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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Georgia Dream - Empire of Lies to Open Second Front Against Russia?

newsreal georgia protests fico iran assassination
It's sure shaping up that way in Russia's Caucasus neighbor, where the government in Tbilisi is facing a veritable battering ram of Western NGO-activated protests in response to its move to rein in thousands of... those same foreign-funded NGOs. So, Kiev's Maidan movement redux? The country's PM fears this to be the case, telling media that NATO seeks to open a 'second front' against Russia.

Meanwhile, multiple 'hits' and plots against various countries' leaders suggest intense interest on the Empire's part to force regime change in 'wrong' leadership. Was the would-be assassin of Slovakia's PM Robert Fico acting alone? And who organized the failed military coup in the Congo? In that context, was the death of the Iranian president and foreign minister just a tragic accident?

The apparent 'quickening' of geopolitical, social and environmental events is undoubtedly connected to Russia's advances on the battlefield in Ukraine, where Zelensky now rules as dictator and his regime is teetering. The Western Powers are confident they'll walk away from this as Lords of Western Ukraine, but will Russia accept such a 'deal'?

Running Time: 02:03:10

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SOTT Focus: Belgorod, The New Donetsk: Report From Russian City Where Ukraine Targets Civilians

belgorod bomb shelter
© @johnnyjmilsBomb-shelter in Belgorod, Russia
There's alot of vandalism in war. People just killing each other for the hell of it. No strategic purpose. Or the ethnic hate is so bad. They just want to kill. That's Belgorod.

Like any big country, Russia is full of sub cultures. The people here pride themselves on being the cleanest city in Russia. And it is. You'll never see a piece of litter. The street gardens are pruned and curated. Like the Truman Show. A film set. Even the bomb shelters are nice. And there's hundreds of them now. Civilisation fighting back against the chaos.

For most of this war. Ukraine went for military or infrastructure targets in the region. But on the 30th December, the strategy changed. They bombed the central square. Killed twenty five. There were others that made the headlines. Like the part of the building that collapsed from a Tochka-U a couple of weeks ago. But most doesn't make the news. You need more than a dozen dead to do that in war. The rest, just the maddening drip drip of slaughter. In the border region, a mother and child were killed by a drone the day I arrived.

damage missile belgorod
Damage from a 'Ukrainian' (NATO) missile attack in Belgorod, Russia


SOTT Focus: Hyperdimensional Realities: The Most Dangerous Idea in the World, Explained by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Laura interview campbell series
This episode is the first of a six part series where Jay and Hunter interview world-renowned paranormal researcher Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who authored a groundbreaking book series called "The Wave" and founded a metaphysical research community called The Cassiopaean Experiment.

Part 1 of our conversation covers a wide range of fascinating topics, from the historical evidence of alien encounters and the mysterious origins of the Anunnaki, to the potential influences of supernatural forces on both historical events and modern day societal issues.

This series is a must watch extensive discourse on how ancient myths, supernatural phenomena, and cutting-edge science converge to shape our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

"If you think the government is hiding things about aliens, you're only scratching the surface of the mystery."

"We're not dealing with little green men or flying saucers. We're dealing with phenomena that challenge our very notions of reality." - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Birthday Cake

SOTT Focus: Let Them Eat Cake - The 2024 Met Gala

met gala 2024 palestine
© John Shearer/WireImageActress and singer Zendaya at the Met Gala/ Palestinian child.
You could be forgiven for thinking that the theme of this year's Met Gala event (purportedly the world's most prestigious fashion show) in Manhattan was "Fashion from the Capitol of Panem," with celebrities on the red carpet looking like they had stepped straight out of The Hunger Games. This year's display of wealth was livestreamed across many social media platforms, TikTok included, and I took some time to watch some of the show and see the outfits.

The theme of 2024 was 'The Garden of Time', which is inspired by the J.G. Ballard short story of the same name. For those interested the story is about a 15-minute read and can be found here.

Interestingly, the story is about a rich couple living in a lavish mansion surrounded by beautiful gardens with crystal flowers growing inside. When one of these flowers is picked, it turns back time for a period. A huge angry mob is seen advancing over the horizon running towards the villa, and in the evening the man picks a flower to turn back time and have the army retreat back, buying them a day or two. The number of flowers dwindles and the army gets closer and closer, until the last day when the couple spends their time cleaning and securing their material possessions. When there are no flowers left, the mob breaches the walls of the villa and time catches up on them. The villa is transported into an abandoned state, ruined and ravaged by time, and the couple are turned to stone, immortalized as statues beneath the balcony.


