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Thu, 27 Jul 2017
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Earth Changes


Sinkhole opens up next to home in The Villages, Florida

© The Villages Public Safety Dept.
A home in the villages has been deemed too dangerous to live in. That's because a sinkhole opened up on the private property.

Lt. John Longacre, emergency resource specialist for The Villages Public Safety Department, said the house that is next to the sinkhole can't be lived in until it's fixed and checked out by an engineer.

"I would say it's about 20 feet across and about 12 to 15 feet deep," said Longacre.

The sinkhole started opening up Monday and got progressively bigger. The Villages had another sinkhole about two year ago and has had others on golf courses. Longarce said no one was hurt.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm pounds buildings, crops in Newell, South Dakota

Hail storm in Newell
A fast-moving storm pummeled the small community of Newell on Tuesday night, blasting through buildings and devastating crops.

Wind, hail, and rain came in a flash, and the storm's ferocity took many of the area's residents by surprise. On Wednesday morning, piles of leaves, branches and debris littered the streets of Newell, a town of about 600 people about 25 miles east of Belle Fourche in Butte County. Windows were shattered and corn stalks stripped clean, bare stalks hanging limply.

Mayor Mike Keolker measured the rate of the rain at one point as 25 inches an hour. Officially, the total rainfall within the city was 1.46 inches at the Belle Fourche Irrigation District office. The highest wind gust was clocked at 92 mph before the guage broke.

Area farmers gave reports of fist-sized hail and water-flooded fields. In a narrow strip south of Newell, fields were flattened.


Plasma event? Nigerian residents stirred up after strange event of "deafening sound" and bright light

© stock photo
There was panic in some parts of Osogbo, Osun State capital, when strange lightening suddenly appeared in the sky, creating higher degree of illumination, which forced some residents to scamper for safety.

Tribune Online reliably gathered that most of the affected areas where the lightening appeared Tuesday night, include Alekuwodo, Oke-Fia, Olaiya roundabout and parts of Estate.

The incident, which occurred around 9.30pm created fear as some people residing in these areas, who also claimed they heard deafening sound similar to resounding explosion ran outside their houses to ascertain the cause of the strange development.

A resident of Peter Ajibola Street, identified as Titilayo Adekunle said: "We don't know what really happened. We just saw the light suddenly and it appeared in the sky, thus submerging the prevailing darkness, which had hitherto enveloped the environment because we were already in the night."

According to her, "we also heard some continuous sound, like when an electric transformer is humming at a frenetic pace.

Some people were saying 'maybe Jesus had come. 'However, not quite five minutes later, the great lightening fizzled away and darkness resurfaced."

Bizarro Earth

Massive Florida sinkhole that swallowed two houses continues to widen, more homes put on evacuation alert

© Luis Santana / Times
A sinkhole that has engulfed two Land O’Lakes homes and led nearby residents to evacuate widened by about 10 feet Wednesday. Officials plan to add soil to prevent further erosion.
The massive Pasco County sinkhole widened by Wednesday, prompting officials to warn additional residents that they may need to evacuate if it keeps getting bigger.

The growth three days after the opening that appeared to have stabilized is due to erosion of the sandy soil around it, according to Pasco County officials. They said they do not believe it indicates further instability in the underlying limestone bedrock that caused the ground to collapse and swallow two homes last week.

The sinkhole — already one of the largest in Pasco in decades — widened by about 10 feet and now measures about 235 feet across. The depth remained at 50 feet as of Wednesday.

Comment: 200-foot sinkhole swallows two homes in Land O' Lakes, Florida


Temperature data faked NOAA, NASA and HadCRU caught red handed

With the new report out calling into question all of the temperature records from NASA, NOAA and HadCRU, there a lot of scientists and policy makers asking a lot of questions after seeing the purposeful manipulation of politically driven fake temperatures to show a warming trend that isn't there. Then we have snow in Canada in July, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere on Greenland @-33C plus what can only be described as a freak weather event blanketing Santiago Chile with ice. The planet is showing signs of cooling, but the AGW agenda is trying its best to hold on in a tsunami of new information of their temperature fraud.



Earthquake measuring 5.8 magnitude strikes off Japan's Fukushima, no damage or tsunami

An earthquake with an initial magnitude of 5.8 hit northeast of Tokyo on Japan's main island of Honshu on July 20, 2017.
A moderately strong earthquake struck off the coast of Japan's Fukushima on Thursday (July 20) but no fresh damage to the crippled nuclear power plant there was reported and there was no risk of a tsunami, officials said.

The 5.8-magnitude quake hit at 9:11 am (0011 GMT) off Fukushima prefecture in the Pacific Ocean with the epicentre located 34 kilometres (21 miles) under the sea, according to the US Geological Survey. Japan's meteorological agency said there was no risk of tsunami from the earthquake.

"We have found no (new) abnormality so far" at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, said a spokesman at Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator.


'Locust plague' invades southern Russian region

© ROLEX TV / YouTube
Spine-tingling footage shows a swarm of locusts traveling across a road in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan, where swaths of land have been infested by the plague.

The amateur video, filmed through the windscreen of a moving car, shows what at first seems to be a sandstorm looming on the horizon. However, as the car approaches, the dense cloud turns out to be a chaotic mass of giant bugs making their way across the road.

The infestation of locusts prompted local authorities to declare a state of emergency in parts of the republic last month, with some 114,000 hectares of agricultural land affected.

Despite measures being taken, such as fumigation from tractors and planes, the locusts have been eating their way through the republic's farmland since early summer, destroying crops and grazing.

Cloud Precipitation

Japan blasted by gigantic hailstones

A frightening storm engulfed Japan in hail stones that are big enough to shatter a street lamp. Japan has recently been the target of freak weather which happened with no warning at all.

According to SoraNews24, the latest incident occurred on July 18, when numerous accounts of the dreaded hailstorm started spreading. It is reported that the winds were strong enough to even topple signboards.

Furthermore, the spiky hail particles were so big that a street lamp was even shattered on impact. Some videos of the incident captured the shocking effects of the occurring hailstorm which almost sounded like one roof was taking heavy machine gun fire.

The aftermath only left the streets of Japan littered with thousands of hail stones but with no major civilian injuries. Despite the storm being reported as more furious particularly in the Ikebukuro area, there have been no reports of casualties.


Klyuchevskaya volcano erupts with 6km pillar of ash in Kamchatka, Russia

© Pixabay
The Kamchatka filial of the geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Science registered eruption and 6km pillar of ash from Klyuchevskaya volcano positioned on the peninsula, reported RIA Novosti.

'This Wednesday morning local time the volcano blasted ash in to the atmosphere and it spread on more than 60km southwest of the volcano, writes the agency.

Orange code alert for aviation danger is announced which means that local and international flights might suffer delays.

Klyuchevskaya is the highest active volcano in Euroasia, It is 4740 meteres tall and on the 3th of April 2016 became active.


Sperm whale found dead in Andhra Pradesh, India

Environmental activists and wildlife lovers are demanding that the skeleton of the sperm whale that was found dead at Gilakaladindi a few days ago be preserved.

The manner in which the carcass of the giant mammal, classified as a protected species, was left to rot on the shore has raised the hackles of environmentalists.

Vijayawada-based environmental activist Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao, who mooted the idea of preserving the whale's skeleton, says the remains of the whale were preserved in the past. In the late 70s, a skeleton was preserved at Chirala in Prakasam district by CFR Sarma College with technical assistance from Zoological Survey of India. Andhra University also did the same about 30 years back, Srinivasa Rao recalled.