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Group of US Democrats oppose virtual Biden nomination - media

© Kevin Dietsch/Getty ImagesUS President Joe Biden on camera
The DNC's early roll call scheme is no longer necessary, the dissidents have said.

The US Democratic Party should drop plans to nominate US President Joe Biden by a virtual vote ahead of its convention in August, a group of lawmakers has argued in a letter seen by the New York Times and Politico.

The Democratic National Committee had decided in May to do an early "virtual roll call" for the presidential nomination, ostensibly to comply with an Ohio deadline for ballot access. The law has since been changed, however.

California Congressman Jared Huffman, who has reportedly been circulating the letter, said in an interview:
"It's a really bad move by the DNC. Somebody thinks it's a clever way to lock down debate and I guess by dint of sheer force, achieve unity, but it doesn't work that way."
According to the missive seen by Politico:
"There is no legal justification for this extraordinary and unprecedented action which would effectively accelerate the nomination process by nearly a month."
The signatories call it:
"A 'terrible idea' to stifle debate and prematurely shut down any possible changes to the ticket. The move could deeply undermine the morale and unity of Democrats - from delegates, volunteers, grassroots organizers and donors to ordinary voters - at the worst possible time."

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Two states defend women in sports: They are all that is standing in between truth and disaster

transgener women sports competition
© AP Photo/Samuel Metz, FileMultiple states have banned transgender student athletes from participating on the teams that align with their gender identity.
Women's sports cases head to the Supreme Court as states stand in the way of woke mandates

History, as the saying goes, is written by the winners โ€” which is why two states and female athletes represented by Alliance Defending Freedom are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to make sure that the history of women's sports is written fairly.

In 2020, Idaho passed HB 500, better known as the Fairness in Women's Sports Act, in response to a disturbing trend of school boards and athletic associations allowing males to compete against women in women's sports. A year later, West Virginia followed suit, passing and enacting HB 3293.

Just when women and girls in those states felt they could breathe a little easier knowing their athletic pursuits wouldn't be marred by lopsided competition, the ACLU stepped in to challenge the laws. Instead of a smooth sprint toward the finish line, the ACLU and the court system have thrown several hurdles at female athletes trying to ensure that their sports remain safe and fair.

Comment: It's a sign of how deranged society has been allow to take hold.


The hidden history of Robert Mueller's right-wing terror factory - Part 2

FBI motorcycle group.
© ChatGPTFBI motorcycle group.

In all my 20 years of practice, I've never seen anything like what they did to Deborah Plowman...'

The first article of this series chronicled the FBI's mid-2000s program to stage neo-Nazi rallies around the country as a means to conduct surveillance and recruit potential informants.

Those rallies were just the beginning of a sweeping multi-state investigation, Headline USA can reveal.

Indeed, after an FBI informant was exposed in 2007 for organizing a Nazi rally in Orlando the year before, the bureau launched another operation in the same area. Dubbed "Primitive Affliction," the FBI set up a neo-Nazi motorcycle front group to infiltrate Florida's right-wing underground.

Federal agencies are known to have used motorcycle front groups cases against targets such as the Hells Angels for drug- and gun-trafficking investigations. However, Headline USA is unaware of such a tactic being employed in a politically charged domestic terrorism case until Primitive Affliction.

Evil Rays

Israel: Mother murders 6-year-old son at home, attacks mall security guard with axe

© ZAKAFirst responders at the scene of a suspected murder of a 6-year-old boy in Herzliya on July 16, 2024. Woman arrested on suspicion of murdering son, 6, attacking security guard with axe Police believe that after killing her young boy, mother in Herzliya headed to mall, where she was caught on video dripping with blood and wielding an axe she used to attack a guard.
A woman is suspected of murdering her 6-year-old son in their apartment in Herzliya before heading to a mall in the city armed with an axe and attacking a security guard outside.

The body of the child was discovered in the home in Herzliya by police on Tuesday evening. A large number of officers were called to the site of the presumed murder, police said in a statement.

The discovery of the body appeared to come after the suspect was arrested outside a mall following an altercation with a security guard.

Comment: Lately, it seems that when disturbing incidents such as this occur, they're tending to happen in clusters:


Church of England to Advise Teachers to Challenge 'Outdated Terms' on Biological Sex

Archbishop of Canterbury
The statements are in the document Flourishing For All, which is backed by Justin Welby , Archbishop of Canterbury (pictured), and tells teachers to challenge 'outdated terms'
Church of England advice for teachers has been criticised for pushing the gender ideology that a person's sex is 'assigned' at birth rather than a biological fact.

Guidance set to be issued to thousands of schools states that a transgender man is someone 'who was assigned female at birth but identifies and lives as a man', and a transgender woman 'was assigned male at birth but identifies and lives as a woman'.

The statements are in the document Flourishing For All, which is backed by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, and tells teachers to challenge 'outdated terms'.

About a million children attend 4,630 Anglican schools.
Last night, critics condemned the proposed guidance.

Comment: See also:


'Monetizing fear': Bird flu summit a 'trade show for biodefense industry'

Bird Flu Summit
Organizers of the International Bird Flu Summit to be held this fall in Washington, D.C., are planning sessions to discuss preparedness and response countermeasures โ€” including mass vaccination and quarantine efforts.

The summit โ€” organized by the privately held company SyllabusX โ€” targets a wide audience: public health officials, international agencies and organizations, public policymakers, the pharmaceutical industry, scientists, researchers, and stakeholders in industries such as poultry production, livestock, diagnostics, food safety and healthcare.

"With the emergence of a highly virulent strain of bird flu affecting both cattle and humans," the event's website states, "it is imperative that we come together to discuss preparedness, response strategies, and the future implications of this evolving situation."

SyllabusX did not respond when The Defender asked who hired the company to organize the summit.


During the crisis, free speech worked brilliantly on X

smashing tv
There is only one major social media platform that is relatively free of censorship. That is X, once known as Twitter, and owned by Elon Musk, who has preached free speech for years and sacrificed billions in advertising dollars in order to protect it. If we don't have that, he says, we lose freedom itself. He also maintains that it is the best path to finding the truth.

The crisis that broke out after the attempt on Donald Trump's life put the principle in motion. I was posting regular updates and never censored. I'm not aware of anyone who was. We were getting second-by-second updates in real time. The videos were flying along with every conceivable rumor, many false and then corrected, alongside free speech "spaces" in which everyone was sharing their views.

During this time, Facebook and its suite of services fell silent, consistent with the new ethos of all these platforms. The idea is to censor all speech until it is absolutely confirmed by officials and then permit only that which is consistent with the press releases.

Comment: Too bad X isn't as good with subjects concerning a certain genocidal country in the Middle East.


The Surrender

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough
© MSNBCMika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Morning Joe
In the wake of a fatal shooting and attempted assassination of Donald Trump, a series of reversals may mark the beginning of a new political era

The decision was announced at a White House briefing Monday morning. "In light of this weekend's events, the president has directed me to work with the Secret Service to provide protection to Robert Kennedy Jr.," was the quote from Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas.

It's difficult to read the line "in light of this weekend's events" and not see an admission on the part of the White House that Secret Service protection was previously being denied to Kennedy, Jr. for political reasons, or out of spite, if those are even two different things in this era. Whatever the original prerogative was for pushing the envelope with that denial, it seems to have been removed by series of paradigm-shattering news events, leading to a flurry of real and symbolic surrenders.

Comment: MSNBC yanks anti-Trump 'Morning Joe' off air following assassination attempt


Major failure at southern Russia's largest nuclear plant, 1 power unit shut down

Rostov Nuclear Power Plant
FILE: Rostov Nuclear Power Plant
A major failure occurred at the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The automation system shut down one of the power units due to a malfunction in the turbogenerator, the press service of Rosatom told RIA Novosti. The state corporation assured that the radiation background was normal.

However, due to the failure at the NPP, the power supply was disrupted in southern Russia, including in Krasnodar and populated areas on the Black Sea coast. The region introduced consumption restrictions of 1.5 GW, the Ministry of Energy reported. This was done in order to maintain the stability of the energy system, the department clarified. Restoration work is underway. By 17:00, the volume of restrictions was reduced by 500 MW.

According to the Unified Dispatch Service, more than 100 electrical substations failed in Krasnodar, and about 100 streets were left without power on July 16. The main outages occurred in the Prikubansky and Zapadny districts. Trams and trolleybuses stopped in the city. About 150 traffic lights are not working, Kubanskiye Novosti reports. Cellular communications and the Internet are lost. Residents of Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and Maikop also report power outages.

Comment: Al Arabiya reports that the cause of the malfunction is still under investigation.

Whilst this may have a more mundane explanation, given the increased sabotage incidents in Russia, the demonstrable capability of cyberattacks to affect the functioning of industry, and the escalation of these kinds of incidents across the planet, this seems to be worth noting.

Piggy Bank

AI's rapid growth threatens energy industry and economy

AI robot
The growth of Artificial Intelligence has come on so strong and so fast that it threatens to destabilize the energy industry, the economy, and the climate.

Last week, Google stated that its carbon emissions have skyrocketed by a whopping 48 percent over the last five years. "AI-powered services involve considerably more computer power - and so electricity - than standard online activity, prompting a series of warnings about the technology's environmental impact," the BBC reported Thursday. Indeed, a recent study from scientists at Cornell University finds that generative AI systems like ChatGPT use up to 33 times more energy than computers running task-specific software. Furthermore, each AI-powered internet query consumes about ten times more energy than traditional internet searches.

Comment: Don't count on AI to solve the problems it indirectly creates. At the end of the day, humanity itself will likely be the "problem" AI seeks to "solve".