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Sat, 23 Sep 2017
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State suspends license after Florida nursing home's death count reaches 10

© Jiri Hubatka / Global Look Press
Ten elderly people have now died at Florida nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma. The state suspended its license after finding "gross medical and criminal recklessness" in the care of its patients.

The Hollywood Police Department announced the death of nursing home resident Martha Murray, 94 on Thursday.

The state Agency for Health Care Administration announced Wednesday it would suspend the license of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, after previously banning the facility from admitting new patients and from receiving Medicaid.


Establishment's fear: Seeing Black Lives Matter and Trump supporters come together

© unknown
People are resisting the divide and conquer propaganda and this video of Black Lives Matter and Trump supporters coming together shows how to do it.

Over the weekend, in Washington, hundreds of Trump supporters gathered for the Mother of All Rallies event to praise their leader in the White House. Naturally, there were some folks there to counter-protest - nine Black Lives Matter activists to be exact.

This counter-protest began just like all the counter-protests before, people gathered around and began shouting in faces. "You don't like this country, you leave!" shouted one man, repeating the ill-thought-out, yet often repeated, asinine talking point - implying that people who criticize the government, should leave instead.

The Black Lives Matter members remained militant and did not stand down as they chanted "black lives matter!" over and over, while Trump supporters encircled them.

Light Saber

Engaging in necessary conflict: Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars

The psychology professor is in trouble with the transgender crowd. He is also one of the foremost thinkers of our age

After Google employee James Damore was sacked for suggesting that inborn differences in likes and dislikes (such as preferring people to things) might explain why there were fewer female employees working in technology than men, the first person he gave an interview to was a relatively unknown Canadian professor, Jordan Peterson.

To some it might seem like an odd choice. It's true that Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has a substantial online presence - his videos have had 150 million views - but all the same, Damore had the world's media knocking on his door. Why choose Peterson?


Chart Pie

What the data actually says about police violence against black men - and why the media narrative is dangerous

© Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
People protest in New York, November 25, 2014
A few days ago, former police officer Jason Stockley, who is white, was acquitted of first-degree murder; he had fatally shot Anthony Lamar Smith, who was black, in 2011. Protests started in St. Louis, where the shooting took place and Stockley was judged, immediately after the verdict was announced. Although they were initially peaceful, they soon turned violent, and dozens of protesters were arrested while several police officers were injured. Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, just outside St. Louis, in 2014, this has become a familiar pattern. This article is not about whether Stockley should have been acquitted. Instead, I want to talk about the underlying narrative regarding the prevalence of police brutality against black men in the U.S., which is largely undisputed in the media.

According to this narrative, black men are constantly harassed by the police and routinely brutalized with impunity, even when they have done nothing wrong, and there is an "epidemic of police shootings of unarmed black men." Even high-profile black celebrities often claim to be afraid of the police because the same thing might happen to them. Police brutality, or at least the possibility that one might become a victim of such violence, is supposed to be part of the experience of a typical black man in the U.S. Events such as the death of Brown in Ferguson are presented as proof that black men are never safe from the police.

This narrative is false. In reality, a randomly selected black man is overwhelmingly unlikely to be victim of police violence - and though white men experience such violence even less often, the disparity is consistent with the racial gap in violent crime, suggesting that the role of racial bias is small. The media's acceptance of the false narrative poisons the relations between law enforcement and black communities throughout the country and results in violent protests that destroy property and sometimes even claim lives. Perhaps even more importantly, the narrative distracts from far more serious problems that black Americans face.

Star of David

Russia virtually free of anti-Semitism says head of Russia's Federation of Jewish Communities

© Alexandr Kryazhev / Sputnik
Jews in the prayer room of a synagogue in the Jewish community center, Novosibirsk, during the opening ceremony
The head of Russia's Federation of Jewish Communities has told reporters that over the past years manifestations of anti-Semitism in the country have been at a minimal level and boiled down to day-to-day cases.

"As far as Russia is concerned, here we have mainly day-to-day anti-Semitism and even this is on a minimal level," Aleksandr Boroda said in an interview with Interfax.

He added that radical groups with extremist views existed everywhere in the world, including the United States, and that the current situation in European countries had prompted many European Jews to seek repatriation to Israel.

Boroda told reporters that, outside of Israel, the Jewish population in Russia of about 1 million was the second largest in the world after the United States with 5.4 million.


Teen from south London becomes 6th arrested in connection with Parsons Green terrorist attack

© Chris J Ratcliffe / AFP
A 17-year-old has been arrested in connection with the terrorist attack on Parsons Green Tube station last Friday that injured 30 people.

The teenager, from south London, has become the sixth person to be held in custody over the incident on the District Line train.

He was arrested after a warrant was executed in Thornton Heath around midnight on Thursday.

A homemade bomb partially exploded in a white bucket towards the rear of the train during rush-hour on Friday.

Comment: Explosion at London's Parsons Green station being investigated as terrorist attack [UPDATES]


Keeping their secrets safe: Government organizations have been suing citizens for making FOIA requests

The U.S. government is suing citizens requesting public records all over the country, violating the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). The government is stating that it is in "good faith" to take away more of our rights, intimidate us and delay FOIA requests, thus challenging the notion of transparency and, in turn, the Open Government Initiative.

Throughout the U.S. government, a growing number of organizations, school districts, municipalities, and state agencies have filed lawsuits against citizens for making FOIA requests to obtain public information. The governmental bodies argue that they are doing so to let the court decide a matter that isn't quite clear legally such as when the documents may be shielded by an exemption or privacy laws. But that's causing problems, and becoming a new way for governments to hide information from taxpayers and even news organizations or individual journalists.

The practice, although highly ridiculed and uncommon, has been going on for years according to Columbia Journalism Review.

Evil Rays

Man kills baby girl, then wanders streets with big, bloodied knife in Southern Russia (VIDEO)

© Похвистнево-Информ / YouTube
A man armed with a huge knife was filmed in southern Russia in a tense standoff with cops. Media said he had been wandering the streets after killing the baby daughter of his niece and injuring the mother. Police had to use firearms to arrest him.

The tragedy happened Tuesday morning in the city of Astrakhan, home to over half a million people.


Police repeatedly punch man & smash his face into the pavement for trying to help them (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

© Joce Smith / Facebook
Three investigations are underway after footage showing undercover and uniformed officers savagely beating a man who allegedly attempted to help them carry out an arrest was posted online.

"It's not a professional representation of a police officer for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police," Elizabeth Pittinger of the Citizen Police Review Board said of the incident, particularly the foul language used by the officers, according to CBS. "It should not be tolerated."

"Whether or not the use of force was reasonable, appropriate and necessary will be determined by other facts from witness accounts and other sources of information," Pittinger said.

Snakes in Suits

Parasitic overseers: Lazy Westminster peers claim millions...for doing nothing

© Kirsty Wigglesworth / AFP
A general view shows the House of Lords chamber in session at the Houses of Parliament in London.
There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you're a peer in the House of Lords, in which case there's also free air travel, train fares, taxi rides and a whole lot of taxpayer-funded perks for... well, nothing.

For years angry Britons have endured reports of wealthy, unelected Lords claiming for things they can well afford.

Yet a new report has added strength to the already bloated case for abolishing the second chamber, after it revealed millions of pounds are being paid in expenses, while Lords barely do their jobs.

In fact, one in seven Lords did not speak at all during the 2016/17 session, yet claimed £1.3 million (US$1.75 million) just for attending debates.