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Sat, 18 Jan 2020
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Record snowfall for the time of year in Lapland, Finland

Extreme cold winter weather in Lapland
© News Now Finland
Extreme cold winter weather in Lapland
Visitors to Lapland have the opportunity to experience a proper snowy winter with a record amount of snowfall blanketing the region.

In many places there's 90cm of snow - for example today in Sodankylä there's 89cm and in Kittilä 88cm have been recorded, around 30cm more than usual.

"It's a record for the time of year" says Meteorologist Anniina Valtonen at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

"Typically in January Lapland really does not have snow cover above 80cm. Such snowfall occurs once every thirty years" she explains.


Non-migratory Griffon vultures from the Himalayas turn up circling over Singapore

A flock of vultures over Pinnacle@Duxton.
© Gerald Tew Chong Hwee/Facebook
A flock of vultures over Pinnacle@Duxton.
Vultures have descended on Singapore like, well, vultures, triggering birdwatchers into a frenzy with rare sightings of the large carrion birds.

Himalayan vultures have been spotted in various locales including Bukit Timah and the Central Business District. One person had a lucky, close encounter with the Central Asia native last night after finding it just hanging out in the middle of a street near Maxwell Road.

"Impossibly large bird, spotted in Singapore!" read the post on beauty page Kirari Labo. It included a photo of the big bird totally owning the street like a boss. The bird then flew away, showing off its large wingspan as it soared over the vehicle, a moment caught in another video.


Shallow 6.3-magnitude earthquake strikes off Russia's Chukotka

Chukotka is an autonomous region of Russia located in the Far East. A large number of small earthquakes have previously been recorded in the region by seismic authorities.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has occurred in Russia's Chukotka region, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre reported. The quake occurred at 8:38 UTC, 416 kilometres southwest of Chukotka's administrative centre Anadyr and 2,891 kilometres from Sapporo, Japan.

Cloud Precipitation

All-time record as Cyprus dams overflow

The main road in Kalavassos where water from the overflowing reservoir is following the original course of the river from before the dam was built
© Christos Theodorides
The main road in Kalavassos where water from the overflowing reservoir is following the original course of the river from before the dam was built
The island's dams have never overflowed so early in the year, the Water Development Department said on Wednesday as two more of the largest reservoirs reached full capacity and water flooded over the dam walls.

Kouris and Evretou reservoirs overflowed between Tuesday and Wednesday while Kalavassos residents woke up to find a river where a road had been and more than 10 homes had to be evacuated.

Τhe Polemidia reservoir overflowed on Wednesday for the second year in the row.

Several smaller reservoirs, mainly in Paphos, have also reached capacity in recent days.

According to senior engineer at the WDD Marios Hadjicostis this is the first time that water reserves have been so high in January, forcing dam after dam to overflow. This is down to a combination of factors: the heavy rainfall this year, but also the existing high water levels at the start of the rainy season in October.

"Usually the dams overflow around March or April but this year because of the high water reserves due to last year's rainfall we had overflows in January," Hadjicostis told the Cyprus News Agency.


'Cold southerly intrusion' brings summer snow to parts of South Island, New Zealand

© Cardrona Alpine Resort webcam
Parts of the South Island received a dusting of snow overnight, reflecting cooler summer temperatures across much of the country.

Webcams from Cardrona and the Remarkables ski resorts showed snow falling overnight on Sunday and on Monday morning.

Temperatures on the Remarkables were forecast to hover between -1C and -4C on Monday,
with Cardrona only slightly warmer.

MetService meteorologist Lewis Ferris says snow at this time of the year is "not unusual" and more snow could fall down to 900m around Fiordland on Monday given the mixture of wet conditions and cool southerly winds.

