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Tue, 20 Apr 2021
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Can the Great 'Awokening' Succeed?

black fist sign
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We all know that we are living in revolutionary times. The origins, ascendence, values, laws, and future of the United States are all under assault by self-described, though accurately described, revolutionaries.

It is a Jacobin, Bolshevik, or Maoist moment. All aspects of life, well beyond politics, are now to be ideologically conditioned. Everything from kindergarten messaging, cartoons, workplace reeducation, and television commercials to college admissions, baseball games, and the airlines are to be "fundamentally transformed" along racial lines.

Long gone is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of a colorblind society. Gone, at least at the state level, is confidence in the melting pot of assimilation, integration, and intermarriage (although mixed marriages and multiracial children are at an all-time high).

Gone are even the affirmative-action doctrines of proportional representation and disparate impact. (Yet the two mandates were always arbitrarily applied, in the sense that the U.S. Postal Service and the professional football and basketball leagues never paid much attention to racial quotas based on demographic percentages, which apparently only applied to white and Asian "overrepresentation" elsewhere).


Delhi announces lockdown amidst claims of surge in Covid cases

Delhi lockdown

Delhi has turned a weekend curfew into a week-long lockdown
India's capital, Delhi, has announced a week-long lockdown after a record spike in cases overwhelmed the city's healthcare system.

Government offices and essential services, such as hospitals, pharmacies and grocers, will be open during the lockdown, which starts on Monday night.

The city had imposed a weekend curfew, but reported its highest single-day spike so far on Sunday - 24,462 cases.

India has been reeling from a deadly second wave since the start of April.

Comment: Despite no apparent rise in mortality, people are being shoved back into yet another economically disastrous, and deadly, lockdown:


Oath Keepers leader Jim Arroyo says militia being trained by police

Oath Keepers
© William Campbell/Contributor/Getty Images
An Oath Keepers militia leader said members of the anti-government extremist group are being trained by "active-duty" police officers, during a 60 Minutes interview.

During the Sunday evening interview, Jim Arroyo, vice president of the Oath Keepers Arizona chapter, said serving officers were members of the extremist group and were helping with training.

Speaking with 60 Minutes' Sharyn Alfonsi, Arroyo said: "Our guys are very experienced. We have active-duty law enforcement in our organization that are helping to train us. We can blend in with our law enforcement. In fact, in a lot of cases, our training is much more advanced because of our military backgrounds."


Florida Governor DeSantis signs controversial 'anti-riot' bill into law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
A controversial Florida bill aimed at cracking down on violent protests and "combating public disorder" was signed into law on Monday.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 1 at a 10 a.m. press conference with Florida lawmakers and law enforcement officials at the Polk County Sheriff's Office's headquarters in Winter Haven. He did not take questions after the signing.

The law went into effect immediately.

The legislation, nicknamed the "Anti-Riot Bill", was first filed in the Florida House of Representatives in early January, and passed the Senate on Thursday evening.

The bill includes a number of the measures introduced by Gov. Ron DeSantis after last summer's protests in his Combatting Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act.


'Woke' Coke drastically changes their tune after intense Conservative backlash

James Quincy
© Screenshot/Ben Franske/KJN
Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy
Coke got woke, and now they're gonna go broke.

I don't know why these companies literally can't stop themselves from jumping into social and political issues. It's like, you make fizzy sugar water, shut up. But much like sports and Hollywood, these progressive corporate commies just can't stop themselves from giving their unsolicited two cents.

Everyone's a friggen activist nowadays. And it's not like going "woke" is this super-profitable gig for most companies and sports franchises. Hollywood is quite literally circling the drain as we speak - there are more people in my living room right now than actual viewers who watch their narcissistic awards shows, and the ratings for sports are on their second flush as well.

Even so, companies like Coke and Apple, and about a bazillion others, decided to chime in on the new voter integrity laws in Georgia...

A bunch of soft drink executives, who didn't read the bill, hop on the wave of outrage in order to score some quick progressive brownie points, not realizing the wave won't last - it's gonna hit the shore and crash within days, and they'll be left standing there with a brand that's destroyed and customers who are pissed.

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Horror autopilot Tesla crash in Houston

Tesla Crash
A horror Tesla crash in Houston involving an auto-pilot Tesla car has claimed two lives. According to firefighters, the high energy batteries kept re-igniting - firefighters attempted to douse the battery fire for four hours, pouring 30,000 gallons of water onto the fire, before giving up and letting the fire burn itself out.
2 dead after fiery crash involving self-driving Tesla, authorities said

Monday, April 19, 2021 7:00AM

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) — Two people died in a fiery crash involving a 2019 Tesla Model S and its autopilot functionality while taking it for a test drive on Saturday night, according to authorities.

The flames reportedly took hours to extinguish, and Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said the investigation has led them to believe that there was no one driving the car when the crash occurred.

The crash happened just after 9 p.m. on Hammock Dunes Place in the Carlton Woods Creekside subdivision. The victims were said to have been a 59 and 69-year-old man, however police have not released their names yet.


The batteries on board the Tesla continued to ignite despite efforts to douse the flames, authorities said. It reportedly took around four hours and more than 30,000 gallons of water before firefighters decided to let the fire burn itself out.

Source: ABC13 Eyewitness News


A pair of woke academics are claiming 'whiteness' is a block to education reform

white teacher laptop blackboard
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graduate student Nathan Tanner, and University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Anjalé Welton, recently authored a book chapter examining "whiteness in education and how anti-racist preparation could help educational leaders address longstanding inequities."

The chapter in the Handbook of Social Justice Interventions in Education argues that "it is essential to build educational leaders' capacity to resist whiteness and white supremacy in educational institutions and communities."

"We have a history of the way we implemented education reforms that didn't think about the roles of whiteness," Welton elaborated in an interview with Illinois News Bureau — an official outlet of the University of Illinois. "Are we adding a quick fix but not unpacking racist practices and belief systems? There's no miracle cure or anti-racism snake oil. It's hard work. We have to think deeply."

Comment: It will take quite a while to root out this pernicious idea from academia. In the meantime the societal damage will be horrendous. For a small example, who would trust the work product of an "engineer" who was put through this sort of curriculum: But it's even more serious than that. The foundation of the culture that sustains our society are being destroyed: James Lindsay said it best:

The Rise of the Woke Cultural Revolution


Ireland's new hate crime laws to cover gender expression and identity

ireland irish Minister for Justice Helen McEntee
© Gareth Chaney/Collins
Minister for Justice Helen McEntee: ‘These crimes are motivated by prejudice.’
Inciting hatred on social media could carry prison sentence of up to six months

For the first time in the history of the State it will become a specific criminal offence, with longer prison terms, to commit a hate crime based on the colour of a person's skin, sexual orientation or their gender, including gender expression or identity.

Other new "protected characteristics" from which a hate-based conviction can result include a victim's race, nationality, religion, ethnic and national origin, and any disability.

The new offences, set to be provided for under the Criminal Justice (Hate Crime) Bill 2021, are the first of their kind in the Republic. Minister for Justice Helen McEntee is due to publish the general scheme of the Bill on Friday morning.

Comment: It's a short slide from attempting to police harmful speech into censorship.


Antifa rioters burn Portland Apple store, fire guns from cars

Arson Portland
© Twitter Video Screenshot/Suzette Smith
Despite advance warnings, Portland Police Bureau officers were powerless to stop another night of rioting, arson, and gunfire carried out by Antifa. Rioters set multiple fires and engaged in drive-by gunfire.

Antifa rioters set an Apple Store on fire Friday night during the third declared riot in five days. The fire was one of the multiple fires Portland police officers were powerless to prevent.

Comment: More of the same chaos occurred in Oakland in recent days:
Demonstrators in Oakland, California vandalized buildings and lit fires during a march in response to two fatal police shootings that have occurred over the past week. Similar unrest has been seen in other US cities.

Hundreds of protesters took to Oakland's streets on Friday night following the killings of two black people at the hands of the police, 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago and 20-year-old Daunte Wright near Minneapolis, local media reported.

Some local businesses had boarded up their windows as a precautionary measure. The city saw riots and looting last year following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Their fears were soon validated. Black-clad demonstrators were spotted smashing the windows of a Target. Local media reported that "several" other businesses were also damaged.

There were also numerous reports of arson. Videos posted to social media purportedly show fires started by the demonstrators. One blaze was lit inside a car dealership. A car parked outside was also targeted, with flames coming out of its broken windows. A large fire was also ignited outside the city's California Bank and Trust building. A local ABC affiliate insisted however that the "majority" of protesters were peaceful.

In related radical leftwing authoritarianism and insanity, Black Lives Matter tells white 'ally' at Minnesota protest 'YOU DON'T BELONG':
A white protester who joined in a Black Lives Matter demonstration over Sunday's police shooting in suburban Minneapolis apparently overstepped his bounds, being told to leave for failing to be a proper guest "in a black space."

Footage from Thursday night's protest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, shows a confrontation between a group of black protestors and a young white man. Washington Examiner journalist Nic Rowan, who posted the video on Twitter, said the conflict began after a group of white protesters told demonstrators to stop throwing water bottles at police.

As a bearded black man tells the white man, "If you don't like that s**t, go that way," a black woman adds, "You're a guest in a black space, remember that. You're white, you already don't belong."

The white man begins to speak, saying "I'm not trying to," but the black woman cuts him off. "But you are," she says. "So shut the f**k up. Shut the f**k up."

The white man begins to walk away after the bearded black man repeatedly tells him to "go that way," pointing away from the crowd. The black woman adds, "You and your compadres go... because you're clearly here for all the wrong mother-f**king reasons." She and other people in the crowd then tell the white man to "get the f**k out."

Another video, posted by Rowan shortly before, shows the same white man admonishing a protester who threw a water bottle over a fence toward police. "This happened after these kids tried to get other protesters to stop throwing water bottles at the police," Rowan said.


98% of French teachers say 'non' to AstraZeneca: Mass vaccination centre offering jab to over-55s is forced to close after just 58 people out of 3,000 signed up

vaccVaccination centre at the Palais des Expositions in Nice

A mass vaccination centre at the Palais des Expositions in Nice was forced to close yesterday after just 58 people turned up for 4,000 available jabs
French teachers in the city of Nice have overwhelmingly rejected AstraZeneca's Covid jab after just 58 out of a possible 3,000 signed up to be vaccinated.

The jabs were being offered at a mass vaccination centre in Nice's Palais des Expositions this weekend, with 4,000 available to those aged over 55 in high-risk occupations, meaning 3,000 teachers eligible to take part.

But the centre was forced to close after just four hours on Saturday due to lack of demand with just 58 appointments registered, and did not reopen today despite being scheduled to do so.

That means the take-up rate among eligible teachers was just 2 per cent, with one local official blaming vaccine hesitancy caused by scaremongering around the British-made jab.

Anne Frackowiak-Jacobs, sub-prefect of nearby Grasse, said people had 'turned around' when they learned they would be given AstraZeneca.

Comment: All these Covid-19 vaccines are proven to be very dangerous and can cause more harm than the virus itself. Some of them like Pfizer, and Moderna are mRNA vaccines. This technology is used for the first time in humankind to create a vaccine.

The real catastrophic effects from them (especially the gene-modifying mRNA versions. Pfizer and Moderna) should be seen in the near future even though the massive side effects and death cases that are reported just a short time after receiving them.

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