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Thu, 09 Jul 2020
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Bitter victory: Open letter against cancel culture was a ray of hope... until some signatories canceled themselves

cancel culture
© Getty Images / bunhill
Recently, dozens of scholars, authors, and others signed an open letter against cancel culture. Not even 24 hours later, some rescinded because of "other people on the list," handing 'cancel culture' a bitterly ironic victory.

On July 7, Harper's Magazine published a piece called 'A Letter on Justice and Open Debate'. It is a bold letter that calls for less censorship and more exchange of ideas, which flies in the face of modern cancel culture (which those involved in try to pretend doesn't exist). It is signed by dozens of academics, authors, and journalists who support the idea that cancel culture is the antithesis to a liberal society.

And then a bunch of them distanced themselves from it because "they didn't know THAT person had signed it."



Italian far-left anarchist terrorist arrested in France

Black Block, Antifa
Italian far-left anarchist terrorist Roberto Cropo has been arrested in the French city of Saint-Étienne. He is believed to be a member of a terrorist cell that carried out a bombing in Rome in 2017.

The arrest of the 34-year-old suspected terrorist comes as part of a larger law enforcement operation in several countries named Operation Bialystok that saw six other far-left suspected terrorists arrested in Italy and Spain.

All of those arrested are believed to be members of the Santiago Maldonado Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), which took responsibility for a 2017 bombing on a police barracks in Rome in December of that year, France Bleu reports.



I was born in New York, and I've never seen the city so scared and uninhabitable. I fear we're on the brink of a second civil war

The City Hall Autonomous Zone
© REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
The City Hall Autonomous Zone protest to defund the New York Police Department (NYPD) in Manhattan, New York City
Residents are fearful to go out after dark. The police are afraid to patrol, and violent crime, murder and looting are rampant, while businesses are collapsing. And war has already been declared on our values and culture.

The world is under attack from a well-organised and well-funded group of anarchists who have launched an ideological cultural revolution to further globalism. The BLM movement, the riots, looting, protests and Covid-19 are all about partisan politics and the 2020 presidential election.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors summarized: "We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories... Our goal is to get Trump out of the White House." I believe black lives matter. But I'm not convinced that black lives are the first priority of the #BLM movement.

We need to learn lessons from our country's past without romanticising that past. Every civil society needs baselines. Those baselines have to include a colour-blind meritocracy and the rule of law applied equally to everyone. Democracy, liberty, freedom and due process have to be afforded to the entire citizenry. Equality for all is necessary! Each individual has the right to celebrate history or not, but no one can rewrite or erase history and destroy statues or cultural artefacts.

Antifa's tyrannical fascist fanatics, aka the mob, seek to erase history and historical figures just like ISIS and the Nazis. The Antifa mob is political and seems to be an extension of the Democratic Party: a Democratic militia. The Democratic Party refuses to denounce Antifa or the violence its thugs are perpetrating.

Comment: And by "legacy politicians" the author is also referring to New York's authoritarian governor Andrew Cuomo, who has also had a big hand in destroying New York City:

Brick Wall

UK hate law 'may criminalise comedy'

Roddy Dunlop
The QC Roddy Dunlop argued that protection against “stirring up hatred” could have a chilling effect.
Changes to hate crime laws threaten to criminalise comedians who tell the classic "Scotsman, Irishman and Englishman go to a pub" joke, a leading QC has claimed.

Roddy Dunlop, QC, vice-dean of the Faculty of Advocates, said plans to expand legislation to include "stirring up hatred" — as well as more protection for victims of prejudice on the basis of age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender — could impede free speech.

"How many stand-up comedians will feel comfortable telling any jokes if this law is passed?" he said. "People could complain that the joke discriminates against Scottish people's national identity. We worry it will be too wide and too much of a curb on freedom of expression"


George Floyd's harrowing final moments revealed in new transcripts as rookie cop asks court to dismiss manslaughter case

george floyd poster
© REUTERS/Mike Segar
An image of George Floyd in New York City, New York, US, June 26, 2020.
Transcripts of body camera videos reveal that the officer who pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck was dismissive of the man's pleas for help. One cop charged in the incident has petitioned the court to dismiss his case.

The footage, taken from body cameras worn by officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng, reportedly shows Floyd pleading for his life in the minutes before he became unresponsive.

"You're going to kill me, man," the Minneapolis resident said, according to a transcript of Lane's body camera video.

Comment: See also:

Arrow Down

'The purge will only accelerate': Stefan Molyneux suspended from Twitter just days after receiving YouTube ban

Stefan Molyneux
© REUTERS/Dado Ruvic ; Facebook/Stefan Molyneux
Conservative firebrand Stefan Molyneux has had his Twitter account suspended, just a week after he was banned from YouTube. His removal from the platform comes amid a growing debate over free speech on social media.

