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Mon, 14 Jun 2021
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A new mental health crisis is raging in Gaza

Child and rubble
© Fatima Shbair/GettyImages
Palestinian child • Gaza Strip • May 25, 2021
"Have you ever seen a six-month old baby with exaggerated startle response?" One of my colleagues who works on our telephone counselling service was calling me for advice on how to respond to several distraught mothers asking her how to help their babies who had started showing such distressing symptoms of trauma during the recent bombing. Our telephone service was back and responding to callers on the third day of the attacks on Gaza, though of course with certain difficulties.

The question took me back 20 years to when I was a young resident in the paediatric department at Nasser hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza's second biggest city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Then, my plan was to become a paediatrician. The hospital, on the western side of the city was not far from the Israeli settlements. Often in the middle of the night I used to receive mothers arriving in the paediatric emergency department with tiny children who had started screaming with no clear reason. Physical examination mostly revealed nothing abnormal. Perhaps this was the trigger that made me train to become a psychiatrist.

During those nights, you could often hear shooting from inside the Israeli settlement's high fortifications, with the bullets mostly ending in the walls of the Palestinian homes and other buildings that faced the settlements. That was the common experience we adults were used to, and of course something that children, even the very youngest, also had to live with.

Thinking about those mothers and babies, I then asked myself about the likely psychological consequences of this 11-day offensive on the people of the Gaza Strip, and how it is going to be different from 2014's Gaza war which lasted for seven weeks through July and August, including a ground invasion into Gaza. There were then 2,251 Palestinians killed and 11,000 wounded.

Cell Phone

Hunter Biden repeatedly called his white lawyer the N-word, texts show

Hunter Biden, George Mesires
© Getty Images for World Food Prog, LinkedIn
First son Hunter Biden repeatedly called his white attorney the N-word in a pair of bizarre and occasionally lewd text conversations late in 2018 and early 2019, according to newly unearthed messages.

In an exchange on Dec. 13, 2018, taken from Hunter's abandoned laptop and first reported by DailyMail.com, the younger Biden asked Chicago-based corporate attorney George Mesires, "How much money do I owe you" before adding, "Becaause [sic] n — a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates."

"That made me snarf my coffee," replied Mesires, who is white.

"I just made that phrase up, by the way," Biden responded, adding, "I should have [h]ad your lineage."

"Apparently you do," answered Mesires, before Biden responded: "That's what I'm saying ni ..."

A month later, the Mail reported, a second, more serious exchange between Hunter and Mesires was interrupted by attempts at banter.

Comment: Hunter never lets little things like morality, decency, or respectability get in the way of doing or saying whatever he wants:


NYT editorial board member Mara Gay 'disturbed' by sight of American flag

mara gay new york times american flag

New York Times board member Mara Gay (inset)
On Tuesday, New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay graced MSNBC's Morning Joe to recount a harrowing trip she took to Long Island this past weekend.

In the middle of a broader conversation about the January 6 Capitol riot and the scourge of Trump voters more generally — who she says believe that "their rights as citizens are under threat by simple virtue of having to share democracy with others" and see "Americanness as whiteness" — Gay launched into not-so-scary story time.

Comment: The New York Post reports that the Times is defending Gay's remarks, which left the Times itself open to further mockery:
The New York Times is vigorously defending editorial board member Mara Gay after she was widely ripped for saying she was "disturbed" at the sight of "dozens of American flags" flying in Long Island.

Mara Gay said Trump supporters fly the flag to say "this is my country ... not your country."MSNBC

That defensive soon became the new focus of attack, with many sharing the clip of Gay's interview to back up what she said.

"Spin away — we heard her loud and clear," former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly replied.

"I watched the entire interview. Nothing was taken out of context," another follower wrote, while one person tweeted, "It wasn't in print and misconstrued, we all heard it."

The American flag "being used by people who also have Trump flags and want the US to be just for whites, is disturbing," one Twitter user wrote defending Mara Gray.Corbis via Getty Images

Another Twitter user asked simply, "You know we heard the interview, right?"

"I'm not taking a position on whether her remarks were right/wrong/great/racist, but the spin you're offering has very little to do with what she actually said," tweeted a handle called Typos of the New York Times — also saying that the PR team's message should not have hyphenated "bad faith."

Others compared the paper's defense of Gay to the treatment of conservative voices there, most noticeably Bari Weiss, who resigned last year after alleging that she'd been bullied by her own colleagues there.

"I don't remember your defense of @bariweiss when she was mercilously attacked (by some of your own) yet someone else at the Times is rightfully called out for being triggered by the American flag and suddenly everyone else is *irresponsible*, *uninformed* & acting in *bad faith*," wrote Joel Petlin, superintendent of the upstate Kiryas Joel School District.

Others, however, defended Gay and the Times' PR response, saying that the board member was clearly referring to how the flags were being used alongside anti-President Biden messaging, too.

"The American flag is not disturbing, it being used by people who also have Trump flags and want the US to be just for whites, is disturbing," @SpringF_kx wrote.

Gold Coins

ProPublica report: Many of the uber-rich pay next to no income tax

soros zuckerberg
© Reuters / Lisi Niesner / Erin Scott
(L) George Soros (R) Mike Zuckerberg
The rich really are different from you and me: They're better at dodging the tax collector.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos paid no income tax in 2007 and 2011. Tesla founder Elon Musk's income tax bill was zero in 2018. And financier George Soros went three straight years without paying federal income tax, according to a report Tuesday from the nonprofit investigative journalism organization ProPublica.

Overall, the richest 25 Americans pay less in tax — an average of 15.8% of adjusted gross income — than many ordinary workers do, once you include taxes for Social Security and Medicare, ProPublica found. Its findings are likely to heighten a national debate over the vast and widening inequality between the very wealthiest Americans and everyone else.

Comment: Bleats of alarm are coming from the "Biden Adminstration". RT reports:
The IRS and the White House are wringing their hands about a ProPublica report accusing George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk and others of needing to pay more in taxes, just as the Biden administration has argued.

In a report published at dawn on Tuesday, the investigative outfit said it processed a trove of confidential IRS documents to look into the effective taxes paid by the billionaires. ProPublica was "not disclosing how it obtained the data, which was given to us in raw form, with no conditions or conclusions."

Rettig had instructed the IRS inspector-general to review the agency's safeguarding of taxpayer information back in September 2020, after President Donald Trump's tax information was illegally obtained by the New York Times.

This time, the disclosures targeted some of America's wealthiest moguls. Bezos is the world's second-richest man, and plans to retire as CEO of Amazon later this month to focus on his mega-yacht and space program. He also paid no income tax in 2007 or 2011, claims ProPublica.

Musk, who runs Tesla and SpaceX, paid no income tax in 2018. Other names on the list include billionaire investor Carl Icahn, Berkshire Hathaway CEO and investment guru Warren Buffett, and even Democrat mega-donor George Soros, who actually contributes funding to ProPublica.
US effectively the biggest tax haven in the world


Judge orders reinstatement of gym teacher suspended for opposing preferred pronouns

Byron “Tanner” Cross gym teacher
A Virginia court ruled Tuesday that a county school must reinstate a gym teacher who was suspended for opposing the requirement that all teachers use students' preferred pronouns.

Circuit Court Judge James E. Plowman Jr. ordered the Loudoun County School System to reinstate teacher Byron "Tanner" Cross and to lift its ban on his entering any county school building or grounds.

"Educators are just like everybody else - they have ideas and opinions that they should be free to express," Tyson Langhofer, one of Cross' lawyers, said in a written statement celebrating the judge's decision.

Comment: It would be nice if more teachers like Cross would stand up to authoritarian language police. If that were the case we might not be seeing it gain the foothold it is gaining in educational institutions. That being said, it does take a lot of bravery to confront the vocal minority, especially when one's job is on the line.

For more on the original story, see: Virginia elementary teacher placed on leave after opposing district's proposed transgender policy

See also:


Scientist who told Fauci COVID-19 possibly engineered — then argued the opposite — deletes Twitter account

© GREG NASH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
A virologist who co-wrote an article in March 2020 arguing against the lab-leak theory regarding COVID-19's origins has deleted his Twitter account amid scrutiny after unearthed emails show he told Dr. Anthony Fauci just weeks prior that "some of the features" of the virus "(potentially) look engineered."

Virologist Kristian Andersen, a professor at Scripps Research Institute, has fallen under the microscope after a trove of emails from Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, were obtained by the media last week through Freedom of Information Act requests.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Andersen wrote Fauci on Jan. 31. 2020, that "The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered."

