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Sat, 20 Jan 2018
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52 people burned to death in bus fire in western Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

Bus on fire
© The Committee for emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan / Sputnik
At least 52 people have been burned to death after a passenger bus caught fire in western Kazakhstan, authorities confirmed. Only five people managed to escape the deadly blaze.

The deadly incident took place on a highway in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan, spokesman for the Interior Ministry Emergencies Committee Ruslan Imankulov said in a statement.

War Whore

US marshal killed serving a warrant, several police officers injured in Harrisburg shooting

© Daniel Shanken / Reuters
Police officers guard an intersection following after officer-involved shooting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., January 18, 2018.
A US marshal was killed and at least two officer were wounded when gunfire broke out during the service of a warrant, the mayor said.

"Harrisburg mourns the loss this morning of a US Marshal who died protecting our residents. While service a warrant as part of the US Marshal's task force, three officers were shot, including a Harrisburg police officer, who was wounded,"Papenfuse said in a statement on Thursday.

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse said three officers were shot, including a Harrisburg cop. He did not specifify if the US Marshal was included in the count.

The US marshal died in hospital, according to PennLive.com.


Nude protest & sheep slaughter at Auschwitz death camp ends in prison sentence for artists

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
© Sergey Guneev / Sputnik
The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum established on the grounds of two concentration camps in Oswiecim.
A group of international artists have been fined and handed prison terms for staging a "performance" at the Auschwitz death camp last year, during which they undressed themselves and slaughtered a sheep.

The controversial act took place at the entrance to the infamous Nazi concentration camp - now turned museum - when a dozen young people in their twenties undressed and chained themselves to the gates in March 2017.

Comment: Auschwitz death camp protest sees naked protesters chain themselves up and slaughter a sheep


Criminal orgs making billions smuggling gold into US so you can have nice things

colombia mining
© Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno
A gash in the middle of Colombia’s southwestern jungle was created by an illegal mining operation. Colombia’s police are scrambling to shut down these operations, which the government says are funneling cash to criminal gangs.
When Juan Granda ventured into Peru's Amazon rainforest to score another illicit load of gold, he boasted that he felt like legendary Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

"I'm like Pablo coming ... to get the coke," he told two co-workers in a text message in 2014.

A 36-year-old Florida State University graduate who once sold subprime loans, Granda was no cartel kingpin. But his offhand comparison was apt: Gold has become the secret ingredient in the criminal alchemy of Latin American narco-traffickers who make billions turning cocaine into clean cash by exporting the metal to Miami.

The previous year, Granda's employer, NTR Metals, a South Florida precious-metals trading company, had bought nearly $1 billion worth of Peruvian gold supplied by narcos - and Granda and NTR needed more.

War Whore

Ridiculous! Sweden distributes 4.7 million leaflets on 'how to prepare for war with Russia'

If War Comes Sweden Russia
© (Kungliga Inrikesdepartementet/Wikimedia Commons
Sweden is reportedly preparing to issue a public information manual on the best way to deal with the prospect of war, as talk rages over an apparent rise in the rest from Russia.

The brochure, which will be sent to 4.7 million households, will tell the public how they can take part in 'total defence' during a war and secure food, water and heating." It is titled 'If Crisis or War Comes' and will also provide expert guidance on the best way to deal with threats from cyber attacks, climate change and terrorism.

Comment: More on the background of this pamphlet:
Sweden first issued an advisory pamphlet on how to cope with the outbreak of war in the 1940s. The pamphlet was delivered to every Swedish household, telling them how to prepare for and act in a national crisis. Of course, in 1991 when the Cold War ended, the leaflet was discontinued.

But after 30 years where the pamphlet fell into redundancy, the Swedish government has decided to resurrect it.

Sweden is now reissuing the pamphlet-named Om kriget kommer (If War Comes)-to every household in Sweden during the country's Emergency Preparedness Week in the end of May this year. It will be delivered to some 4.7 million Swedish households.


16yo defendant shot dead by deputy in Ohio courtroom

Ohio courthouse
© drj.fccourts.org
Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court building.
A teenager has been shot dead following a disturbance during proceedings at a juvenile court in Columbus, Ohio.

Joseph Haynes, who was in court charged with menacing with a firearm, was having his case heard at around 12.40pm local time Wednesday when a fight broke out involving a deputy from Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the 16 year old and his family members. An unidentified deputy then fired one shot, striking Hayes.

"At some point, as the hearing was concluding, there was an altercation involving the deputy and some of the family members," Franklin County Chief Deputy Rick Minerd told the Columbus Dispatch. "And what we have learned was the deputy was knocked to the ground as part of that altercation where he came under attack. One shot was fired."

Wall Street

US factory production rose for fourth straight month in December

manufacturing plant
U.S. factory production rose for a fourth straight month in December, capping the strongest quarter since 2010 and underscoring a resurgence in manufacturing that's primed for further advances, Federal Reserve data showed Wednesday.

  • Factory output rose 0.1% (est. 0.3% gain) after rising an upwardly revised 0.3%
  • Total industrial production, which also includes mines and utilities, increased 0.9% (est. 0.5% rise) after a revised 0.1% decrease
  • Capacity utilization, measuring the amount of a plant that is in use, rose to 77.9% (est. 77.4%) from 77.2%


Feds want to criminally charge sanctuary cities for refusing to follow federal laws

california hwy sign
California passed a state law defining itself as a "sanctuary state." This law went into effect on January 1 of this year. However, this is defiant act against U.S. Federal law governing the treatment of illegal immigrants into the United States of America, of which California is still part.

The Trump Administration is not taking this lying down.

On January 16th, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed that her department asked Federal prosecutors to see if they can criminally charge sanctuary cities for their refusal to follow federal immigration laws.

The California law acts to severely restrict the cooperation that state and local law enforcement is allowed to offer the federal government in executing immigration and deportation laws.

Comment: See also:

Russian Flag

'Rethinking Putin' - Top American Russia expert Prof Stephen Cohen lambasts Russia hysteria (VIDEO)

Professor Stephen F. Cohen

Professor Stephen F. Cohen

Professor Stephen F. Cohen, renowned ivy league professor and expert on Russia gave a speech called "Rethinking Putin" at the annual The Nation cruise on December 2, 2017.

Professor Stephen F. Cohen is that "villain" who dared talk about Russia and Russians without demonizing them, and he just gave a speech called "Rethinking Putin"!

The inhumanity! How dare those pesky academics urge people to think! He had the nerve to imply people should not only think...but they should rethink! What kind of free world do we live in where academics are encouraging people to think without demonizing the enemy of the deep state. What next...people will start asking questions!?! And what will that lead to...asking more questions...or worse...Questioning More! (That was just a little bit of sarcasm if you couldn't tell.)

Comment: More from Professor Stephen F. Cohen, one of the few academics in America talking sense:

Star of David

Israel smears critics as anti-Semites when faced with serious damage to its image

Palestine Solidarity Campaign co-founder Tony Greenstein
© Twitter

On January 25, Labour activist and co-founder of Britain's Palestine Solidarity Campaign Tony Greenstein will undergo a disciplinary hearing over accusations of alleged anti-Semitic comments made online. Greenstein was suspended from Labour back in 2016 when the remarks first came to light. Greenstein has maintained the content was legitimate criticism of Israeli policy, and not derogatory statements about Jews.

Moshé Machover, a British-Israeli activist and member of the UK's Labour Party, has prepared the following testimony in defense of Greenstein. Machover was also the founder of the Israeli socialist political party Matzpen.

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