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Thu, 27 Oct 2016
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Writing on the wall for Erdogan: Align with Russia, Iran and Syria or Turkey's destruction awaits

Like it or not, this is what democracy looks like.
So, has everyone noticed what's going on? Has everyone taken stock of the 'brink' on which we now stand? July 2016 has been a month of absolute mayhem all over the world, with brutal and bloody terror attacks occurring almost everywhere - much of it no doubt organized and premeditated, and some of it 'spontaneous' madness resulting from the former. The main event, however, has undoubtedly been the attempted coup in Turkey, which was effectively an act of war by NATO's largest member-state against its second-largest.

What happened in Turkey on July 15th was clearly a US-sponsored/supported coup attempt, probably thwarted at the 11th hour by Russia in the form of intel and advice to Erdogan and Co. Do we expect the world's exceptional superpower to accept such impertinence? Unlikely. If there's one thing the global warmongers-in-chief have learned over the past 70 years, it's that they rule the world, and any nation with the temerity to stand in their way will be severely punished.

As Erdogan and friends go through the process of rooting out the NATO fifth columnists in Turkey (3 of the 5 Turkish army regiments that took part in the coup are part of NATO's Rapid Deployable Corps), unnamed British 'defence sources' are already floating the possibility of another coup: "If there is another coup attempt then civil war will follow. If that happens there will be a major international crisis," the source told British tabloid the Daily Star on Sunday.

"Civil war" and "major international crisis", i.e. just the kind of scenario on which US and British political psychopaths thrive and have lots of experience in manufacturing. If Erdogan has any sense, if he has learned anything about the true nature of Western powers over these last 9 months (and the decade he spent in power as prime minister before becoming president in 2014), he will be in no doubt about what he has to do next, and what awaits Turkey if he does not.

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The Truth Perspective: Beyond Iran-Contra: The secret history of America's covert wars, with Hugo Turner

The original 'moderate rebels', the Contras, on patrol in 1987.
For the first hour of the show, we were joined by blogger Hugo Turner of Anti-Imperialist U to discuss the thirtieth anniversary of the Iran-Contra scandal. Funding the Contras in Nicaragua was just a small window into a much wider history of American death squads, drug trafficking, torture, arms smuggling, regime change, and terrorism that was nothing new in the 80s, and hasn't changed much at all today. We talked about how it all fits together, and how it relates to what's going on today. You can read Hugo's Iran-Contra series on SOTT:

Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 1: The secret team
Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 2: World War 3 has already happened
Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 3: The World Anti-Communist League

In the second half of the show, discussed the aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey, the mass shooting in Munich, and other current events, followed by a Police State Roundup.

Running Time: 02:20:36

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Here's the transcript of the show:

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The Health & Wellness Show: Beyond the Pump: Getting to the heart of the matter

On this episode of the Health and Wellness show we will delve deep into the heart. Did you know the heart is more than just a pump? (Some would argue that it's not a pump at all.) It is made up of muscle cells and neurons, generating the strongest electromagnetic field of any organ of the human body. In addition to generating the strongest electromagnetic field, the heart has an intelligence of its own, which is why some neurocardiologists refer to it as the heart-brain or the fifth brain. With the knowledge of this electromagnetic heart-brain can we be tap into a different forms of intelligence such as intuition and wisdom? And what can we do to protect and strengthen this heart brain connection?

Running Time: 01:23:49

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Fifth column hamstrung by post-coup purge: Turkey realigning with axis of resistance?

© AP Photo/ Selahattin Sevi, File
CIA-backed terrorist trainer and recruiter Fethullah Gulen
Continuing our coverage of the coup in Turkey (see here for the previous updates, and here for my previous Focus), news from the past two days has not slowed down. It's coming fast and hard. Erdogan has just announced a 3-month state of emergency.

In FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds's recent commentary, she made the comment that detaining or firing a few thousand individuals would do little to counter the scope of the Gulenist fifth column in Turkey. Well, since those initial numbers, Turkish authorities have fired thousands more public officials and employees.

Breaking it down in numbers so far, the following have been suspended from their previous positions (close to 60,000 people in total): 21,000 private teachers (including 1,577 university deans, public and private - 626 institutions have been closed), 15,000 Education Ministry personnel (latest report adds an additional 6,500 staff members), 399 Ministry of Family and Social Policies employees, 257 employees in the office of the prime minister, 8,000 police officers, 3,500 soldiers, 3,000 judges and prosecutors (all of whom are under investigation) including 2 constitutional judges and 262 military judges/prosecutors, 492 clerics, 130 MIT spies, 120 generals and admirals (that's just under 30% of all generals), and the commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie Gen. Galip Mendi.

More than 9,300 people are currently under investigation for involvement in the coup. In addition to all government officials, all university professors have been banned from traveling abroad. Turkey's main religious body has banned all religious funeral services for military troops killed during the attempted coup; it only applies to those who actively took part, not those who participated "unwittingly or under duress".


Pokémon Go and mass dissociation: Anchoring the frequency of chaos and destruction

Hordes of students converge to catch an imaginary animal at Florida International University.
Pokémon Go, a mobile app that has surpassed Twitter and Facebook in terms of the number of active users, is the latest craze to sweep the globe, with tens of millions distracting themselves with this game on a daily basis. This in itself is disturbing, but even more horrifying is the complete lack of critical thinking, common sense, or humanity exhibited by users who have been finding themselves hospitalized in search of elusive, illusory creatures.

What's next? Will people break into houses if there's some rare Pokémon inside? It seems that people are losing all connection to reality, and what little ability they had to determine right from wrong and the sensible from the stupid. People have turned into zombies, with technology having almost full control over their daily lives. It's 'the rise of the machines', just not in the way that Hollywood imagined it.

Let's go into a few particularly unbelievable instances of what I'm talking about.


Erdogan benefits from Turkish coup attempt because it failed, not because he engineered it

Turkish civilians celebrate the failure of a likely CIA-inspired coup against their President Erdogan
On Friday night, a portion of the Turkish military staged an attempted coup against Erdogan's government. While there is still the possibility for further internal conflicts between the government and those who supported the coup, at this point it's over. You can read our coverage of the events related to the coup here, in the SOTT editors' commentary section. Analysts in the mainstream and alternative media are now trying to put the pieces together, asking the question: "Who's responsible?" For the most part, the answers they've given so far don't account for all the evidence.

Three main possibilities are currently on offer: 1) the Turkish government's claim that the coup was organized by Turkish exile Fethullah Gulen in collaboration with the U.S. (CIA, NATO); 2) an authentic, Turkey-based military faction (usually identified as secular Kemalists) unhappy with Erdogan's 'Islamist' policies; and 3) the "#TheaterNotCoup" meme sourced to Politico's Ryan Heath, which alleges that Erdogan planned the coup as a false-flag operation, his very own Reichstag to purge opposition and solidify his dictatorial control (unsurprisingly, Gulen supports this version). None of these options quite work. Or at the very least, if one of them is true, it is not that simple.

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Behind the Headlines: Terror in Nice, attempted coup in Ankara

© Sky News
On Bastille Day last week, when all of France was celebrating, the country suffered a third horrific terror attack. This time in the southern city of Nice. With more than 80 dead and scores injured, a single man in a truck managed to help President Hollande legally justify martial law - in perpetuity. Was this yet another false-flag operation in a long string of violent acts to help justify the West's lockdown of Muslims and people everywhere? Or was it something else entirely that is simply being exploited as a convenient tragedy to catapult the narrative?

And right on the heels of the horror in Nice a military-led coup was attempted against the autocratic and corrupt government of President Tayyip Erdogan. Was this an "authentic" coup initiated from within who wants Erdogan out? Was it planned and executed by foreign agents who are upset with Turkey's rapprochement with Russia? Or was the coup a Machiavellian attack on itself using dupes in the military to help Erdogan further solidify his own power?

After discussing these topics, Brent joined us for a Police State Round-up, including the recent shootings and Baton Rouge and other stories.

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The Health & Wellness Show: The Quackery and Cruelty of Animal Medical Research

Seventeen to 100 million mice, rats, birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, primates and other animals suffer and die in laboratories every year in the U.S. They comprise the research subjects in chemical, drug, food, cosmetics and medical training exercises to assure that products are safe for human use. But is this really the case? Though there is little mention of animal medical research, or vivisection, in the mainstream press these days, scientists, medical doctors and animal activists have railed against animal experimentation for decades. Does animal research do anything to advance human health and wellness? Despite all the years of experimentation, has it ever led to any cure or breakthrough? Can the results of research conducted on an entirely different species even be extrapolated to human beings? Is vivisection just a way for people in white lab coats to get away with torturing animals?

On today's episode of The Health and Wellness Show explored this topic in depth. Zoya's Pet Health Segment lightened up the mood with fun facts about farm animals.

Running Time: 01:16:55

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Deconstructing the official narrative around the attacks in Nice, France

The death toll in the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice is currently at 84, with a couple of hundred injured, some still in critical condition. The driver managed to break through a barricade late Thursday evening and for almost 2 kilometers plowed through the crowd gathered to watch the fireworks. The driver has been identified as French-Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a non-religious petty criminal who reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar!" before going on the rampage. He also reportedly opened fire on civilians and police, and was killed during the shoot-out.

The reaction from French citizens and world leaders has been predictable.

European countries tighten security following Nice terror attack
Countries across Europe are strengthening security following the Nice terror attack which claimed the lives of at least 84 people. It comes as France extends its state of emergency for an additional three months.

In a Thursday television address following the fatal attack, French President Francois Hollande announced that the current state of emergency, which was set to expire on July 26, would be further extended.

Now other European Union countries - including Belgium, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic - are taking measures in an attempt to combat the threat of terror.
As Gearóid Ó Colmáin puts it, it looks like France is set for a permanent state of emergency (similar to the one the U.S. has been under ever since 9/11).

The new British Prime Minister Theresa "Big Mother" May shook her magic eight-ball and determined a terror attack in the UK is "highly likely", and the mayors of London and New York are 'reviewing safety measures' and amping up security.

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Joe Quinn on terror attack in Nice - should be seen in context, 'hands of Western powers extremely dirty' - PressTV

France has experienced its third terror attack in 18 months. Over 230 people have been killed in those attacks, more than the entire century preceding it. As the European country with the largest Muslim population, France is the front line in the attempt to create internal divisions and stoke anti-Muslim sentiment in the EU, all in support of foreign interventions and a perpetual global war on terror. SOTT's Joe Quinn appears on PressTV to discuss this wider context, and why it's essential to keep the broad perspective in mind after this latest tragedy.