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Thu, 27 Jul 2017
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California imam calls on God to annihilate all Jews in Al-Aqsa conflict, free Jerusalem from their "filth"

© Ammar Awad / Reuters
A Palestinian argues with an Israeli border police officer during scuffles that erupted after Palestinians held prayers just outside Jerusalem's Old City in protest over the installation of metal detectors placed at an entrance to the Old City's compound July 17, 2017
A Californian imam called on Allah to "annihilate" Jews "down to the very last one," urging for the Al-Aqsa mosque in Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be freed from their "filth." His comments came amid violence at the holy site between Israeli police and Palestinians.

Sheikh Ammar Shahin delivered his Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Davis, where he serves as imam, some 20km from Sacramento, the capital of California, according to a statement from the center.

In the video, the imam called on Allah to "liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews" and to "destroy those who closed the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

Shahin's hour-long speech in both English and Arabic was mostly dedicated to the dispute over the Jerusalem holy site. Israeli authorities earlier limited access to the compound housing the Al-Aqsa, one of Islam's holiest sites.

The move sparked protests in Jerusalem and across the West Bank which repeatedly turned violent.

Comment: The funny thing about religious fanatics is that they're all the same. All things being equal, Muslim nutjobs like this guy would get along great with the Jewish nutjob settlers in the West Bank. They're both brainwashed, irrational fanatics. But turn these crazies against each other and you have a recipe for an endless confrontation. And that suits some people just fine.

In the meantime, how about we let the adults on both sides speak for a change? We just have to find them first.

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Princeton submits to SJW cause, seeks to combat aggressive and toxic masculinity with 'men's engagement manager'

© Mark Makela for The New York Times
Are young men at Princeton University violent, aggressive, hyper-masculine, stalkers, or rapists?

A new position at the Ivy League institution indicates campus officials apparently think enough of its male students grapple with such problems that it warrants hiring a certified clinician dedicated to combating them.

The university is in the process of hiring an "Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men's Engagement Manager" who will work with a campus office called SHARE that's dedicated to "survivors" of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence and stalking.

According to SHARE, one in four female undergrads experienced such misconduct during the 2015-16 school year.

Comment: Feminism has led to some types of progress for women and girls. As all ideologies are susceptible to pathological corruption, feminism has degraded to black-or-white activism that has come to identify masculinity as a form of pathology. There are a variety of issues at play here, but it is clear that many, many males are failing in society, relationships, and in education. Sending the message that all males are inherently dangerous or toxic isn't helping young men understand their place in the world. There are many toxic influences in the 'post-modern' world that negatively affect the development of our young people, and modern feminism plays a role right alongside pornography and video-games.


The terror shift: Anti-govt Venezuelan militants declare all security forces "deserve to die", vow to turn to guerrilla violence

© Wil Riera/Bloomberg
Demonstrators clash with National Guard officers during an anti-government protest in Caracas, on April 4.
It was quiet in the dank basement in northwest Caracas, where dozens of young men and women sat on the floor and assembled their weapons. They poured asphalt, gasoline and paint into beer and pop bottles, tying knots in strips of fabric to fashion wicks.

Molotov cocktails are cheap and easy to make. Whether they're doing the job is at the core of a bitter debate in Venezuela. After months of relentless demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro, many militants are frustrated. The crew in the basement talked about it in hushed voices -- they didn't want anyone in the middle-class neighborhood to find them out. It was clear, though, that many had reached their limit.

The security forces they're up against, the riot-helmeted troops shooting tear-gas canisters and water cannon and bullets? "They all deserve to die," one of the bomb makers said flatly, dripping petrol into a jar.


Handing over "the keys to the kingdom": Sweden accidentally leaks huge trove of citizen data including crucial information on transport and infrastructure

Millions of Swedes had their personal details exposed after the country's transport agency outsourced unencrypted data to IBM, which moved it to a cloud server. The leak, which affected every citizen with a driver's license, was called a "disaster" by Sweden's PM.

The Swedish government is reeling from a massive scandal, which dates back to a botched decision-making chain that began in 2015, and involves apparently improper handling of sensitive data by officials.

A faulty IT outsourcing agreement with IBM Sweden was to blame for the "extremely serious" leak, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said. However there is no suggestion that IBM was in the wrong.

First, the IBM was given the all-clear to move the vast database of the country's transport agency to a cloud server abroad, which was meant to save costs. The unencrypted data was fully accessible by system administrators in the Czech Republic, while IT specialists working in Serbia managed firewalls and communications, The Local reports.


Mark Zuckerberg condemns 'irresponsible naysayer' Musk over 'doomsday' AI claims

© Stephen Lam / Reuters
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has criticized enterprising fellow Elon Musk for an interview in which he laid bare his fears about artificial intelligence.

In a Facebook Live post Sunday, billionaire social media magnate Zuckerberg smoked brisket in a wood-burning oven while pondering Musk's "irresponsible" doomsday AI thoughts.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed his belief to US governors that AI could prove to be one of the most destructive technological innovations in history, unless regulation is taken swiftly.

During the talk he said AI is a "fundamental risk to civilization."


Grim forecast: Red Cross warns Yemen's cholera cases set to double, reaching 60K by year's end

The forecast for Yemen's cholera epidemic looks grim, as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warns that by the end of 2017 the number of cholera cases will double, reaching 600,000.

President of ICRC Peter Maurer called the massive outbreak "alarming and growing" on Sunday while on a five-day visit to the country. Zee News quoted him saying, "The great tragedy is that this cholera outbreak is a preventable man-made humanitarian catastrophe."

He explained that devastation of Yemen's health system and infrastructure by the ongoing civil war is directly responsible for the health crisis. Maurer said, "I find this needless suffering absolutely infuriating. The world is sleep-walking into yet more tragedy."

On July 21 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that since the outbreak began in April there had already been 1,828 cholera-related deaths reported.

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Number of atheists in Russia drops by 50% in just three years

© Sergey Pyatakov / Sputnik
The number of Russians who describe themselves as atheists has fallen from 26 to 13 percent in just three years, according to recent research. The share of those who back the Church's involvement in state politics has increased slightly.

The poll, conducted by the Russian independent research center Levada in late June, showed that the majority of Russians (62 percent) describe their attitude to atheists as "good and respectful," with only 8 percent stating negative feelings towards this group. These figures remain virtually unchanged since 2014.

At the same time, the share of those who describe themselves as atheists fell sharply over this period - from 26 percent in 2014 to 13 percent today. Nine percent of participants in the poll said that they considered themselves "very religious" and 44 percent said they were "partly religious."


Price of War: Syria suffered $4.5 billion transport infrastructure losses since 2011

© REUTERS/ Ali Hashisho
Syria has lost $4.5 billion worth of transport infrastructure since the beginning of the civil war in 2011, with two-thirds of the country's railroads being completely demolished in the course of the protracted conflict.

The Syrian transport infrastructure sustained losses amounting to more than $4.5 billion over six years of civil war, the country's Transport Minister Ali Hammoud told Sputnik in an interview.

"The total sum of damages that the Ministry of Transport and related structures have sustained since the beginning of war and up to the present is estimated at $4.567 billion," Hammoud said.

Comment: Fortunately China is eager to help Syria rebuild: China given priority to help rebuild Syria

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London 'honor killing' Indian Muslim teenager 'raped, murdered & stuffed in freezer for dating Arab Muslim'

© Celine_Dookhran / Twitter
An Indian Muslim teenager was allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered before her butchered body was stuffed in a freezer because she started a relationship with an Arab Muslim, a court has heard.

The body of Celine Dookhran, 19, was found inside a £1.5 million (US$1.95 million) home in Kingston last Wednesday after a woman in her 20s who had her throat slit alerted police from hospital.

The two women were said to have been Tasered, bound and gagged, and kidnapped by masked men. They were reportedly taken to a house in Coombe Lane West, where they were both raped and Dookhran was killed.


US patrol ship fires warning shots at Iranian ship in Persian Gulf

A US patrol ship fired several warning shots from a heavy machine gun at an Iranian craft that approached within 150 yards and ignored other warnings, Pentagon officials told reporters on Tuesday.

USS Thunderbolt opened fire only after it tried to warn off the Iranians over the radio, by firing flares, and blowing five short blasts from its whistle, the officials said. The warning shots were fired into the water, out of concerns of a possible collision.

The Iranian ship had approached to within 150 yards (137 meters), but "ceased its provocative actions" after the warning shots, US officials added. The vessel stayed in the area, which was described as being in "international waters in the northern Arabian Gulf," the Pentagon's preferred term for the Persian Gulf.