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Fri, 23 Jun 2017
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Culture of violence: Cops force woman to beat her mentally disabled grandson with a belt

Two cops with a fondness for corporal punishment are under criminal investigation for possible child abuse, after telling a woman to beat her 9-year-old grandson with a belt.

As The News Tribune reports, the officers not only urged to do it — contradicting the advice of Catholic Community Service workers who were present — but showed her how. They suggested she could use a small extension of her hand, since she was physically limited, and said it was her legal right to beat the boy.

Even more astonishingly, the boy was bleeding from broken glass after a panicked rage episode, and had a diminished mental capacity - which the officers knew about from a previous encounter. The boy had been committed to a hospital in April, and then in May was choked and abused by a babysitter.

On June 5, the boy had a breakdown when his grandmother went to get prescriptions following a back surgery and asked two therapists to watch him for the brief period. When she returned, he had broken all the glass he could find and locked himself in the house.


Black-market baby trade thrives in India after adoption law reform

© News Deeply
Majeda Bibi narrowly escaped losing her son to trafficking after undergoing what she says was an unnecessary cesarean section.
The recent uncovering of a major baby-trafficking racket in eastern India has brought the issue of Indian adoption into the spotlight. Experts say tough laws and long waits to adopt often mean prospective parents turn to the illegal trade without even realizing it

Kanon Sarkar, 27, gave birth to her second daughter in July 2014 at a nursing home in rural West Bengal, a state in eastern India.

But six hours after delivery at the home, which functions as a small health clinic, the doctor told Sarkar her baby had an unexplained heart problem and had to be taken to Kolkata, the bustling capital, for urgent treatment. The mother and child went to Kolkata as instructed, but the next day, without proper explanation, the baby was declared dead.

The staff at the hospital gave Sarkar a corpse, wrapped in white with only the eyes visible, so the family could submerge the body in a river that runs through their village, in accordance with Hindu tradition.

Comment: See also: Two high-level government child trafficking rings busted - U.S. media silent


Three Ethiopian asylum-seekers in Germany accused of violently raping woman '3 times each'

© Axel Schmidt / Reuters
A 28-year-old woman in Muhlhausen, Germany has identified three Ethiopian men who she claims repeatedly raped and beat her during a local carnival. The victim revealed some of the horrifying details in court.

The three suspected attackers, between 23 and 29 years old, were identified by the victim in regional court in the federal state of Thuringia earlier this week.

"Each of them raped me three times," the woman said during her hours-long statement before the court, German media reported.

Bad Guys

Al-Shabaab car bomb kills up to 10, injures 20 outside government building in Mogadishu

© Faisal Isse / Global Look Press
Explosion site in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia June 20, 2017.
Al-Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for a massive suicide bomb attack at a government building in Mogadishu Tuesday that killed up to 10 people and injured at least 20 others.

"More than 10 persons died, 20 others were wounded. The explosion destroyed the building of Wadajir District headquarters. More than 10 cars were destroyed in the explosion," Abdifatah Omar Halane, a spokesman for the Mogadishu mayor, said, as cited by Reuters.

Al-Shabaab's stated aim is to expel peacekeeping forces and topple the federal government in Somalia in order to impose Sharia law throughout the nation.


Six children killed in a week taking 'the ultimate selfies' across Russia

Denis Kondakov, 17, died after climbing on top of a pile of gravel and then reaching up to touch a high-voltage electric cable while being watched by two teen girls
Six youngsters have died within a week trying to take 'the ultimate selfie' in Russia.

Ustinya Zembakhtin, 10, brother Sergey, 13, Vladislav Khoroshinkin, also 13, Maria Svitlenko, 14, 15-year-old Sergey Kustov and 17-year-old Denis Kondakov all perished in the last seven days at the start of the school holidays.

Three of the youngsters were killed at the same time while trying to pose in front of an oncoming freight train, while three more died in separate incidents after touching high-voltage electric cables.

Ustinya, Sergey and Vladislav all died on the Trans-Siberian railway track close to Vladivostok as they posed for a selfie on 11 June in front of an oncoming freight train.

Lera Sengeevskaya, 13, told how she pleaded with them to get off the track as the train approached.


'No safe place': Man who fled Raqqa and lost daughter blames US-led strikes for civilian deaths

© RT
A Syrian man who claims his daughter died in a US-led airstrike while fleeing the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, told RT about the horrifying events of his escape and claims the US-led coalition has an alarming tendency to target civilians.

"Coalition planes struck the district of Dariya, I was with my daughter at the time, and just like that, she perished in the blast, I lost my leg. More often than not, US planes hit civilians, not Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL]," Abu Abdullah told RT Arabic.

The man's face has been blurred on the footage for security reasons.

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Slaughter of the innocents: Faroe Islanders turn the sea red in their annual slaughter of pilot whales

The sea was turned red after local fishermen on the Faroe Islands took part in their annual killing of a herd of pilot whales
Faroe Islanders have turned the sea red during their annual killing of a herd of innocent pilot whales.

Every year, innocent whales are forced to swim towards the shores of the Danish islands during their migration.

But when local fishermen catch a glimpse of them, the mammals slow down before locals get in their power boats and dinghies to close in on the large school of whales.


Van driver dies after crashing into tail-back after migrants set up roadblock near Calais

© Pascal Rossignol / Reuters
Migrants stand near a road, Calais
A van driver died on the highway to the French port of Calais in an accident caused by a roadblock of tree trunks set up by migrants. Nine Eritrean nationals have been detained in connection with the incident, according to local official.

The Polish-registered vehicle rammed into one of the three trucks which stopped in front of the roadblock, catching fire.

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Afghans blame prison release of warlord Azizullah on the Americans, say he's 'the most evil man in the world'

© AP
The CIA launched a secret operation of kidnapping suspects days after the US began bombing Afghanistan in late 2001
The realm of warlord Azizullah, who had been terrifying people in Afghanistan for years, has become the newest "caliphate" of Islamic State in the north of the country, after the terrorist was "unexpectedly" freed from prison, locals revealed to RT.

The son of an Uzbek jihadist leader, Azizullah is a second-generation warlord. Often described as dangerous, ambitious, and fanatical, the infamous jihadist has brought death to many people in Afghanistan. Until recently, he was incarcerated in the notorious Bagram prison - but in the fall of 2016, Azizullah was released, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Locals told RT's Murad Gazdiev that it happened "unexpectedly."

The war correspondent managed to speak to some of the locals and refugees in Mazari Sharif in Northern Afghanistan, who have witnessed and suffered the warlord's atrocities in the neighboring Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces. They have spoken up about the carnage in their native lands for the first time.


Evil Jewish lunatics kidnap and torture mute 8-year-old Palestinian boy

© safa.ps
Image of eight-year-old Palestinian, Bashar Ghazal, who was handcuffed and injured by Israeli settlers
A Palestinian child from Beit Furik town in Nablus survived certain death on Wednesday after Jewish settlers kidnapped and tortured him inside their settlement.

Local sources told reporters that eight-year-old Bashar Ghazal was found in the illegal Itamar settlement, handcuffed and injured as a result of his exposure to severe torture at the hands of extremist settlers.

The sources added that the Israeli occupation army handed over the boy to the Palestinian Authority liaison office on Wednesday night, confirming that the settlers brutally tortured the child and burned his skin with molten plastic.

The boy, who is mute, was reported missing by his family in the morning after his father died.