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Mon, 25 Jan 2021
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Snowflake Cold

Heavy snowfall hits Sweden, Finland - up to 2 feet in 24 hours - icy temperatures ahead

snow in Helsinki, Finland

Snow in Helsinki, Finland on Jan. 12
Thousands of households across northern Sweden and southern Finland were without power Wednesday after a heavy snowfall, and forecasters warned that particularly icy temperatures lay ahead for the Baltic Sea region.

In southwestern Finland, some 4,000 households were without power, according to Finnish broadcaster YLE, with authorities saying that number could rise. In Sweden, electricity provider Eon said some 3,000 homes were affected and added that power outages may go on longer than usual because it may be too risky to send out maintenance workers.

The Swedish weather service said the snowfall, which had affected the northern part of Sweden over the past 24 hours, was still taking place but was slowing down.

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute reported snow depths of up to 60 centimeters (24 inches) in northern Sweden.


Winter storm recap: Record snow for Texas

now weighs down on an oak tree outside Brook Hollow Christian Church in Abilene, Texas Jan. 10, 2021.
© Ronald W. Erdrich/Abilene Reporter
now weighs down on an oak tree outside Brook Hollow Christian Church in Abilene, Texas Jan. 10, 2021.
The forecast for Sunday's winter storm was spot on and resulted in record-breaking snow for parts of Texas.

Sunday, January 10, 2021, will go down in history for record snowfall for Central and North Texas. This winter storm was the second in just over a week to blanket the Lone Star State with wintry weather.

The forecast called for the heaviest snow from the Panhandle to Central Texas, and it was verified by Sunday evening with record snowfall for Austin and Waco.

Reports ranged from one to 9 inches from Central to North Texas. There were widespread 4 to 6-inch totals north of Austin to just south of Dallas. There were reports of even higher 6 to 9-inch totals south of I-20 and west of I-35.


38,675 families displaced by floods in Negros Occidental, Philippines

A total of 38,675 families were displaced by floods that hit at least seven towns and cities in northern Negros Occidental on January 8 and 9, a report of the provincial government on Tuesday afternoon showed.

Based on the data from the Provincial Disaster Management Program Division, the massive floods, the second in only a week, affected 16,886 families in 16 barangays in Silay City as well as 12,567 families in 21 barangays in Victorias City; and 3,933 families in 20 barangays in Talisay City.

Also affected were 3,339 families in 10 barangays in E.B. Magalona; 1,551 families in seven barangays in Sagay City; 384 families in seven barangays in Cadiz City; and 15 families in a barangay in Escalante City.

Cloud Lightning

Severe thunderstorm and flood hits İzmir, Turkey

Turkey's Aegean province of İzmir was hit by heavy rainfall yesterday evening (January 12). While the rain led to floods in some districts of the province, life has been negatively affected by downpours and floods especially in the districts of Buca, Karabağlar and Konak.

Red Crescent distributed food to citizens living in the neighborhoods affected by the flood and did a needs assessment in the region.

As houses of some citizens have been flooded, there are also efforts to accommodate these citizens in student dormitories.

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Indonesia landslide death toll rises to 21 as rescuers search for missing 19

Rescuers search for victims of two landslides that hit Sumedang, West Java

Rescuers search for victims of two landslides that hit Sumedang, West Java
Indonesian rescuers dug through mud Wednesday as they scrambled to find survivors from weekend landslides caused by torrential rains, as the death toll rose to 21 and 19 others were listed as missing.

A landslide struck the village of Sumedang in West Java Saturday night, followed hours later by a second that engulfed rescuers digging for survivors.

The death toll has nearly doubled from the 11 deaths reported on Sunday.

And 19 residents are still missing, including a half dozen children, but the chance of finding any of them alive was slim, said Bandung rescue agency spokeswoman Seni Wulandari.

Comment: Earlier report and videos: Deadly landslides triggered by heavy rainfall kill at least 11 in West Java Province, Indonesia


Ugandans baffled by dead perch washed up on Lake Victoria shore

Uganda's authorities have ruled out poisoning as the cause of death
Uganda's authorities have ruled out poisoning as the cause of death
Piles of dead Nile perch have been washing up on the shore of Lake Victoria in Uganda for no obvious reason, threatening the livelihoods of the surrounding communities, locals said.

Teddy Nagadya, a fishmonger in Kigungu, a shoreline village in Entebbe town, told Reuters the dead fish have induced panic. "We do not know why Nile Perch are dying yet all the other fish are not dying," she said.

Uganda's ministry of agriculture and fisheries said on Sunday that hypoxia - "a usual phenomenon" - may have led to the fish deaths, although fishermen in the area told officials the numbers of fish dying was much higher than in the past. Industries, farms and settlements near Lake Victoria have been a source of environmental stress for the lake over the last years, threatening the livelihoods of nearby communities, said Amos Wemanya, Greenpeace's Africa Campaigner.


Heavy rain continues in Namibia, flash floods hit Windhoek

DANGER … Flooding in the Eros suburb of Windho
© Ronja Lyhs/Reën In Namibia Facebook page
DANGER … Flooding in the Eros suburb of Windhoek
Heavy rain has continued to fall in parts of Namibia, with flash flooding reported in the capital, Windhoek from 11 January, 2021.

Flooding has affected the city since late December. In a statement of 07 January, the city government said emergency response teams attended to 14 flood-related incidents from 30 December 2020 to 05 January 2021. Around 80 households, mostly in areas of Otjomuise, were affected. The city plans to relocate at least 65 households adversely affected by flooding.

Further flash flooding struck in the city from 11 January, blocking roads and causing problems for motorists. Several rivers broke their banks, including the Gammams river.

Windhoek has already seen around 200mm of rain since the start of the year. In 24 hours to 13 January, the city recorded 61mm of rain. The average for January is around 85 mm.


M6.0 earthquake hits west of Jayapura, Indonesia

Earthquake off Indonesia
© Volcano Discovery
Date & time: 12 Jan 2021 18:17:40 UTC - 14 hours ago
Local time at epicenter: Wednesday, 13 Jan 2021 3:17 am (GMT +9)
Magnitude: 6
Depth: 56.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 2.94°S / 136.94°E (Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea, Indonesia)


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Food crisis is coming into focus

Floods in western Free State
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Rice prices spiking across the planet as crop losses begin in tropical regions of the planet causing China to import broken rice as a staple, a huge cultural anomaly as broken rice is considered animal food, not dinner table worthy. Worlds largest insect protein opens in Illinois as Australian crops rotting in the fields with no laborers to harvest this years crop.

Comment: As well as natural disasters devastating crop growth, the insane response to the coronavirus crisis and losing value of currency in Western nations in particular, have made the production, availability, purchasing and distribution of food - a MAJOR global issue the likes of which we haven't seen in generations.

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Near electricity blackout over Europe was triggered in France due to "Polar Cold Wave"

A further analysis of last Friday's European near power blackout shows that the problem had begun already one day earlier in France, due to cold weather, says a German expert.

At wind energy protest group Vernunftkraft Bayern, Jörn Künzle provides background on what was behind Europe's near blackout last Friday, January 8, 2021.

© No Tricks Zone
We recently reported on this here.

Disturbance began in France

Quoting energy expert Dr. Michael Schneeberger, "The disturbance in the European grid was triggered in France. Already on January 7, France's RTE (Le Réseau de Transport de l'Électricité) was forced to take essential parts of the electricity-intensive industry off the power grid. The RED alert level was ordered for the entire network of France."