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Tue, 25 Jul 2017
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Earth Changes


Volcano erupting in front of man at crater's edge filmed at Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu

Volcano erupts in front of man

Incredible footage has emerged of a cameraman being nearly blown off the edge of an exploding volcano.

In the short video posted to newsflare.com, Kiwi film maker Geoff Mackley is setting up a camera on the edge of a volcanic crater in Vanuatu when it suddenly erupts.

"While placing a GoPro, ***t happened," Mackley posted on Facebook, along with a still shot of volcanic debris swirling around his hunched-over body.

The moment was captured by the Mackley's friend at Mt Yasur volcano, on Tanna Island, three days ago.

Cloud Lightning

Neighbor: Man struck, killed by lightning bolt in Sanford, North Carolina

A man died after being struck by lightning Tuesday night in Sanford, according to a neighbor who witnessed the scene.

The incident happened on Vance Street at about 7:30 p.m. as strong storms moved through the area.

Neighbors said the storm was punctuated by a particularly loud lightning strike on a tree at the corner of Vance and Crestview streets.

Neighbor Harmon Cochrane said he came outside to find authorities surrounding a person who was dead on the ground.

"Every now and then you would hear a little lightning but for one instance you heard two big booms and I just took for granted that the lightning hit something. I never thought it was going to be the individual, never did," he said. "That was a serious freak accident there, oh my God."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt claims the lives of mom and daughter in Nepal

A woman and her daughter were killed after lightning struck them at Letang Municipality-2 of Morang district this morning.

The deceased are Chandra Tamang, 47, and her daughter Sishma Tamang, 19. The incident took place at a time when they were working in the farm at 8:30 am.

Both of them died while undergoing treatment at Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, said Deputy Superintendent of Police at District Police Office, Morang, Yogendra Singh Thapa.

Source: RSS

Cloud Lightning

Three donkeys killed by lightning in Clanton, Alabama

A fierce lightning storm passed through Chilton County on July 17 and killed three donkeys owned by Ralph Mims on his property at 247 County Road 77 in Clanton.

The result is an unfortunate reminder of the damage that lightning can cause and the short time that it takes to do so.

"People do not respect lighting enough," Mims said.

The donkeys were each about 8 to 10 years old and were used by Mims to help work on the land.

"They were just good working donkeys," Mims said. "I would have never sold them for nothing."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes the same spot twice, killing 3 in Gujarat, India

It is said that lightning never strikes the same place twice, however, three people lost their lives on Monday, after they were struck by back to back lightning strikes. Monday morning saw heavy rains coupled with lightning and thunder lash the city for a few hours on the trot. As water levels on the streets were rising, three persons died after they were struck by lightning in Thakorvas at Shilaj. The deceased include one woman and two men, whereas one person was severely injured and is being treated at a hospital.

Bopal police have lodged an accidental death case According to sources Kokilaben Thakor (43) a resident of Thakorvas in Shilaj and lives with her husband, and son. On Monday morning at 8 am she rushed to the terrace to collect clothes as heavy rain had started. Unfortunately Kokilaben was struck by lightning and she collapsed immediately. Ranjit (25), Upendra (22) who live on rent nearby heard Kokilaben scream and rushed to her aid, when lightning struck again and the duo were thrown off their feet.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes and flash floods sweep through Britain as the UK is hit by freak electrical storms

© [email protected]
Amazing images emerged on social media of forked lightning crackling in the sky above Worthing
Lightning turned night into day across the UK after thunderstorms battered much of southern Britain overnight causing flash floods which ripped through a Cornish village.

A four-foot torrent of water has ripped through Coverack, Cornwall, on Tuesday night, tearing up roads and damaging homes, while lightning was also believed to have been the cause of a fire in east Sussex.

Rescue services were also sent out to pump water out of properties in the south east overnight after heavy downpours caused water levels to rise.

Meanwhile teams in Kent spent two hours overnight removing water from homes in Tunbridge Wells after sixty emergency calls were made in less than an hour including reports of more than 3ft of water in some properties.

Today more warnings are in place for thunder, heavy rain and possible hail across almost the whole of England and Wales apart from the South Coast, with potential for 1.2in of rain in an hour, or even up to 2in (50mm) of rain where conditions linger.

Emergency services said the first reports of flooding came in from Coverack around 3.40pm, before a major incident was declared at 5.20pm as at least seven people were trapped, including six on a rooftop.

Coastguard helicopters were filmed winching a 70-year-old couple from their home after they also got stranded.

Bizarro Earth

Vandals on the loose: Gang of goats terrorizes Colorado business

A destructive criminal remains on the loose in Louisville. Police believe he's part of a gang that spent almost 30 minutes terrorizing a local business.

Employees at Kryptane Systems arrived at work to find the front doors had been shattered.

The company's president did what anyone would do. He called police to report a break-in.

"There was shattered glass everywhere. Instantly he thought it was vandals of some sort," said Greg Cappert, an engineer for the company.


Purple aurora, noctilucent clouds seen over Germany

Some nice space weather duet last night on the north German island Fehmarn.
© Laura Kranich
We could only see the bright noctilucent clouds which lasted for about 3 hours through midnight. When I reviewed the ~3000 images I had taken, I saw the purple aurora above the NLCs.

It was probably too weak to be seen in the midnight twilight but strong enough for the camera to capture some of its color. We didn't notice a thing with our bare eyes.


Multiple waterspouts spotted over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

© Mike on Twitter
Multiple waterspouts have been sited over Lake Pontchartrain as strong storms move across the area.

Viewers from across the area have sent pictures of as many a three waterspouts in the lake at the same time.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods hit Turkey's Istanbul after a month's worth of rain falls in two hours


In what authorities described as a natural disaster, Istanbul was inundated with flash floods Tuesday that left people stranded on top of their vehicles and stopped some mass transit services

What started as a midnight shower turned into a heavy rainfall by Tuesday morning in Istanbul, triggering flash floods across the country's most populated city. Rainfall disrupted daily life, leaving motorists stranded in their cars and interrupting metro and bus services during morning rush hour when millions of Istanbulites were struggling to get to work. Authorities described the chaotic scenes as a result of one of the worst natural disasters linked to rainfall in the city in recent memory.

The Directorate General of Meteorology warned Monday of heavy rains and possible flooding, saying that summer temperatures were expected to drop from over 30 degrees Celsius to 20. A few showers hit Istanbul late Monday, before it started to pour rain early Tuesday. The rain reached its height at 8:30 a.m., with huge black clouds covering the sky.

Meteorologists said an amount of "rainfall normally seen in a one-month period" hit the city in just a couple of hours. Doğan News Agency reported it was the most severe rainfall in the past 32 years, with 128 kilograms (282 pounds) of rainwater hitting some districts on the European side of the city. Average rainfall for July so far was 32.5 kilograms per square meter. The flash floods also hit northwestern provinces of Çanakkale, Tekirdağ and Balıkesir provinces.

Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan described the heavy rainfall as a "disaster." He said it took just 90 minutes of heavy rain to create the "extraordinary situation."