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Tue, 22 May 2018
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The British 'War on Terror' Reeks of Hypocrisy in Light of its Century-Long Strategic Ties with Radical Islam

british troops middle east
© Steve Lewis / Reuters
Britain's strategic relationship with radical Islam goes back decades and continues to this day.

There is no more foul a stench than the stench of hypocrisy, and there is no more foul a hypocrisy than the British government painting Bashar al-Assad as a monster when in truth he and the Syrian people have been grappling with a twin-headed monster in the shape of Salafi-jihadi terror and Western imperialism. Both are committed to destroying Syria as an independent, non-sectarian state, and both are inextricably linked.

Author and journalist Mark Curtis charts in detail the contours of this history in his book Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam:
"British governments, both Labour and Conservative, have, in pursuing the so-called 'national interest' abroad, colluded for decades with radical Islamic forces, including terrorist organizations. They have connived with them, worked alongside them and sometimes trained and financed them, in order to promote specific foreign policy objectives. Governments have done so in often desperate attempts to maintain Britain's global power in the face of increasing weakness in key regions of the world, being unable to unilaterally impose their will and lacking other local allies. Thus the story is intimately related to that of Britain's imperial decline and the attempt to maintain influence in the world."


The City of London, Wall Street and the Reconquest of America in the Age of Financial Capitalism

prince charles rothschild

A picture speaks a thousand words
"It began about 1850 reached its peak about 1914, and ended about 1932. Typical forms of economic organization were the limited-liability corporation and the holding company. It was a period of financial or banker management rather than one of owner management as in the earlier period of industrial capitalism."

--Professor Carroll Quigley describing Financial Capitalism (p. 42)
The City

In the two millennia since the Romans fortified the lowest crossing point of the River Thames, the City of London's wealth has meant neither the Crown, nor Parliament could subordinate it. From an early stage, the City became the dominant power in foreign policy and government finance in Britain (nee England). The Ulster plantation and the Royal charters for the Levant Company and the East India Company were orchestrated by powerful City financiers. Traditionally, and to the ire of successive generations of British manufacturers, the City of London preferred international investments to investing in local industry.

The use of debt as a weapon wasn't invented by City of London financiers, but they perfected the technique in the years preceding the Age of Financial Capitalism. At the time Europe was scrambling to halt Napoleon's advance and were forced to borrow to finance their extra expenditure, in desperation they turned to the City. From this point, the City's financiers had brought the rulers of Europe into debt servitude, under financial and banker management.
"The defeat of Napoleon in 1815 (the Bank of England, the City and the Rothschilds played a key role by financing the Emperor's enemies), the expansion of the Empire and the Industrial Revolution, allowed Britain to establish its position as international hegemon with supremacy in industry, shipping and finance... [The City] preferred the more profitable opportunities offered by financing trade and foreign wars, making loans to governments and generating speculative investment opportunities. Capitalist Industrial production like agriculture before it, depended largely on regional and local sources of finance ..." (Lambie, p. 341)
We can't talk about the City of London in this period without giving special mention to the Rothschild family. Between 1808 and 1859 they developed a capital fund and intelligence service that their rivals couldn't compete with. Over half of all sovereign bonds placed in London (the global financial center) were issued by the Rothschilds, with a face value of over £42 million (Ferguson 2009, p. 87). By 1852 their combined capital was £9.5 million. In 1899 it was £41 million, dwarfing Baring Brothers, the Banque de France and the leading German joint-stock banks (Ferguson 2009, p. 89).

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F.UK.US Airstrikes in Syria an 'Own Goal' for US - Joe Quinn on PressTV

damascus missile defence airstrikes
Sott.net senior editor Joe Quinn spoke with PressTV in the immediate aftermath of the F.UK.US. airstrikes against Syria late last week.

Describing Israel as the "quiet elephant in the room," Quinn noted that despite US influence over events in Syria being largely trumped by Russia in recent years, the tripartite alliance of France, the UK and US are continuing military operations at the behest of Israel, which is hysterical about encroaching Iranian influence across the Middle East, and what that entails for Israeli regional hegemony.

But it's a losing game, he stressed. All four countries - along with their regional allies - are losing their historical positions in the Middle East, and are desperately trying to do something to stop that from happening. At the same time, however, they are apparently not so desperate that they will risk a 'hot war' with Russia.

In the process of 'projecting their strength', they have exposed how weak they have become militarily, but their avalanche of lies in the media about how 'successful' the event was for them indicates that they remain dominant in the information war.


A Look Inside The White Helmets Headquarters in Aleppo

White helmets al-qaeda
Join Bolivian actress Carla Ortiz as she takes a tour of the headquarters of the propaganda group White Helmets, the group that has been behind the staging of chemical attacks in Syria. Despite claiming to be a humanitarian group, as you can see in this walk through, they clearly have close ties with terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al Nusra and other so-called 'rebel' groups and were essentially supporting them in Syria. Although most of the evidence was burned, on site are items such as gas masks, ambulances and medical supplies furnished by NATO member countries.

The details of the most recent attack in Syria came from White helmets videos and reports, all of which were unverified by any official body and which the mainstream news and leaders of France, UK, US nevertheless used as the basis for their missile attack on Syria on April 13, 2018.


