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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Dark Matter Monsters and the Sociology of the Paranormal with Dr. Simeon Hein

simeon hein
Let's face it. Bigfoot is real. The only question is, what is it? With now thousands of credible encounters that would be difficult to ignore or dismiss, we know many individuals have also observed a host of seemingly paranormal phenomena that quite often accompany these large strange creatures. Orbs, ball lightening, strange smells, space-time anomalies, electromagnetic fluctuations; not to mention witnessing these cryptids moving at super-fast speeds, and morphing into different forms; making our conceptions of what Bigfoot are very likely obsolete.

But what if some of the experiences of these beings, and others like them, has something to do with our tentative understanding of cutting edge science? What if what many have seen has much in common with the way that "coherent matter" works? Are there correlations between cold fusion, or low-energy nuclear reaction, technology and access to other realms of reality? And what have a number of leading scientists in physics been known to say about the fluid nature of reality?

This week on MindMatters we are pleased to speak with Dr. Simeon Hein whose recent book, Dark Matter Monsters: Cryptids, Ball Lightning, and the Science of Secret Lifeforms, is a serious exploration of just such questions.

Running Time: 02:05:40

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Nobody's 'Saving' Gaza, But Israel Can't 'Win' Anyway

israel gaza netanyahu iran newsreal
Strong earthquakes in Japan, more Israeli war crimes and terrorism, and 'aliens' in downtown Miami - 2024's off to a rocky start! Joe and Niall are back with another NewsReal, opening with the freak-out over '8-foot-tall aliens' allegedly sighted at a mall in Miami on New Year's Eve, and ending on the return to news cycle of the Mossad-Epstein child-sex-blackmail operation.

The bulk of this show, however, discusses the latest developments in the Middle East: Israel's ongoing atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza, Israel's assassination of Hamas leaders in Beirut, Lebanon, Israel's terror attack against civilians at IRGC General Soleimani's grave on the 4th anniversary of his assassination, and the likely forthcoming condemnation of Israel at the ICJ.

Running Time: 01:34:35

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - December 2023: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

As Solar Cycle 25 is about to reach an unexpected peak, we observe an increase in electrical phenomena such as air-spirals, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

A massive solar storm that nearly reached "X-class" status hit Earth on the first day of the month, causing some minor radio and internet disruptions worldwide. This was followed by one of the largest solar flares since 2017 on December 15, which temporarily knocked out radio communications on Earth, affecting even the higher frequencies.
"These impacts were felt from one end of the Nation to the other," said the NOAA.
The strong and persistent magnetic storms have also affected the ozone hole in the southern hemisphere, which remains unusually large for this time of year when it normally shrinks. It has remained at a size of about 15 km2 to become the third largest after November 30.

At the same time, record cold weather in the stratosphere produced polar clouds earlier and farther south than usual, with people from all over the Northern Hemisphere reporting or recording sightings. These are extraordinary excursions from the normal polar cloud habitat.


SOTT Focus: South Africa Appeals to the International Court of Justice: Stop Israel's Genocide in Gaza

city destruct
© Atef Safadi/EFE/Zuma Press/APAIMAGESIsraeli soldiers overlooking the destruction of the Shujaiya neighborhood
Gaza City • December 29 2023
South Africa's 84 page long Application to the International Court of Justice to begin proceedings against Israel for its genocide in Gaza is a devastating document laying out Israel's genocidal acts and statements in horrifying detail.
On Thursday, December 28, South Africa filed an Application Instituting Proceedings at the International Court of Justice to commence proceedings in a legal forum against Israel for its genocide in Gaza, and to press for "provisional measures" - a preliminary order requiring the Israel Government and military to cease their genocidal acts in Gaza pending a full hearing by the court.

South Africa's Application is 84 pages long and devastating - to the State of Israel, to its Jewish political and military leaders and personnel committing the genocidal acts and speaking openly of their genocidal intent, to those in Israel, America, and Europe standing so firmly in support of them, and to the Jewish people in whose name Israel purports to act.

The Application lays out these genocidal acts and statements in horrifying detail, after noting the contextual background so often missing in diplomatic and mainstream media discussion of the Gaza war.

Comment: South Africa produced a well-researched, comprehensive and compelling petition to the ICJ. May it be the turnkey in this horrible tragedy that continues to unfold in epic proportion to the horror of any being with soul and conscience. Worth the read.