The ban came without warning, Molyneux claimed during a livestream in which he discussed the development. "It's nice to see that Twitter is talking to tech journalists before they would talk to me," he said. The popular right-wing pundit and intellectual suggested that he was removed from the platform after promoting a new essay that outlines his values and beliefs. "It's not hard to understand why powerful people might not want you to read what I wrote below," reads a note at the top of the essay, in which he announced his removal from Twitter.

Molyneux argued that the campaign to deplatform conservative voices has started to "energize" conservatives and that his ban demonstrates "who has the power and who doesn't have the power."

Comment: See also:

Eye 1

City of Seattle teaches white employees to 'undo their whiteness' in bizarre 'diversity training' sessions

white america

If a white employee speaks too much, that’s "imposition" or "paternalism." If a white employee speaks too little, "silence" is also "violence."
Seattle conducted a training session for the city's white employees, titled "Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness."

Christopher Rufo, a City Journal editor, investigated the city's internal agenda through a public records request.

Rufo found out that Seattle's "diversity trainers" inform white participants that "objectivity," "individualism," "and intellectualization" are all subconscious indications of "internalized racial oppression."

He pointed out the self-defeating contradictions white employees face if they concede to this segregated list of affirmations. If a white employee speaks too much, that's "imposition" or "paternalism." If a white employee speaks too little, "silence" is also "violence."

Comment: See also:

Red Flag

Remember the Red Guards before you cheer the woke mobs

Chinese red guards
© Photo12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Chinese red guards during the cultural revolution in China 1966.
I'm ambivalent about statues and J.K. Rowling being torn down, but terrified of the thought process behind the destruction. Decisions should never be made by mobs.

Is America on the edge of a cultural revolution?

The historical namesake and obvious parallel is the Cultural Revolution in China, which lasted from 1966 to 1976. Its stated goal was to purge capitalist and traditional elements from society, and to substitute a new way of thinking based on Mao's own beliefs. The epic struggle for control and power waged war against anybody on the wrong side of an idea.

To set the mobs on somebody, one needed only to tie him to an official blacklist like the Four Olds (old customs, culture, habits, and ideas). China's young people and urban workers formed Red Guard units to go after whomever was outed. Violence? Yes, please. When Mao launched the movement in May 1966, he told his mobs to "bombard the headquarters" and made clear that "to rebel is justified." He said "revisionists should be removed through violent class struggle." The old thinkers were everywhere and were systematically trying to preserve their power and subjugate the people.

Eye 1

Catalonia makes face masks mandatory in all public spaces, may reimpose lockdown certain regions

© Europa Press
Catalan premier Quim Torra (r) with government spokesperson Meritxell Budó.
Face masks will be compulsory in all public spaces in Catalonia starting on Thursday, and violators could face fines of €100.

The protective gear must be worn regardless of whether people are observing the social distance of 1.5 meters, or whether the area has a low coronavirus incidence.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by Catalan premier Quim Torra inside the regional parliament. "Face masks will be mandatory in Catalonia. Not just in Segrià, but in all of Catalonia," he said, alluding to an area of Lleida province that has been locked down due to a large coronavirus outbreak.

Comment: See also: No second-wave of coronavirus in Russia, head of Genomic Engineering Lab in Moscow explains why

Yellow Vest

Massive protests rock Serbian capital after govt forces population BACK into Covid-19 lockdown

Comment: Rank political abuse of Covid-19 isn't limited to Western govts. In Serbia, the govt declared victory against Covid-19, lifted the lockdown in order to hold elections, then once the incumbent party was reelected, announced a jump in Covid-19 numbers and a return to lockdown. The Serbian people aren't buying it for one minute...

Serbian parliament building
© REUTERS/Marko Djurica
A protest outside the Serbian parliament building against the announced Covid-19 lockdown in Belgrade, Serbia July 7, 2020.
Mounted police used teargas and truncheons to disperse a crowd of several thousand protesters gathered outside the Serbian parliament in Belgrade, opposed to the government's announcement of a new coronavirus lockdown.

President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Tuesday that a new curfew would go into effect on Friday and last over the weekend, after 300 new Covid-19 cases and 13 deaths - the most since the pandemic began, local media reported.

This prompted an estimated ten thousand people to gather outside the parliament building and demand Vucic's resignation, starting around 10 pm local time.

After some demonstrators reportedly broke into the building, riot police were deployed and used force to disperse the crowd, including tear gas. At one point, police on horseback charged the demonstrators.

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