The cooler temperatures were due to a "cold southerly intrusion", Ferris said, with Gore and Invercargill set to get the worst of the colder temperatures.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Behind the Australian bushfires - What you're not told

A kangaroo rushes past a burning house amid apocalyptic scenes in Conjola, New South Wales
© Matthew Abbott / New York Times / Redux / eyevine
A kangaroo rushes past a burning house amid apocalyptic scenes in Conjola, New South Wales
Australia continues with its wildfires but what is missing from the story is that 205 of those fires were deliberately set and during the first week of 2020 25+ locations in the country set their all time lowest cold record for January. There is much to the story with the prime minister off on a Hawaiian holiday at the most critical moments. Here is the story the corporate media left out.

Comment: See also:


Study shows animal life thriving around Fukushima

Fukushima monkey
Nearly a decade after the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, researchers from the University of Georgia have found that wildlife populations are abundant in areas void of human life.

The camera study, published in the Journal of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, reports that over 267,000 wildlife photos recorded more than 20 species, including wild boar, Japanese hare, macaques, pheasant, fox and the raccoon dog — a relative of the fox — in various areas of the landscape.

UGA wildlife biologist James Beasley said speculation and questions have come from both the scientific community and the general public about the status of wildlife years after a nuclear accident like those in Chernobyl and Fukushima.

This recent study, in addition to the team's research in Chernobyl, provides answers to the questions.

Comment: See also: Chernobyl has become a refuge for wildlife 33 years after the nuclear accident


Major quake strikes near Iranian nuclear power plant as Iran launches airstrikes against US bases in Iraq

Comment: Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about!

Or was it?

Iran earthquake Jan 2020
The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.9
An earthquake has struck near the Bushehr nuclear power plant on a crucial day for Iran which has seen tensions in the Middle East erupt.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the earthquake struck 10km southeast of Borazjan in Iran with a magnitude of 4.9. The quake also struck at a depth of 10km. Borazjan is a almost a 70km drive away from Bushehr.

The quake struck at 3.19am this morning.

Comment: Hmmm. This could have been the result of some hi-tech response by the 'deep state/Usual Suspects' to Iran's ballsy response to the American assassination of Soleimani... or it could have been the cosmos itself chiming in on the portentous events afoot in that region.

Snowflake Cold

493 roads closed as fresh snowfall hits the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh

Several places in Himachal Pradesh have received heavy snow.

Several places in Himachal Pradesh have received heavy snow.
Hindustan-Tibet Highway shut beyond Dhalli

Normal life was thrown out of gear in Himachal as 493 roads were closed following widespread rains and snow and there was no respite from biting cold wave as minimum temperatures stayed three to seven degree below normal.

Water pipes froze and burst at many places in middle and higher hills, including Shimla, thick ground frost was seen in middle and lower hills and fog disrupted traffic in more than a dozen towns along riverbeds and reservoirs.

Shimla, Chamba, Kullu and Mandi districts, which experienced rain and snow, were worst-hit and 300 of the 493 roads were closed in Shimla zone alone. Dozens of HRTC buses were stranded, while 100 buses were not sent to snowbound areas. The Hindustan-Tibet Highway was closed beyond Dhalli and Rampur-bound buses were routed via Basantpur and Kingal.

As many as 151 roads were closed in Rampur, 96 in Rohru, 48 in Shimla, 119 in Dalhousie, 44 in Mandi and 22 in Kullu.
As many as 297 JCBs, 37 tippers and 16 dozers have been deployed for clearing roads. Shimla Hotel and Restaurant Association president Sanjay Sood said the hotel occupancy in Shimla was over 80 per cent and the bookings were on as the number of walk-in tourist was on the rise.


51% snowier than average in Aspen, Colorado

Snowfall in Aspen is pacing well ahead of average this ski season thanks to a big opening blast in October and above-averages dumps in December.

The Aspen Water Treatment Plant recorded 84.70 inches of snowfall for October through December, according to the monthly weather reports. That is 28.45 inches or 51% above the average of 56.25 inches, according to the water department's records.

Each month has been well above average at the plant, which is situated at 8,161 feet, slightly above downtown Aspen's elevation. The cold-weather months started with a bang when 26.70 inches of snow fell in October. The average is 9.20 inches.