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Fri, 21 Oct 2016
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The 3 Million: EU citizens demand rights in UK after Brexit

© Neil Hall/ Reuters
Europeans resident in the UK assembled in Parliament on Tuesday to demand MPs safeguard their rights after Brexit.

Citizens from several European Union member states helped launch the new pressure group 'The 3 Million' in the Houses of Parliament, aiming to pressure MPs to defend EU nationals' rights over the coming years.

"There's a widespread feeling among EU citizens that we have been unfairly treated since the referendum," said the group's French chair, Nicolas Hatton.

"The rise in hate crimes toward us and the insistence of the government to consider us as bargaining chips in the future Brexit negotiations has created unprecedented anguish and anxiety in our communities and we will welcome the support of the representatives of the British people today and in months to come."

Comment: The people of the UK gave a strong signal to leave the EU with their vote for Brexit. If EU nationals wish to stay in the UK, they cannot expect to retain the same conditions. They are after all living in a host country as guests and need to adapt to the changes of the country in which they live.


Florida sees spike in drugs washing up on beaches; 400 pounds of marijuana found floating off coast this month

© US Customs and Border Patrol
The Coast Guard and agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized more than $300,000 worth of marijuana floating in the water or washed up on Florida beaches during 15 separate events between September and October 2016.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana is floating off Florida's coast and are being washed up onto its beaches, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

"There has been a significant spike in drugs washing up on shore," said Todd Bryant, the division chief for CBP in Miami. He said the increase might reflect a "shift in smuggling methods" by those who traffic in illegal drugs.

CBP said between Sept. 15-Oct. 12, almost 400 pounds of marijuana worth more than $300,000 were found in several places on Florida's coast.


On-duty officer exposes how to tell good cops from bad

Officer Robert Howard is not one of those cops who rolls up to a party looking to smash some heads. No, according to this Berkeley cop, those officers have no business on the force and epitomize all that is wrong with police in America today.

Instead of treating everyone he comes across as a slave who needs to obey his every whim, Howard takes a novel approach — he treats them with respect.

In a video uploaded to Facebook over the weekend, Howard is recorded doing something that seems to have vacated modern policing which is interacting with the community and talking with people, instead of fishing for criminal activity through various means of legalized lying and threats.

According to the uploader, Spade Newcash, he and some friends and family were hanging out in front of his driveway when a cop pulled up. Spade had no idea whether or not this cop was about to throw them on the hood of his car or arrest them for doing nothing wrong. But what they got instead was a person who knows what it is like to be human.

Comment: Blowing the whistle comes with drawbacks and it takes an act of courage to stand up for what is right.


Republican firebombing and the 'political terrorist' card

We have all been watching as the US election campaign chaos has escalated to historic insults, accusations and war of words between the two major parties (Clinton-mainstream media vs Trump).The Jerry Springer Show has metastasized into the 2016 US presidential elections. By design of course.

Hidden in all the daily drama, chaos and propaganda being put out by the now entirely discredited and irrelevant "mainstream media" are the revelations of outright corruption and criminality exposed in the Clintons and DNC email hacks of the past few months.

Anyone falling for any of the many points of division being engineered by the ruling elite such as the race wars (KKK, Black Lives Matter, etc.), religious differences (Muslims vs Christians), gender (feminists vs men) and sexual orientation is not only ignorant of how you are being used and deliberately distracted by the elite but you lack the ability to step back and see the greater picture.


Oliver Stone defends RT over bank account closure: "It's a media war and the truth is being sacrificed"

© Ana Martinez / Reuters
U.S. film director and screenwriter Oliver Stone
US film director Oliver Stone has stepped up to defend RT after NatWest bank gave notice that it would close its London bureau's bank accounts in December, without explanation.

"RT has always been responsible, they are very clear about their facts, and they show filmic evidence. Maybe you are a threat - they consider you propagandistic," Stone told RT's Afshin Rattansi, as a guest on his Going Underground program, when asked about what has become an international incident. "But when I look at the London papers, I think who is being propagandistic? It's a media war, and it's a shame that the truth is being sacrificed."

According to a letter from NatWest, a subsidiary of the majority government-owned RBS, which has been made public by RT's editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, the bank has made a "final"decision to close all of the channel's accounts, and "not prepared to enter into any discussion in relation to it."

The UK government, which has recently called for additional sanctions against Russia over Syria, has denied that it is behind NatWest's move.

