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Thu, 23 Nov 2017
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Earth Changes


Young humpback whale dies after beaching three times in Qidong, China

© China News Service
The humpback whale calf was first found stranded on the shore near Qidong city, Jiangsu Province on Monday.
A young humpback whale that beached itself in Qidong, east China's Jiangsu Province, died on Wednesday, after became stranded for a third time in three days.

The 7-meter long whale, 3 to 5 years old, was found stranded in shallow water and died after struggling for hours in a rising tide.

Local police and fishermen twice tried to rescue the whale after it was first discovered stranded at noon on Monday, with a boat sent to direct it toward deeper sea.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 2.8-tonne whale ran ashore again only 3 km away, and was again rescued.


Tornado hits southern Turkey, injuring 38

At least 38 people were injured in the tornado in Turkey's southern Antalya Province late Monday, Dogan News Agency reported Tuesday.

The tornado, which moved swiftly towards the land from the sea, hit the farming fields and uprooted trees particularly in areas closer to the coastline, according to the report.

The heavy storm and rainfall left a large-scale damage in the areas. And greenhouses, houses and vehicles were destroyed. The power lines were broken which caused hours of electricity shortage.

Hail in the size of walnuts was also effective in some areas, causing great damage in crops and outer covers of greenhouses.

Several districts in Antalya province, including Finike, Kumluca, Demre, Kas and Kemer districts, were affected severely in the storm. Fires were reported in some regions.

Antalya province is an important agriculture region which is among Turkey's largest fruit and vegetable production centers.

The damage caused by the storm is more or less expected to increase food prices in the upcoming months, experts said.

Comment: A large rare tornado struck southern Turkey a couple of weeks ago on October 29, 2017. Some other rare tornadoes have formed around the planet in recent times including countries such as Netherlands, Mexico, United States, Russia and China.


Rare 5.4 magnitude earthquake hits off South Korea

A rare 5.4-magnitude earthquake hit South Korea's southeast Wednesday afternoon, the second most powerful quake on record, in a country that seldom experiences significant tremors.

The quake, which was felt across much of the country including in the capital Seoul, struck at the shallow depth of nine kilometres near the southeastern industrial city of Pohang at around 2:30pm, the Korea Meteorological Administration said.

The Korean peninsula rarely has to worry about significant quakes, unlike neighbouring Japan.

But seismic activity is closely monitored because a spike in activity is often the first indication that North Korea has carried out a nuclear test.

The South Korean port city of Pohang is the home to the headquarters of Posco - the country's top, and the world's fourth largest, steelmaker.

Photos and video footage sent to local TV stations showed crumbled street walls and furniture violently shaking inside people's homes.

Local nuclear reactors were operating without disruption, Yonhap news agency said, citing officials at Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power.

The most quake recorded in the south was a 5.8-magnitude tremor that hit the southeastern city of Gyeongju in September last year.

Comment: Earlier today a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook Guam as recent seismic activity continues worldwide.


Japan, Costa Rica and Iran hit with powerful earthquakes within hours of each other

© Reuters
A woman reacts next to a dead body following the earthquake in Kermanshah, Iran
A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, hours after a devastating quake in Iran left 320 dead.

The tremor rumbled south-east of the city of Kamaish, on the country's Pacific coast, according to the US Geological Survey.

The quake happened six miles beneath the Earth's surface at around 10.24pm, with the epicentre recorded 180 miles off the coast of Japan, scientists have said.

It is unclear whether the quake has caused any impact on land.

It came just hours after the huge 7.3 magnitude earthquake near the Iran/Iraq border, with the death toll currently at 320 and almost 2,000 others reportedly injured. Iran quake of 7.3 magnitude kills more than 130

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Water main break causes immense sinkhole in Pacific Beach, California

A break in a water-transmission line left several Pacific Beach shops without plumbing service Monday afternoon.

The ruptured 30-inch-diameter pipeline near the intersection of Damon Avenue and Mission Bay Drive began overflowing shortly before 1 p.m., city spokesman Arian Collins said. It took crews about a half-hour to deactivate the failed line, which caused a large sinkhole on Mission Bay Drive.

"As a result of the shutdown, there were reports of low water pressure in several parts of the city,'' Collins said.

Comment: More coverage from San Diego's ABC 10 News:


Woman mauled by dog in Mexico City that initially passes her before 'changing its mind' and going back to attack

© CEN/Denuncia Ecatepec
The woman fell to the floor during the terrifying dog attack
Horrifying CCTV footage shows the moment a woman is viciously mauled by a dog as she walks down the road with a friend.

The animal initially walks past her but then appears to change it's mind, go back and suddenly charge at her with no provocation.

The animal locks its jaws around her leg as her friend desperately tries to drag the animal off her as she falls to the floor.

According to reports in Mexico City, where the brutal attack happened, the dog's owner desperately tried to stop people from hitting it.

Witnesses have said the animal was a boxer and pitbull cross.

Cloud Lightning

Shock horror: Lightning hits plane above Amsterdam

© Alexander Klein / AFP
A KLM flight encountered poor weather while taking off from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam
Travelling in bad weather always carries a certain level of danger - especially when you're aboard a Boeing 777 aircraft flying into an electrically-charged cloud.

In dramatic footage posted online, a bolt of lightning is shown hitting the nose of the daily flight from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport to the Peruvian capital of Lima. Amazingly, the Boeing 777-300ER continued unperturbed, landing at Lima airport on schedule 12 hours and 40 minutes later. RT.com has contacted KLM for comment.

Lightning strikes most commonly hit a plane's extremity, such as a wing tip or the nose. As long as there are no gaps in the shell of the plane, the current will travel through the aluminum surface of the aeroplane until it escapes through the tail. However, pilots sometimes complain of electrical issues and interference with instruments following a lightning strike, according to Scientific American.


Millions of black snails invade beach in St. Petersburg, Florida

The entire length of the beach is covered in black shells of cerith snails in St. Petersburg, Florida
A bizarre video shows millions of snails taking over a popular beach in St. Petersburg Florida.

The entire length of the beach is covered in what looks like black rocks, but are in fact cerith snails.

The filmer wrote online: 'I grew up in Florida and have spent most of my life on the water. I have never seen or heard of this happening before.'

The video only shows about one-quarter of the total invasion of snails.

Cerith snails don't often come onto land. They are usually found on sandy bottoms, flat reefs, or coral rock in warm and temperate areas.

Comment: See also: Strange animal behaviour: Octopuses are crawling out of the sea and walking onto a beach at New Quay, Wales

Snowflake Cold

Hail nets for global crops, strange La Nina and record cold North America

Cycles of out of cycle La Nina events and record snows form 1972 are back across west coast of N. America from Alaska to California. The record snow events of last years all time snow pack depths in the Sierra Nevada's and Rocky mountains are already being eclipsed but this years snow falls. Hail events will require protecting our crops using more expensive nets, Iridium is a good example. Look for more floods, hail, wind and snow events as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies through 2018.


Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills man on golf course in South Africa

Two men seeking shelter on a golf course during a storm were struck by lightning - which killed one of them - on Tuesday afternoon in the Free State.

They were working on a construction site on the golf course in Parys.

ER24 spokesman Russel Meiring said one of the men, in his 40s, had been moved to a nearby home when paramedics arrived.

"Paramedics assessed the patient and found that he had he showed no signs of life. Nothing more could be done for him and he was declared dead.