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Tue, 30 Aug 2016
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Southwest flight to Orlando makes emergency landing after inflight explosion to engine

© ooh_969 / Instagram
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 with 99 people aboard made an emergency landing after an inflight explosion ravaged the plane's left engine. No casualties were reported.

"It was just a big explosion," a passenger who was aboard the plane told KOCO 5 news outlet.

"I saw parts flapping in the wind because it was right outside my window," the woman added.

The plane had to divert after starting from New Orleans Pensacola airport en route to Orlando.

Comment: Some other aircraft related incidents in recent times include: Planes suddenly 'disappearing' from radar, sometimes in "unprecedented" blackouts; more planes diverting due to "electrical burning and smoke smells", dramatic evacuations following 'catastrophic' engine failure, "engine fires" and plane wings "bursting into flames".

Penis Pump

Just doing their job: Porn now featured on FBI-seized Megaupload site

© Nigel Marple / Reuters
Kim Dotcom
FBI-owned Megaupload.org, the domain that feds seized from Kim Dotcom, is now serving something hotter than the movies it used to offer. It is now full of ads for porn and other 18+ entertainment.

Since a criminal investigation was launched against New Zealander Kim Dotcom, who is still wanted in the US, the FBI took control of some of the company's assets as well as Megaupload's former domain names, including Megastuff.co, Megaclicks.org, Megaworld.mobi, Megaupload.com, Megaupload.org, and Megavideo.com.

Until recently, they were all featuring the same thing - a banner that informed the visiting audience that the domains were seized as part of a criminal investigation.

Comment: The FBI just can't seem to get it right. Read:

FBI secretly took over child porn site in 2015, distributing child porn and improving web site performance in 'Playpen' case


Rocket attack reported at Diyarbakir Airport in Turkey

© ILKHA-Ilke News Agency
Diyarbakır Airport.
Passengers at Diyarbakir Airport, in the southeast Turkish province of the same name, have sought shelter in a terminal building after an apparent rocket attack, local media report. The airport is used for both military and civilian purposes.

Four rockets were fired by suspected Kurdish militants, Dogan news agency said. A police checkpoint outside the VIP lounge was hit.

The casualties are unknown at this time. But all the passengers and airport staff have been moved inside the terminal building.

Meanwhile, another report by broadcaster NTV said the rockets hit an area of wasteland nearby.

There were no injuries or disruptions to flights due to the rocket attack in the city, Diyarbakir Governor Huseyin Aksoy told broadcaster NTV.

Che Guevara

In a never before heard comedy skit, George Carlin hammers the Police State

© Unknown
Eight years after his death, the immortal words of Carlin live on in YouTube videos, audio books, CDs, DVDs, and even on VHS. However, no new material has come out since his death — until now.

Last week, the Free Thought Project spoke with Jeff Abraham, who represented Carlin the last 11 years of his remarkable life.

"George's daughter, Kelly, brought in someone last year to go through the Carlin Archives and see if there was material suitable for release," Abraham told the Free Thought Project. "And this became the first one."

A sample of the audio was released last week, highlighting Carlin's "darkest" material, titled I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die.

However, Vulture.com was given another snippet — a far more powerful one.

In the brief clip, Carlin rails against cops, noting that "you don't help the police. They are not on your side."

While some of the clip is obvious hyperbole, there is truth in what Carlin says. We will link to examples of what Carlin mentions in the transcript below, just to help him prove his point.


Australians demand end to govt overseas refugee camps

© twitter.com
Aussi rally in Sydney to close camps.
Protesters across Australia have been holding rallies to force the government to close all of its overseas refugee centers, demanding that all asylum seekers be housed in Australia. Separate demonstrations are set to take place in London and Tokyo.

The "Close the camps, Bring them here" rallies took place in seven Australian citieson Saturday. Thousands of protesters gathered in Sydney carrying banners reading "Seeking asylum is not a crime - close the camps now!" and "close Manus, close Nauru." Other demonstrators held up placards saying "Bring them here, they can stay at mine!" and "I can't believe we are still having to protest this sh*t," as they marched towards Sydney Town Hall. A large protest also took place in Melbourne, where a heavy police presence was visible.

