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Sat, 24 Mar 2018
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Huge hailstones pummel Cullman, Alabama (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Huge hailstones smashed Cullman, Alabama

Huge hailstones smashed Cullman, Alabama
There's a lot of storm damage in Cullman County. The Cullman County School district announced classes would be canceled on Tuesday, due to the extent of the damage.

Hail battered hundreds of cars on the lot of Mitch Smith Chevrolet. Jerry Hayes confirmed that nearly all of the windshields have busted and the vehicle bodies have sustained heavy damage. The same thing happened 23-years ago to the same dealership.

Mitch Smith salesman Clint Chapman estimated the damage could exceed $4 million.

Comment: This was the same storm that produced this extreme lightning show over the Carolinas:

Electric storm at 30,000ft: Passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics through airplane window

Just a day earlier there was a similar event elsewhere in the US:

Extreme hailstorm pounds Brazos Valley, Texas (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Cloud Precipitation

Record rainfall for a March day causes flash floods in the north of the Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata
© José Urtecho
Floodwater in Puerto Plata
Record rainfall in northern parts of the Dominican Republic have caused flash flooding in Puerto Plata province.

Local media report that over 500 homes and businesses have been damaged. Comedores Económicos del Estado (CEED), the social service agency in the Dominican Republic, has distributed almost 6,000 meals as well as food supply packages to the affected populations, including the areas of Montellano, Sosúa, Playa Oeste, Aguas Negras and Rescate Ambar.

The severe weather struck during the evening of 15 March when it rained non-stop for around 7 hours. Further rain during the following days caused the San Marcos river and other smaller streams to overflow, flooding the neighborhoods (barrios) of Invi, Barrio Haiti, Los Domíngues and Las Mercedez.


Ambae volcano in Vanuatu rumbling again, fresh ashfall

The volcano on Ambae erupting in 2017.

The volcano on Ambae erupting in 2017.
Volcanic activity on Vanuatu's Ambae island has picked up again, with fresh ashfall reported across the island's west and south.

The entire island was evacuated late last year when the volcano at the island's centre erupted, blanketing the island in ash, suffocating crops and contaminating water.

The population returned when the eruption settled down after a month, but last night, the volcano's alert level was raised from level 2 to 3 -- what's called a "state of minor eruption."

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Horse rescued from sinkhole in Brazil

Horse rescued

Horse rescued
On Saturday morning (17-March) a horse felt in a sinkhole of about 3 meters deep opened for unknown reasons in a street of Muriaé, Brazil. The horse was wounded and trapped. Fire Brigade soldiers worked to rescue the injured animal, with the help of residents who supplied a backhoe machine.


Two dead whales wash up on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada

Observers at the scene told Reid the whale is about 12 metres long, though the Marine Animal Response Society has not yet had the opportunity to measure the whale.
© Jenny Osburn/Meagan Osburn
Observers at the scene told Reid the whale is about 12 metres long, though the Marine Animal Response Society has not yet had the opportunity to measure the whale.
It's too soon to say what's behind the death of a humpback whale that washed up on Nova Scotia's Fundy Shore near the community of Ogilvie, N.S.

The humpback is one of two large whales found washed up along the Nova Scotia coast this weekend.

"It would definitely take a pretty thorough examination to find out what might have killed it," said Andrew Reid, response co-ordinator for the Marine Animal Response Society (MARS).

He said his organization got the call about the carcass on the Bay of Fundy beach late Sunday. "On first appearance it does look relatively thin-ish but that's something that we'd have to confirm with closer inspection."


Dead sperm whale found at beach in Bali, Indonesia

A sperm whale carcass, with a length of about 15 meters and a weight of 10 tons, was stranded at the Bungkulan Village Beach, Sawan Sub-District, Buleleng District, Bali.

"Hundreds of local people came to see the carcass of the female sperm whale stranded on the coast of Bungkulan Village Beach, Sawan Sub-district, Buleleng District, at around 09.30 a.m. local time," Resort Police of Buleleng AKP I Putu Aryana said here on Monday.

He stated that the giant sperm whale was a spectacular sight for the people, because they had not succeeded in rescuing or evacuating the large mammals.

The police and the local district government responded quickly on the news of the dead sperm whale being stranded on the beach with its skin peeled off and entrails scattered out.


Incredible images after trio of nor'easters batter New Brunswick, Canada (VIDEO,PHOTOS)

snowdrift in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
© Ashley Ricard
Unreal snowdrift in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada, after 3 Nor’Easters in a row.
Canada's New Brunswick province was slammed this month by a triple trio of nor'easters, and photos emerging from the area have been incredible.

More than 5,500 residents in the province found themselves without power Wednesday after the third nor'easter, Winter Storm Skylar, targeted eastern Canada and dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the region, according to the Canada Broadcast Corporation.

Like many in the northeastern United States, residents in Canada are as eager as their southern neighbors for spring to arrive after these back-to-back storms. However, a fourth nor'easter in 14 days now looks possible.

Ashely Ricard captured these stunning photos of her Bathurst neighborhood as they attempted to dig out from the snow.

Comment: For more information on extreme weather from around the world, check out our Earth Changes Summaries. The latest video: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - February 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Road Cone

Huge 100ft wide sinkhole drains canal in Cheshire, UK

Cheshire canal sinkhole
© Cheshire police/Mercury press
The sailing boat was just metres away from the sinkhole when it opened up at 11.40pm last night (pictured) on the Shropshire Union canal in Middlewich, Cheshire.
A sailor was nearly sucked down a 100ft-wide sinkhole that opened up on a canal while he was boating.

The giant crevice appeared on a stretch of the Shropshire Union canal in Middlewich, Cheshire, at 11.40pm last night.

As the sinkhole opened it sucked the water from the canal causing the sailor and his boat to be dragged back before coming to a halt just feet away from the crack.

The canal was left completely drained and the water flooded down onto a lower embankment.

Police found the man aboard the nearby boat and he was plucked to safety.

A dramatic picture of the scene this morning shows the vessel just feet away from plunging down the hole.

An officer who attended the scene tweeted: 'Seeing the Middlewich sinkhole in the light of day highlights just how lucky the man in the boat was. Think he'll be picking some numbers this evening.'

Cloud Precipitation

Extreme hailstorm pounds Brazos Valley, Texas (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

An aggressive hail storm hit parts of the Brazos Valley Sunday afternoon leaving some golf ball and baseball size hail behind.

KBTX received reports and photographs of dented cars and broken windows on vehicles across the Brazos Valley.

Caldwell and northern Walker County were especially hit hard, with many residents seeing larger than baseball sized hail in their yards.

The storms that blew through packed a ton of wind, too. Emergency management in northern and northeastern Walker County reported several trees down, some of which had fallen on homes. Wind gusted near 80 mph, but it is unclear if a tornado caused the damage.

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Avalanche kills 2 skiers with another 2 missing in Valais, Switzerland

The aftermath of the avalanche that swept away four people in Vallon d’Arbi.
© AFP/Getty Images
The aftermath of the avalanche that swept away four people in Vallon d’Arbi.
Poor weather conditions meant rescue workers were unable on Sunday to continue their search for two skiers still missing and feared dead after an avalanche in Valais on Friday.

Police stated on Saturday that two bodies had already been recovered from the site of the avalanche in the Swiss ski area of Vallon d'Arbi. Those found dead are both French nationals aged, 20 and 25, the police statement said.

"The bodies were found underneath some six metres of snow", it added.

A 32-year-old French citizen and a Swiss national, 57, from the canton of Vaud, have not yet been found.