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Thu, 21 Feb 2019
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The Truth Perspective: Mafia Politics: How Political Movements and Ideologies Break Bad

Pravyi Sektor
Antifa thuggery, Right Sector barbarity and the political policies that sometimes sweep a nation: How is it that ideologies - whether from the right or from the left - can end up becoming the instruments of evil on a scale that seems unimaginable? Whether liberal and conservative, what happens when a 'spellbinder' or pathological individual attaches him or herself to a movement and hypnotizes those involved into their distorted vision of reality? How does such a process occur and then, like a virus, become a macrosocial phenomenon? And if such dangerous developments are occurring all around us, how does one properly immunize themselves from being infected before its too late?

On this week's Truth Perspective we'll be revisiting Andrew M. Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology and examining some key concepts that can help inoculate us from the ideological fever and fervor that has historically led whole whole nations of individuals astray. Green Deals, Black block heels, and neo-nazi ultranationalists have more in common than most think.

Running Time: 01:40:20

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Why Tulsi Gabbard Drives the MSM Hacks Bat-sh*t Crazy

tulsi gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard
When Tulsi Gabbard announced her plans to run in the 2020 presidential election, I predicted that it would disrupt war propaganda narratives and force a much-needed conversation about US interventionism, but I didn't realize that it would happen so quickly, so ubiquitously, and so explosively. Gabbard officially began her campaign for president a mere three days ago, and already she's become the front line upon which the debate about US warmongering is happening. Even if you oppose Gabbard's run for the presidency, this should be self-evident to you by now.

This dynamic became more apparent than ever today in Gabbard's appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe, hosted by spouses Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. It should here be noted since we're talking about war propaganda that in 2009 Scarborough turned down an easy run for the US Senate because he decided that he could have more influence on public policy as the host of Morning Joe than he could as one of 100 US senators, which tells you everything you need to know about why I focus more on US mass media propaganda than I do on US politics. It should also be noted that Brzezinski is the daughter of the late Carter administration cold warrior Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose influential ideas about US world domination, arming extremist factions to advance US interests, and hawkish agendas against Russia continue to infect US foreign policy to this day. Mika is part of a political dynasty, with both brothers being US political insiders as well.

Cell Phone

Huawei, Tech War and Geopolitics

Meng Wanzhou

Meng Wanzhou (right)
At the very moment Trump was having dinner with Xi Jinping in Argentina late last year, an international bombshell event occurred - the CFO of Huawei was arrested in Canada at the request of US officials. Now the US will extradite the CFO from Canada.

Meng Wanzhou, the CFO, is no ordinary person; known as the "Princess of China," she's also the daughter of Huawei's founder, who is a billionaire and a legend who spent 15 years in China's army (PLA) as a technology specialist. Think of him as a Chinese Steve Jobs with an extra dose of patriotism.

Huawei itself is a global company with 18,000 employees and a revenue of $100+ billion. It is a leader in many areas of technology (more on that later).

First, let's take a look at the charges against Meng:


France And Germany Cut A Deal To Save The EU's Appalling #CopyrightDirective -- Demolishing Internet Freedom

Germany copyright internet laws
The EU's on-again/off-again Copyright Directive keeps sinking under its own weight: on the one side, you have German politicians who felt that it was politically impossible to force every online platform to spend hundreds of millions of euros to buy copyright filters to prevent a user from infringing copyright, even for an instant, and so proposed tiny, largely cosmetic changes to keep German small businesses happy; on the other side, you have French politicians who understand that the CEOs of multinational entertainment companies won't stand for any compromise, or even the appearance of compromise, and so the process fell apart.

That is until Chancellor Merkel and President Macron sat down to broker a deal, in which Merkel caved on every single measure that even looked like it might protect small businesses, co-operatives, nonprofits, and individuals, ending up with a deal that guarantees that every existing small platform will be destroyed and no new ones can be started, leaving Europe in the hands of US Big Tech -- forever.

Comment: If there was ever a time for Europe's citizens to rise up for free speech, it's now.


The Health & Wellness Show: The Vegan Putsch - They're Coming For Your Meat!

vegan vs carnivore
In this special video edition of the Health and Wellness Show, we talk about the vegan putsch, dig in to its origins and deconstruct the faulty premises on which it's based.

Why has practically every mainstream media outlet recently ramped up its propaganda on the vegan agenda? Why has the environmental spin taken over from the health or animal cruelty narratives? Where is all this coming from? Join us for a lively discussion as we dig deeper into these questions and more. To be informed is to build resistance!