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: From Archons to the Matrix: Understanding American Gnosis with Arthur Versluis

The ancient idea of spiritual gnosis has evolved and branched to reflect the time and place in which we live. Nowhere is this development more evident than in the writings and scholarship of author Arthur Versluis. In his groundbreaking new book American Gnosis: Political Religion and Transcendence, Versluis takes an in-depth look at the varieties of modern 'neo-gnosticism.' These include cosmological gnosticism - the worldly effort to escape from archons of darkness or hostile beings that would seek to subjugate the world through politics and other power structures. Another is metaphysical gnosis, or transcendence that is less a reaction to the perception of evil overlords than movement towards divine knowledge for its own sake.

Join us this week on MindMatters as we delve into the realm of cosmological gnosis with Arthur Versluis, and look at the plethora of ways in which some really old ideas have been reinvigorated (alongside some newer ones). How do these ideas present themselves in literature, TV and movies? Is there is a crossover between 'political awakening' and 'spiritual awakening'? And what, if anything, may this have to do with some developments we've been seeing with the so-called 'dissident right' in the US?

Running Time: 01:26:16

Download: MP3 — 118 MB


SOTT Focus: Israel Stealing Corpses From Gaza Hospitals And Mass Graves, Harvesting Organs - Human Rights Group

Comment: We missed this report when it came out a month ago. As long-time SOTT readers know, Israel has a long, sordid history with organ-theft and corpse desecration, one which the media or monitoring bodies rarely talk about. So when news about such does seep to the surface, you can reasonably estimate that the extent of it taking place in Gaza right now must be vast and ghastly in scale...

gaza dead shroud
© APPalestinians mourn their relatives killed in the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, in front of the morgue in Deir al Balah, Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023.
Concerns about 'organ theft' by Israel's forces from dead Palestinians were raised by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

Israel's army has been accused of stealing organs from the dead in Gaza by an NGO, which called for an independent international investigation.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said on Sunday it had "concerns" about possible organ theft from Palestinian corpses, following reports by medical professionals in Gaza who examined some bodies after they were released by Israel.

The NGO claimed it has documented Israeli forces confiscating dozens of dead bodies from the al-Shifa and Indonesian hospitals in northern Gaza, alongside others in the south.

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SOTT Focus: Signs of the Times Christmas Fundraiser: Donate Today to Keep the Lighthouse Shining, Receive 2024 SOTT Merch!

palestine flag protest gaza new york christmas tree
© Fatih Aktas/Anadolu via Getty ImagesAnti-war protest, Rockefeller Center, New York City, November 29, 2023
As we approach the end of 2023, the team would like to wish all our readers and followers a peaceful and happy Christmas, and a prosperous and adventurous new year. We remain ever grateful for the continuing support we receive from this far-flung network of like-minded truth-seekers. Without your support, there would be no Signs of the Times, so thank you. If it's within your means to do so, please consider donating below so that we may keep bringing you the news and views that matter!

Israel's ongoing, shocking obliteration of Gaza is truly of 'biblical' proportions. The Israeli regime has already killed more Palestinians in the past six weeks than it killed during the Nakba ('catastrophe') that initially 'shaped' Israel in 1948-9. We say 'biblical' not just because, like the war in Ukraine, it looks set to generate another wave of refugees, and not just because it could potentially ignite a wider Middle East war. This war is 'biblical' because it's not really a war, but rather a shockingly inhuman, AI-powered, hi-tech orgy of atavistic terrorism - a viciously cruel military bombardment of a defenseless civilian population.

gaza women children hospital
Gaza, November 2023
In a grotesque perversion of scripture, Israeli PM Netanyahu claims that, "We [Israelis] are sons of light, they [Palestinians] are sons of darkness," whereas, in fact, he is a modern-day mad 'king' leading a real-world 'massacre of the innocents', of children, all of whom are being sacrificed for his career and 'legacy'.

We cannot speak for the unfathomable suffering of Gazans, but the contrived events of October 7th and Israel's subsequent 'revenge' have been something of a 'test' of all people: who has a conscience, and who does not? Who Sees the crux of the matter, beyond ideological superficiality and what the Israeli regime claims happened outside Gaza on October 7th?

