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Fri, 28 Apr 2017
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Full scale terror attack drill to be held in D.C. amid North Korea standoff

With belligerent posturing between Pyongyang and Washington soaring to nuclear levels in mere weeks — and admonishments from world leaders to employ restraint seemingly gone unnoticed — disaster preparedness training demands an urgency not seen since the end of the Cold War.

Operation Gotham Shield, an interagency exercise to prepare officials and emergency personnel for the unlikely event an enemy State detonates a nuclear bomb in the skies over New York City, is slated to conclude Wednesday.

That same day, President Trump has called a meeting with top military and defense officials, and, 'unusually', the entire Senate over North Korea.

Wednesday also kicks off a full-scale preparedness drill of a different sort — one, strangely, not focused on the growing potentiality the U.S. may be forced to cope with nuclear war inside its borders; but, instead, addresses a familiar, if nebulous, adversary. Terrorism.


No conviction for German 'vigilantes' who beat up & tied refugee to tree

© schwerdbleede78 / YouTube
‘Vigilantes’ dragging Iraqi refugee out of store in Arnsdorf, Germany.
Four men who punched and tied a mentally ill Iraqi refugee to a tree in Germany last year walked free from court after a judge found them not guilty of any significant offense. Critics fear the case will send a "dangerous signal" to vigilante groups.

The four men were acquitted of any charges on Monday. While the investigation of the incident lasted almost a year, the hearings were concluded in just one day.

The defendants punched the victim, an Iraqi man who had refugee status, before kicking him out of a store and then tying him to a tree in the eastern German town of Arnsdorf in May 2016.

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Wild boars attack ISIS base in Iraq killing three jihadists

Now if only the US military would start fighting ISIS then we might make some progress.

Wild boars are joining the fight against ISIS, and doing a good job killing the US-Saudi backed jihadists.

Somewhere in America John McCain is pissed off to see wild boars defeat his ISIS army.

Reports are coming in that wild boars attacked an ISIS base in the al-Rashad region of Kirkuk late Sunday.

According to IraqiNews, three members of ISIS were left dead by the boar attack.

Star of David

Jewish "anti-Semite-for-hire" charged with 100 bomb threats against Jewish facilities

© AP Photo/ Nir Keidar
Self-hating Jew.
On Monday a court in Jerusalem charged a teenager with dual citizenship in the US and Israel, with making 100 bomb threats against Jewish institutions in in the country, part of an estimated 2000 bomb threats worldwide the youth made for hire against organizations.

The unnamed teenager is also charged with attempted blackmail against Delaware Republican state Senator Ernesto Lopez, after the latter condemned the bomb threats. The teenager arranged to have illegal drugs delivered to the senator's house in an attempt to run him afoul of the law.

The Israeli Justice Ministry claimed that the teen intended to sow widespread discord and panic by continuously causing emergency teams to respond to the false threats, as well as by causing evacuations, searches and other disruptions, according to the Jerusalem Post. As a result many flights were canceled or subjected to emergency landings.

The teenager is also accused of using the internet to sell access to proprietary or sensitive data, and offered his services to place threats against locations (including police stations, schools, and airports) chosen by anonymous buyers, who paid him in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

Comment: We wonder who those "anonymous buyers" might have been... Who benefits from the fake narrative that "anti-Semitism" is on the rise?

RT has more info:
Michael Ron David Kadar ... has been held in Israel since his March 23 arrest following an investigation by the FBI and Israeli police. His crimes were committed over the Internet from Israel, according to reports, at times using computers in other countries.

He's accused of using a powerful antenna to harness nearby Wi-Fi routers and employed voice-masking techniques to make the threats.

On April 21, Kadar was charged in US federal court in Florida with 28 counts of threatening calls and false information. He was also charged with three counts of cyberstalking in an indictment out of federal court in Georgia.

Kadar was not named in the Israeli indictment based on his age when the offenses occurred, but he was named in the US indictment.
Kadar attempted to extort money from Delaware state Senator Ernesto Lopez and threatened to kidnap and kill the children of George Little, a former Pentagon and CIA spokesman, according to prosecutors.

Kadar also is accused of targeting several British Jewish schools from February 2016 to March 2017. The Jewish Museum in London was evacuated in February after a bomb threat that officials said was connected to Kadar.
Kadar is accused of calling 48 police stations with fake emergencies, claiming people were being held hostage at certain addresses. He also threatened the Israel consulate in Miami, Florida, and a hospital in New Jersey.

Kadar's lawyer says he "suffers from a brain tumor that may have had an effect on his cognitive functions."

"This is a young person that because of his very, very serious medical condition didn't serve in the army, didn't go to high school, didn't go to elementary school," said Galit Bash, according to CBS News.

His lawyer has also said Kadar has a high IQ but very low emotional intelligence. His American-born mother told Israel's Channel 2 that Kadar has autism.

"He can't control it," she said, according to BBC News. "He can't think straight."

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Paris mosque fail: Endorses Macron over Le Pen - "because fascism"?

© Pascal Rossignol / Reuters
The election run off will take place on May 7.
Supporters of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen wasted no time in canvassing support just a day after the opening round of the presidential election. The Grande Mosque in Paris put out a call to followers to vote "massively" for Macron in May's run-off.