The protesters had already won a partial victory when Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill announced that his country had agreed with Australia to close the controversial Manus Island detention center. However, the 854 asylum seekers there still face an uncertain future. Australia's immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said they will not be resettled in Australia, explaining "We're talking to third countries at the moment to look at settlement options," according to ABC.

The Australian public has been shocked by revelations that systematic abuse against children and adults has been taking place at the overseas refugee camps run by their government.

Comment: See also:


Video intifada: IDF atrocity videos expose Israeli bigotry - Palestinians need more cameras

Jamila Jabbar holding a knife seconds before she is shot near the Israeli settlement of Ariel in occupied territories
If I were in charge of the Palestinian hasbara budget I would spend it all on video cameras. The recent outbreak of the video intifada has done more to show the relationship between the occupier and the occupied than anything before.

Each of these videos tells the same story, with no ambiguity, that no hasbara can contend with, that no obfuscation can camouflage. These videos are the best answer to Benjamin Netanyahu and Jeffrey Goldberg. They show evil and cruelty by Israeli Defense Forces soldiers towards Palestinians.

While the world is clearly deaf it might turn out to be more difficult for the world to be blind, to this video of Mustafa Adel Al-Khatib, 17, being shot in the back and killed in the Old City last year.


Police State: Recording police officers gets citizen journalists put in jail

© Mike Segar / Reuters
Police practices are under fire as more and more recordings of excessive force and racist behavior surface. Some police departments have responded by trying to work with communities to regain trust lost, while others try to silence whistleblowers.

The availability of smartphones and cameras has empowered citizens to become guerrilla journalists who feel protected by the First Amendment. However, many have been shocked to discover revealing police misconduct may result in being targeted and harassed by law enforcement.

Comment: See also:


Bangladesh kills suspected dual-Canadian citizen mastermind of cafe attack

© Indian express file
The Islamic State's Amaq News Agency said the attack on the restaurant was carried out by "Islamic State commandos,'' according to the SITE Intelligence Group which monitors jihadist activity.
Bangladesh police have shot dead three suspected militants, including the alleged mastermind of an attack on a cafe in which 20 civilians, mostly foreign nationals, died.

Police officer Sanowar Hossain confirmed to local media on August 27 that Tamim Chowdhury, the Bangladeshi-Canadian citizen believed to be behind the attack, was dead.

A gunfight erupted early August 27 when police raided a militant hideout in Narayanganj, 20 kilometers east of the capital, Dhaka.

Chowdhury, who returned from Canada in 2013, has been leading the banned Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh, which police say carried out the cafe attack in which 18 foreigners were shot and hacked to death in the country's worst terror attack.

Police said nine Italians, seven Japanese, two Bangladeshis, an Indian, and a U.S. citizen were killed during the attack.

Bangladesh has seen a spat of killings over the past 18 months targeting liberals or members of minority groups -- killings the government blames on two home-grown groups, JMB and Ansar Al-Islam, which pledge allegiance to Al-Qaeda.

Comment: Flashback:


Police whistleblower finally vindicated after raid on home ruled unconstitutional

© exposedat.in
Police officer Wayne Anderson took a risk when he shared evidence of corruption in the Terrebonne Sheriff's Office. He was finally vindicated, however, when the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a raid on his home was unconstitutional.

A unanimous decision handed down from the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals found that a raid on Anderson's home was unconstitutional, as the rationale for it contained a fatal flaw.

Two computers and five cellphones were confiscated from his home under the premise that he was breaking the law with defamation. He was not, the court found.

Comment: In this case justice prevailed.

Alarm Clock

Swiss court will review Russian Paralympic Committee's appeal on the illegal and immoral blanket ban on Russian athletes

© Vladimir Trefilov / Reuters
Mikhail Terentiev, chairman of the National Society for the Disabled
The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) is set to learn on Monday whether its appeal against the decision by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to ban all Russian athletes from the Rio 2016 Paralympics has been successful.

Member of the IPC and RPC Mikhail Terentiev has told R-Sport that Russia's appeal against the decision will be reviewed at the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland on August 29.

On August 7, IPC chief Philip Craven announced that the committee had unanimously decided to prevent all Russian athletes from taking part in this summer's Paralympics and was withdrawing Russia's membership of the IPC due to the ongoing doping scandal.

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