Comment: Meanwhile, former MP George Galloway has commented on NatWest's decision to close RT's bank accounts by saying that the cancellation amounts to "crude British state propaganda." He further states:
"It comes at a time when it's been obvious in parliament and in the 'deep state' that there is a state of anxiety over the influence and popularity of RT in the country," Galloway told RT International. "This coincides with a simultaneous fall in the credibility of the British state broadcaster the BBC."

"It's just crude British state propaganda. They've been nervous about RT for some time," he added.
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Hitler's birthplace to be demolished to prevent neo-Nazi pilgrimages

© Dominic Ebenbichler / Reuters
The house in which Adolf Hitler was born is seen in the northern Austrian city of Braunau.
The house where Adolf Hitler was born will likely be demolished, the Austrian government has announced. The move is partly aimed at eliminating the home's significance for neo-Nazis who visit the site to pay homage to the German Nazi dictator.

The country's Interior Ministry said the demolition of the house in the western Austrian town of Braunau has been recommended by a government-appointed commission.

"A thorough architectural remodeling is necessary to permanently prevent the recognition and the symbolism of the building," Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said on Monday, as quoted by AP.

Comment: See also: The not-so-underground Reich: W. Germany's senior justice ministry was over 50% Nazi in 1950-70s

Post-It Note

Poll: Georgetown students can't name one Killary accomplishment

This week, Fox News released a poll indicating the majority of Americans view Hillary Clinton as a positive role model.

Campus Reform wanted to see if this same sentiment rang true on college campuses, and if young voters could point to a major accomplishment that indicated Secretary Clinton makes for a good role model.

To find out, I went to Georgetown University and first asked students who they were planning to vote for in November, followed by whether they agreed with the findings of the poll.

After discovering the vast majority of students interviewed were Hillary Clinton supporters who agreed that she was a strong role model, I asked if they could point to a single accomplishment or experience which stood out to them.

Comment: The American sheeple have spoken.

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Germany's fertility rate hits 33-year high due to migrant inpouring

© Stefanie Loos / Reuters
The EU's most populous country has reversed demographic trends going back decades, with statistics showing that the rise in fertility is almost exclusively down to immigrant women, while the lifetime birthrates among the German population remain static.

On Monday, the German Federal Statistical Office released its official report, stating that German women currently aged between 15 and 49 have given birth to an average of 1.5 live babies during their lifetimes, up from 1.43 last year.

The numbers have been rising since 2012, and the latest lifetime fertility rate is the highest since 1982.


Bloody man wielding a knife and chasing cars tased by Coral Gables police

© CBS4
Police look over a scene after a man was tased by officers in Coral Gables.
Coral Gables residents were put on edge after a bloodied man was carrying a weapon and reportedly chasing after cars.

It happened Thursday afternoon near the Publix at 2551 South LeJeune Road.

"I saw a man walking around with his tongue hanging out, throat cut, sliced arms," said Chris Fennel, who was working in the area. "He had a knife in his hand, blood dripping from the knife and from his hands."

Officers responded within a minute and confronted the man, believed to be in his 40's or 50's, covered in blood and a carrying a "six-inch blade."


Serial child abductor eludes FBI as they seek public's help

© cleveland.com/YouTube
A man suspected of kidnapping a 6-year-old in Cleveland in May and attempting to snatch a 10-year-old in Elyria, Ohio, in February continues to baffle the FBI. After receiving hundreds of tips, the agency has no leads and will expand its search.

The FBI has received 325 tips about a man suspected of abducting a 6-year-old girl in Cleveland, but they've come up empty-handed, despite splashing the suspect's picture across social media and advertising billboards.

Last Thursday, the FBI gave out more information about the kidnapping of the Cleveland 6-year-old girl for the first time by acknowledging that she had been harmed by her kidnapper.

"He didn't take her to have a tea party," FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson said. "He did things to her that we're not going to go into. But she was harmed. We're happy she's alive but they didn't play Barbies."

Comment: In the history of unhelpful statements, this goes down for special recognition as suggestive but conspicuously lacking the normal amount of detail. If he were a pedophile, they would have said so. Also, they would have rallied untold of support. So why dodge the question?

The Cleveland girl was held for roughly 17 hours with her attacker. She described the room she was held in as having a picture of a deer on the wall and told authorities that she heard a female voice asking her abductor if he wanted anything to eat.

Comment: This one goes up on the wall of weird.