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Tue, 20 Feb 2018
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China's Polar Silk Road Offers North America The Chance to Escape Post-Industrial Rot

"China, as a responsible major country, is ready to cooperate with all relevant parties to seize the historic opportunity of the development of the Arctic, to address the challenges brought by the changes in the region."

~ Chinese White Paper, January 25, 2018.
china icebreaker arctic
© Xinhua
A seal draws near as the Chinese ice-breaker Xuelong unloads cargo in the Arctic
China's January 25th unveiling of the 'Polar Silk Road ' has created a wonderful opportunity for northern development not seen for decades. This opportunity not only extends China's incredibly successful growth model to North America, through a revolutionized system of arctic shipping and infrastructure development, but also provides for a new spirit of diplomacy founded not upon militarization of the Arctic, as desired by neo-con utopian throwbacks of the Cheney and Obama eras, but rather cooperation, respect, development and trust.

With Global Affairs Canada responding favorably to the Polar Silk Road initiative, and with the Canadian government's membership in the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, not to mention British Columbia's Memorandum of Understanding uniting the province with the Belt and Road initiative, this new reality demands serious thinking for Canadians and Americans alike if we are to properly respond in the most genuine and beneficial way for the sake of our people and humanity at large.1

From Whence Springs our Crisis?

North America's stagnant economies have suffered for nearly 50 years under a false set of poisons known dualistically as "post-industrial-consumer society" on the one hand and an "anti-industrial growth economy" on the other. Not since the days of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt (and their Canadian counterparts John Diefenbaker, C.D. Howe and W.A.C. Bennett) have long-term projects driven our economic thinking with the effect of increasing both the productive powers of labor, and improving the moral, physical and intellectual welfare of our citizens.2 The increase of these three parameters (physical, intellectual, moral) increased our population carrying capacity in ways that no other species is capable, allowing us to nearly triple our population since 1950, and in so doing, demonstrate the true nature of mankind as a species of boundless creative reason, to the horror of the British Empire and its indoctrinated managerial elite globally.


Some of the Crap They Put in McDonald's Fries is Also Used in Latest 'Cure' For Baldness, and it Ain't Potatoes

McDonald's fries
© Getty
Do you want industrial joint sealant with that?
How's this for a headline? Chemical in McDonald's Fries Could Cure Baldness, Study Says. Given our 'only-read-the-headline' culture, I wonder how many baldies are going to be clogging the drive-thru at Mickey D's this week. Or how many emergency rooms will see an influx of burns to bald scalps from over-enthusiastic hot-fry massages.

The article, from Newsweek:
Japanese scientists may have discovered a cure for baldness - and it lies within a chemical used to make McDonald's fries.

A stem cell research team from Yokohama National University used a "simple" method to regrow hair on mice by using dimethylpolysiloxane, the silicone added to McDonald's fries to stop cooking oil from frothing.
Wait, back up. The silicone added to McDonald's french fries? Silicone is basically sand. But they say it so matter of factly - 'you know, that silicone they add to McDonalds french fries because otherwise the oil gets frothy.' Oh yeah, that stuff. Carry on.


Jordan Peterson in the Netherlands: Immigrants, Culture and Identity Politics

jordan peterson nederlandse leeuw
© Lonneke van de Weijer
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaking in the Netherlands, January 19th, 2018.
On Friday January 19th, we attended a national brainstorming event in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, on immigration and Dutch identity - 'De Nederlandse Leeuw' (The Dutch Lion), organized by a non-profit organisation of the same name - at which Canadian professor of psychology Dr. Jordan Peterson spoke while on his speaking tour in Europe. Not tied to any political party, the event's organisers have reported that attendees' political preferences were diverse. On its Facebook page, DNL said it hoped the forum would "help the debate on immigration/integration to move forward," as a "severe paralysis has occurred because of all the polarisation" on the issue.

As the day of the event approached, the Dutch media characterized the gathering as 'new-right' and 'far-right'. Author, freelance researcher, and teacher Chris Aalberts, for example, opined that the event's organizers could not claim that it would be an open debate because the whole line-up of speakers was 'right-wing'. Huub Bellemakers, a member of the left political party Groenlinks, noted that "From the look of the organizers, the speakers, the introductions and the definition of the problem, it is clear that it's a new-right meeting." Bellemakers was invited to attend the event, but declined to do so.

The left's characterization of the event is interesting because the organizers' original concept was to have both left-wing and right-wing speakers come together to discuss this important issue, and hopefully come up with possible solutions. But almost all left-wing guest-speakers declined to attend, which obviously left an impression of the event being a right-wing gathering. The left in the Netherlands - the most densely-populated country in the Western world - apparently doesn't want to discuss immigration in an open and honest way.

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The Truth Perspective: Interview with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: ‌Pentagon Biological Warfare And Arms Trafficking to Terrorists

dilyana gaytandzhieva
This week on The Truth Perspective we will be interviewing Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. Dilyana broke the story of a CIA-run international arms smuggling ring that was using diplomatic protection to deliver weapons to ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria. Though Dilyana's research was printed by Bulgaria's Trud newspaper - complete with corroborating documentation - she was fired from her job soon after being interrogated by the Bulgarian national security apparatus.

Ms. Gaytandzhieva is a seasoned journalist and war correspondent who has reported from Aleppo, Syria and from other hotspots around the world. Through her years of experience in the field she has gained first-hand knowledge of how weapons are shipped, who they were used by, and who the victims of terrorist atrocity have been.

Join us on The Truth Perspective this Sunday, 4 February 2018, from 12-2pm EST / 5-7pm UTC / 6-8pm CET as Dilyana shares the results of her in-depth investigations and her most recent work on the Pentagon's Bio-warfare labs.

