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Roma flocking to Switzerland for benefits using fake Ukrainian passports - media

Roma nomads
© AndyRoland
The ethnic group has reportedly been taking advantage of the temporary protection status granted to refugees from Ukraine

Some Romani people have been abusing social benefits granted by Switzerland to Ukrainian refugees, Nau news outlet reported on Tuesday citing Swiss authorities.

The Roma are an ethnic group that has lived throughout the world since their migration from India over 1,000 years ago. They are not recognized as a national minority in Switzerland, and have reportedly been taking advantage of the so-called 'S protection status system' activated in the country shortly after the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in early 2022. S status grants Ukrainian refugees the right to an extended visa-free stay, accommodation, medical care and other social benefits. Those applying for S status also do not have to go through the usual asylum-seeking procedure.

According to the report, authorities in Bern have identified at least ten Roma families who have been staying in the city under illegally obtained Ukrainian passports. Alexander Ott, head of Bern's immigration police, told the news outlet that the documents themselves were in fact real, but their owners had no true claim on them.


Zuckerberg shows exactly how worried he is about climate change on his new diesel 5,000 ton Mega-yacht

Zuckerberg Superyatch
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They're not even pretending anymore

Hands up who thinks Mark Zuckerberg lies awake at night worrying that climate change will destroy Pacific islands? This is a man who fights "climate misinformation online" but destroys ecosystems on weekends...

Hypocrisy is thy name: He hopes you will use his virtual reality glasses so you can visit friends online without using a car, a boat or a plane, but he'll visit his own friends in his $300 million mega-yacht.

In the world we thought we lived in, this would have made him a laughing stock on MSN et al, and pretty much rule him out from grandstanding on climate change, or ever being invited to the UN struggle sessions again, but we know the prostitutes for climate grants will smile and fawn, and so will the politicians, and so will the media.

But all over the internet, people are mocking him: "Don't you love it when they lecture us about our CO2 emissions from the private jet or their super yacht?"


I oppose Israel's atrocities in Gaza because I'm not a psychopath

I oppose
I don't oppose the butchery in Gaza because I love Hamas or hate Jews or love Islam or hate America.

I don't oppose the butchery in Gaza because I'm a lefty or a commie or an anarchist or an anti-imperialist.

I oppose the butchery in Gaza because I'm not a fucking psychopath.

Opposing Israel's butchery in Gaza is so obvious, so common sense, such a bare-minimum, fundamental-level, Being Human 101 position that if it isn't immediately self-evident to you after learning the basic facts, your problem is much, much deeper than whatever ideology or bias or prejudice you might happen to have. There's something wrong with you as a person.

If you support Israel's butchery in Gaza, you've got much bigger problems than merely not having the correct ist or ism belief system. You're just all fucked up inside. Your conditioning has made you into a generally shitty human being. You have deep and immensely consequential flaws in your character, and you won't mature as a person until you heal and transcend them.

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Man kills 2, injures 21, in hospital knife attack in China's Yunnan province

Two people were killed after a knife attack at a hospital in southwest China on Tuesday (May 7), according to local authorities.

Twenty-one people were also injured after the attack at the hospital in Zhenxiong County in southwestern Yunnan province, said Zhenxiong County police in a statement posted on its official WeChat account.

"According to investigations, the suspect is a male villager from Zhenxiong County's Poji Town."

The injured are currently receiving treatment and investigations are ongoing, said the local police.

Comment: Since China isn't considered to be suffering from weaponised mass migration nor the collapse in living standards seen in the West, and yet has also reported a spike in these unusual, violent, incidents, it perhaps reveals that there may be more going on.

In just the last few days:

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UK: Chainsaw wielding man chases police down street, allegedly shouting 'Allahu Akbar'

chainsaw uk
Footage captured the extraordinary a moment a man wielding a chainsaw chased police officers in Scotland
This is the extraordinary moment a man chased police officers down a quiet residential street with a chainsaw - leaving two cops injured following the shocking incident.

Footage shows a man dressed in a grey top and black trousers yelling as he allegedly sprinted towards an officer down the middle of Glasgow Road in Paisley, Renfrewshire, while wielding a large weapon.

Around a dozen officers swarmed to the road at around 1pm today, with Police Scotland later confirming a 27-year-old man had been arrested following the 'disturbance involving a weapon'.

Images from the scene showed a police patrol car crashed into the wall of a nearby house after an alleged collision between motors during the chase. A dark coloured Volkswagen is also seen with its front badly damaged.

