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Sun, 25 Oct 2020
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How to put a stop to Twitter's game-playing on censorship

twitter facebook
© Dado Ruvic/Reuters
The much-misunderstood Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act is in the spotlight again. Twitter and, to a lesser extent, Facebook, suppressed reporting that Joe Biden abetted his son Hunter's cashing in on the then-vice president's political influence. Since there are plenty of alternatives to these social-media platforms, their actions merely drew more attention to the story while calling into question their qualification for Section 230 immunity from lawsuits.

The Biden news was broken by the New York Post, the nation's fourth-largest daily by circulation, whose Twitter account (with 1.8 million followers) remains suspended as of this writing — irrationally so, given that the social-media site is no longer blocking other users from sharing links to the reports that prompted the Post's account to be locked. Twitter also locked the account of Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, as well as that of the Trump reelection campaign.

Twitter's bogus rationale for the suspensions was the claim that the Biden information had been "hacked" from a laptop computer that appears to have belonged to Hunter. In fact, there is no evidence that the emails, photographs, videos, and other materials on the laptop were hacked or otherwise misappropriated. Hunter suffers from drug addiction and is notoriously erratic. The laptop was brought to a repair shop in Delaware and never reclaimed. The shop owner, in addition to being given consensual access to the data, reported it to the FBI. Plus, Fox News reports that the work order prepared when the computer was dropped off appears to bear Hunter Biden's signature.

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Danish submarine killer Madsen arrested after failed prison escape

Peter Madsen submarine killer escape fail
© Nils Meilvang/Ritzau Scanpix
Danish police in Albertslund after an attempted prison escape on October 20th.
The Danish man sentenced to life in jail for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his homemade submarine was surrounded by police on Tuesday after a failed prison escape bid, police said.

"Peter Madsen tried to escape," a Copenhagen police official told AFP.

Police confirmed on Twitter that Madsen had been "arrested and removed from the scene" after being surrounded by police officers, with unconfirmed reports he had threatened them with an explosive device.


Bizarro Earth

From 'role models' to sex workers: Lockdown causes child poverty to soar in Kenya

kenya child slavery poverty
© AP Photo/Brian Inganga
A teenage girl who became a sex worker after schools in Kenya were closed in March due to coronavirus restrictions, sits in the rented room where she and others work, in Nairobi, Kenya Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. The girls saw their mothers' sources of income vanish when Kenya's government restricted movement to prevent the spread of the virus, and now engage in the sex work to help with household bills.
The teenage girls cannot remember how many men they have had to sleep with in the seven months since COVID-19 closed their schools, or how many of those men used protection.

Painfully, they recall times when they were sexually assaulted and then beaten up when they asked to be paid -- as little as $1 -- to help feed their families as jobs evaporated during the pandemic.

From their rented room in Kenya's capital, the girls say the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus or HIV does not weigh heavily on them in a time when survival is paramount.

"If you get $5 in these streets, that is gold," says a 16-year-old, seated on the small bed she shares with the 17-year-old and 18-year-old she calls her "best friends forever." They split the $20 rent in a building where every room is home to fellow sex workers.

Comment: Much of the planet is seeing a deterioration in living standards, and it's only going to get worse - unimaginably worse - the longer the tyrannical lockdowns go on for:


Gym seeks to dodge Poland's new Covid-19 lockdown by rebranding as 'Church of the Healthy Body'

Poland gym lockdown
© Google Street View/screenshot
Atlantic Fitness in Krakow, Poland is trying to get around Covid-19 restrictions by declaring itself a church
With the government in Warsaw imposing strict lockdown measures on almost 70 percent of Poland's population, a gym in Krakow has found a way to operate, albeit in a severely limited capacity - by declaring itself a church.

"Since fitness classes cannot function, starting today our club will start hosting religious gatherings of the 'Church of the Healthy Body'," Marta Jamroz, manager of the Atlantic Sports Fitness in Poland's second-largest city, wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

"Hard to believe? Everything is possible in this world."

Jamroz assured gym members that "everything is in accordance with the law." Under the government measures, churches are restricted to one person per four square meters (43 square feet) in the 'yellow' zones and seven square meters (75 square feet) in 'red' zones, while gyms, swimming pools and water parks must close.

Comment: Whilst it's admirable that some are speaking out against the governments lockdown lies, gym owners in the UK tried something similar and found themselves swarmed on by the police and smacked with extortionate fines that will bankrupt them long before they make any difference to lockdowns; the lockdowns that governments are determined to enforce with complete disregard to the damage and deaths they're causing: Firearms officers descend on gym for staying open despite lockdown orders in Merseyside, UK

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BLM activist charged with hate crime over assault of black conservative in San Francisco

Androa Anderson Philip hate crime

A Black Lives Matter activist has been arrested and charged with a hate crime-related assault after allegedly knocking a black conservative activist’s teeth out in an unprovoked attack at a free speech rally in San Francisco.
A Black Lives Matter activist has been arrested and charged with a hate crime-related assault after allegedly knocking a black conservative activist's teeth out in an unprovoked attack at a free speech rally in San Francisco.

On Saturday, the San Francisco Police Department responded to a report of an assault near City Hall at a conservative-organized protest against Big Tech. Authorities met with "Team Save America" free speech organizer Philip Anderson. The black 25-year-old victim was punched in the face by a masked male assailant wearing tactical gloves who called him a racial slur. Philip lost two teeth and was left bloodied. Far-left protesters accused the rally of being fascist.

