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Sun, 04 Dec 2016
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The Health & Wellness Show: Public schools: Where creativity, freedom and critical thinking go to die

Most experts would agree that the public schooling system -- at least in the US -- is in dire straits. High dropout rates, failing test scores and pupil apathy and truancy are frequently blamed on lack of funding or poorly trained and unmotivated teachers. What if this isn't the case? What if the very existence of compulsory education is the problem? The founders of the public schooling system did not set out to create highly skilled, creative and competent individuals. They set out to create obedient workers who won't question their plight. Seen in this light, the public school system is a great success.

Join us on this episode of The Health and Wellness Show as we explore the topic of public education, its history and detriments as well as alternatives to keep your child and yourself -- if you're a product of the public school system -- from becoming a brainwashed zombie.

Stay tuned, as always, for Zoya's Pet Health segment where the topic will be natural sedatives for travelling pets.

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The ugly truth about the American school system

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Syria and Russia Halt Aleppo Bombing for 2 Weeks: John Kerry Doesn't Notice

© Sputnik/ Mikhail Alayeddin
The aftermath of a mortar shelling in west Aleppo.
As 127 people in West Aleppo are killed this week from indiscriminate Al-Nusra led shelling, and accusations are made of opposition groups using chlorine gas, John Kerry doesn't notice Russia and Syria stopped bombing East Aleppo 2 weeks ago.

The period from mid to late October must be hibernation time for US Secretary of State John Kerry. How else are we to explain comments he made on Monday which clearly show he's ignorant of well-publicised events unfolding on the Aleppo battlefield?

Speaking at Chatham House in London on Monday, Kerry said:
If Russia were to test the stated willingness of Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia and the United states to try to separate Nusra from the opposition, and if they would test it by standing back and not bombing for a period of time, and give the legitimate opposition the opportunity to adhere to the ceasefire, but separate from the true terrorists, then we could begin to get some perhaps cooperative breathing space where we might have an opportunity to be able to really put in place a ceasefire.
In the salubrious surrounds of Chatham House we can be sure US idolaters did not dare raise a point of protest or dissent. "I say, can I correct you there, old chap," is hardly likely to have been uttered as the participants, grateful to hear Kerry's honeyed words, treated themselves to a hearty helping of tea and scones.

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Pushing Hillary off the ice? FBI Sends Rich Message to Clintons

"...it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record."
© Reuters
Bill and Hillary Clinton with Democratic donor Denise Rich at a gala event in November 2000
So wrote FBI Director James Comey last week in what must be the most explosive lawyer-speak ever penned. He's being attacked for 'political interference' in the election, accused of 'siding with Putin', and has a Wall Street Journal op-ed calling for him to 'resign' because - I kid you not - ‌"Mr. Comey has lent credence to Donald Trump's toxic accusation that the system is rigged."

I wish to supplement my own writing here by stating that a coup of sorts does appear to be underway in Washington, albeit a very subtle and carefully orchestrated one, the explicit details of which will play out behind closed doors. The FBI no doubt has every bit of dirt on everyone in Washington, but because most everyone is implicated in everyone else's crimes, it must be very cautious about what it chooses to target the Clintons with.

That is apparently why the FBI chose as its next weapon against the Clinton campaign the release of 129 pages of documents relating to former President Bill Clinton's pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich in 2001. The barely plausible reason it gave for doing so was that it was merely completing a FOIA request, one that just happened to add another nail in the Clinton campaign's coffin.

This latest anti-Clinton data dump by the Feds, with its implied besmirching of the probity of the Clintons, will likely make the average undecided voter in the USA think twice about voting for Hillary, even if they don't really know who Marc Rich is. But for those with the time and inclination to probe deeper, the Marc Rich case is actually very instructive in that it goes to the heart of the Clintons' power and the recurring role of the man currently threatening that power.

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Is Clinton finished? FBI doubles down, says no evidence of Trump-Putin collusion

Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories
While the general public might be under the illusion that Russia is nothing more than a "regional power", the terrifying truth has now been revealed: Russia is a global hegemon with the unequaled power to decide who gets to be the President of the USA. Yes, that's right, the entire exceptional USA, its population and political and economic institutions, are nothing more than pawns of the Russian government, mere putty in the hands of the tyrant Putin.

