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Thu, 28 Jul 2016
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Bangladesh police raid kill nine militants with suspected ties to Islamic State

© BBC Bengali
Police in Bangladesh have killed nine suspected Islamist militants after a gun battle in Dhaka, officials said.

Police were searching the residential area of Kallyanpur when they were attacked by handmade bombs.

Bangladesh has seen a string of deadly attacks on secular writers, bloggers, and member of religious minorities.

Earlier this month 20 people, mostly foreigners, were killed in a bloody attack on an upmarket cafe in Dhaka.

It was not immediately clear which group the suspected militants killed on Tuesday were part of. One suspect was taken into custody by police.


Fukushima to Pokémon Go: 'Stop sending monsters into radioactive areas!'

© Eugene Hoshiko, AP
People gaze at their smartphones as they play "Pokemon Go" at Akihabara district in Tokyo, Friday, July 22, 2016. The wait is over for "Pokemon Go" fans in Japan. Users began tweeting it was available Friday morning, and the Pokemon Co. and the developer of the augmented reality game, U.S.-based Niantic Inc., confirmed its launch shortly after.
Energy officials in Japan are finding that the augmented reality smartphone game Pokémon Go and nuclear power plants do not mix.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (Tepco) has reached out to San Francisco software development company Niantic and the Tokyo-based Pokémon Company in an attempt to get them to prevent monsters from appearing in areas radioactively affected by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown of 2011.

Although so far, no game-playing trespassers have yet been reported onsite in Tepco's three major power plants (one being the dangerous Fukushima No. 1, damaged by a catastrophic earthquake), Japanese officials nonetheless became worried that they would see straying gamers attempt to catch virtual reality monsters in dangerous radiation zones after three teenagers found their way inside an Ohio plant.

Although a spokesperson for Tepco would not comment as to whether any Pokémon had been found in any nuclear facilities, The Japan Times reports that "Pokemon characters did pop up inside the compounds of some Tepco nuclear plants."

Comment: You would think that people would have enough sense to not play in radioactive areas, but it is apparent that minds are shutting off left and right, paying no attention to reality whatsoever.

Star of David

IDF demolitions ramp up, cause dozens of Palestinians to be left homeless, protester clashes

© Mohamad Torokman / Reuters
Rubble of a Palestinian house, West Bank village of Qalandia.
Israel has stepped up its demolition of Palestinian homes this year, with the IDF destroying 11 more houses on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Tuesday. The total number of bulldozed buildings in 2016 could become the highest in a decade. At least 44 people were left homeless, including 11 children, according to leading Israeli human rights group Bt'Selem. One of the homes destroyed on Tuesday was a two-story building. The demolished homes were located in Qalandiya, near Jerusalem.

The reason behind the demolitions is said to be the lack of proper building permits for the houses. However, it is almost impossible for Palestinians to receive permits in the part of the West Bank that is under full Israeli control - which happens to be about 60 percent of the territory, according to the UN. Authorities did not comment directly as to why the homes were demolished. Two of the destroyed homes were considered part of the occupied West Bank and nine were part of annexed East Jerusalem, Bt'Selem said.

Tuesday's move brings the total of bulldozed homes to 89 this year in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This is more than the whole of last year, which saw 74 homes destroyed, and higher than any other year over the last decade except for 2013, when 175 homes were brought down.

Comment: They do it because they can. No one is stopping them.


Decadence of empire: 'A-list' Hollywood sex party club coming to New York

Truth is more disturbing than fiction.
Erotic members-only club Snctm — LA's exclusive "theater of sexuality" — is bringing its "Eyes Wide Shut" parties to New York City and the Hamptons.

The private club, which holds monthly erotic parties in the Holmby Hills neighborhood, will start a quarterly party in Manhattan during Fashion Week on Sept. 10.

Snctm club owner Damon Lawner is now scouting for locations in New York, and tells us he is looking for a private townhouse or a loft for his members, who he says include A-list actors, models, top lawyers and CEOs of public companies. Lawner also plans to throw a party in a discreet mansion in the Hamptons on Sept. 16.

Lawner told Page Six of his parties — which have been profiled on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop and are the subject of an upcoming HBO doc — "Guests have to be masked when they enter the party; men wear tuxes and women wear elegant gowns or lingerie; but after midnight, masks and other items of clothing fall off. The first few hours are about mystique and intrigue. This is not a sex party — it is erotic theater. We have performances. Some just watch while others want to indulge."

He continued, "I have never been to a swingers party or a sex party. What interests me is the conversation about sexuality and the artistry of erotica. It's all consensual."

Comment: You can put lipstick on a pig however much you like, Lawner, but it's still a pig.


