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Thu, 17 Aug 2017
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Cloud Grey

Bizarre clouds form a 'vortex' over Finland

© liisasii / Instagram
A mesmerizing cloud which appeared as a huge round hole in the sky captivated onlookers in Helsinki, Finland.

The incredible phenomenon was spotted in Finnish skies on Wednesday morning and snapped by locals who shared pictures of the stunning formation on social media.

While social media users speculated on what could have caused the vortex-like swirling clouds, the Finnish Meteorological Institute weighed in with their scientific explanation, saying it was likely a result of ice crystals reacting with a cloud 'plate' of droplets below.

"That cloud layer, which is now there, is about six to seven miles (10-12km) high, and the temperature is over 20 degrees frost (12 Fahrenheit). One explanation could be that if ice crystals come from above cloud layers, it causes very rapid liquid water freezing in ice crystals, where clouds will rain down and evaporate at the same time," Paavo Korpela, a meteorologist with the Finnish Meteorological Institute, told Iltalehti.

Arrow Down

Climate scientists faking data for more funds

The government climate scientists and other academics currently attempting to extort money out of President Trump, are no longer making any effort to maintain any level of plausibility to their lies.

This is their graph.

© The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall causes widespread flooding in Houston, Texas; 6 inches of rain overnight

© Ian McKay/LSM
Heavy rains inundated Texas on Tuesday
Heavy rains that caused flooding in some parts of the Houston area and prompted about two-dozen water rescues on Tuesday seemed to have let up, but with more rain expected authorities remain on guard and residents should stay prepared, officials said.

"Unfortunately, this is one of those Texas flood events that's part of living in Southeast Texas," said Michael Walter, a spokesman for Houston's Office of Emergency Management.

While the thunderstorms that dropped up to 5 to 6 inches of rains in some parts of Houston overnight into Tuesday have mostly moved out of the area, additional storms could pop up Tuesday afternoon, which could cause additional flooding in areas already saturated by rainfall.

"We don't want anyone to let their guard down just because it stopped raining for now," Walter said.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 3, injure 2 in Bulgaria

Lightning during a flurry of storms killed three people and seriously injured two others in Bulgaria, TV Evropa reported on Wednesday.

One of the victims was a construction worker in the capital Sofia, and the other two were hit near Plovidiv, in the south.

Though the incident was not earlier reported, the injured, man and woman are being treated for burns.

At the start of the week thunderstorms swept across Bulgaria, which has been enduring a severe heatwave lingering over the Balkans.

Storms brought only a brief respite from the heat, as the temperature in Sofia rose to 28 degrees already a red weather alert is to remain in place at least until the end of Thursday.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria


2 oarfishes discovered in Southern Leyte, Philippines

© St. Bernard Tourism Office
2 oarfish
Two oarfishes were found in the PASAHIMAPA Mangrove Protected Area in Sitio Ma. Socorro, Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte on Wednesday morning.

Tourism officer Jane Araneta said three oarfishes were earlier sighted in the area, but that one has yet to be found.

Araneta said dolphins and whale sharks would usually be seen in the bay area, but added that it was the first time for this type of fish to be found in town.

Officials said the first oarfish measured 27 cm by 3.75 m, with a weight of 20 kilos, while the other measured 37 cm by 4.4 m with a weight of 50 kilos.


Dead whale shark found in Tamil Nadu, India

The whale shark that washed ashore on Tuesday was 18 feet long with a circumference of 10 feet.
A dead whale shark weighing nearly 3.5 tonne washed ashore on Pamban South Beach in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday.

On being alerted by fishermen, a team headed by Mandapam wildlife ranger S Sathish visited the spot and examined the carcass.

According to wildlife officials, the whale shark is a protected species under schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act. It is also an endangered species under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The whale shark that washed ashore on Tuesday was 18 feet long with a circumference of 10 feet. "Whale shark is one of the shark species found in the Gulf of Mannar area. The cause of death is found to be heavy internal injuries it has suffered when it either hit a rock or a big vessel," Sathish said.


Dead minke whale found in Charlevoix, Quebec

The carcass of a whale has been found on the strike in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, in Charlevoix, the end of last week.

These are the people who have made the discovery.

The Québec Network of emergency for the marine mammals, which has been notified, should come to get rid of the carcass this week. It would be a minke whale female.

According to a witness, Valérie Lajoie, the animal ran aground in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, ten right whales were found dead in the gulf of St. Lawrence since the beginning of the summer.


Dead right whale discovered on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

© Paul Bagnall
Carcass floated into Edgartown Great Pond
The carcass of a decomposing right whale was recovered in Great Pond Tuesday and National Marine Fisheries Service officials are expected to perform a necropsy on the animal on Wednesday, said Edgartown Shellfish Constable Paul Bagnall.

Residents had seen what was left of the roughly 25-foot whale floating by over the past few days; it likely came into the pond through a freshly made cut in the beach, Bagnall said.

"It's really decomposing," he said. "It's a tail and about two-thirds of a body."

One of the pectoral fins was down to the skeleton, and there is nothing left of the head, he said.

"But because it is a right whale, they are looking to come over and take a look at it," he said.

Snowflake Cold

Autumn arrives in August over the US & Canada

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Chilly August begins as temperatures are forecast to be 20F below normal and even in the 35F range for N.E Canada and Rocky Mountain states. This is contrary to the Weather Channels August forecast calling far above normal temperatures through the month. Additionally NY Times article released the same day cites 2003 heat wave in Europe as proof of global warming, but their writers need to understand the Grand Solar Minimum and cosmic rays better to get the full picture.

Comment: Get ready for the Fall? Eastern US to experience unseasonably chilly August

Cloud Lightning

Three dead as storms strike across northern Italy

Authorities respond to wild weather in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.
Three people died in freak accidents Sunday as violent storms raged in northern Italy at the end of a prolonged heatwave, police said.

A 41-year-old Belgian man was among the dead after a tree fell on his tent at a Rainbow Gathering counter-cultural summer camp in the Tramontina valley in the northeastern region of Friuli.

Another tree, uprooted by powerful winds, fell on a festival at Marzia in the Dolomites, killing another man. A hiker was fatally struck by lightening on a path up a mountain in the same area, the Marmolada.

The weather-related deaths follow a storm-triggered mudslide on Saturday which swept a woman to her death on the outskirts of the ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo.