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Wed, 19 Sep 2018
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James O'Keefe of Project Veritas drops first video in Deep State Series: State Dept. official and Socialist Stuart Karaffa vows to "F*ck Sh*t Up" on Trump

investigative journalist James O’Keef
On Friday afternoon investigative journalist James O'Keefe teased his upcoming investigation with The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft and Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk.

O'Keefe told us on Friday about his latest investigation on the corrupt Deep State in Washington DC. The video he revealed was shocking.

James later teased his investigation to the St. Louis crowd at the Gateway Eagle Council.

Comment: See more on Project Veritas' real journalism that is working to reveal Washington in all it's ugly glory:


Elon Musk sued by British rescue diver he called a 'pedo' and 'rapist' on Twitter

Elon Musk
© Rebecca Cook / Reuters
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is being sued for libel and slander by a British rescue diver who he called "pedo guy" on Twitter following the rescue of a group of young Thai soccer players who became trapped in a cave in July.

Musk was widely criticized for making the unsubstantiated claim that the British diver, Vernon Unsworth, was a pedophile and "child rapist" on Twitter. Unsworth was a key player in the rescue of the Thai boys and Musk never provided any evidence for the seemingly random claims he made about him.

Comment: See also: US Air Force 'needs to determine the facts' about Elon Musk's on air pot smoking


Denmark set to adopt policies obliging immigrants to integrate into society

niqab copenhagen
© AP
Women in the niqab walk in front of the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg Castle, in Copenhagen.
Denmark set to adopt policies forcing immigrants to integrate into society

Danish politicians from all sides are considering controversial new integration policies to bring immigrant communities into society - by force if necessary - just weeks after the country introduced a burka ban.

Recent government proposals to be finalised by parliament over the next few weeks target Denmark's so-called "ghetto neighbourhoods" with a series of sanctions and incentives which have been given enthusiastic backing by the left-leaning opposition.

Under the proposals, children living in the targeted areas would be required by law to attend daycare for 25 hours a week to make sure they learn Danish and the country's values and customs.

Immigrant families who take their children back to their countries of origin for long periods could face prison or deportation and crimes committed in the neighbourhoods would carry heavier sentences.

Comment: Mass migration and post-modern, 'liberal', values have enabled and encouraged migrants, under guise of 'multi-culturalism', to create societies which operate parallel, and sometimes in opposition, to the host country. This was not always the case and actually runs contrary to the centuries old wisdom that integration was key. So Denmark - and many other countries across Europe - are being actually being forced to legislate what was formerly an unspoken agreement of the responsibility and expected behaviour of a migrant, who, in return, would be eventually granted citizenship: Also check out SOTT radio's: The Truth Perspective: Weapons of Mass Migration: Interview with Michael Springmann on Europe's Migrant Crisis

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UK: More than 14 million people living in poverty, major report finds

poverty uk
© Alamy
Research by the Social Metrics Commission (SMC) shows that nearly half of this cohort - 6.9 million - were living in families with a disabled person, while 4.5 million were children
More than 14 million people are living in poverty in the UK, according to a major report proposing a new measure of financial hardship which considers the impact of "inescapable" costs such as childcare and disability.

The research by the Social Metrics Commission (SMC) found that 14.2 million people were living in poverty under the new measure, of which 4.5 million were children and 1.4 million were people of pension age.

Of that total figure, 7.7 million people were found to be living in "persistent poverty", meaning they had spent all or most of the last four years or more in poverty, while 6.9 million were living in families with a disabled person.

Comment: See also:


Social contagion? Fears of copycat spread in wake of multiple accounts of strawberries contaminated with needles in Australia

© Jan Woitas / Global Look Press
Australian police are continuing their manhunt for the country's infamous strawberry saboteur as needle-contamination fears spread across the country, bringing the fruit industry to its knees.

Police in Western Australia confirmed on Monday that they are investigating the first reported case of suspected needle contamination in the state. Previously, almost a dozen incidents were reported in six brands of strawberries across six states and territories.

The crisis has spiraled since a man was hospitalized after swallowing a needle that was hidden inside a strawberry in Queensland over a week ago.

Fears of a copycat fruit saboteur emerged on Monday after police reported that a woman was caught inserting a needle into a banana in a Queensland supermarket. However, police confirmed that the woman had mental health issues and said they were treating the act as an isolated incident, with no connection to any other food contamination investigations.

It comes as New Zealand food distributors removed Australian strawberries from their shelves as a precaution, further adding to the devastation caused by the unidentified culprit.