SOTT Focus: The Goldilocks Enigma

The Goldilocks Enigma
© Paul Davies
It's not too hot, it's not too cold and its forces act together in a way that's just right; why does the universe seem so perfectly tailor-made for life to exist?

In his book aptly titled The Goldilocks Enigma, physicist and science writer Paul Davies says that some scientists claim to be on the verge of providing answers to the great questions of existence such as: Why are we here? How did the universe begin? How will it end? How is the world put together? Why is it the way it is? And so on. We recognize these questions from Philip Goff's rather feeble attempt to philosophize about them in the previous series of posts (beginning here): "Why? The Meaning of the Universe". Here I'll just suggest that the reader will be better served reading Davies over Goff, even if I don't think Davies has the whole banana either.

Davies explains that the reason some scientists are so confident about the possibility of being able to explain the order of the universe is due to developments in both cosmology and high-energy particle physics. However, elsewhere, Davies has warned us against 'Taking Science on Faith' because the faith scientists have in the immutability of physical laws has origins in Christian theology. (He was roundly criticized for saying this).

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - April 2024: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

As we reach an early peak in the current solar cycle, anomalous extreme weather and geological phenomena are intensifying alongside social and geopolitical unrest.

A rare quadruple solar flare exploded almost simultaneously on 23 April, followed by an X-class solar flare on 30 April, causing widespread radio blackouts across the Pacific region.

This activity could be responsible for some energetic events in the last part of April:
  • USA: Unusual tornado outbreak in at least 5 states.
  • Guangzhou, China: Unusually strong tornado kills 5, injures 33.
  • Saudi Arabia: Heavy rainfall and widespread flooding.
An unexpected drop in temperatures in some parts of the northern hemisphere led to unusually heavy snowfall in mid to late April. Unseasonably cold weather is expected to continue into May.

However, el Niño caused extreme heat, and dry conditions in parts of North, Central, and South America, affecting crops and leading to water rationing in some countries, such as Mexico and Colombia.

An earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale struck Taiwan's east coast on 3 April. More than 100 aftershocks, including one with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5, rattled the island. At least nine people were killed and more than 1,000 injured in the strongest earthquake to hit Taiwan in 25 years.

It is worth adding that Ventusky and other weather mapping systems picked up two large wave anomalies between Antarctica and southern Africa on the 10th and 25th of April. Ventusky tried to sweep the first one under the rug, but there was silence after the second. These events have led to much speculation, but the patterns and measurements most likely indicate massive outgassing.
antartic anomaly
All this and more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for April 2024:

Bizarro Earth

SOTT Focus: UN's Summit of the Future and the Pact for the Future Will Rapidly Expand the Technocratic Takeover

Summit of the Future
The United Nations will meet in September for the 79th session of the UN General Assembly, as well as the highly-anticipated " Summit of the Future" where nations will sign the so-called "Pact for the Future". The Pact is expected to call for declaring a "planetary emergency". What does this agreement and its policies mean for the future of individual and national sovereignty?

By the end of September, the United Nations member states may vote to radically alter the UN itself, what some are calling UN 2.0, and the very nature of how nation-states make decisions regarding the future of the planet. The UN will convene for the 79th session of the General Assembly in New York City starting on September 10th in New York City. The high-level general debate will begin on the 24th of September.

Although the UNGA is an annual meeting, this year's gathering will be unique because of the addition of the Summit of the Future, a UN sponsored event taking place in NYC on the 22nd and 23rd of September. The summit has been in the making since at least 2022. It is the latest attempt by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to "rally the troops", and garner more support for a rapid completion of the Agenda 2030 goals set by the UN in 2015.

Comment: Listen to the author of the article, Derrick Broze on Redacted:


SOTT Focus: NYU Professor: 'College Students Are Protesting Against Israel Because They Aren't Having Enough Sex'

palestine protests USA
© Selcuk Acar / Anadolu /
On a recent episode of "Real Time" with Bill Maher, Scott Galloway, clinical professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business, had a comical take on the cause of the pro-Palestine protests sweeping across American Universities. From the New York Post:
He said that college campuses were increasingly becoming reminiscent of Nazi Germany — and attributed the reason partly to young people not having enough sex.

"We need to enjoy sex," Galloway offered to some initial confusion during an appearance on "Real Time" with Bill Maher Friday.