Comment: See also:


Washington State approves 'Joints for Jabs' coronavirus vaccine promotion

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced Monday that residents of legal age can get a free joint at a licensed marijuana store if they receive an on-site coronavirus vaccine. The temporary allowance enabled cannabis retailers to provide one pre-rolled joint to of age consumers who receive a vaccination in-store.

Comment: The incentives keep on pouring in as the fearful public continues to desperately try to get everyone vaccinated, despite the risks, against a minor virus that is of minimal threat to the vast majority of the population.

See also:

Car Black

'Dark day:' Police say five pedestrians run down in London, Ont., Canada targeted as Muslims

london canada car attack muslims
A Muslim family of five out for an evening early summer stroll were mowed down by a driver in an "act of mass murder," the mayor of London, Ont., said on Monday.

The deadly attack on Sunday evening, denounced as terrorism by one Muslim group, left four of them dead and a boy with serious injuries, police said.

"Words fail on a day as dark as this but still words matter," Mayor Ed Holder said. "This was an act of mass murder perpetrated against Muslims, against Londoners, and rooted in unspeakable hatred."

2 + 2 = 4

COVID-19 has forever destroyed Americans' trust in 'experts'

The ruling class has finally sullied itself one time too many.

As even many casual observers of America's fractious politics are aware, the overwhelming majority of lawmaking at the federal level no longer takes place in Congress as the Constitution's framers intended. Instead, the vast majority of the "rulemaking" governing Americans' day-to-day lives now takes place behind closed doors, deep in the bowels of the administrative state's sprawling bureaucracy. The brainchild of progressive President Woodrow Wilson, arguments on behalf of the modern administrative state are ultimately rooted in, among other factors, a disdain for the messy give-and-take of republican politics and an epistemological preference for rule by enlightened clerisy.

Put more simply, the most straightforward version of the argument offered by partisans of the administrative state amounts to, "Trust the experts." And over the century-plus since Wilson's presidency, the "trust the experts" leitmotif has moved well beyond the realm of prevailing dogma for mandarins in such agencies as the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. Rather, for large swaths of the citizenry and the elected official class, "trust the experts" now reigns supreme for everything from the military ("Trust the generals!") to public health ("Trust the epidemiologists!").

And therein lies the rub.

Comment: To sum up:
  1. Many bureaucrats relished enforcing rules that made no sense whatever. Dying aged people couldn't see their young relatives. Bars were open but churches were closed. Some places had curfews; others did not. In some places, schools were closed; in others, they were not.
  2. The main effect of Big Tech censorship was to make discussing the problems difficult.
  3. Far more of our fellow citizens than many of us would have thought possible simply accepted the crazy, then cowered, and hid. For no reason other than rank, irrational fear.
  4. Among more thoughtful people, the term "science" has taken one heck of a beating. When this is all over, we hope it still means something other than "whatever bureaucrats enforce."


MSNBC's Brian Williams equates Antifa with D-Day veterans


Comment: The bought and paid for elite-conceived propaganda supporting culturally Marxist, ideologically possessed and unhinged radical lefitsts - doesn't get more blatant (or as bad) as this folks!

On the eve of the 77th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, MSNBC aired an ad from The Lincoln Project that called the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy members of "Antifa" — the left-wing group responsible for mass political violence nationwide.

Brian Williams closed Friday's edition of "The 11th Hour" by showing a portion of the ad, which opens by asking, "Who is Antifa?"

Williams presented the video as a patriotic homage to the Greatest Generation. "Last thing before we go tonight, an important anniversary [is] coming up this weekend," Williams said. "We hope you can take a moment and remember it."

He went on to call Operation Overlord "beyond bold; it was outlandish. Over 150,000 men invad[ed] the French coastline under withering German fire to begin their march across Europe, where they would go on to win World War II 336 days later."

"While others will debate whether or not we could possibly mount such a thing today as broken as we are, there was a time when we saved the world from tyranny and fascism," Williams continued. "If it wasn't our finest hour, it's hard to say what was. And the folks at The Lincoln Project are out with a reminder to all."

Comment: More on the Lincoln Project organization and its leaders who're responsible for producing such drivel: