maui fire coastline
Lahaina coastline in the aftermath of the Maui wildfires
Fourth in a series on depopulation

Officials are shrugging their shoulders at the fires on Hawaii's central island of Maui — implying it was an oopsie.

Two damning pieces of information tell otherwise.

1. Drivers trying to escape Lahaina during the fires were trapped on the coastal road. A resident walked to find the obstruction. There was none, except for a policeman halting traffic at Canoe restaurant, a longstanding Lahaini landmark, formerly called Chart House. It is at the north end of Front Street, No 1450, the junction with the Honoapiilani Highway.

The officer told him, "I am under orders to keep them here."[1]

By about 4 p.m a video shows cars stuck bumper-to-bumper. Shortly after confronting the policeman, the resident said people began screaming as cars exploded.

2. Officials decided the winds were strong enough to order that children stay home from school... but they did not alert residents to the fires.

The sirens were functional. They are tested the first Monday of every month. They are for tsunami alerts but can be used for any emergency: they were used to announce a fake missile attack five years ago for reasons officials have never explained.

After the decision not to sound them, many survivors said they only became aware of the fire when they smelled smoke or saw flames approaching.

By sending children home from school, officials caused their death. Almost all the children from Lahainaluna housing district are dead, according to resident Tennile Bruggeman.

A timeline from The New York Times pushes the official narrative. It shows, at 6:40 a.m. on Aug 8, downed power lines set fire to patches of short grass on a roadside verge.

Officials are circling like vultures on this narrative, however, this would not account for the spread, speed nor scale of the fire.

The NYT does admit that as the fire took hold, county officials at 3:30 p.m. closed Lahaina Bypass because of a flare up.

At 3:49 p.m. Honoapiilani Highway billowed with smoke as cars drove through. This was the road that a policemen stopped drivers reaching from Front Street.

By 6:18 p.m. people can be seen abandoning their cars and plunging in the water to escape the flames.

First lockdown

It is hard to contain anger, for this is a man-made disaster. Officals will blame humanity, but it was caused by bureaucrats and the powers they serve.

Their compliance is what is so shocking, a friend says. The scale of the atrocity may not have been expected, but clearly the upper rank know what they are involved in, and do what is expected of them.

The cover up has begun. Welcome to climate lockdown — no land of milk and honey.

Traffic restrictions, road blocks, 15-minute cities, restrictions on water and electricity, limits on access to food — this is the UN Agenda 21: control of the population in the name of Climate Change. The events in Maui show how it works in practice.

Residents say they had been making progress putting out fires when the water was suddenly turned off. Officials say water pipes failed under extreme heat. In some places power was turned off but not, obviously, those electricity poles that fell on the grass and caused fires. Much of the cell phone service was out due to power outages.
Lahaina harbor after the wildfire
Lahaina's historic banyon tree may not survive
Nothing explains how fires seem to have detonated within cars and homes often before wooden roofs or trees caught fire — perhaps an associated electrical surge.

Locked down in a burning town

Resident Willie McGrady spoke to NBC News from Lahaina during the fires and said he could not get out:
"A lot of people were supposed to leave today, yesterday. They cannot leave because when you leave our complex to head south of Lahaina all the roads are blocked off."
The State had at least 17 hours to evacuate the town and failed to do so. Police let tourists leave but not locals. Newly weds Jolie and Connor Campbell told Australian Broadcasting Corporation they left their belongings behind in their Lahaina hotel and raced to the airport.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green and Maui's emergency operations chief Herman Andaya defended the decision not to sound sirens. They chose not to warn residents of Lahaina the night before.

However Maui emergency chief Andaya was not even on the island. He was at a conference on Waikiki and did not leave until Wednesday, Aug 9 — the day after Lahaina had been reduced to ash.

Andaya has no background in disaster management yet he beat 40 other contenders for the job when he was hired in 2017.[2]

The aftermath

Information swirls like the water that did not, upon the smouldering wreckage of Lahaina.

The scale of death is under reported. A resident who is an air steward quoted a morgue volunteer that near 500 bodies had been recovered (unconfirmed).

