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Wed, 18 May 2022
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War Whore

Moscow reacts to deadly cross-border attack

solokhi shelling damage
© Sputnik/Taisia Liskovets
A view shows a damaged fence of a residential house after a shelling as Russia's military operation in Ukraine continues, in the village of Solokhi in Belgorod region bordering Ukraine, Russia.
The Kremlin is calling for additional measures to strengthen security at the Ukraine border.

Additional steps will be necessary to strengthen security in Russia's regions bordering Ukraine because of repeated shelling by Kiev's forces, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

This comes after a Ukrainian artillery strike on Solokhi, a village in Belgorod Region located about 11 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, left seven Russian civilians injured and one dead on Wednesday.

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North Korea reports first positive Covid-19 case, declares emergency

kim jong un
© KCNA via Reuters
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a military parade to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army. Photo undated.
North Korea has confirmed its first-ever case of Covid-19 and declared a "severe national emergency", with leader Kim Jong Un vowing to "eliminate" the virus, state media said Thursday.

The impoverished, nuclear-armed country has never admitted to a case of Covid-19, with the government imposing a rigid coronavirus blockade of its borders since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

But samples taken from patients sick with fever in the capital were "consistent with" the virus' highly transmissible Omicron variant, the official Korean Central News Agency reported.

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War Whore

Fatal shelling from Ukraine shakes Russian village

solokhi shelling
© Telegram / @rybar
One killed, seven wounded, including a teenager, in an artillery attack on Belgorod Region.

One Russian civilian was killed on Wednesday in a Ukrainian artillery strike on Solokhi, a village near the border in the Belgorod Region. Seven more people have been injured, the regional governor said on social media. The area is being evacuated.

"The village of Solokhi, Belgorod Region, has been hit by shelling from the Ukrainian side," Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Telegram on Wednesday evening.

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The Roe v Wade decision is not about abortion. It's about preserving a republic

Anti-abortion and abortion rights demonstrators
© Yasin Ozturk / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Anti-abortion and abortion rights demonstrators during a protest outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.
It's about time we Americans remembered we are supposed to govern our own lives.

While feminists and left-wing activists nationwide decry the leaked Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision draft as an attack on women's rights, the real issue is not about women or even about abortion. What happens next with Roe v. Wade could help steer the US back toward what the founding fathers intended - a Court that keeps majoritarianism in check as it upholds the Constitution.

When debating issues such as Roe v. Wade, it is important that we all first and foremost understand that America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. In a democracy, the minority of a population are always subject to majority rule - no matter how morally bankrupt that majority may be or may become. The founders feared that very scenario, and thanks to the wisdom and foresight of men like James Madison, our system of government doesn't function that way. Instead, we have a system of checks and balances under republican governance, where the minority is not at the mercy of the majority. Over time, this essential characteristic of our government has been diluted and sometimes outright ignored, as with the original Roe v. Wade decision. If the judges in 1973 had respected the role of the Court in relation to the Constitution, abortion law would have stayed at the state level. For a small group of judges to make Roe's case the law of the land, was, in fact, anti-Constitutional.

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Whistleblowers: FBI probed parents under counterterrorism 'threat tag' for protesting school boards

Attorney General Merrick Garland
© AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
Attorney General Merrick Garland attends a news conference to announce actions to enhance the Biden administration's environmental justice efforts, Thursday, May 5, 2022, at the Department of Justice in Washington.
The FBI used "threat tags" created by the bureau's counterterrorism division to launch dozens of investigations into parents who had protested at school board meetings, whistleblowers disclosed.

The probes targeted parents who were reported on a new Justice Department "snitch line."

The FBI investigations included a father opposed to mask mandates and a mother deemed a threat for "owning guns" and belonging to a group called "Moms for Liberty."

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Bizarro Earth

Blinded by gender

sage lily 1
This story is according to Michele's testimony. I have verified aspects of the story and looked at court documents that support it. I am using the child's legal name and pronoun associated with her sex, for clarity.

The FBI found 15-year-old Sage on Sept. 2, 2021. She had been kept in a locked room, where she'd been held captive and trafficked for sex after running away from home just over a week before. When the authorities called her mother, Michele, they told her she and her husband Roger could pick her up the next day at Waxter Children's Center, a girls' detention facility in Laurel, MD, where she'd been sent after she was kept in the hospital overnight to administer a rape exam.

So Michele and Roger, overwhelmed with relief, drove from Virginia to Maryland to get her first thing in the morning, their car stuffed with blankets, pillows, her favorite stuffed animals and snacks.

