon announcing that they "will not be offering" the English edition of Political Ponerology for sale on Amazon.de, the German Amazon portal. In other words, they banned it.

The reason?

The cover contains a swastika, and said use of said swastika "may" violate Germany's anti-swastika laws — and probably most certainly violates Amazon's own content guidelines. So they're playing it safe and just banning the book outright.

Comment: One can do a search on Amazon and see if this is true. It's apparently a fluid rule: These all have swastikas on the cover image. So clearly there is more going on here

What nonsense.

Oil Well

Escobar: Pipeline Terror is the 9/11 of the Raging Twenties

Twin Towers destruction
© Press TV
There's no question that future unbiased historians will rank Russian President Vladimir Putin's address on the Return of the Baby Bears - Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia - on September 30 as a landmark inflection point of the Raging Twenties.

The underlying honesty and clarity mirror his speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference, but this time largely transcending the trappings of the geopolitical New Great Game.

This was an address to the collective Global South. In a key passage, Putin remarked how "the world has entered a period of revolutionary transformations, which are fundamental in nature. New development centers are being formed, they represent the majority."

As he made the direct connection between multipolarity and strengthening of sovereignty, he took it all the way to the emergence of a new anti-colonial movement, a turbocharged version of the Non-Aligned Movement of the 1960s:
"We have many like-minded people all over the world, including in Europe and the United States, and we feel and see their support. A liberating, anti-colonial movement against unipolar hegemony is already developing in various countries and societies. Its subjectivity will only grow. It is this force that will determine the future geopolitical reality."
Yet the speech's closure was all about transcendence - in a spiritual tone. The last full paragraph starts with "Behind these words stands a glorious spiritual choice".

Comment: Putin's full speech can be found here.

Comment: Many countries in the Global South have noticed that things are changing and where the wind is blowing: A multipolar world is emerging while the old hegemon is trying hopelessly to avoid the inevitable loss of its glorified status as exceptional.

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MindMatters: Trans-ing Reality: From Transhuman Flesh to Transcendent Spirit

Materiality. Spirituality. Pathology. Normal healthy behavior. All came to the fore recently in the story about the Canadian trans teacher who came to his class wearing gigantic prosthetic breasts complete with shirt-popping plastic nipples. What does this behavior say about him that he would chose to express himself in such a way? And what does his inner makeup have in common with the other 'trans' currently making societal waves these days - transhumanism?

Join us this week as we take a look at the trans trends that seem so at odds with higher values, the inclinations of which seem to serve our very worst potentialities as individuals. And moving on from the transhuman delusion, we contrast the flesh to the spirit, with one of Luc's latest writings as inspiration.

Running Time: 01:10:47

Download: MP3 — 97.2 MB

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NewsReal: NordStream Sabotage And The End of The (Western) World

newsreal nordstream
© Sott.net
What a week - A nationalist wins election in Italy, 'someone' blows up NordStream, Russia formally annexes 4 regions of Ukraine, and Putin delivers a speech for the ages!

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the brazen ecological/economic terrorism of blowing up Europe's primary energy source amidst an ecological/economic crisis, the Russian 'loss' in Ukraine of welcoming four new regions into Russia (we know, that's illogical, but such is Western groupthink these days!), and the global rallying call from Putin in his historic speech denouncing Anglo-American imperialism and its crimes against humanity.

Running Time: 01:43:35

Download: MP3 — 69.8 MB


BOTH Nord Stream Gas Pipelines Deliberately Ruptured - German Govt Suspects "Sabotage" Caused by "Special Forces Linked to Ukraine"

lng europe uncle sam
© The Cradle
Record LNG exports to Europe reportedly threaten America's domestic gas consumption
Authorities in Germany are trying to establish what caused a sudden drop in pressure in the defunct Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, with a spokesperson for its operator saying it could have been a leak.

Comment: It's actually both pipelines that are affected. And no, it's not a 'leak'. 'Someone' (*ahem* the USA) sabotaged both lines, causing gas to spew into the Baltic Sea.

The pipeline has been one of the flashpoints in an escalating energy war between Europe and Moscow since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February that has pummelled western economies and sent gas prices soaring.

Comment: NordStream has been the Anglo-Americans' target for almost a decade. Now, they've finally done it in.

Nord Stream 2's operator said pressure in the undersea pipeline dropped from 105 to 7 bar overnight.

Comment: That statement from the German Economy Ministry is contradicted by this one given to German newspaper Tagesspiegel, which cites German govt sources as suspecting "sabotage" behind this "targeted attack" that caused a "violent disruption." They further reported that the sabotage was likely "carried out with special forces, e.g. navy divers, or a submarine." Their suspects are "Ukrainians, or forces linked to Ukraine."

Which is a polite way of saying they suspect that the Americans are behind this.

Ukraine does not have the capability to enter Danish waters undetected with a submersible in order blow up large pipelines on the sea floor. Influential "forces linked to Ukraine" DO have means and motive. And the German govt knows it. Now Europe really will freeze this winter.

