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Sat, 23 Jul 2016
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Earth Changes

Life Preserver

Swimming pool-sized sinkhole opens in Manchester, New Hampshire

© NH1

Residents are being asked to be careful with their water usage after a large water main break early Thursday morning.

The break happened on Bridge Street Extension between Christy Lane and Mission Avenue. The road has been closed since.

"It was like whitewater rafting, like a big dam let go. I guess it's one of the bigger ones with a lot of pressure," Christina Fogarty said.

A large pipe and one of the main arteries on Fogarty's Road flooded the entire Manchester neighborhood. One man shot footage on his cell phone of the water bubbling up from the ground just as crews were getting the water under control.

Crews are still trying to identify the cause of the break. "They don't know," said Bruce Gosselin, the field supervisor of Manchester highways. "It could be just a stress crack on a pipe, and it just decided to let go."

The roads buckled, and a sinkhole the size of a small swimming pool opened up as crews worked to repair the pipe and make the road accessible to local traffic. The process could take days.


Halo effect around sun seen over Guam

If you were looking at the sky today and saw a ring around the sun, you were seeing a high cloud. The halo effect was caused by ice crystals reflecting or refracting the sun's light.

According to National Weather Service forecaster Ken Kleeschulte, the same halo effect can occur on the moon as well, but neither is common on Guam.

Cloud Grey

Noctilucent cloud display over Denmark captured in stunning time-lapse video

© Adrien Mauduit
Time-lapse video of the amazing noctilucent cloud display over northern Europe on July 12-14, 2016. Adrien Mauduit called it a "storm" of these clouds

Adrien Mauduit in Denmark posted this video of last week's fantastic display of noctilucent clouds - sometimes called night-shining clouds - to EarthSky Facebook. He wrote:
On the nights of the 12-13 and 13-14 of July, 2016, Denmark has witnessed two very powerful and bright noctilucent cloud shows in a row. The brightest and broadest I can remember to date anyway.
Noctilucent clouds are a beautiful seasonal phenomenon. The clouds appear at night and shine silver-blue. They sometimes light up summer night skies at high latitudes - say, about 45 degrees N. or S. - from May through August in the Northern Hemisphere and from November through February in the Southern Hemisphere. These clouds form in the highest reaches of the atmosphere - the mesosphere - as much as 50 miles (80 km) above the Earth's surface. You can see in the video above that ordinary clouds are scuttling below them ...

Noctilucent clouds are thought to be made of ice crystals that form on fine dust particles from meteors. They can only form when temperatures are incredibly low and when there's water available to form ice crystals.

Comment: Shining silver-blue clouds captured over Denmark in night sky photo


Two farmers critically injured by bear in India

Two farmers were critically injured after a bear attacked them in Kathiripalli area on Friday morning. The farmers are undergoing treatment at the Krishnagiri government hospital.

Meanwhile, the forest officers, who sighted the bear later on Friday, managed to chase it into the Kariyanapalli forests, said sources with the forest department.

The injured farmers have been identified as 80-year-old Munusamy and 64-year-old Ganesh Rao. They owned land abutting each other in Bheemantapalli.

On Friday morning, the duo from Kathiripalli and a neighbouring village went to their respective farms at 5.30am to start the day's work. Hardly five minutes later, a large bear came charging out of the forest area surrounding their farms and pounced on Munusamy.

In the attack,Munusamy sustained several wounds. The bear also bit his legs badly.

According to Krishnagiri police, when the bear noticed Rao's movement in the neighbouring land, the animal left Munusamy and chased Rao and pounced on him too. Rao also sustained severe injuries.


Whale carcass washes up on beach in Malacca, Malaysia

A carcass believed to be that of a beached whale calf was found at Pantai Puteri
A carcass believed to be that of a beached whale calf was found at Pantai Puteri here yesterday.

The carcass, measuring about two metres, was found by a Civil Defence Department (JPAM) personnel around 1am.

JPAM personnel Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah, 61, said the carcass was found by his colleague, who was on duty at a nearby lookout tower.

He said his colleague initially thought that the large object was a wooden stump washed in by the waves. "Upon further inspection, he realised that the object was a dead whale calf," he said when met at the beach yesterday.

Ridzuan said there were visible injuries on the whale, believed to have been inflicted by a ship's propeller.

It is learnt that the carcass would be collected by SWM Environment Sdn Bhd workers for disposal.


A potentially record-breaking 'heat dome' is coming in the US

© Johnysweb/flickr/cc

A massive "heat dome" is heading for the U.S. that will bake much of the country to potentially record-breaking temperatures next week, the Washington Post reports.

Only the Pacific Northwest is expected to escape the heat wave, while the rest of the country can look forward to some of its "hottest weather with respect to normal," the Post's weather editor Jason Samenow writes.

Although it is too early to know exactly how hot it will get, temperatures in the central U.S. and Upper Midwest could reach 10 to 20 degrees above average. Highs in Des Moines, Iowa, for example, may surpass 100°F for three days straight.


Rare earthquake hits off Palm Coast, Florida

A rare 3.7 magnitude earthquake was reported off Florida's Atlantic coast on Saturday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located just over 100 miles east of Palm Coast and occurred just after 4 p.m.

Residents of the Sunshine State didn't report feeling the minor earthquake. Feeling the effects of an earthquake is a rarity in Florida. Scientists say Florida has felt the effects of only around two dozen seismic events.

According to the USGS, one of the last earthquakes to cause damage happened back in 1879. Records state settlers in St. Augustine reported heavy shaking that knocked plaster from walls and articles from shelves.

Bizarro Earth

Punjab, Pakistan jolted by 4.4 earthquake

© Unknown
An earthquake has hit the city of Lahore in northern Pakistan, witnesses said. Buildings sway as 4.4 magnitude quake strikes about 37km southwest of Lahore at depth of 10km.

The epicentre of the 4.4 magnitude quake was located about 37km southwest of Lahore, at a depth of 10km.

Waqas Habib Rana, a resident of Lahore said the earthquake was "very intense" and might have caused damage.

Cloud Precipitation

Terrible scenes as mountain torrents crush houses in China

A video footage captured the shocking scenes of ferocious mountain torrents crashing down a row of wooden houses in a village of central China's Hunan Province.The mountain torrents, along with landslides and mudslides, were triggered by heavy rains Sunday morning in Hunan's Guzhang County, with precipitation reaching as much as 199.1 mm in Morong Town, where the terrible scenes were captured. No casualties have been reported as of Sunday afternoon.

Cloud Lightning

2 women hit by separate lightning strikes at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Two women are hospitalized after being struck by lightning in two separate incidents on Point Pleasant Beach in Ocean County, New Jersey.

The first incident occurred just before 3 p.m. Saturday at New Jersey Avenue and the Beach.

Police say a 62-year-old woman was struck by lightning at that location.

Less than 10 minutes later, a 54-year-old woman was struck by lightning on the 300 block of Ocean Avenue.

Police say she was sitting in an enclosed vehicle when she was struck.

Both victims were taken to Ocean Medical Center and are expected to be OK.