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Sun, 22 Apr 2018
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Records broken with latest snow fall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Streets were most deserted during Saturday's snowstorm, but not everyone stayed home.

Streets were most deserted during Saturday's snowstorm, but not everyone stayed home.
You need only look outside your window to know that it's been quite a day in Sioux Falls.

Well, according to the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, the day has been magnified by the trifecta of records broken by today's snowfall of 13.1 inches as of 11 p.m.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 4, injures 4 others in Maharashtra, India

Four persons were killed in lightning strike as untimely rains lashed Umarkhed, Mahagaon, Darwha and Yavatmal today.

Four persons were killed and as many were injured after being struck by lightning at village Veni in Mahagaon tehsil of Yavatmal district this afternoon, officials said.

The victims had taken shelter under a tree during rain when the tragedy took place.


Ice storm pelts Southern Ontario with more than 550 collisions on Toronto-area highways

Frozen Lake Ontario
© Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star

An ice storm pelting parts of southern Ontario has knocked out power to thousands of people and wreaked havoc on the roads.

A provincial police spokesman said more than 550 crashes had been reported in the Greater Toronto Area by late Saturday.

"We've got cars in the ditches, we've got cars on the concrete wall, we've got cars facing the wrong way," Kerry Schmidt said. "We've got problems all over the place."

Comment: Some past crazy weather for Toronto:


Wildfires in northwest Oklahoma have killed one, burned more than 366,000 acres

Wildfires have burned thousands of acres in northwest Oklahoma.
Wildfires have burned thousands of acres in northwest Oklahoma.
One person has died as a result of wildfires that have ravaged thousands of acres in northwest Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management confirms that a 61-year-old man died April 12 in Roger Mills County as a result of injuries he sustained in a fire that began southeast of Leedey. A turkey hunter who went missing the fires in Dewey County was rescued from the fires and transported to a burn center.


Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore on Daytona Beach, Florida

Pygmy sperm whale
A pygmy sperm whale, possibly suffering from heart disease, stranded itself on the beach just as the sun came up Friday morning.

The whale was almost 10 feet long, said Wendy Noke, a marine mammal biologist with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.

Pygmy sperm whales live in tropical and temperate latitudes throughout the world's oceans. They reach lengths up to 11.5 feet and weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

They live up to 23 years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and have a characteristic known as the "squid tactic" that allows them to eject more than 3 gallons of dark, reddish brown liquid when they feel threatened or when trying to evade predators. They are rarely sighted.

Snowflake Cold

Historic cold record broken for Edmonton, Canada

Record cold in Edmonton, Canada
© The Weather Network
Some records weren't meant to be broken and this, is definitely one of them. The city of Edmonton, Alta., has become the (un)lucky winner of an historic stretch of cold weather. We're talking nearly SIX months of overnight lows below freezing.

Although a prolonged period of frigid conditions and even some of the coldest temperature anomalies worldwide have dominated the Alberta pattern recently, the ridiculous stretch of cold weather in Edmonton is jaw dropping. Saturday, April 14 marks the 168TH CONSECUTIVE DAY of overnight lows below freezing as recorded at Edmonton-Blatchford Airport. This puts the area in first place for the longest run of consecutive days with a minimum temperature below 0°C, ahead of the 166 day stretch in 1975.

Edmonton is known as being one of the coldest cities in Canada and with a record like this, it's certainly living up to its reputation. The last time the city got to an overnight temperature of at least 0°C was back on October 29, 2017. That's almost six months ago.

"From that point onward, we never reached above the freezing mark again in the overnight," says Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern. "We got extremely close to it on December 15, but we never quite reached the freezing mark at that point."


Storm brings at least 10 inches of snow to Rapid City, South Dakota

© Rapid City Journal
A little winter. A little spring. A dash of summer.

Mix them all together and you get one crazy storm system, perfectly suited for a Friday the 13th arrival date.

Mother Nature's science experiment exploded Friday, bringing rain, snow and tornadoes to a huge swath of the Great Plains and Midwest, even stretching down into the south.

In Rapid City, what started out as rain late Thursday eventually turned to snow overnight and kept a steady flow of flakes falling throughout the day Friday.


Up to 3 feet of fresh snowfall in the Alps

It's a real mix of weather in the Alps - and indeed most of the rest of the world's major ski regions - this week.

There's been sunshine, rain and even lots of sow depending on the time and the place as the 2017-18 season continues to wind down.

Some ski areas including Andermatt and St Moritz (pictured top today) have reported 30cm of 24 hours but the biggest accumulation this week is a whopping 95cm (3 feet, 2 inches) at Isola 2000, located north of Nice in the southern French Alps.

Cloud Precipitation

Major flooding after rivers overflow in north-eastern Spain

© Policía Nacional ‏
Flooding has hit parts of Navarre and Aragon regions in north-eastern Spain after snow-melt in river catchment areas and a period of heavy rain caused rivers to overflow.

Some rivers have reached similar levels to those of the 2015 floods. One person has died in a swollen river in Zaragoza province, Aragon.

Areas of Navarre region, including in the district of Pamplona, are under water after rivers burst their banks yesterday, 12 April, 2018. The regional government posted videos on social media showing wide areas of land under water after flooding from the overflowing Ebro, Aragon, Araquil and Arga rivers.


Drought in Oklahoma sees worst conditions

drought Oklahoma
Drought is tightening its grip across the Southwest as extreme conditions spread from Oklahoma to Utah, according to a new federal data released Thursday.

On the southern high plains, Oklahoma remains ground zero for the worst drought conditions in the United States. About 20 percent of the state is facing exceptional drought conditions - the worst possible classification.

Most of Colorado also is under severe drought and almost all of the Texas Panhandle is seeing extreme drought or worse conditions.

The federal drought map shows dry conditions have intensified across northern New Mexico and expanded in Arizona.