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Wed, 24 Jan 2018
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Proportion of Russians condemning abortion has tripled in 20 years amid overall strengthening of traditional family values

russians anti-abortion

"Children are not trash"
The proportion of Russian citizens who consider abortion unacceptable has tripled over the course of the past 20 years, from 12% to 35%. The number that condemns adultery and same-sex relationships has also significantly increased, according to data from a recent Levada Center sociological survey. According to experts, the change in public opinion attests to the strengthening of traditional family values, Pravoslavie.ru reports.

The nationwide survey held in late December 2017 showed that the majority of Russians (68%) condemn extramarital sexual relations, while only 50% condemned it in 1998. The 2017 number includes 77% of women and 57% of men.

Those disapproving of homosexual relationships increased from 68 to 83% in the same time period, with only a 1% difference between men and women.

Comment: See also:

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Plague of rats: Parisian rubbish collectors warn highly aggressive rats have invaded the banks of the Seine

Paris rat infestation
© Urs Flueeler / EyeEm
Paris dustmen sound alarm over plague of rats on banks of river Seine

Paris rubbish collectors have released a video to sound the alarm over a plague of rats that have invaded the banks of the Seine, claiming that the rodents now pose a physical threat to dustmen.

Shot last month between the tourist landmark of the Musée d'Orsay and the Pont Royal, the film shows a huge group of the large vermin desperately trying to escape from a deep plastic municipal rubbish bin.

The dustman who shot the film, known only as David, can be heard shouting: "Look in the bin, there are a million rats!"

He said colleagues were so overwhelmed, they simply shut the bin and "crushed" all the rats in their garbage truck.

The "horror" scene was, according to the municipal collector, far from a one-off.

"For the past year, we've seen a proliferation of rats in all the arrondissements on the banks of the Seine," the dustman told Le Parisien, the French capital's daily newspaper. He said the situation was no longer tenable "both for Parisians and tourists who come to visit the most beautiful city in the world".

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Canadian billionaire couple linked to Clinton Foundation found dead in double murder - Update: Crime was 'contract killing'

Honey and Barry Sherman.
© Reuters
Honey and Barry Sherman.
The owner of the Canadian pharmaceutical giant Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife were found dead at their home under suspicious circumstances. Reports say their bodies were "hanging side by side" next to their pool.

The bodies of Bernard Sherman, 75, also known as Barry, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found around Friday noon in their mansion in the North York district of Toronto by the police, who arrived in answer to a 911 call.

Police did not say who made the call, while the National Post reported that the bodies were initially discovered by a real estate agent, who came to the couple's luxury mansion, which is currently up for sale.

The paper also said that the bodies were "found hanging side by side next to their indoor pool," something that other Canadian outlets later repeated, citing police sources. Local media also said police were looking into whether it was a murder-suicide.

Comment: Also see: Remains of Canadian pharma mogul and his wife found in their mansion's basement

Update Jan 22: Contrary to initial reports, investigators believe this was not a murder-suicide. The NY Post reports that investigators have found that multiple killers were involved in the horrific crime, and Haaretz is reporting that investigators say it was a contract killing. For a couple that had links to the Clinton Foundation's relief efforts in Puerto Rico, which means it's likely they knew a little too much about whatever schemes were undertaken there and had to be taken care of, that's just how the Clintons operate.


FBI says marine flares, not pipe bombs, were found after reports of explosions at East Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, Florida

Florida mall
The FBI says they are working with the Lake Wales Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff's Office to investigate reports of explosions at a Lake Wales mall on Sunday night.

Initial reports claimed two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) went off at Eagle Ridge Mall on Sunday night.

The FBI says there is no indication of any explosion at the mall and no pipe bombs were found. Officials believe marine flares were ignited in the mall hallway and they created a large amount of smoke. A backpack was also located at the scene but bomb technicians say it did not contain any incendiary or explosive devices.

Upon further investigation, the FBI says there is no current indication of any terrorist connection to this incident.

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German serial killer nurse says he murdered 97 patients because he wanted to 'break up boring daily routine'

nurse syringe
© Costas Baltas / Reuters
A German nurse serving a life sentence for two murders has been charged with another 97 hospital murders, prosecutors said Monday. If found guilty, it would make him Germany's deadliest post-war serial killer.

The male nurse, identified only as Niels H. under reporting rules, is accused of intentionally bringing about cardiac crises to relieve boredom. The charges relate to two hospitals where he worked in Lower Saxony, Germany, over a seven year period.

Niels H. was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 on two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder and battery.


