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Sat, 30 May 2020
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Earth Changes


Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge in US after 17 years underground

Millions of cicadas will return to swarm parts of the US this summer
© Getty
Millions of cicadas will return to swarm parts of the US this summer.
As if we didn't have enough to worry about with giant murder hornets invading the US and a global pandemic, millions of 17-year cicadas will emerge from the ground this year.

As many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre may emerge, and people living in Southwest Virginia, parts of North Carolina and West Virginia could witness this unique phenomenon, Virginia Tech says in a news release.

Luckily, cicadas are harmless to humans. At most, the noise they make could become a nuisance.

"Communities and farms with large numbers of cicadas emerging at once may have a substantial noise issue," said Eric Day, Virginia Cooperative Extension entomologist in Virginia Tech's Department of Entomology.

"Hopefully, any annoyance at the disturbance is tempered by just how infrequent -- and amazing -- this event is."


Sakurajima volcano erupts again in Japan

Sakurajima Volcano

Sakurajima Volcano
Eruption Sakurajima Volcano, Japan May 23, 2020


Late May snowfall of 13 inches hits mountains near Sochi, Russia

Sochi snow
In Sochi in the mountains, the snow, the thickness of the cover at the top of rose Peak is 13 inches. Precipitation become possible due to the cooling to minus one degree, which is rare for spring, according to the mountain resort "Rosa Khutor".

As of mid-day Saturday in the lowlands, it was observed 70 mm of snow precipitation that exceeds the norm.

At a height of 2.3 thousand meters above sea level thickness of snow cover exceeds 10 cm.

Snow went to the level of 1.23% of the country, say forecasters. Experts said the reason for the sharp decline of the ambient temperature is the invasion of Northern temperate air masses moving cold atmospheric front passed through the region the night before. In the third decade of May such sharp temperature fluctuations occur very rarely. The increased precipitation occurred on the evening of May 22.


Late May snowfall in mountains of Wyoming

Teton Pass early on Sat, May 23
Teton Pass early on Sat, May 23
The National Weather Service in Riverton has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for Western and Central Wyoming for Saturday, May 23.

"Snow will occur in the western Wyoming mountains today into this evening. The most snow will occur at elevations above 8500 feet," said the outlook advisory. "Isolated thunderstorms will be possible late this morning through early evening. Some storms will produce small hail."

Casper has a 30% chance of thunderstorms and showers, possibly producing small hail, mainly between 3:00 and 4:00 pm Saturday.

Black Cat 2

Signs and Portents: Oregon family surprised by birth of two-faced kitten

An Oregon family was surprised when they discovered their cat’s litter included a special kitten with two heads.
© BJ King
An Oregon family was surprised when they discovered their cat’s litter included a special kitten with two heads.
While checking on her pregnant cat, an Oregon woman was surprised to find she'd already given birth, and one of the kittens had two faces.

On Wednesday morning, Kyla King was checking on her expectant cat on her farm east of Albany when she noticed four kittens had already been born. One hiding behind its mom, Portland station KOIN-TV reports, had two heads.

"I came back out and looked again," she told the Albany Democrat-Herald, "and I was like, 'Ah!'"


Significant snowfall overnight at Okanagan Connector, British Columbia

Winter is still hanging on at the higher elevations Friday.
© DriveBC
Winter is still hanging on at the higher elevations Friday.
While warm weather and longer days in the Valley are sure signs summer is on the way, winter is hanging on at higher elevations.

Those driving the Okanagan Connector Friday morning will find significant snow on the highway, and it continues to fall. About nine centimetres of snow fell on the Pennask Summit through the night, while the Coquihalla saw a light dusting of snow that has since been melted by rain.

Webcams on the Connector shows the snow has also fallen on the Elkhart area, but the lower-elevation Brenda Mine region remains clear.

And while warm conditions have been rapidly melting snow at Big White, getting the mountain ready for its June 26 kick off to the mountain bike season, snow also fell at the resort overnight.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Food price gouging, global hunger riots and real estate collapse

rapid food inflation
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
The final blow to the way of life you and I know will be the new 50 days on 30 days off lock down strategy being implemented globally beginning this summer. Meat, chicken and poultry packers will not be able to open at even a fraction of former throughput. Chile gives us a glimpse of where that will lead. Real Estate market crashes as BOA unloads 10+ million shares of a real estate ETF. Put on the shoulder straps, and buckle up.

Comment: Food riots break out in Santiago, Chile, as government extends lockdown for third month and makes it even STRICTER

Snowflake Cold

North America has set 233 new all-time monthly low temperature records in May (so far) vs just the 18 record highs


The majority of North America has suffered an historically chilly start to 2020, and the cold isn't letting up, continuing through May and busting hundreds of low temperature records as it goes.

The month of May has been a chilly one thus far at Reagan National Airport, located in Virginia on the border with D.C., with the station experiencing its third coldest start to May since records began back in 1966.

According to local news site wjla.com, the area has, through the 19th, seen 14 days below average, one day at average, and only four days above average.

"Our average high for the first 18 days of the month was just 68.8 degrees, with an average low of 50.4," reads the wjla.com article. "Together, that puts us at an average monthly temperature of 59.6 degrees, which is 4.4 degrees below normal."

Comment: See also: Also check out SOTT radio's:

Cloud Precipitation

At least 8 dead after more floods in Kasese, Uganda

Floods in Kasese, Uganda, 21 May 2020.
© Uganda Red Cross
Floods in Kasese, Uganda, 21 May 2020.
At least 8 people have died in flash floods in the Western Region of Uganda.

Torrential rain on 21 May caused several rivers to overflow in Kasese district, in particular the Lhubiriha river.

Several people were swept away in the floods. Around 4 people survived and were taken to hospital. Uganda Red Cross said that 8 fatalities have been confirmed.

Homes have been damaged and hundreds of people displaced. A bridge that connects Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo was destroyed.


6.1 earthquake hits off west coast of Mexico

Quake off Mexico
The U.S. Geological Survey says a relatively strong earthquake has been recorded in the Pacific Ocean west of Mexico.

The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1, hit at 3:46 a.m. local time Friday at a shallow depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles). The epicenter was 173 km (108 miles) east southeast of the resort city of San Jose del Cabo, on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula.

No tsunami warning was issued.