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Mon, 26 Jul 2021
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Rights groups take police racial profiling case to French Supreme Court

racial profiling discrimination france police

France’s first class-action lawsuit is aimed at forcing the government to tackle systemic discrimination by the police.
Leading rights organisations and grassroots groups took France's first class-action lawsuit targeting the police to the highest administrative authority on Thursday, aiming to fix what they contend is a culture of systemic discrimination in identity checks.

The 220-page file, chock full of examples of racial profiling by French police, was delivered to the Council of State, the ultimate arbiter on the use of power by authorities. It was compiled by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Open Society Justice Initiative and three grassroots organisations that work with youth.

The NGOs allege that French police target Black people and people of Arab descent in choosing who to stop and check. Police officers who corroborate such accounts are among people cited in the file.

Comment: The French police are in a bind, as they must deal with the tensions engendered by Macron's ham-fisted immigration policy, which has seen the country overwhelmed by illegal immigrants, mostly from the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan. French citizens are feeling pushed out of their own country. The situation is guaranteed to produce violence, as it is easy relatively easy to identify 'the other'.
migrant camp paris streets france
© Nick Edwards
Paris streets, 2016
The migrants themselves are not helping, with their refusal to integrate into the countries they have more or less barged into:
mislum women isis flag paris

Two Muslim women wear Isis flags on French streets.
muslims sharia law france
© Indicrat/YouTube


AstraZeneca vaccines being dumped over 'lack of patients', GP in Australia reports

© Reuters/Gareth Fuller
Riverina GP Dr Rachel Fikkers says some AstraZeneca vials are going to waste, when patients are not available.
A southern New South Wales doctor has confirmed COVID vaccinations have been disposed of, because of a lack of available patients.

Dr Rachael Fikkers works at the Wagga Wagga-based Riverina Medical and Dental Aboriginal Corporation (RivMed) and said the service started providing the AstraZeneca vaccination in early May.

She said up until last Thursday, the service had administered just over 300 AstraZeneca doses, more than 100 of them — second shots.

Comment: Nearly half of the planet from Australia to the US are choosing to not suffer the vaccines, even with the spectre of losing the few remaining freedoms they have left. It's particularly telling that even healthcare professionals are amongst those opting out:


Anti-riot squads, paramilitary forces fortify Delhi as farmers to protest near parliament

delhi farmers protest
© AP Photo / Altaf Qadri
Since November 2020, thousands of farmers have been protesting on the roads leading to Delhi in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The agitated farmers are demanding a complete rollback of three agricultural laws passed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government in September 2020.

The Delhi Police have set up anti-riot squads and called in paramilitary forces in view of a protest by farmers against three agriculture laws during the ongoing monsoon session of the Indian Parliament, officials said on Thursday.

At least 2,500 Delhi police officers along with 3,000 paramilitary personnel will remain deployed at the Singhu border, one of the main protest sites, Delhi Police Public Relations Officer Chinmoy Biswal told Sputnik.

"Heavy barricading has been done at the borders and all routes leading to Delhi are under surveillance and being monitored round the clock. We are also using drones to keep watch from the aerial view", the officer said.


A third of young US Jews see Israel as genocidal, poll finds

Jewish Americans view Israel as an apartheid state
© Leah Millis Reuters
Significant numbers of Jewish Americans view Israel as an apartheid state that commits genocide, according to a recent survey.
Efforts by Israel and its lobby to equate criticism of Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people with anti-Jewish bigotry are in overdrive.

Yet a new poll indicates that this campaign has failed even with the vast majority of Jewish American voters.

The survey commissioned by the Jewish Electorate Institute, a group led by supporters of the Democratic Party, contains several eye-catching findings.

A quarter of Jewish American voters agree that Israel is an apartheid state - a number that shoots up to 38 percent among those under age 40.

Twenty-two percent of Jewish voters overall agree that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, a figure that rises to an astonishing 33 percent among the younger group.

Moreover, Israel's treatment of Palestinians is similar to racism in the US, according to 34 percent of Jewish voters surveyed. That figure exceeds two in five among those aged under 40.

These findings are likely to dismay lobby group leaders who have long fretted about the erosion of support for Israel among Jewish Americans, particularly younger ones.

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Poll: Majority of Americans want investigations into BLM and Antifa riots, NOT capitol infiltration

blm black lives matter sign fire
© Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images
A new Rasmussen poll reveals that a majority of voters in the U.S. want Congress to carry out investigations into mass rioting in cities in the Summer of 2020 by BLM and Antifa groups, while significantly less are supportive of an investigation into the Capitol infiltration on January 6th 2021.

The poll finds that two thirds (66%) of voters want the costly Black Lives Matter related riots investigated, while only 49% of voters agree that a January 6th investigation should be a priority.

Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly called for a "9/11 style" commission to be created to oversee an investigation into the Capitol infiltration, terminology which has angered families of the victims of the 2001 terror attacks.

Comment: This is hardly surprising considering the number of American's whose lives were affected by the riots as opposed to those affected by the January 6th infiltration. No matter what the news says, most Americans know who the bad guys are.

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Horrible: 5 Times more children committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during lockdown: UK study

Illustration image shows children receiving instruction at a school.
© Sam Balye/Unsplash
Illustration image shows children receiving instruction at a school.
Five times more children and young people committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during the first year of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, according to a study, which also concluded that lockdowns are more detrimental to children's health than the virus itself.

Researchers with the University College London, the University of York, the University of Liverpool, and the University of Bristol found in a study (pdf) that has not yet been peer-reviewed that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, otherwise known as the coronavirus, doesn't appear to present a significant risk to children as compared with other age groups.

The study concluded, "The risk of removal of CYP (children and young people) from their normal activities across education and social events may prove a greater risk than that of SARS-CoV-2 itself." SARS-CoV-2 is another name for the CCP virus.

Comment: The authors of this article would benefit from researching the true likely source of the virus. Hint: it probably did not originate in China.

It was revealed in the study that only 25 children under the age of 18 died of COVID-19 from the start of the pandemic until the end of February 2021. Around 61 children in all died after testing positive, but in 36 cases it was found the virus "did not contribute to their death."

But during the same time period, there were 124 suicides among children and 268 deaths from trauma, the study authors found, while noting the virus is "rarely fatal" for children.


Toronto: Police and protesters clash at homeless encampment

toronto police protesters homeless encampment
Things are turning violent at Toronto's Lamport Stadium Park this afternoon as city officials attempt to clear out yet another homeless encampment with help from police.

Lots and lots and lots of police.

Hundreds of TPS officers are currently present at the park just off King Street West — an area that has been completely fenced in for the purpose of enforcing trespass notices against 14 to 17 people experiencing homelessness.

Comment: Not a good look for "Toronto the good".

Yellow Vest

'Hands off my natural immunity': French protest in their millions against vaccine passports

health pass France
© REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier
A man shows a health pass to a security agent in front of the Louvre museum entrance amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Paris, France, July 21, 2021.
Hundreds of people protested in Paris on Wednesday against the introduction of a health pass for some activities and against compulsory vaccinations for health workers as the government seeks to curb a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections in France.

Comment: "Hundreds of people," LOL! Hundreds of thousands of people, more like, daily - and that's just in Paris alone. Here's an aerial view of the protest in Paris on Saturday 17th July:

From Wednesday visitors heading to museums, cinemas or swimming pools in France will be denied entry if they cannot produce the health pass showing that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have had a recent negative test.

Some of the protesters waved banners that read "Freedom to choose" and "Hands off my natural immunity!"

"They want to force us to be vaccinated at any price. No, no, no", Nathalie Labedade, a care home worker, told Reuters.

The health pass, previously only required for large-scale festivals or to go clubbing, will also be needed from the start of August to enter restaurants and bars and for long-distance train and plane journeys.

Comment: The good news is that the technology they're using for this New Order is crappy. People can download fake apps that mimic each country's 'official apps', and they're being accepted in most places by staff who either don't know 'the real app' from the fake ones, or don't care to police people for the state.

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Police response times "under strain" because of staff shortages caused by "pingdemic," as NHS app calls for self-isolation

uk police lockdown
The "pingdemic" isn't just damaging business and social life, but also the ability of the police to deal with crime. The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) says that response times are "under strain" due to staff shortages caused by self-isolation rules. 7.3% of police officers and staff are currently absent from work, yet the Government appears to be in no hurry to come up with a solution. Sky News has the story.
The NPCC said that in some forces, functions such as control room operations are being hit by high numbers of absent staff, impacting their ability to respond quickly to calls.

Earlier, one police and crime commissioner warned the public that call response times will rise due to the large amount of people being asked to self-isolate after coming into contact with a positive coronavirus case.

Comment: See also:


NSW health official tells Australians to refrain from TALKING to people to blunt spread of Covid-19

sydney opera house fog
© Reuters / Loren Elliott
With Sydney still in lockdown amid a handful of new Covid-19 cases, the top health official for New South Wales has called for a new level of social-distancing inhumanity: not having conversations with other people.

After reporting a whopping 78 new Covid-19 cases and one death in the state, Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant told reporters on Tuesday that Australians shouldn't engage in conversations, even if both parties were wearing masks, and regardless of vaccination status.

"Whilst it's human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately, this is not the time to do that," Chant said.

Comment: Just when you thought Australia couldn't get anymore draconian, they go and pull something like this. Human interaction is a vital psychological need for humans, and trying to minimize this is a form of abuse. The lockdowns were bad enough for the sanity of the population, but this is taking it to another level.

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