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Sun, 17 Jan 2021
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Sentences of 'extremist' group that planned armed takeover of Russia slashed weeks after Putin intervenes on human rights grounds

men plot overthrow Russian government
© Sputnik / Alexey Kudenko
Four men at the center of a plot to overthrow the Russian government by force have had their sentences reduced by a Moscow court on Tuesday. All but one are currently serving a long term in a penal colony for their involvement.

The group, which went by the name 'New Greatness', was labeled by prosecutors as an extremist cell. However, during a widely publicized trial last year, the defendants insisted they had been encouraged to set it up by undercover operatives from the police and Russia's top security agency, the FSB.

Ruslan Kostylenkov, Peter Karamzin, and Vyacheslav Kryukov each had their prison term reduced by between three and six months. However, all are still serving terms of more than six years. Another activist, Maxim Roshchin, had been handed a suspended sentence, and similarly had six months shaved off its length. This came in response to challenges from their lawyers, who insist the verdicts didn't take into consideration the motives behind their actions.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's nonsensical likening of Capitol riot to Kristallnacht is a haunting pretext for dehumanizing Trump voters

Arnold Schwarzenegger
© Twitter
Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video to Twitter comparing the Capitol riot to Kristallnacht.
It's disgusting enough when a manipulator diminishes the horrors of the Holocaust by disingenuously invoking the Nazis to demonize a political enemy. It's downright nauseating when the invoker is a morally bankrupt Hitler admirer.

Enter stage far-left, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former Governor of California -- who said "I don't remember" when he was confronted in 2003 with an old interview transcript noting his admiration for the Fuhrer -- is winning plaudits on social media for posting a viral Twitter video on Sunday that absurdly compared 1938's Kristallnacht to last Wednesday's US Capitol riot.

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Bruce Willis asked to leave store for 'refusing' to wear a mask

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis seen not wearing a mask inside of a Rite Aid pharmacy.
He'd rather live free.

Bruce Willis was asked to leave a Los Angeles Rite Aid on Monday after he refused to wear a mask, a spy tells Page Six.

The spy says people inside the store became upset that Willis, 65, wasn't wearing a mask — despite having a bandanna tied around his neck, which he could have easily pulled up.

Oil Well

Texas lawmakers consider secession over life under Democrat Marxism — several states interested in movement

Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann

Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann joined Chris Salcedo on Newsmax TV on Monday.
Kyle is leading an effort to save Texas from the Democrat Marxists who stole power in Washington DC in the 2020 election.

This is a good move by the Texas lawmakers before Democrats steal their state like they did the swing states in the 2020 election cycle.

Since Communism is against the US Constitution it may be difficult for a court to rule against the "Texit" exit.

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All the platforms that have banned or restricted Trump so far

© Sarah Grillo/Axios
Platforms are rapidly removing Donald Trump's account or accounts affiliated with pro-Trump violence and conspiracies, like QAnon and #StoptheSteal.

  • WHAT: Reddit has banned the subreddit group "r/DonaldTrump," a spokesperson confirmed to Axios on Friday.
  • COMMENT: "Reddit's site-wide policies prohibit content that promotes hate, or encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence against groups of people or individuals. In accordance with this, we have been proactively reaching out to moderators to remind them of our policies and to offer support or resources as needed," a spokesperson tells Axios.
  • CONTEXT: While not an official group or page hosted by the president, it's one of the company's largest political communities dedicated to support for President Trump.
  • WHAT: Twitch disabled Trump's channel, citing the move as a "necessary step" to protect its community and "prevent Twitch from being used to incite further violence."
  • COMMENT: "In light of yesterday's shocking attack on the Capitol, we have disabled President Trump's Twitch channel. Given the current extraordinary circumstances and the President's incendiary rhetoric, we believe this is a necessary step to protect our community and prevent Twitch from being used to incite further violence," a spokesperson told Axios.
  • CONTEXT: Twitch was one of the first platforms in June to temporarily ban Trump's channel for hateful content around the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.


Psychological Attack on The UK

stay at home orders
We are in unprecedented times. Not because of the deadliest virus known to mankind, but because we have never been attacked with such ferocious psychological methods as is deliberately being done today by our UK and Scottish governments; measures to coerce us, manipulate us, to scare us, to shame us, and to make us shame other people for not following orders pertaining to COVID-19 measures.

We have been warned previously by many who suffered totalitarian communism in Eastern Europe. We were warned for many decades that such a moment would come to the West if we were not vigilant enough; unfortunately, it seems that our watchfulness has failed and our liberty has been stolen.

We have a lot to learn from history and from the great Russian writer and critic of Soviet communism, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, especially in our present era of the COVID-19 Brave New Normal. In his address to Harvard University in 1978, Solzhenitsyn said:
Many of you have already found out, and others will find out in the course of their lives, that truth eludes us if we do not concentrate our attention totally on its pursuit. But even while it eludes us, the illusion of knowing it still lingers and leads to many misunderstandings. Also, truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. There is some bitterness in my speech too, but I want to stress that it comes not from an adversary, but from a friend.