Comment: Even taking into account the predictable problems of weaponised mass migration, the collapse of living standards and the subsequent record breaking crime wave, it still seems as though there has been an uptick in unusual and violent incidents of late: See also:


Appeals court hammers prosecution over FBI conduct in Whitmer kidnap "plot"

whitmer kidnap suspects fbi entrapment
© Kent County, Mich., Jail /Associated PressBarry Croft Jr., left, and Adam Fox
The much-anticipated appeal hearing was held Thursday for Barry Croft and Adam Fox, the alleged "ringleaders" of the 2020 militia conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Croft and Fox were convicted of plotting to kidnap Whitmer after their second trial in late 2022. At their first trial earlier that year, a jury acquitted two other men while failing to reach a verdict for Croft and Fox.

The two men appealed their convictions on multiple grounds. Thursday's hearing focused largely on the conduct of FBI informants and their handling agents.

Comment: Good on the judges. The FBI's conduct constituted entrapment. No more, no less


Google makes u-turn on yanking pro-Trump ad after conservatives complain

trump town hall south carolina 2024
© Fox News/Tampa Free PressTrump on Fox News Town Hall in South Carolina
The election is still six months away, and Big Tech is already seeking to help President Biden, who is failing and flailing, stay in office.

Google pulled an ad over the weekend that supported former President Donald Trump.

The ad featured a Biden campaign worker calling a black male voter. The voter admits to voting for Biden in 2020, which thrills the campaign worker.

Then, the voter responds, saying, "Everything costs more" since Biden took office. That includes rent, to which the Biden backer responds by noting Biden is helping pay rent for "newcomers."

Mr. Potato

Bill Gates wants to use AI for genetically modifying beef cows to "save the planet"

bill gates
Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently discussed how AI could fight climate change on his podcast, Unconfuse Me With Bill Gates, and it was just the type of unhinged conversation you would expect from the same man who touts synthetic beef, depopulation, preventing cows from burping and experimental geoengineering.

He made his latest remarks in an interview with data scientist Hannah Ritchie. When their conversation turned to artificial intelligence and its potential utility in addressing environmental issues, he shared his surprise at how quickly the technology has been advancing.

"I was very stunned how the AIs went from basically not being able to read or write at all, to doing that in a very facile way," he told her.

When asked if he thought AI could play a role in taking action on the climate, he answered, "Absolutely." He then cited the example of genetically modifying beef cattle with AI so that they produce less methane, or using AI to somehow produce "meat without the cow."

Comment: Though not directly connected to fake beef, see the following on the known detrimental effects of other types of synthetic protein. Can one reasonably expect much better from the person who promotes MRNA vaccines?

Star of David

Israeli police raid Al Jazeera media after government issues shutdown order

al jazeera network logo
© REUTERSIsrael’s Parliament in April ratified a law allowing the temporary closure in Israel of foreign broadcasters considered to be a threat to national security.
Israeli authorities raided a Jerusalem hotel room used by Al Jazeera as its office after the government decided to shut down the Qatari-owned TV station's local operations on May 5, an Israeli official and an Al Jazeera source told Reuters.

Video circulated online showed plainclothes officers dismantling camera equipment in a hotel room, which the Al Jazeera source said was in East Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet shut down the network for as long as the war in Gaza continues, saying it threatened national security.

Al Jazeera said the move was a "criminal action" and the accusation that the network threatened Israeli security was a "dangerous and ridiculous lie" that put its journalists at risk.

It reserved the right to "pursue every legal step".

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US: Man tries to shoot pastor during service livestream, suspect's relative found dead

pastor shot
Bernard Junior Polite, 26, told Glenn Germany he was "hearing voices" that told him to shoot him on Sunday. Pennsylvania State police said "the firearm failed to discharge."
A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after he tried to shoot a pastor during a sermon that was being livestreamed Sunday, hours before a relative was found dead in a home where the suspect lived, authorities say.

Bernard Junior Polite, 26, of Braddock, had walked into Jesus Dwelling Place Church in the 400 block of Lobinger Avenue in Allegheny County just after 1 p.m.

He entered the church and pointed a firearm at the pastor as he was delivering a sermon and attempted to shoot, "but the firearm failed to discharge," Pennsylvania State Police said in a news release.

Comment: It bears similarity to an incident last month in Australia: Bishop and 3 worshipers attacked with knife on livestream in Sydney Orthodox church, comes just 48 hours after mall attack

Meanwhile, today in the UK a man seemingly shouting "Allahu Akbar" chased a policeman down the street with a chainsaw:

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