"Respecting the republican values ​​and the strict application of the principles of secularism, embodies the path of hope and confidence in the spiritual and citizenship of the nation," read a statement from the mosque, one of the largest in France.

Supporters of Macron have called on the French public to embrace the candidate they believe has the ability to silence the views of the far-right, represented by presidential rival Le Pen and the National Front party.

Comment: "Path of hope"? Try path of "more war, more refugees, more anti-immigrant backlash, more dead Muslims, and more Islamophobia". That's what Macron will bring you.

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Political persecution: Filmmaker finally learns why she had to endure airport interrogation stops for years

© AP Photo/John Minchillo
In this April 11, 2014 file photo, filmmaker Laura Poitras smiles after arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Poitras’ travel nightmare began a decade ago when the award-winning documentary filmmaker started getting detained at airports every time she tried to step foot back in the United States. She would be stopped without explanation more than 50 times on foreign trips and dozens of times during domestic travel. Only now is Poitras beginning to unravel the mystery, which starts on a bloody day in Baghdad in 2004.
Laura Poitras' travel nightmare began more than a decade ago when the award-winning filmmaker started getting detained at airports every time she tried to set foot back in the United States.

She was stopped without explanation more than 50 times on foreign travel, and dozens more times on domestic trips, before the extra searches suddenly stopped in 2012. Only now is Poitras beginning to unravel the mystery, which goes back to a bloody day in Baghdad in 2004.

Time after time, airport authorities searched her baggage, rummaged through her electronics and quizzed her for hours about her trips.

In Germany, she was told her name lights up "like a Christmas tree" when security officials scan flight rosters. In Austria, she was told her threat score was "400 out of 400."

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Number of migrant criminal suspects jumps 53% in Germany

© Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters
The number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany surged by more than 50 percent last year, interior ministry data has revealed. The figures could potentially boost the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party ahead of the federal election.

According to the figures cited by Reuters, the number of suspects classed as immigrants rose to 174,438 last year, representing a jump of 52.7 percent from the previous year. Migrants accounted for 8.6 percent of all crime suspects in the country, up from 5.7 percent in 2015.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said crimes committed by refugees "increased disproportionately" in 2016 and warned that "those who commit serious offenses here forfeit their right to stay here."

He went on to state that one reason for the high crime rate among migrants was likely their accommodation situation as many were living in makeshift shelters or sharing crowded rooms in 2016, following the refugee crisis which saw more than one million new arrivals in Germany over the past two years.


Inhuman! Officers deprive man water in solitary for 7 days — Dehydrate him to death

There's very little doubt among critics as to whether or not solitary confinement is torture. Nevertheless, the practice continues throughout many of the nation's prisons. But when solitary confinement is combined with deprivation of the basic necessities of life, like water, a murder can take place. That's what many people are calling what happened at the Milwaukee County Jail to Terrill Thomas.

According to the Journal Sentinel, "Thomas started the weeklong stretch at the Milwaukee County Jail belligerent and loud, the result of an untreated mental illness, prosecutors said. But as the days wore on, he grew weak and dehydrated. He lost nearly 35 pounds and turned quiet, never asking for or receiving medical attention."

After entering his eighth day without water, Thomas succumbed to his dehydration and passed away in his jail cell where personnel found him unresponsive. The incident took place in April of 2016, but today decisions are being made regarding who was culpable in his death.

Milwaukee prosecutors are conducting an inquest into whether or not charges should be filed against those government employees who were supposed to keep him safe, as well as healthy.


Clueless British MP's review 'two-tier' asylum system that leave refugees homeless and destitute

© Eddie Keogh / Reuters
A cross-party group of MPs is calling for a review of the 'two-tier' asylum system amid concerns that thousands of refugees face destitution and homelessness upon arriving in the UK.

The all-party parliamentary group on refugees said that while asylum seekers who arrive in Britain through resettlement schemes enjoy certain advantages, those who are given refugee status lack basic support.

Although both refugees and those under humanitarian protection have fled persecution in the same way, they are not given equal treatment. The MPs are calling on the government to appoint a minister to redress this imbalance.

Up to 50,000 refugees are thought to have arrived to the UK as refugees in 2012, while a mere 10,000 were granted protection through resettlement schemes in the same period.

Comment: Here's another solution: Stop imposing neoliberal economic shock therapy on the countries these people are coming from. And for goodness sake, stop supporting the so-called humanitarian war efforts at changing other countries' governments. In other words, stop supporting merry old England's policy of bombing their schools, hospitals, housing and infrastructure to kingdom come. Stop doing these things and you won't have to think about the injustice of a 'two tier' asylum system - you bunch of bureaucratic, technocratic, pathocratic nitwits!!


FakeNews: Jihadists mourn after Russians bomb their favorite underground bunker hospital

Our sources tell us the bunker hospital was treating 3,000 Syrian babies in incubators who were being treated for Sarin poisoning.
Russia accused of war crimes after bombing a cave from the Bible

Russia successfully vaporized an Al Qaeda training camp in Idlib Province, Syria, earlier this week.

This is of course completely unacceptable.

Now the 'moderate rebels' have harnessed the power of Twitter to spread stories about Russia barrel-bombing Idlib cat sanctuaries.

The latest allegation: Russia bombed an underground 'hospital', according to very unreliable sources.