Where's the outrage? Jordan Peterson & his followers received 30 times more abusive tweets than Cathy Newman

Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman
© Channel 4
Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman
By now you can't have missed Cathy Newman's car crash interview with the amazing Jordan Peterson. Newman was utterly humiliated, throughout and was made to look even more foolish than in her 2016 "interview" of Milo Yiannopoulos, after which we exposed an elected Labour Member of Parliament advocated punching Milo. Ironically, that same MP, Anna Turley, is also the lead figure behind a proposed "social Media Malicious Communications Bill!"

Newman and Channel 4 are using the age old feminist tactic of crying "abuse" when they lose a debate, a tactic used superbly by Jess Phillips to divert attention away from her sexist and childish campaign to try to stop men's issues being debated in Parliament. Later, in 2016 Philips again played the victim when Youtuber Sargon of Akaad said he wouldn't rape her, and she somehow counted every retweet or reply or disagreement as examples of abuse, making an impressively nonsensical total of 5,000.

We documented Phillip's lies in 2015 and given the complete lack of evidence cited by Newman and Channel 4 pertaining to supposed abuse, it's worth examining this case too.

We searched Twitter for a number of violence-related keywords which included the username @cathynewman and the results were everything you'd expect:

Comment: Well, they won't hire a private security firm to protect Jordan Peterson, that's for sure!

For the complete interview see the following link: 'You've got me': Feminist Cathy Newman crumbles in Channel 4 interview with 'controversial' Prof. Jordan Peterson


Mexico posts 29,168 murders in 2017, highest homicide rate since record-keeping began

Mexico homicide
© AP Photo/Bernandino Hernandez
In this Aug. 29, 2017 file photo, a body wrapped in a bloodstained sheet is removed from an apartment building where a woman and two men were executed, in the Alta Progreso neighborhood of Acapulco, Mexico. Both men were bound with tape, and all three were shot in the head at an apartment outfitted as an office for a taxi service. Mexico's Interior Department posted on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 that the country's homicide rate is the highest in decades.
Mexico posted its highest homicide rate in decades, with the government reporting Sunday there were 29,168 murders in 2017.

The number is the highest since comparable records began being kept in 1997 and is also higher than the peak year of Mexico's drug war in 2011, when there were 27,213 murders.

The Interior Department, which posted the number, reported the country's homicide rate was 20.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017, compared to 19.4 in 2011.

But Mexico security analyst Alejandro Hope said Mexico's murder rate is probably higher than the Interior Department statistics show, because the department does the per 100,000 count based on the number of murder investigations, not the number of victims, and a killing may result in more than one victim. Hope says the real homicide rate is probably around 24 per 100,000.


Pennsylvania man wins lawsuit after brutal assault by cop and his K-9

police assault
Beaver County resident, James Cicco has just settled a lawsuit against the Beaver Police Department claiming officers used excessive force. The incident was captured on dash cam and shows a graphic takedown of a non-threatening man who was brutally assaulted by police for no reason. Part of the attack happened after he was placed in handcuffs as well. Now the taxpayers will be held accountable-not the cops who did it.

As the Beaver Countian reports, federal court dockets show US District Court Judge Mark Hornak closed the case brought by James Edward Cicco against Beaver Borough on Thursday after parties reached a settlement agreement with the assistance of federal mediators.

An "investigation" by the Pennsylvania State Police claimed cops did nothing wrong when they unleashed the K9 on the handcuffed man.

Cicco told his lawyers he has been harassed by police in the past, so when Beaver Police Officer Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems attempted to pull over Cicco for a traffic violation in August of 2016, the man decided the best place to pull over would be at his home.

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Parents outraged after UK school removes privacy wall in girls' bathrooms

© Reuters/ Lucy Nicholson
Girls' toilets in a Liverpool school have been left open after a wall was ripped down
Girls' toilets have been made "unsafe" at a school in Liverpool after the entire wall was removed, leaving the cubicles exposed. The decision has promoted a walk-out and sparked outrage from parents who have demanded a U-turn.

St. Mary's College in Wallasey is believed to have taken the drastic step of smashing down a wall to stop smoking and truancy. The Merseyside school is being blasted by parents who told the Independent they are keeping their children at home.

Tara Hodgson Jones, who has a daughter in year 11, has demanded a reverse.


Canadian university to hold 'white privilege' conference following cancellation of free speech event hosted by Jordan Peterson

Ryerson university
Canada's Ryerson University, which canceled a panel on free speech by psychology professor Jordan Peterson following complaints from social justice activists, is slated to host "The White Privilege Conference."

The university announced this week that it plans to host the conference on May 9 to 12, inviting academics to participate in discussions revolving around "white privilege and oppression in Canada (and beyond)," according to the event page.

"Each day of the conference features keynote presentations from inspiring leading experts as well as a series of workshops, presentations and plenary sessions for you to choose from," the university states. "We give you the tools to examine challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offer solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world."