'Left vs Right' tribalism, as we've observed recently, isn't much of a guide in matters of Truth, and of the heart. Many on the erstwhile 'conservative-christian' Right, in cheering this, certainly appear to have 'gone over to the Dark Side'. But as appalling as it is that this is happening, with nothing being done to stop it, the 'cost' for the perpetrators is the exposure of their nature for all the world to see. The burst of 'truth-telling' this has spurred on social media and in public discourse generally (with the possible exception of the vaccine mandates) is unprecedented.


SOTT Focus: 2023 - The Year The World Saw The U.S. Emperor as Naked... And Grotesque

© Strategic Culture Foundation
American President Joe Biden likes to talk about "inflexion points" when he is lecturing about world affairs and the supposed superiority of the United States. This year is indeed an inflexion point.

It was the year that the entire world saw the truly hideous and criminal nature of U.S. power.

Washington's fuelling of the futile conflict in Ukraine and the despicable slaughter in Gaza is a wake-up call for the entire world. The United States stands barefaced and grotesque as the primary purveyor of war. There can be no doubt about that. For many it is shocking, scandalous and frightening.

Tragically, it seems, for the world, every year's end is an occasion to witness and lament conflicts, wars and suffering over the preceding 12 months. Often the causes of wars and suffering are seemingly unfathomable.

However, this year seems to be unique. The year ends with a horrendous massacre in Gaza that is unprecedented and perpetrated by Israel with the full support of the United States. The scale of deliberate mass killing in Gaza makes it a genocide. The fact that this abomination is occurring at Christmas time when the world is supposed to celebrate the divine birth of Jesus Christ - the Prince of Peace - in the very place where he was born some 2,000 years ago makes the abomination all the more profane and damning.

What is particularly wretched is that the heinous destruction of children is happening in full view of the world. There is no remorse or pretence. It is full-blown premeditated murder done with cruelty and sickening impunity.

Virtually the whole world is horrified by the devastating, relentless violence and absolute violation of international law. The butchery by the Israeli regime cannot in any way be rationalized by the previous attack on Israel by Palestinian militants on October 7. Those killings by Hamas have been cynically used as a pretext for the subsequent and ongoing annihilation of Palestinian civilians.

This genocide could not happen without the crucial support of the United States for the Israeli regime. Financially, militarily and diplomatically, Washington is sponsoring the horror in Gaza as well as the Occupied West Bank.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - November 2023: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Record snowfall from northeastern China to the northeastern U.S., and unusually heavy rains and floods wreak havoc worldwide in November. Meanwhile, at the COP28 climate summit:
200 countries struck a breakthrough climate agreement, calling for a transition away from fossil fuels in an unprecedented deal that targets the greatest contributors to the planet's warming.
It's not news that the green agenda is a big scam to make its proponents richer, siphon off taxpayer money, and push policies that undermine people's freedom. But as we have said before, nature has other plans. This November has been no exception in terms of historic snowfall records:
  • Anchorage, Alaska: Snowiest November since records began in 1953.
  • Northeast China: Record snowstorm forced airlines to cancel flights, halted trains, and closed schools and roads.
  • Northeastern US: Unprecedented 40 inches of snow from upstate New York to parts of New England.
  • Mongolia: Heavy snow and blizzards cover 60 percent of the country.
  • Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova: Heavy snow and strong blizzards leave thousands without power.
  • Mexico: Unusually heavy snow covers all northern states.
  • Ukraine: Heavy blizzard leaves 11 regions without power and kills 10.
The same system that dumped heavy snow in Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova triggered the "storm of the century" that hit parts of Ukraine and southern Russia, killing at least four people and leaving nearly 2 million without power.

Eye 1

SOTT Focus: Hitler, the Ultimate Rorschach Test

We can't help but view history through the lens of our most deeply held beliefs.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in how people look at Hitler and the Third Reich: we slap our priors on a hyper-complex era permitting a nigh-infinite number of angles, and as if by magic, the whole thing sorts itself out into a neat little narrative.

And so, leftists will claim that Hitler was just a conservative on steroids, and see, that's where conservatism inevitably leads.

Marxists will make the case that the Nazis were really just Capital's reaction to the otherwise inevitable proletarian revolution, therefore postponing the communist utopia by way of collusion between industrialists, Junkers and Western bankers.

Conservatives argue that akshually, Nazism was just communism, because dontcha know, there's an "S" in "NSDAP."1

Revisionists give this a further twist by claiming that the real bad guy in this whole story wasn't Hitler, but Stalin: it was he who started WWII by forcing Hitler's hand.