"State of Emergency" called for North Carolina's Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Brunswick Nuclear Plant
A "state of emergency" has been declared by the staff at Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport, North Carolina. Few details are available at the moment, but the emergency is currently classified as "an unusual event" due to flooding from Hurricane Florence. If it's any comfort, the classification of "unusual event" is the lowest emergency classification in the nuke world.

Update #2: Sept. 17, 2018; 6:17 pm

The official filing with the NRC states:
"A hazardous event has resulted in on site conditions sufficient to prohibit the plant staff from accessing the site via personal vehicles due to flooding of local roads by Tropical Storm Florence."

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Anne Hathaway goes for the virtue signalling high score by denouncing 'white privilege' at star-studded gala dinner

Anne Hathaway
© Yuri Gripas / Reuters
Anne Hathaway preaching at Saturday's awards ceremony
Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway took to the stage to bash white, straight, cisgender privilege, at an awards ceremony attended by a who's-who of Democrats, celebrities, and activists.

Hathaway, who is white, married (to a man) with a son, and among the world's highest-paid actresses, told the audience at the Human Rights Campaign's National Dinner on Saturday night that she is "scared" of anti-LGBT "bigots," and that her own privilege is part of a "damaging and widely accepted myth."

"It is important to acknowledge with the exception of being a cisgender male, everything about how I was born has put me at the current center of a damaging and widely accepted myth," she said.

Then, after addressing the crowd as "ladies, gentlemen, and geltlethem," Hathaway expounded on her beliefs, seemingly gleaned from plucking pages from random social sciences tomes and mainlining the Huffington Post daily.

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Ukrainian nationalists hit reporter in face & throw eggs while police do nothing

Ukrainian prosecutors office guards
© Serg Glovny / Global Look Press
Ukrainian policemen stand guard during a protest in front the General Prosecutor's Office in Kiev, Ukraine, on 17 September 2018.
A reporter with Ukraine's NewsOne was viciously attacked by nationalists during a live report in Kiev. It happened during protests against the extradition of a Russian wanted over alleged involvement with terrorists in Syria.

The incident occurred on Monday during a nationalist rally in front of the General Prosecutor's Office building in Ukraine's capital. The journalist, Darina Bilera, was trying to do a live report from the scene when several people attacked her.

She was first pelted with eggs and other projectiles, before a woman hit Bilera in the face, forcing the NewsOne crew to retreat from the scene. The protesters accused the crew of being "pro-Russian," which can be heard on footage that has been uploaded online. Numerous riot police officers that were present near the prosecutor's office did not intervene in the incident.


Sean Penn says he's 'very suspicious' of #MeToo movement that is 'meant to divide men and women'

Sean Penn
Sean Penn shared his thoughts on the #MeToo movement this morning on the Today show.

#MeToo gained steam in October when Harvey Weinstein was accused of numerous incidents of sexual misconduct. From there, the movement brought to light allegations against other male celebrities, among them Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and Kevin Spacey.

While many Hollywood names have embraced the movement, Penn is more cautious - and even called it a "receptacle of the salacious."

"This is a movement that was largely shouldered by a kind of receptacle of the salacious," he told Natalie Morales. Penn explained the term, saying, "Well, we don't know what's a fact in many of the cases. Salacious is as soon as you call something a movement that is really a series of many individual accusers, victims, accusations, some of which are unfounded."

Comment: Finally a little common sense from someone in Hollywood! See: The war on men in the #MeToo era


Wikileaks denies claims Assange sought Russian visa in 2010 - Says source is paid FBI informant and fraudster Sigurdur Thordarson

© Associated Press
Julian Assange
WikiLeaks has denied claims that its founder Julian Assange sought a Russian visa in 2010 amid sexual misconduct allegations.

A report, published by Associated Press (AP) as an exclusive based on leaked WikiLeaks documents, alleges that Assange wrote to the Russian consulate in London to give an associate of his permission to facilitate the visa process for him.

"I, Julian Assange, hereby grant full authority to my friend, Israel Shamir, to both drop off and collect my passport, in order to get a visa," the letter stated, according to AP.

AP says the letter is part of a trove of WikiLeaks emails, chat logs, financial records, secretly recorded footage and other documents that has been leaked to it.

WikiLeaks has vehemently denied the claims, however, stating that Assange did not write the document or apply for such a visa at any stage.

Comment: Since the US has (so far) been unable to oust Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy, all forms of character assassination to diminish his credibility will have to do. Of course, if Assange had applied for a Russian visa back then, he wouldn't be imprisoned in a tower in London.