35-year-old Androa "Dro" Anderson, of Watsonville, Cal., was taken into custody in Oakland the day after the assault and transported to San Francisco County Jail where he was booked on charges of mayhem with a hate crime enhancement. He and Philip share the same surname but are not related. Androa's bail is set at $110,000, according to the San Francisco Sheriff's Office.


Portland protesters leave 'Kill the president' message on police union building & set fire to pro-cop billboard

Portland billboard
© Twitter / @hungrybowtie
Demonstrators in Portland vandalized the office of the local police union and torched a billboard that expressed support for law enforcement, amid ongoing unrest in the Oregon city that has stretched for months.

Protesters marched to the Portland Police Association (PPA) building on Monday night as they chanted "No justice, no peace." The building, which had been boarded up after being repeatedly attacked by rioters during previous demonstrations, was then defaced with graffiti. Messages spray-painted on the wood panels included: "Burn this,""Cops are murderers," and "Kill the president."

The mob then turned their attention to a nearby billboard which expressed support for local law enforcement. Protesters splattered paint on the placard before setting it on fire. The billboard, which read, "Wake up America! Thank you Portland Police Bureau," had been paid for by a local outlet, PT News.


More Google dirt: Project Veritas exposes manager admitting to election interference

google executive election interference veritas
© Project Veritas
Project Veritas released a new video that exposes the hidden political agenda of Google's top managers and shows how Google manipulated algorithms to skew conservative content negatively.
On Monday, Project Veritas released a new video that exposes the hidden political agenda of Google's top managers and shows how Google manipulated algorithms to skew conservative content negatively.

In the video, Google's Cloud Technical Program Manager Ritesh Lakhar said that it is intentional that the Google search results that show scathingly negative content regarding Donald Trump and entirely positive content about Joe Biden.

Lakhar said that the content was "skewed by the owners and drivers of the algorithm."


Bad Guys

Does Manchester really need tougher restrictions?

manchester covid mask mural
© Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
A new mural celebrating the NHS, painted in north Manchester on Friday
Is Andy Burnham's resistance to tier three a principled stand or just an attempt to extract more money from central government? While Burnham is insisting that he 'won't be rolled over' for money — he is believed to have been offered between £75 million to £100 million if he agrees to the higher level of restrictions — communities secretary Robert Jenrick is insisting that the government is close to making a deal with Andy Burnham's local authority.

Meanwhile, what no one seems to have noticed — or at least are not letting on — is that cases in Manchester are now falling and are showing signs of levelling off in the other nine boroughs that make up Greater Manchester. In the city of Manchester itself — which has been the seat of the local epidemic, and which accounts for 20 per cent of the population of Greater Manchester — the seven day rolling average of new cases peaked on 3 October at 460. A week later it was 382 and by the Saturday just gone, it was 243. While infections in other boroughs have yet to show a sustained fall, they have either levelled off or have substantially slowed.
manchester covid stats
Nor, it seems, do reports of overflowing hospitals stack up. On Sunday, the Observer reported on a leaked NHS document showing that 211 out of 257 critical care beds in Greater Manchester were occupied on Friday — 82 per cent of the total.

It echoed reports from a Liverpool councillor last week who claimed that 95 per cent of intensive care beds in the city were occupied — a claim that didn't stand up to closer examination. If 80 per cent of Greater Manchester critical care beds are currently occupied, this would in fact be less than last October, when Manchester University Hospitals Trust recorded that 87 per cent of its beds (94 out of 108) were occupied.

Comment: Three tiers of stupidity and criminality.


Ghislaine Maxwell loses court fight: Deposition about sex life will be made public

Epstein- Ghislaine Maxwell
© Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
A former friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, pictured in 2005, claimed they 'forced' him to watch the footage as they wanted to convince him of their 'power'
A federal appeals court Monday ordered the unsealing of a deposition related to Ghislaine Maxwell's sex life — after the defense fought tooth and nail to keep it secret.

A three-judge panel from the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals issued the brief, two-page ruling after hearing arguments on the matter last week.

"We cannot conclude that the District Court abused its discretion in ordering the unsealing of the deposition materials," the panel wrote.

It's unclear when the documents will be released.

Comment: An interesting about-face from Preska. Is Maxwell being taken off the board, as Epstein was?


White House Covid advisor Scott Atlas: 'I'm disgusted and dismayed with the media and the public policy establishment'

scott atlas covid
© Carlos Barria / Reuters
Scott Atlas, Senior advisor to the President
Freddie Sayers caught up with Scott Atlas, a healthcare policy academic from the Hoover Institute at Stanford, who has become the latest lightning rod for the controversy around Covid-19 policy and his support for a more targeted response.

Speaking from inside the White House, where he is now Senior advisor to the President and a member of the Coronavirus task force, he does not hold back. He tells us that he is disgusted and dismayed at the media and public policy establishment, sad that it has come to this, cynical about their intentions, and angry that lockdown policies have been allowed to go on so long.

He won't be rushing back to Stanford, where his colleagues have rounded on him, if the President loses in November.

Comment: How do you know when you're on the right track? When social media throttles your information: