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Fri, 24 Feb 2017
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Sweden rape capital of the world? Reality check!

Pegida-Germany protest against refugees dubbed as “rapefugees.” It is a meme that has taken off on the right in the US and Europe.
Is Sweden the "rape capital" of the world, as Breitbart and Islamophobes worldwide claim? What is the background to the high figures of reported rape in Sweden? Is it the so called "Muslim invasion of immigrants" that is responsible for it? Is "the Muslim rape culture" behind it? Or is it simply that Sweden has stronger laws against sexual offenses like rape, and that Swedish women are raised not to take shit!

I am from Sweden. When I went to school 30 years ago I heard about a case of two young white American exchange students who raped Swedish young girls. Many Swedes reacted with horror. Many blamed ALL Americans for the wrongdoings of these two. "All American white youngsters are like that, racists and rapists," "USA is insane," "Americans are rapists." "Too much American TV-violence."

Breitbart and Islamophobes worldwide do the same thing to Muslims. "Muslims rape women" they claim. "Muslims" are currently "raping" Europe, according to the Breitbart Senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

The so-called "evidence" for this is the claim that the numbers of rapes allegedly is "skyrocketing" in Europe, and it is all blamed on Muslim immigrants.

It is worst in Sweden they claim. Sweden is a burning hell were "Muslims" rape, kill and burn down cars, they say.

Comment: Interesting. That might in part be why Sweden is being singled out in this psy-op.

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High school drops Michelle Obama's 'healthy' lunch program - Here's how that's working out

© YouTube screen cap
After former first lady Michelle Obama's "healthy" school lunch program was deployed several years ago, a long list of fed-up students posted photos of their menu options, declaring their meals weren't what you might characterize as filling — or appetizing:

Comment: US Congress preparing to end Michelle Obama's hated school lunch program

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ICE 'removal orders' for 950K illegal immigrants is less than 1 percent captured in raids

The 680 undocumented immigrants recently captured by ICE represent 0.7 percent of all those targeted for deportation, as nearly 940,000 others remain undetained. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has approved hiring more ICE agents.

Government officials and President Donald Trump are proposing hiring more border enforcement agents and changing the deportation laws to deal with nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants given "final orders of removal."

In a written response to questions from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the current director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Thomas Homan, said that ICE has only detained 11,006 undocumented immigrants since May 2016, roughly 1 percent of the million immigrants who have been ordered for deportation. "As of May 21, 2016, there were 950,062 aliens with final orders of removal on US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) national docket. Of those aliens, 939,056 were on ICE's non-detained docket and 11,006 were on ICE's detained docket," Homan told the Judiciary Committee, according to the Washington Examiner.

Comment: It appears the 'ICE' age has arrived in the USA.


Bomb threats for at least 7 Jewish centers could be from same serial caller

© WCCO - CBS Minnesota / YouTube
Jewish community centers in at least six states fielded bomb threats on Monday, continuing a trend of intimidation that has included more than 50 US Jewish centers this year. Jewish community centers (JCCs) in Alabama, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Texas and Wisconsin were targeted, according to reports, in what is considered the fourth wave of such threats thus far in 2017.

Paul Goldenberg, director of Secure Community Network, said his office, which advises Jewish groups on security issues, "is monitoring the situation." "It appears to be the same serial caller" as past incidents, Goldenberg told JTA, adding that "the JCCs are very well-equipped to handle this."

Goldenberg would not confirm the exact location of the threats. Local news reports, however, indicated that the JCCs that received phoned-in bomb threats on Monday included the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; JCCs in Buffalo and Amherst, New York, according to Buffalo News; the St. Paul Jewish Community Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune; the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in Houston, Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle; the Levite Jewish Community Center in Birmingham, Alabama, according to the Alabama Media Group; and the Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to KOB-TV.

Each JCC was temporarily evacuated and closed, according to reports. No bombs have been found on the premises of any of the JCCs.

Comment: This could be the work of one disturbed person or it could be an ongoing scheme to further anti-Semitism "awareness" and fear in the USA for social and political gain. There have been no explosions so, thus far, the threat has been superficial. We must remember that for the most part, utilizing the 'anti-Semitism' card (in many forms and circumstances) has given Israel an excuse to assign shame and place blame in order to further diplomatic strategies to its benefit. These particular bomb threats were initiated throughout January and February, consistent with President Trump coming to power and his recent drawback on Israeli issues. Is there a manipulative connection?


Swedish cops interviewed in Fox story on crime problem: 'Our testimony was taken out of context'

Swedish police officers Anders Göranzon and Jacob Ekström: 'We were talking about criminals, not immigrants'
After Donald Trump revealed his 'Last night in Sweden' comments were prompted by a report he saw on Fox News, two policemen interviewed for the segment have come forward saying their words were taken out of context, describing the filmmaker as a 'madman.'

The segment in question was broadcast Friday night on Fox News by filmmaker Ami Horowitz, which claimed that crime in Sweden has risen dramatically due to an influx of refugees and asylum seekers.

Trump first mentioned an incident that took place in Sweden on Friday at a rally in Florida on Saturday, prompting much confusion, ridicule and the '#LastNightInSweden' hashtag which trended online after it was established that nothing had happened.

The president later claimed he had been referring to a story broadcast on Fox News about "immigrants & Sweden."

Comment: A word to the wise on Ami Horowitz.


Spain goes after the Banksters: Financial court investigating senior central bankers over Bankia scandal

At least 65 members of Bankia’s management team are facing jail time including its former President and ex-chief of the IMF, Rodrigo Rato, who personally faces charges of money laundering, tax fraud, and embezzlement.
First, Iceland, and now Spain has taken on the Big Bankers responsible for financial calamity, as the country's highest national court charged the former head of Spain's central bank, a market regulator, and five other banking officials over a failed bank leading to the loss of millions of euros for smaller investors.

This, of course, markedly departs from the mammoth taxpayer giveaway — commonly referred to as the bailout — approved by the U.S. government ostensively to "save" the Big Banks and, albeit unstated, allow the enormous institutions to continue bilking customers without the slightest fear of penalty.

Errant bankers and financiers, it would seem, typically manage to either evade actually being charged, or escape hefty fines and time behind bars.


Milo Yiannopoulos triggers social media backlash after 'defending' pedophilia - UPDATE

© Drew Angerer / AFP
Milo Yiannopoulos
Far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has sparked outrage on social media after apparently "defending" pedophilia.

The British Breitbart news editor has been accused of "defending child abuse" after saying "we get hung up" on it.

"We get hung up on this sort of child abuse stuff to the point where we are heavily policing consensual adults," said Yiannopoulos.

Warning graphic language:

Comment: Milo lost his $250K Simon & Schuster book deal on Monday over the comments. Fellow Breitbart workers are reportedly threatening to quit if Milo isn't fired.
Publisher Simon & Schuster said: 'After careful consideration, Simon & Schuster and its Threshold Editions imprint have canceled publication of Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos.'

'Dangerous' was set to be published under Threshold Editions, the conservative branch of the publisher according to USA Today.

The book deal received backlash since the announcement in January, with many on social media threatening to boycott the publisher.

Yiannopoulos's lewd comments saying relationships in which 'older men help those young boys to discover who they are' seemed to have pushed the company to back out.

After the announcement, the 33-year-old speaker posted on Facebook: 'They canceled my book.'

And minutes later: 'I've gone through worse. This will not defeat me.'
He also wrote this second apology on Facebook:
© Facebook
Milo has resigned from his senior editor position at Breirbart amid the public backlash over his statements on pedophilia. He said in a statement: "I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues' important reporting, so today I am resigning from Breitbart, effective immediately. This decision is mine alone."

He added: "Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never have heard them. They have been a significant factor in my success. I'm grateful for that freedom and for the friendships I forged there."

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Racist spat in 9-month-old baby's face, screamed at mother: "White people shouldn't breed"

© Globallookpress
A racially-motivated attacker spat into the face of a nine-month-old baby, shouting "white people shouldn't breed" at her mother, a court has heard.

Rezzas Abdulla approached Rebecca Telford while she was taking her baby Layla-Jean for a stroll in a pram in South Shields last January.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told Newcastle Crown Court: "He lent into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter. As he did so, he shouted or said 'white people shouldn't breed.'"

When Telford confronted Abdulla, he told her to "shut the f*** up" and walked off, according to the Daily Mail.


Big surprise: EPA significantly underestimated spills related to fracking operations

© Andrew Cullen / Reuters
North Dakota saw the highest number of spills.
More than 6,600 spills were reported at fracked oil and gas wells over a 10-year period, according to a new report which casts doubt on figures previously released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Hydraulic fracking requires fluids to be injected at high pressure into a drilling pipe to crack rocks and release oil. Environmental campaigners are opposed to the process, claiming it can contaminate water supplies and cause small earth tremors.

The new study, published in Environmental Science & Technology, found that 6,648 hydraulically fractured oil and gas well spills in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Pennsylvania occurred between 2005 and 2014, with up to 16 percent of all fracked wells spilling each year. Oil and hydraulic fracking fluids were included in the spills.

Comment: EPA scientists suppressed information that fracking contaminates drinking water


3 out of 4 people in northern Norway think country should improve relations with Russia

© Flickr/ Matthew Wilkinson
A total of 76 percent of people in northern Norway think that the country's authorities should put more efforts into improving relations with Russia, a poll revealed Tuesday.

According to the poll, conducted by the Sentio Research Norway for the Klassekampen newspaper, 15 percent of respondents said the opposite, while 9 percent said they did not know.

The survey also showed that 80 percent of positive responses came from those aged over 60.

A total of 1,500 people participated in the survey.

Relations between Moscow and Oslo grew tense in 2014 when Norway, which is not a member of the European Union, supported EU sanctions against Russia following the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea's reunification with Russia.