Douma Chemical Attack Was Staged: This Short Video Proves it

Douma chemical attack
The US, UK and French governments claimed that a 'chemical weapon' attack occurred in Douma on April 7th. They cited "social media" as their evidence for the attack, in particular a video of a chaotic scene inside a hospital where people were being treated. Yet rather than waiting for OPCW inspectors to visit the scene of the alleged attack to determine what occurred, the US, UK and French militaries attempted to bomb 10 targets, mostly Syrian military bases, on the morning of April 13th.

In the short video presentation below, several doctors and other medical personnel who were in the hospital room in the aftermath of what they said was shelling - and who appeared in the video used by the US, UK and French governments as evidence that a chemical weapon was used - tell their story.

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A Pre-agricultural Diet Promises More Than Immunomodulators in Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating autoimmune neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system that affects the brain and spinal cord. Autoimmune means that defenses in the body that normally protect us from infections get confused, attacking the person's own tissues. According to Dr. Ricardo Buzó and Dr. Jorge Correale, experts in this disease, "myelin is the object of attack in multiple sclerosis, which is like the rubber coating of a cable. In this analogy the rubber is made of fat. When myelin is lost, two phenomena occur: the impulse is conducted more slowly and a short circuit occurs, because the information travels where it does not have to travel."

One of the forms of multiple sclerosis is the relapses or remissions form, representing 70% of all cases. It can be very multifaceted with a single symptom or several of them. One of the most common is eye pain and loss of vision, usually from only one eye. The other frequent symptoms are sensory and motor ones. Sometimes balance disorders appear.

Multiple sclerosis may progress steadily or in acute attacks, followed by temporary remission of symptoms.

As a result of the attack on myelin, patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) then suffer from muscle spasticity, severe pain, muscle weakness, imbalance or loss of coordination, chills, loss of vision and difficulty falling asleep.


Veteran British Journalist Visits Hospital That Treated "Patients of Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack"

Robert fisk douma tunnels
© Yara Ismail
Independent Middle East Correspondent Robert Fisk in one of the miles of tunnels hacked beneath Douma by prisoners of Syrian rebels
Robert Fisk visits the Syria clinic at the centre of a global crisis

This is the story of a town called Douma, a ravaged, stinking place of smashed apartment blocks -- and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western world's most powerful nations to bomb Syria last week. There's even a friendly doctor in a green coat who, when I track him down in the very same clinic, cheerfully tells me that the 'gas' videotape which horrified the world - despite all the doubters - is perfectly genuine.

War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year-old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.

As Dr Assim Rahaibani announces this extraordinary conclusion, it is worth observing that he is by his own admission not an eye witness himself and, as he speaks good English, he refers twice to the jihadi gunmen of Jaish el-Islam [the Army of Islam] in Douma as "terrorists" - the regime's word for their enemies, and a term used by many people across Syria. Am I hearing this right? Which version of events are we to believe?

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Reporter Exposes US, UK and French Government Lies About Syria

Assad Syrian people support
OAN News reporter, Pearson Sharp, is currently in Syria and was there during the cruise missile attack by the US, UK and France early last Friday morning.

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Behind the Headlines: Humpty Trumpty? Western Reality Creation Taken to Breaking Point in Syria Strikes

US missile lanuch syria

"Look at our cool stuff!"
On the morning of April 14, a coalition consisting of France, the UK and the US (F.U.K.U.S.) launched over 100 missiles at several targets in Syria. Most were intercepted or jammed by Syrian air defenses, but the primary targets were either destroyed or damaged. That much is true. The rest is fiction at a level that would make even Karl Rove blush. The attack was in response to a fictional chemical weapons attack in Douma blamed on Assad and the Syrian military. No such attack took place. The targets were designated as chemical weapons facilities. They were not. The U.S. and its partners said it was a "one-time" attack, but that if Assad were to conduct any future fictional attacks, the U.S. would be forced to respond with additional symbolic attacks on additional fictional chemical weapons facilities.

This is the world we now live in, where policy and military action are conducted within imaginary worlds within imaginary worlds, projected into actual material space. To put it simply: it is all based on lies. And this latest iteration comes as the previous big lie is on its final breath: the Skripal saga. Whereas Mr. Skripal and his daughter have survived - because the "nerve agent" they were poisoned with turns out to be "BZ toxin" which only temporarily incapacitates its victims - the British government's narrative might suffer a more fatal end.

The lies are piling up to 'yuge' proportions, and all the queen's men won't be able to put them together again after they inevitably collapse. So tune in to Behind the Headlines this Sunday April 15, 4-5:30pm UTC / 12-1:30pm EDT / 6-7:30pm CET, as we 'judiciously study' the reality creators' creations coming to pieces. As always the lines will be open for calls and comments!

Running Time: 02:02:03

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About Those 'Nice, New, Smart' Missiles And The 'Chemical Weapons' Sites in Syria

Trump nice new smart missile
Throughout the 20th century, the US ability to project power and dominate global geopolitics was, to a large extent, based on the general perception that the US was the most powerful military force in the world. In most cases, the mere threat of this military prowess was enough to 'get things done' the American, or Western, way. The maintenance of the widespread belief in US military preeminence is therefore extremely important to the US establishment, and any event that might expose a different reality is to be avoided at all costs. When US/Western military might is physically demonstrated, a careful propaganda campaign and media management of the outcome is necessary, up to and including outright lies about the performance of the military tech used. No surprise there.