This shocking claim has been repeatedly made over the past few months by the Clinton campaign and many Democrat politicians, not to mention the leading media organs on both sides of the Atlantic. Their evidence, as incontrovertible as the claim itself, is made up of repeated statements by Hillary and her minions that Putin and Trump are best buddies and that Putin has been hacking DNC emails and releasing them to the public, just to make Hillary look bad. And just when you thought that the situation couldn't get any worse, now we are told that the FBI might be compromised too. Yes, you heard that right, there are not only Reds under the FBI's bed, but FBI Director Comey might be sleeping with one.

In truth, our very way of life is in peril from this revanchist Red Menace. We must take action, and now. Elect Hillary or you'll be speaking Russian by Christmas.

Coming back to reality...

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Behind the Headlines: The Demon-Haunted Election: Vampires, Zombies and Satan's Minions Come to America

Halloween comes just in time for the U.S. presidential elections. And the stench of sulphur is so strong, Chavez is choking from his grave. Soul-sucking vampires, hoards of the undead, all led by a truly demonic ambassador from the darkest regions of the netherwold, coalesce to bring the world down with them. A scary Pied Piper Clown King is the least of our worries as the dead return to haunt the living masses. Unfortunately, this Halloween will not end on November 1st. It's just getting started, the barriers between the world of normal people and that of the unholy elite are being blasted open by the intensity of their evil emanations.

Join us for this year's Halloween special as we document the monster invasion, the zombie apocalypse, the horror show that is ... the 2016 presidential election!

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October Surprise! FBI Reopens Criminal Investigation of Hillary Over Weiner's 'Sexts' to 15 Year Old - Democrats Blame Putin

With 10 days to the election, the FBI has "reopened" their investigation of Crooked Hillary's email scandal. Given that they already let her off without a slap on the wrist (despite admitting that she did send and receive classified information, destroyed thousands of other emails, and lied repeatedly about pretty much every other relevant issue), this is a bit of a surprise. What the FBI already found should have resulted in criminal charges, so what new evidence could possibly change their minds, or make it worth notifying Congress?

Comey's letter to Congress announced the discovery of 1,000 (UPDATE: make that tens of thousands) new, potentially relevant, emails (some of which may be duplicates of those already in the FBI's possession) discovered in an unrelated investigation. While Comey didn't mention which investigation, FBI sources reportedly confirmed that the new emails were discovered on devices belonging to Anthony Weiner, husband of Killary's top aide Human Abedin.

After several years of scandals where Weiner engaged in 'sexting' (and god knows what else) with various women, Weiner and Abedin separated in August after it was revealed that Weiner had, yet again, sent lewd texts to a woman, including a picture of himself with an erection while lying in bed with his young son.

On September 21 this year, Weiner was again exposed (literally and figuratively) when the British Daily Mail published an article claiming that Weiner exchanged sexually-themed text messages with a 15-year-old girl from North Carolina. (Huma and Hillary sure have great taste in men!).

The American Thinker reports:
It was announced ten days ago that grand jury would be convened to investigate Weiner's sexting "by the end of the month." The timing of Comey's letter strongly suggests that the devices containing new emails were obtained through a grand jury subpoena, with no immunity deals or evidence destruction needed. If that is the case, further subpoenas are quite possible, a tool that was left unused in the investigation to date.

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The Health & Wellness Show: What have we done? Antibiotic resistance in the age of superbugs

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin 1928 and it became available for widespread use in 1945. Since then people have benefited from the use of antibiotics in curing infections that would have previously sent them to their graves. Now, however, this golden age is coming to an end. Top researchers state that we are entering into the post-antibiotic era. Superbugs such as MSRA and CRE are on the rise and becoming increasingly difficult -- if not downright impossible -- to treat with our current stock of antibiotics and new pharmaceutical options are few and far between.

Join us on this episode of the Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss how is it that what was once a boon for humanity has become a scourge. Does the responsibility lie with Big Pharma, Big Ag, family doctors or ourselves? Has the medical industry painted us into a corner or is the answer to antibiotic resistance to be found elsewhere?

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic is raisin toxicity in dogs.

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The Battle for Mosul: Cause for Celebration or Humanitarian Concern?

"The idea that somehow [we] should delay this operation because of others' concern about the humanitarian situation in Mosul; that doesn't make sense."

~ Josh Earnest, White House Spokesman, 22 October 2016
On October 17, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced the beginning of the long-touted military campaign aimed at retaking the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS terrorists. The announcement was met with much applause in Western and Gulf State political circles, but there are justified concerns about an imminent humanitarian disaster accompanying the campaign.

The expected atrocities from ISIS have already begun: they have already reportedly executed 284 men and boys in the Mosul area, executed 16 citizens by throwing them off a bridge and forcibly taken at least 550 families from villages around Mosul into the city to be used as human shields.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned that more than half a million children and their families face extreme danger following the launch of the operation. In a UNICEF press release, Spokesperson Peter Hawkins said "Mosul's children have already suffered immensely over the past two years. Many could be forcibly displaced, trapped between fighting lines, or caught in the cross fire."


Operation Enduring Chaos: 15+ Years of US Occupation Has Left Afghanistan in Ruins

© AFP/Shah Marai
An elderly father mourns at the grave of his son in Kabul on October 12, 2016.
Flying kites, safe and friendly neighborhoods, women in freely chosen attire attending college, watching movies at the cinema, attending festivities... these are some of the details of happy memories several of my Afghan friends and relatives recall during the 70s. If 15 years ago, the criminal and illegal US invasion of Afghanistan had not taken place, and if it weren't for the invasion of US-trained Mujahideen and if societal, infrastructural, and economic development had continued, the youngest generation of Afghans would today be making similar memories, and perhaps even better ones.

While the consensus in the mainstream media these days is that the Russians cause suffering wherever they set foot, the USSR actually helped build infrastructure (such as universities and dams) in the country before the Mujahideen started to emerge. The Soviets were forced to leave, and the country was left with a growing cancer that was intentionally induced by the West. As current US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, said during an On The Record interview that took place on July 19, 2010:
When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan we had this brilliant idea that we were going to come to Pakistan and create a force of Mujahideen and equip them with Stinger missiles and everything else to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan.

And we were successful. The Soviets left Afghanistan, and then we said; "great, good-bye!", leaving these trained people, who were fanatical, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, leaving them well-armed, creating a mess, frankly, that at the time we didn't really recognize, we were just so happy to see the Soviet Union fall and we thought "fine, we are OK now everything is going to be so much better".

Now you look back. The people we are fighting today, [al-qaeda] we were supporting in the fight against the Soviets.
Those words alone make it clear that the fate of the Afghan population was never a concern, their mission was to get the Russians out of an area that is of geopolitical interest to Clinton and her Western warmongering colleagues.

The mess that they 'mistakenly' created is one that serves their agenda well, because the US never truly left Afghanistan. To this day, the US has rooted itself all over the country and is in charge of most, if not all, military operations under the pretext that Afghanistan would be lost without them and that the situation would worsen if all troops were to be withdrawn. (That's right, Obama's "you can take that to the bank" promise to bring the troops home from Afghanistan was a lie.) A mere glimpse at the results from their 15 year occupation and the conclusion is that the Afghan population would be far better off without US 'assistance'.

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Behind the Headlines: Fake American Democracy, Imperial Hubris Russophobia and Outrageous Lies

Today on Behind the Headlines: the third presidential debate, the Project Veritas expose showing DNC operatives admitting to inciting violence at Trump rallies, Philippine President Duterte's historic visit to China, the U.S./Iraqi offensive to retake Mosul prior to the election at the same time that Russia and Syria begin a temporary ceasefire in eastern Aleppo.

The last week has been jam-packed with news, some horrifying, some entertaining, and even some that provides a tiny ray of hope.

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