The two articles we discuss about the EAT-Lancet report can be found here:
Running Time: 51:59


Ex-CIA Agent Reveals How Venezuelan 'Students' Get Their Putschist Training

Raúl Capote
© Revista Chávez Vive
Raúl Capote
Who is this man, and why does the CIA fear him? Because they thought he was one of theirs, and it turns out he's quite the opposite. And now he's spilling the beans on them. Read on:
Raúl Capote is a Cuban. But not just any Cuban. In his youth, he was caught up by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They offered him an infinite amount of money to conspire in Cuba. But then something unexpected for the US happened. Capote, in reality, was working for Cuban national security. From then on, he served as a double agent. Learn his story, by way of an exclusive interview with Chávez Vive, which he gave in Havana:

Q. What was the process by which you were caught up?

It started with a process of many years, several years of preparation and capture. I was leader of a Cuban student movement which, at that time, gave rise to an organization, the Saiz Brothers Cultural Association, a group of young creators, painters, writers, artists. I worked in a city in southern-central Cuba, Cienfuegos, which had characteristics of great interest to the enemy, because it was a city in which an important industrial pole was being built at the time. They were building an electrical centre, the only one in Cuba, and there were a lot of young people working on it. For that reason, it was also a city that had a lot of young engineers graduated in the Soviet Union. We're talking of the last years of the 1980s, when there was that process called Perestroika. And many Cuban engineers, who arrived in Cuba at that time, graduated from there, were considered people who had arrived with that idea of Perestroika. For that reason, it was an interesting territory, where there were a lot of young people. And the fact that I was a youth leader of a cultural organization, which dealt with an important sector of the engineers who were interested in the arts, became of interest to the North Americans, and they began to frequent the meetings we attended. They never identified themselves as enemies, or as officials of the CIA.

Comment: See also: The Making of Juan Guaidó: How The US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela's Coup Leader

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NewsReal #26: Globalization vs Nationalism - The Hidden Causes of The Yellow Vest Protests in France

newsreal yellow vests pierre
Now into its FOURTH month, the Yellow Vest protest movement in France shows no signs of going away. Despite some financial concessions from Macron's government to French workers, the popular cry remains On ne lache rien! ("We're not letting go"). This weekend, French security forces were again directed by the government to violently suppress the protests in Paris and other major cities.

On this episode of NewsReal, French SOTT editor Pierre Lescaudron joins us to discuss the deeper historical, economic and cultural reasons behind the persistence of this movement, and why the French establishment is so vehemently opposed to it.

Running Time: 01:17:05

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What's Really Behind The Plant-based Diet Agenda?

I have previously covered the anti-animal agriculture narrative here and the plant-based and/or alternative protein agenda here.

But as the plant-based diet agenda is currently enjoying an uninterrupted public relations campaign facilitated by the obliging media; and given last week's launch of the EAT-Lancet Commission's report on healthy diets for sustainable food systems, I feel compelled to delve a little deeper into the matter.

Although I loathe mixing business and politics, livestock agriculture is becoming increasingly politicised. Regrettably, this forces one's hand.

Comment: The corporate vegan push is perpetuated hand in hand with the demonization of animal agriculture, yet all is built on a house of cards. Although it's frustrating to have these kinds of lies pushed in our faces daily, with the ever-present threat of meat disincentives ever looming, the good news is that word is spreading. The elites are going to have a very difficult time if they ever actually decide to come for our meat.

See also:

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The Truth Perspective: Mind the Gaps: Locating the Intelligence in Evolution and Design

© CC0/Pixbay
Neo-Darwinism is dead. But is intelligent design the answer? While most proponents of ID are neutral as to the source of the intelligence behind biological design, the vast majority seem to hold a traditional view of God as the creator of biological information. A few others, like Perry Marshall, locate the intelligence of design in the cells themselves. But are there other possibilities?

Today on the Truth Perspective we wade into the debate and propose a third option that incorporates the best aspects of both, without the problems each of these opposing options runs into. The answer may not be 'either/or' but rather 'both/and', with intelligence on both sides of the equation.

Running Time: 01:33:00

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FBI Concludes Las Vegas Massacre 'Motiveless', Leaving Deep State Prime Suspect

route91 harvest shooting
© Chase Stevens / @csstevensphoto / Las Vegas Review-Journal
On January 30th, the FBI published its final report on the Las Vegas Massacre on October 1st, 2017, which saw over a thousand rounds fired in 10 minutes at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival at the Las Vegas Village venue. Fifty eight people were shot dead and another 900 were injured, over half from gunfire, in America's most violent mass shooting. Focusing on what motivated 64-year-old Stephen Paddock to spend around $1.5 million of his own money, and a year of his time, planning and executing his crime, the FBI report concludes that the crime was without motive!

Faced with the impossible task of trying to make what was clearly a coordinated multi-site attack spread over a large area fit with the narrative that one man alone carried it out from one crime scene, it's little wonder the FBI came to such an unsatisfactory conclusion regarding motive. Critics will, justifiably, interpret this as confirmation that investigative authorities are complicit in covering up what really happened, who really did it, and why they did it, while the lack of reasonable closure on the case will do nothing to assuage the general public's unease with the official narrative for this and similar atrocities.

The best face one can put on the FBI's conclusion is that it is, in a sense, more honest than the alternative option of concocting some motive to fit with the core premise - laid down at the outset by anonymous mainstream media sources, then vigorously adhered to by the FBI - that one man acted alone. The problem for US authorities, and indeed for US society as a whole, is that this non-answer leaves a gaping wound in public awareness, emboldens the perpetrators and their patrons, and increases the likelihood of such crimes happening again.