They arrived at the detention center ("a nice term for 'jail'," Michele said, noting there were no criminal charges against Sage), but were told they would not be allowed to see their child, let alone hold her in their arms, with no explanation. Instead, they'd have to appear in court at 4:00PM.

They had no idea why.

In court, Michele and Roger were deemed abusive and denied custody, informed that they couldn't bring the child home. The reason? They had been inconsistent about using Sage's preferred pronouns, or the name she'd been going by for three weeks.

Dollar Gold

Disgraced BLM co-founder admits she used $6 million mansion for parties

© Jesse Grant/Getty Images/Viacom
Patrisse Cullors and her $6M mansion
Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors denied intentional wrongdoing in an interview with the Associated Press regarding a litany of allegations of personally benefiting off the group's donations.

The Associated Press interview featured Cullors addressing a New York Magazine expose last month that detailed how the Black Lives Matter leader personally benefited from donations.

Cullors addressed the $6 million Los Angeles mansion the group bought in early 2021 saying, "We really wanted to make sure that the global network foundation had an asset that wasn't just financial resources, and we understood that not many black-led organizations have property. They don't own their property."

However, that statement came after admissions from the former BLM leader that she did use the space for personal parties on at least two occasions. Cullors "hosted her son's birthday party and a gathering to celebrate President Biden's inauguration at the six-bedroom property early last year," The New York Post reports

In the interview, Cullors responded to the allegations that her family members were hired to work on the mansion property. Her mother got a cleaning job, while her brother became head of security, and Patrisse justified that by saying they had "skill sets" the organization was looking for.

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'Trans porn' creators sentenced over sadistic sexual abuse of 7-year-old girl

Marina Volz
© reduxx
Members of what has been described as a "family-owned transgender pornography production company" have been sentenced in connection to the sexual abuse of one of the member's children.

One of these members, Marina Volz, a biological male who identifies as a woman, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for forcing "her" 7-year-old daughter to participate in sexual acts, Anna Slatz reported for Reduxx.

Volz, born Matthew, was arrested back in 2019 after the New Jersey Department of Child Protection became aware that Volz was creating pornography in a home where a child lives.

Following the execution of a search warrant, authorities found that the child in question had likely been exposed to sexually explicit material.

Heart - Black

US gov't admits to horrible treatment of Indigenous children at boarding schools in 1800s

Albuquerque Indian School
Class of younger boys in uniform at the Albuquerque Indian School, circa 1900
The U.S. is acknowledging the large-scale and violent treatment of Indigenous students at more than 400 Indian boarding schools run by the federal government between 1819 and 1969, according to a report released by the Department of Interior on Wednesday.

Over 500 American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children's deaths occurred at 19 of the federal Indian boarding schools, according to the report. In total, 53 marked and unmarked burial sites were identified at these school facilities nationwide. The investigation is ongoing, and the department said it expects "the approximate number of Indian children who died at Federal Indian boarding schools to be in the thousands or tens of thousands."

Beginning in the early 19th century in the U.S., Indigenous children were "selected" from reservation schools and moved away from their families to attend the government-chartered schools, which were often subcontracted to Presbyterian, Catholic and Episcopalian religious organizations to operate, the report said.

Heart - Black

Woke racism: Woke female basketball star insulted Nigerian team in Australia - told them to 'go back to your Third World country'

Controversial basketball player Liz Cambage has been accused of verbally abusing members of the Nigerian national team by her former captain for Australia.

Jenna O'Hea captained Team Australia at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, during the build-up to which Cambage had complained that there were too many white players in the Australian Olympic team photo while threatening to boycott the athletics spectacle.

Appearing on ABC Sport Down Under as the WNBA season kicked off in the US last weekend, however, O'Hea was asked whether it was true that Cambage had ignited a brawl by telling her Nigerian rivals to "go back to your Third World country" in a Tokyo 2020 warm-up game in Las Vegas.

"That is all 100% correct," O'Hea confirmed, with Cambage, who eventually withdrew from the Olympics citing mental health struggles and now plays for the Los Angeles Sparks, indirectly responding to the allegations.

"The truth will always come to light, and it ain't even dawn yet," tweeted Cambage.

But some figures such as Andrew Bogut, who has a long-running social media dispute with Cambage, said that the star's "sledging" - as verbal sports provocation is known in Australia - was even worse than what has been reported.

Comment: Scratch the social justice veneer and you'll often find a self-entitled narcissist.