46 arrested at #PhilandoCastile protest against police brutality outside residence of Minnesota governor

© Adam Bettcher / Reuters
Black Lives Matter Minnesota protests the police shooting death of Philando Castile with members of the American Teachers Federation, Minneapolis teachers union and St Paul teachers union leading to 21 arrests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 19, 2016.
At least 46 activists protesting against police brutality outside the residence of the Minnesota governor have been arrested over charges varying from unlawful assembly to public nuisance and disorderly conduct.

Demonstrators have been camping in front of the governor's mansion on St. Paul's Summit Avenue since July 7 to protest the death of African-American man Philando Castile, 32, who was shot dead by a police officer during a traffic stop.

Top Secret

Officer Michael Kelley involved in the Sandra Bland arrest claims he was forced into silence

Sandra Bland's death in a jail cell has shined a light on the police departments involved in her arrest, but one officer claims he knew more than he was allowed to say and blames the district attorney for keeping him silent.

In a recorded conversation with activist DeWayne Charleston, Prairie View police officer Michael Kelley claims that he had wanted to share certain information about Bland's arrest, but was scared into silence.

Comment: The murder of Sandra Bland and America's 'color revolution'


DNC Walkout - Over half the DNC audience marched out on Hillary

© Twitter
The People have spoken: they won't choose Hillary Clinton.

What is the Democratic Party going to do without half of their voters? The DNCWalkout is going to destroy them.

In what looks to actually be the death of the Democratic Party thousands of DNC attendees marched out of the Convention during Hillary's speech.

This is an exhilarating time to be alive. 2016 is the year that America took its power back from the Establishment.

Super Delegates have stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders and tried to do the same to Donald Trump. The only difference was that Trump won by such a large margin that the GOP could not get away with stealing the Republican nomination from him.

Both parties' delegates were quoted saying the will of the people don't matter. The only thing that the establishment cares about is what the establishment wants. Tonight they learned that the people will not go along with that.

It will be hard to win a presidential election with only 25% of the nation's voters backing Hillary.

Comment: We won't be holding our breath that Killary won't still be "selected".


Daesh destruction: At least 44 killed, over 170 injured in terrorist attack in Qamishli, Syria

© REUTERS/ Rodi Said
At least 44 people were killed and more than 170 injured in a terrorist attack in Syria's Qamishli, the TV channel Al Mayadeen reports.

​A truck carrying explosives has detonated in the western part of Qamishli, an area controlled by the Kurds.

​Daesh has claimed the responsibility for the attack, local media report.


Clear warning: Russia's Federal Security Service monitors over 220 potential suicide bombers

© Igor Zarembo / Reuters
Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) is monitoring over 220 potential domestic suicide bombers. It also follows people involved in recruiting candidates for "living bombs" and preparing terrorist acts involving proxy bombers, the agency's head reveals.

"There are over 220 potential "pseudo-Shakhids [suicide bombers]" under operative supervision in Russia. FSB officers are systematically exposing persons involved in the preparation of kamikaze bombers and staging terrorist acts involving them," FSB chief Aleksandr Bortnikov said at a meeting of the heads of the security and law enforcement agencies' secret services, which began in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.

FSB has also issued international arrest warrants seeking to detain some 260 terrorist suspects with Russian passports currently residing abroad and actively involved in terrorist activities.

No Entry

No means no!: Alberta judge delivers blistering rebuke of lower court sex-assault decision

Justice Juliana Topolniski has overturned a ruling in a sexual-assault case made earlier this year by provincial court judge Michael Savaryn.
'The requirement that a complainant raise the hue and cry has long since passed into the mists of time'

An Alberta Court of Queen's Bench justice has overturned a teen's acquittal on a sexual assault charge and delivered a blistering rebuke of a lower court judge she said did not understand the law.

In a seven-page ruling, Justice Juliana Topolniski used a series of scorching short sentences to explain that the issue of consent is "not a difficult concept."

"It is long beyond debate that, in Canada, no means no," Topolniski wrote. "Consent means yes.

"The word 'no' does not mean 'yes.' The word 'no' coupled with fending off an attacker with a water bottle does not mean 'yes.'

"There is nothing ambiguous about it."

Acquittal in sex-assault case

In April, provincial court judge Michael Savaryn found a 15-year-old boy not guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year old girl. The names of both the accused and the complainant are covered by a publication ban.

Topolniski overturned the acquittal and convicted the teen. She not only ordered the boy back to provincial court for sentencing, she asked the court to ensure that Savaryn is not the judge who will ultimately sentence the teen.

Comment: Now imagine that there are many thousands of pathological judges and individuals in positions of power world-wide - like court judge Michael Savaryn is - and you have some better idea of how far gone Western society and civilization is.