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Light Saber

A peaceful way to resolve the US constitutional crisis

peace sign
Over the last couple of decades, townships, counties, and states have been pitched on the virtues of electronic voting systems over the tools of Stone Age democracy (where voting was done on paper ballots with simple mechanical machines). The pitches all came with one promise: "There will always be a paper ballot fail-safe, so in the event of a broken election you can always just open the boxes and count the ballots!" I would respectfully suggest that whatever foresight caused election officials in years past to extract that commitment, whatever threshold of election uncertainty they envisioned might someday occur requiring that a measure be taken to give the public confidence in an election result... whatever that point is, has surely been breached.

Because of that fact, since November 15 I have imagined a way to resolve this quickly, with little-to-no insult to the Constitution (and far less than all alternatives routes, including "doing nothing"):
  1. Under Executive Order 13848, a president has the power to find that there is evidence of foreign involvement in a domestic election. Within days of this election enough was already known (e.g., my cyber-comrades had already traced packet traffic between Dominion and Frankfurt, Serbia, and Pakistan) that would have justified President Trump (with no declaration of Martial Law or use of the Insurrection Act) signing a statement that he had seen enough to activate that Executive Order, and therefore:
    1. He was going to send a federal force (National Guard, DHS) in to take control of the paper ballots in six disputed counties and count them livestream, such to be completed in 3-5 days.
    1. Set up a website where people at home could browse in and watch those six key counties be recounted. Of course, YouTube already has all of the technology built: the federal forces moving into each counting operation would simply set up some cameras and start piping up through live-feeds as they counted what we as a country were promised: a 100% integrity failsafe. Paper ballots. Remember, that was the promise that came with the machines: "In the event of a broken election you can always just open the boxes and count the paper ballots!" So why not do it? A well-managed National Guard force could have comfortably completed this assignment in 3 days, 5 at the outside.
      1. If upon completion of this exercise, if there were not significant disparities in these 6 states (or even the 6 key counties within them that are at the heart of all of these strife), then President Trump would call it a day.
      1. If, on the other hand, this exercise did unearth significant disparities, President Trump would have a choice to make.
  • If large irregularities were found in those six counties, President Trump would have had two routes (one better than the other, I feel):
    • THE NOT SO GOOD ROUTE: Take the irregularities found by such a recount, and bring them to the Courts or the States, and fight to have them reverse earlier certifications and thus gain a second term (with what half the Country would feel was underhanded decision of a Court or a State legislatures).
    • THE SMARTER ROUTE: If the six counties showed mass irregularities, then have the National Guard step in and re-run the election nationally. 50 states. Give them 30 -45 days days to set it up and run it. Paper only. If you want to vote by absentee ballot, National Guard will come to your home and hand you a paper ballot that you fill out and give back to them. Again, all counting to be done on livestreams from each precinct or tabulation center.


Parler CEO on 'shocking' restrictions by Amazon, Apple and Google: 'You just never think it will happen'

John Matze
Parler CEO John Matze told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday he and his colleagues had theorized that Amazon Web Services or one of the social media company's other necessary vendors could deny them service.

"You just never think it will happen, right?" Matze told host Tucker Carlson. "You know? What is really interesting is that they all did on the same day, those three [Apple, Google and Amazon] without any prior warning. We woke up on Friday thinking business, business as usual."

On Friday, Google dropped Parler's app from its Google Play Store. Apple followed suit Saturday by removing the app from the App store, while Amazon Web Services cut off Parler from its web hosting services.

Matze told Carlson that when Google dropped Parler, "we didn't get a notice from Google. We read it online in the news first. That is shocking."


Street artist SABO triggers the Left with 'Say Her Name' poster of woman shot by police at capitol protest

sabo ashli babbitt
As usual, street artist SABO has managed to trigger the Left with his latest venture.

The artist, who was on Capitol Hill at the time of the rally and the riot, is well known for tweaking the noses of Leftist politicians, Hollywood, and Trump himself.

This time, however, SABO's using the Left's own rhetorical tropes to call attention to the case of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force Veteran who was shot and killed by Capitol Police for breaching the Capitol entrance.

He's created a free downloadable poster of Babbitt in hopes that the life of the Trump supporter will not be forgotten.

Heart - Black

Capitol Police officer who responded to attack dies by suicide for unknown reason

Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood
Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood seen April 24, 2008.
A Capitol Police officer has died days after responding to Wednesday's assault on the building, the Capitol Police confirmed Sunday to CBS News. Capitol Police said Officer Howard Liebengood died off-duty.

Barry Pollack, an attorney for the Liebengood family, confirmed Liebengood died by suicide after having been on-duty at the Capitol on Wednesday.

"His death is a tragedy that has deprived all of us a dedicated public servant," Pollack said in a statement. "His family has suffered a devastating loss and asks that they be given space to grieve in private."

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