"I think part of the problem is young people aren't having enough sex so they go on the hunt for fake threats and the most popular threat through history is [antisemitism]."
Yes, it has nothing to do with Israel's genocidal rampage.
Galloway appeared on the show with former CNN host Don Lemon — who later told The Post he was inclined to agree with the observation.
Well there you have it, if Don Lemon says it's true, it must be.
"It would definitely take the edge off," Lemon chimed in by phone.
Later in another interview with CNN Galloway restated what he believes accounts for the astronomical growth in the anti-Israel protests around the world. He claimed that people are conflating what's going on in Gaza with the Civil Rights movement.

I mean, it boggles the mind, what does the 1960s American civil rights movement have to do with what's going on in Gaza!?

Basic human rights for Palestinians? Who cares, they aren't really humans anyway. Systematic racial discrimination and violence? So what, they're all terrorists. Basic human needs for food, water and shelter not being met? That's ideal, given that the end goal is to starve them and steal their land.

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Transforming Darkness: Shadow Work and Pathocracy with Colin E. Davis

colin davis
So you've been 'red pilled'. You're well versed in false flags, deep states, secret governments, and state-sponsored assassinations. You've watched documentaries about stolen elections, the New World Order, child trafficking, and mind control. And then when you were through with those, you read extensively on the criminal acts of intelligence agencies, psychopathy among the elite, exotic weapons, and more.

And now you simply know, in your bones, that the reality presented to you on CNN (and most other places) is total B.S. - and have the hours and days of sleepless nights, shocked reactions and chills running down your spine to prove it. But, perhaps, no one ever told you how to assimilate such life-changing information. And, perhaps, no one ever guided your expanded insight of how the world really works - with an equally expanded insight into how you really work. (Or, if you have experienced it, you can stand to have a few reminders!)

This week on MindMatters we are joined by writer and researcher Colin E. Davis whose new book, Transforming Darkness: A Shadow Work Toolkit for the Red Pilled Initiate addresses just such issues. Using Jung's idea of the Shadow, or the dark side that exists in all of us, Davis not only provides a survey of works describing how this darkness comes to be and is manifested in the world, but also provides references to some of the best modalities that aid in addressing them. Understanding the world we truly live in is a most worthy pursuit, but the balance required to see ourselves as we truly are, and as we live a 'Red Pilled' life, is no less crucial.

Running Time: 02:06:53

Download: MP3 — 232 MB


SOTT Focus: Tucker Carlson on Joe Rogan Podcast: 'UFOs and Intelligences Behind Them are Essentially Supernatural'

carlson ufo aliens rogan
UFOs and their pilots might not be 'extra-terrestrials' from a distant planet at all, but 'spiritual entities' who have inhabited Earth for as long as humanity itself.

At least, that's the 'supernatural' theory Fox News vet and one-time MSNBC host Tucker Carlson put forward this week on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast.

'There's a ton of evidence that they're under the ocean and under the ground,' Carlson told Rogan's listeners during the show's usual, sprawling, three-hour-long chat format, adding: 'They've been here for a long time.'

Carlson's latest comments echo an increasingly common refrain from UFO-curious lawmakers, including Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison and his fellow GOP legislator Tim Burchett, who both compared UFOs to Biblical entities in the past year.

'The first chapter of Ezekiel is pretty clear of a UFO sighting,' Rep. Burchett told reporters in January of 2023, ahead of his push to bring UFO whistleblowers to testify before Congress last summer.

'Whenever I use the term "angels,"' added Rep. Burlison, who has been privy to classified briefings on the UFO phenomena, 'to me, it's synonymous with an extradimensional being.'

Comment: The last bit is interesting, especially given that a key figure in the DIA until 2016 when he attempted to emerge from behind the scenes into public office - but was thwarted by, well, demonic forces - was General Michael Flynn.

This apparently astonishing ability of Carlson to, in just a few short years, go from MSM newscaster to leapfrog even Joe Rogan in understanding the deep questions about the nature of our reality speaks to why religious households, generally, produce more intelligent people than secular ones. At least, they generally produce people with a sounder basis upon which to later, maybe, begin to 'quest for truth' and really learn to 'see the unseen'.

Carlson on the 'alien' phenomenon:

Rogan, for all his reputation as an 'open mind', when discussing this topic with Carlson, comes across to us as being comparatively narrow-minded and anthropocentric. The irony here is that he's the one who used psychedelics to 'see the unseen'... did that backfire?

The whole Rogan podcast with Carlson: