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Mon, 24 Oct 2016
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Black Cat

Leopard kills 4-year-old girl in Gujarat, India

A four-year-old girl was mauled to death by a leopard in Rabarika village on Savarkundla-Jesar Road in Amreli district on Wednesday.

The leopard took away the girl Daya Parmar who was sleeping outside her hut near a lake early in the morning.

Her parents and elder sister, all farm labourers, had gone to the near-by field for work.

The locals immediately informed the forest department and a team of range forest officer RJ Mor rushed to the spot.

Some people also claimed to have seen the leopard moveing around in the area.

"We have placed three cages to nab the leopard," said Mor.

Black Cat

Leopard kills 12-year-old boy outside his house in Reasi, India

The leopard attacked and killed the boy in the compound of his house in Mohara Bagla village.
A 12-year-old boy was killed by a leopard in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir, police said today.

Noor Hussain was in the compound of his house in Mohara Bagla village in Chasana tehsil last night when a leopard attacked and killed him, a police officer said.

As the people came out of their houses, the leopard left behind the victim.

The body was recovered, he added.


Woman in serious condition after grandson's dog attacks her in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A 75-year-old woman is in serious condition at a Pittsburgh hospital after a dog attacked her in West Oakland, biting her multiple times. The canine then attacked a Pittsburgh police officer.

Police were called to the 2500 block of Allequippa Street shortly before 12:30 a.m. today for a report that the woman was bitten by her grandson's dog.

The grandson had later put the dog in the backyard, but as paramedics were tending to the woman, the dog got out of the back yard and ran to the front porch. The grandson tried to grab the dog but it got into the home and bit the woman again.

The woman was taken to UPMC Presbyterian in serious condition.

The dog also bit an officer who tried to corral the pet. She was treated at UPMC Mercy.


Coyote attacks of 6-year-old boy in Irvine, California; spate of 3 attacks locally over the past few months

Haseena Habibi and her sister rushed out of their cousin's apartment when they heard a scream.

They saw a man trying to pull his young son away from a coyote at Springbrook Park, next to the apartment complex. The coyote let go of the boy, but stayed at the sand playground, said Habibi, who then spotted the man's other son, a toddler, walking toward the coyote.

Habibi ran to the coyote, yelled, took off her shoe and threw it at the coyote. When that didn't work, she began throwing sand at the animal, which was about the size of a large dog, Habibi said. The coyote finally took off after her husband arrived and chased it away.

"I wasn't expecting coyotes to attack kids," said Waleed Qazi, Habibi's husband. "I thought they were after foxes and rabbits and they don't bother with humans."

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Philippines braced for Typhoon Haimi

© The Weather Channel
The highest cloud tops, corresponding to the most vigorous convection, are shown in the dark red and purple colors.
Typhoon Haimi bore down on the Philippines Tuesday, with the country's northern island of Luzon bracing for strong winds and heavy rainfall that could trigger landslides in the mountainous region, forecasts say.

The storm is expected to become a super typhoon -- with winds over 150 mph (240 kph) -- in the next 12 to 24 hours and make landfall Wednesday night.

It's currently the equivalent of Category 4 hurricane -- the second-most powerful in the ranking. "Since this storm is very strong where, or if, it makes landfall in the Philippines will be very important.

The area around the center will have extreme damage from the winds as well as a significant storm surge," said CNN Meteorologist Taylor Ward. Haimi is then expected to veer northwest and hit the Chinese coast by Friday evening.

"Current projections take the storm into eastern Guangdong Province, to the east of Hong Kong, but we will keep a close eye on Hong Kong in the coming days as some models take the storm fairly close," said Ward.

Comment: Typhoon Sarika leaves two dead, thousands stranded in Philippines


A total of 12 whales die on the coast of Taiwan in 16 days

Blainville's beaked whale
A total of 12 whales have died over the past 16 days in Taiwan and the outlying island of Kinmen, the Taiwan Cetacean Society said Saturday.

Kuo Hsiang-sha said the society has tentatively ruled that the latest death -- a 800-kilogram whale in Kinmen -- was due to decompression sickness, caused by a sudden change in water pressure.

Kuo noted that there have been 12 cases of whales dying after being grounded in Yilan, Hualien, New Taipei, Pingtung, Taoyuan and Kinmen between Sept. 28 and Oct. 13.

He said that whales often surge upwards because of earthquakes, explosions or due to panic caused by such events.

This many deaths in such a short period could be because of the recent spate of typhoons, he speculated.


Kangaroo attacks man and kills family dog in Melbourne, Australia

Eastern grey kangaroo
A man has been injured and a beloved family dog killed after a kangaroo jumped over a fence into the backyard of a Melbourne home.

Gloria Lewis and her family woke on Saturday morning to the sound of her Husky crying in the backyard of her Keilor residence.

After rushing downstairs, Ms Lewis found a two-metre tall eastern grey kangaroo attacking her other dog, a Pomeranian named Monty.

In an attempt to save her dog, Ms Lewis called police and Wildlife Victoria for advice.

"Wildlife Victoria recommended we make loud noises with objects to distract the animal and send a photo to rangers," Ms Lewis told 9NEWS.

"Even after an hour, no-one came."

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Dogs attacks soar by 50% in 10 years for Scotland

Heart can reveal the number of Scottish people needing hospital treatment for dog attacks has soared by 50% in the past 10 years - with children the most likely to be mauled.

Figures we have exclusively obtained show Glasgow was the area with the highest rate of attacks, and Orkney the least.

More than 55,093 people attended Scottish accident and emergency departments for bites and strikes from dogs between 2006 and 2015.

6,061 victims visited medical staff in 2015 - up from 4,053 in the corresponding period ten years ago, according Freedom of Information data from all health boards in Scotland.

Of the total injured, 5,899 were children under nine.

Hundreds of bites were to the face but most injuries were to the hands, arms, legs or feet.


Moose freezing to death due to global warming!

© Wikimedia Commons
Male moose, Superior National Forest, Minnesota, USA.
Tragic news about moose today — the climate used to be the same for 65 million years, so moose are unprepared to deal with the sudden extra degree on the modern Earth-Perfect-Thermostat.
Jackson, Wyo. - Global warming might cause moose to freeze to death in Yellowstone National Park.
Don't cry. Moose are declining:
The reason for the decline is complicated. Wolves have taken moose, and grizzly bears have been expanding their presence.

But climate could be the biggest challenge. Part of the problem is ticks. A moose with too many of the parasites during the winter can lose its hair and freeze to death.
We all know, before Columbus there was one perfect quota of moose, bear, wolf. The numbers didn't vary from the sacred Gaia Triangle Ratio (whatever it was). There were no cycles. Moose never declined. Then man came, used air conditioners in Florida, caused tick outbreaks in Saskatoon, and da fur fell off doz' mooses. Cold moose!
In general, moose are simply better adapted to colder temperatures. When it's too warm, they spend more time in the shade trying to cool down and less time feeding, Courtemanch said.
You might have thought fur-free moose might like warmer weather. They just can't win eh?
"The warmer winters and warmer summers are incredibly stressful to them," she said. "They're so heat-stressed all the time. It cascades into poor body condition for females, and that impacts their ability to have a calf. They are so stressed they can't put on enough weight every year."
Sounds like da stressed mooses need psychotherapy. If we stopped trying to buy nice weather with solar and wind we could afford a psychotherapist for every mother moose. Stop a windfarm, save a moose!


Wild elephants kill 4 within 2 days in Sherpur, Bangladesh; 7 killed in the region over the past month

© Getty
Charging elephant
Wild elephants attacked and killed another person in Sherpur on Saturday, a day after they had killed three in the same area.

Early on Friday, three persons were trampled to death in Jhenaigati Upazila.

The latest victim has been identified 60-year-old Momena Begum, who was attacked in the border village of Tilaparha on Saturday, said Jhenaigati Forestry Department's Beat Officer Ashraful Alam.

"Around 2:30am on Saturday, a wild elephant charged into the victim's home and trampled her to death," he said.

In the past one month, wild elephants have killed seven people in the Jhenaigati border region, said Upazila administration chief (UNO) Md Selim Reza.