You can read about Dilyana's investigative journalism here:

* Leaked Documents Expose How US and Gulf Allies Send Weapons to Terrorists Under Diplomatic Cover
* Pentagon Biological Weapons Program Never Ended: US Bio-labs Around The World
* International investigation reveals US government cover-up of weapons shipments to Syrian terrorists
* Journalist reporting links between CIA and weapons sent to terror groups in Syria interrogated, then fired

Running Time: 01:36:18

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Better Earth

Despite Western Slurs, Sochi Peace Congress Opens Path to Peace For Syria

sochi peace congress
© Sputnik/Mikhail Voskresenskiy
In August of 2011 President Barack Obama announced 'Assad must go'. Almost 7 years later, the Syrian leader is still holding strong. The fact that Assad is still in power is a testament to how much the balance of power has changed in the Middle East (and beyond) in the intervening years.

Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East has primarily been the domain of Western powers. From the creation of new nations through French and British imperial mandates, through US-backed covert ops and military interventions from the mid-20th century to today, the Middle East has effectively been held in a state of arrested development for 100 years.

I believe however, that the Syria peace conference held in Sochi, Russia last week, marks a shift in the balance of power towards the region regaining control of its own fate.

Alarm Clock

Breaking: 43,000 Tawergha People Returning Home Trapped by US-Backed Terrorists in Libya

Tawergha man threatened
© JoanneM
Tawergha man threatened by US-backed terror gangs in Libya
There is an immediate urgent crisis in Libya.

The Tawergha tribe of Libya, a people that have been slandered, abused, killed, imprisoned, tortured and had their homes and land stolen are once again being attacked for no legitimate reason.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Our Haunted Planet: Possession and Other High Strangeness

The Exorcist
© Rex
A scene from the 1973 film The Exorcist
In recent years, according to Catholic priests, there has been a marked increase in reports of possession and requests for exorcism. In the last ten years the number of exorcist priests has more than quadrupled. The idea that demons exist and can possess people is one of the most widely held religious beliefs in the world. Demons were once thought to be the cause of multiple physical and mental diseases and today people around the world are turning to this belief once again.

Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss our haunted planet, high strangeness and what could be the underlying reasons for the rise in so-called demonic activity.

And stay tuned at the end of the show for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be thinking and feeling animals.

Running Time: 01:31:05

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How The US Empire Has Colluded With al-Qaeda For 30 Years To Bring Terror To The World

twin towers burning
© AP
Those familiar with Tom Secker know him to be a preeminent deep state researcher. Resolutely averse to going further than evidence allows, committed to demolishing harebrained conspiracy theories along the way, his efforts shine candid light on the nefarious activities of Western intelligence agencies.

His work has never been mentioned, or featured, by the corporate media, but mainstream journalists could surely learn a thing or two from Mr. Secker, in particular his aptitude for unearthing compromising internal documents. The determined Brit is quite so skilled at Freedom of Information requests he's even uncovered UK Foreign Office memos complaining about his activities - obviously flustered officials refer to Mr. Secker as a "repeat offender" on a "fishing expedition."
Tom Secker FOIA request
© Tom Secker
The UK Foreign Office doesn't like Freedom of Information requests
As of 2018, his primary areas of interest have included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Operation Gladio, the 7/7 attacks in London, and Pentagon and CIA meddling in the US entertainment industry. Along the way, he's produced a steady stream of articles, books, documentaries and podcasts.


Inconsistent US Response to Turkey's Attack on Kurdish Militias Confirms Failure of American Strategy in Syria

Casualties Mount on Day Five of Turkey's Operation Olive Branch in North Syria
© AP Photo/ Lefteris Pitarakis
On January 19, Turkish forces began military action across their southern border with Syria in 'Operation Olive Branch'. They started by shelling Kurdish-held areas in Afrin, and soon followed with airstrikes and a ground incursion. This move came after Ankara's condemnation of the United States' intention to create a 'Border Security Force' of 30,000 men in northern Syria, formed out of Kurdish YPG/SDF fighters. This was the catalyst for the Turkish move, although it simply adds to Turkey's long-standing disapproval of the Americans' continuous supply of weapons and training to Kurdish militias, according to Turkey's former foreign minister, Yasar Yakis.

Judging by the Americans' inconsistent and uncommitted reaction to 'Olive Branch', Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's move caught the US by surprise. Having failed in the objective of toppling the Assad government by allowing proxy armies of mercenaries and jihadists to advance unchallenged, the second-best alternative for the US and allies was to play on the ambitions of the Kurds for an independent state of their own and seize a sizeable part of Syria's northeastern territory - the so-called 'Plan B' that would enable the permanent US (and perhaps Israeli) military presence in a subservient state of Kurdistan. The Border Security Force was an obvious step in this direction, and while there was nothing Syria could do about it without risking dire consequences, Turkey could.

2 + 2 = 4

Is America waking up to the farce that is feminism?

Women's March
© AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
The Women's March was the first tip-off that the new wave of feminism is less about equality of the sexes and more about revenge of one sex against another.
First, there was Dr. Jordan Peterson's infamous takedown of feminist Cathy Newman, whose debate on feminist issues has garnered almost 5 million views on YouTube and almost 75,000 comments to date, not to mention a slew of op-eds.

Now, there's President Trump's refusal to call himself a feminist.

I have high hopes that America is waking up to the farce that is feminism. "For the first time in decades, if not ever, [feminism's] tenets are being publicly challenged," writes Corey Schink for Signs of the Times.

It is long overdue, for we can now expose feminism for what it is: a war on men, on children, and on family.

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