Only about 15 per cent of the town has been combed but already the remains of parents and children have been found, huddled together as in the volcanic destruction of Pompei — or more recently in the cellars of Dresden in Feb 1945.

The streets are littered with the melted wreckage of cars, some that burned with people in them, blocked in their attempt to flee. The charred corpses of dogs lie upturned in the agony of death.
Police John Pelletier maui fire
© AP Photo/Haven Daley/ScreenshotMaui Chief of Police John Pelletier speaks at a briefing, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2023, in Wailuku, Hawaii.
Maui police chief John Pelletier was confronted about these issues and did not deny them.[3]

Pelletier came to Hawaii after 22 years in Las Vegas. He was incident commander for the 2017 mass shooting at the Route 91 country music concert.

Second lockdown

If the original trapping of residents was not crime enough, a second lockdown followed: this time to censor reporting of the carnage.

Maui resident and former BlackRock financial analyst Ed Dowd says officials have locked down Lahaina:
"It it is an information lockdown. They are going to lock down the burned out areas, they are going to uncover bodies, they are going to 'investigate' for the causes but who knows what they are going to do. This is very depressing and shocking, and the local government response has been horrendous."
The flying of drones is being electronically jammed, according to the citizen journalist Geoff Cygnus, preventing people from acquiring aerial footage of the devastation.[4]

Protests by locals are being suppressed. Even police openly question the orders they are given.[5]

As of Thursday, Aug 17, west Maui residents say only one place has cell phone reception, if they climb high enough to pick up a tower on the island of Molokai. Is that on purpose? Would it not be officials' priority to restore communications?

Officials are blocking access to "unauthorised" food and medicine (Hawaii adheres strictly to the FDA rules on allowable medicines. It even has a ban on sun cream.)

Yet there has been no military relief effort despite Hawaii being occupied by a military base. "Why?" asks an ex-Marine who helped in 1992 Kauai fire.

The Great Enclosure

We have discussed for three years what The Great Reset really means.

The fires in Maui have belatedly and by a brutal combination of burning, suppression and depopulation, given us the answer.

Hawaii's state governor says he is considering expropriating the land from the rightful owners so that the government can build on it or turn it into a memorial park.

It is looking like a land grab. It is looking like a class system is being enforced. It is looking like indigenous people, already at the bottom of the caste system, are simply not wanted.

The United Nations launched The Great Reset with a South Pacific "Unite" concert featuring Fijian dancers, which was weird optics from the get go. Was the Pacific Unite concert laughing at us? After the response to the Maui fire — regardless of the origin — the callous official response gives us chills.

Officials clearly feel no compassion nor obligation to the people whom, by their actions, they allowed to die. This is the gaping chasm between "public servants" and the people they serve. To whom do the bureaucrats answer?

Listen to this young indigenous Hawaiian explain how she feels her culture is being washed away.[6]
"I'm just scared we are going to lose our culture. Hula is one of the many things keeping our culture going right now. A lot of people don't speak our language. We're, like, whitewashed....

A lot of families don't have that much money here in Hawaii because it is so expensive. Everyone in Hawaii says, 'priced out of paradise'."
It is not only that the billionaire mansions escaped the fires — those of Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Will Smith who have mansions in Maui, along with the previously mentioned Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos.

It turns out that Hawaii's seafront is the most expensive real estate apart from the City of London. Given that the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller United Nations are suspected to be fronts for the London bankers, that is more than irony.

Hawaiian leaders report previous attempts by billionaire investors to buy or burn them out. The press is "fact checking" Oprah's land-buying spree on the island.

Financial expert Ed Dowd, who lives on Maui, told Steve Bannon that he had not heard of outside investors trying to buy land, and he said local people were "very united in not selling their land."

They will not yield to the globalists without a fight.

Can all the alleged incompetence of so many officials coincide without anyone asking questions?

Can the disaster be due to incompetence, yet the response be so coordinated, competently suppressing reporting and protest, the use of drone cameras and banners?

Next up: Welcome to Maui, a 15-minute Smart Island in the making. What is the true Agenda 21?

Parts one, two and three: Notes:

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