This sabotage is causing environmental damage and potentially threatens the safety of ships in the Baltic Sea. If they see no problem with sabotaging a gas pipeline to 'win against Russia', what other damage might the Americans be prepared to do in Europe?

This chilling statement from the US 'president' in February this year - 3 weeks BEFORE Russian forces entered Ukraine - makes more sense now:

Just four days ago the Russian FSB says it "prevented an attempt by the Ukrainian special services to commit a sabotage and terrorist act at the facility of the oil and gas complex that supplies energy to Turkey and Europe."

The Ukrainian special services - like everything else Ukrainian these days - is nothing without the American (and British) special services. We can thus reasonably conclude that the Anglo-Americans are actively destroying the remaining energy links between Russia and Europe ahead of the winter.

Are they trying to kill tens of millions of people?

Update 15:00 CET

It's looking more and more like the perpetrators did in fact blow up the pipelines, and in multiple places.
"This is not a small crack. It's a really big hole," said the Danish Energy Agency.
Footage of one of the leaks:

It's enormous:

Update 21:30 CET

Former Polish defense minister and now Washington think-tanker and MEP knows who carried out this act of eco-terrorism, and thanks them for it:

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NewsReal: Putin's New Move in Ukraine: Russian Referenda

russia referendum ukraine
"Sham democracy!" screamed Western media in unison, following Putin's historic announcement on 21 September 2022 that referenda would be held shortly in the breakaway Donbass republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, along with two more neighboring regions of southeastern Ukraine.

In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the Russian 'escalation' in southeastern Ukraine; the historic Italian election; the endless 'headlies' about Putin, nukes and Russia; Western leaders' god-awful 'leadership'; and Lavrov's dynamite speech at the 77th UN General Assembly.

Running Time: 01:39:47

Download: MP3 — 68.5 MB

Quenelle - Golden

Lavrov at 77th UN General Assembly: 'Anglo-Saxons Have Completely Subjugated Europe - EU Sliding Into Dictatorship'

Years of NATO encroachment on Russia and the West's refusal to negotiate over Ukraine left Russia "no choice" but to launch its special military operation, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the UN on Saturday. However, Lavrov added that Russia is now shaping "the future of the world order."

"The US and its allies want to stop the march of history," Lavrov declared from the podium in New York, describing how in the aftermath of the Cold War, Washington appointed itself "almost an envoy of God on earth," launching foreign conflicts at will and expanding the NATO alliance deeper into Eastern Europe.

The shifting of NATO's borders to the east and its official declaration of interest in the Indo-Pacific region mean that the US-led bloc "now has the goal of subjugating the Asian area," Lavrov stated. However, it was the West's refusal to negotiate over Ukraine that led Russia to fight back, he continued.

"The West watched in silence as the coup plotters started bombing the east of Ukraine," he said, referring to Kiev's attacks on the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics even after the Minsk agreements had been signed in 2014 and 2015.

Comment: Great report from Caleb Maupin about Lavrov and others' statements about the changing world order at this year's UN General Assembly:

And Lavrov's press conference after his speech:


Western Media Continues to Ignore How Ukraine is Using NATO Weapons to Kill Innocent Civilians in The Donbass

donetsk explosion
© Eva Bartlett
The civilian death toll keeps growing as some EU citizens rise up against their governments' support for Kiev
On Monday, Ukraine slaughtered 16 civilians, including two children, with 155mm NATO shells, according to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin. The projectiles hit two adjacent neighborhoods, decimating residential and commercial areas - including a market that had previously suffered fatal attacks.

Scenes of death are nothing new for residents and reporters here in Donetsk, which is intermittently the target of Ukrainian attacks, like the one that hit its central region on August 4, killing six people, including an 11-year-old ballerina, her grandmother, and her ballet teacher.

But the carnage on Monday was worse than anything I've seen in my months of reporting here. Chunks of flesh littered the street - part of a hand, a foot, an ear. Someone had put a dead man's phone on his stomach. It was ringing, the cheery ringtone incongruous with his lifeless body and the scenes and stench of death around him.


Straight-shooting: Russia's Sergey Lavrov warns US risks becoming combatant in Ukraine war

© E. Pesov/Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has a half-century-long career in diplomacy, and has served as the Kremlin's most senior diplomat since 2004.
Hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin ushered in a new phase to the ongoing war in Ukraine with a partial nationwide military mobilization, his longtime top diplomat, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, spoke with Newsweek Senior Foreign Policy Writer Tom O'Connor about the state of the conflict and its implications for Moscow's relationships with the international community, including other leading powers the United States and China.

Lavrov's career in diplomacy extends back half a century through the heat of the Cold War, the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of Putin, who appointed him as foreign minister in 2004. Since then, Lavrov has served as the most senior representative of the Kremlin's foreign policy both in Moscow and in nearly every corner of the Earth to which he's traveled.

Now, he's in New York to attend the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which is taking place at a particularly difficult time in the international order. Chief among the many key areas of global contention is the Ukraine conflict, which Lavrov has defended as a necessary endeavor to secure Russia's national security interests, even as Washington and its allies pour further support into Kyiv while attempting to isolate Moscow on the world stage.