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Thu, 29 Sep 2016
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Earth Changes


Thousands of dead fish wash ashore at Hingham, Massachusetts

Dead fish
Hingham residents are reacting after a large amount of bait fish, commonly known as pogies, have been washing ashore along the Hingham Yacht Club and surrounding beach areas.

"It's thousands and thousands," said one resident Wednesday night.

"Well, we first noticed the smell when we got out of the car, and it was different — much stronger than usual," said Hingham resident Libby Lewiecki.

Chuck Azonderman is a former lobsterman who's spent time in and around the Hingham harbor for decades.

He says around 11 a.m. he found the fish "all over the place."

"I'm surprised to see it like this," Azonderman said. "I haven't seen it like this since the 80's."


Thousands of dead fish wash up on Longboat Key, Florida

Dead fish
Dead fish are popping up all over Longboat Key, causing a lot of concern among residents and visitors.

"It's makes me very sad," said Claude Lewkowiez, a Tampa resident visiting Longboat Key.

Lewkowiez and her husband Emile are vacationing on Longboat Key this week.

"It's not pleasant to the eye and it's even less pleasant to the smell," said Emile.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has confirmed the fish died from a high concentration of red tide. State wildlife officials say the red tide is most likely a little further offshore, and there are patchy spots of it.

"There was fish on the north end and the central part," said Dave Bullock, Longboat Key town manager. "(Tuesday night) when our police boat was out, he did a little survey and he suggested the presence of fish is moving south."

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods and landslide hit West Java, Indonesia

Landslide in Sumedang
Indonesia's National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) have reported that the death toll from devastating floods and landslides in West Java province, Indonesia has now risen to 26. At least 19 people are still missing.

The flood water in Garut has receded revealing the extent of the destruction. Photos showed houses reduced to rubble and upturned cars strewn across streets covered in mud and flood debris. At least 23 people have died in the Garut floods, with 18 still missing. The search continues for the missing.

Over 400 people remain homeless in Garut as a result of the floods
and temporary shelter has been provided by BNPD.

Three people died and one is missing after the landslide in Sumedang regency.

Bizarro Earth

5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Sichuan, China

China's central province of Sichuan has been shaken by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake according to the US geological service (USGS).

The data provided by the USGS also says that another tremor, measuring 5.2, hit the same region about 30 minutes earlier.

According to the USGS the latest earthquake had a depth of nearly 25 kilometers, while its predecessor's measured 22.7 kilometers.

Cloud Precipitation

2 dead following floods and landslides in Trabzon and Giresun Provinces, Turkey; over 10 inches of rain in a day

© Trabzon Kulis
Flooding in Beşikdüzü, Turkey
Two people died yesterday, 21 September, after torrential rain triggered a landslide in the Beşikdüzü district of the Black Sea province of Trabzon in Turkey.

Turkish State Meteorological Service reported that over 26cm (10.24 inches) of rain fell in one day in Beşikdüzü.

Wide areas of the district have been flooded as a result. Rescues were required for numerous people trapped in homes, vehicles and schools.

Flooding also affected parts of the neighbouring province of Giresun. Local media report that three bridges were destroyed by the flooding in Giresun's Eynesil district.

In a statement made late yesterday, Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) said that roads and buildings have been severely damaged in Beşikdüzü. AFAD have sent search and rescue teams to the area and said "work is underway to take control of the situation."

Turkey's Black Sea Region is extremely vulnerable to flash flooding and landslides, with coastal towns and cities surrounded by steep mountains.


Mysterious boom rattles residents of New York City

Already on edge days after two bombings in New York and New Jersey, residents were startled on Wednesday afternoon by an earthshaking boom that thundered across several neighborhoods in Queens and on Long Island.

Many jumped on Twitter to unleash a stream of panicked, anxious questions: Did you hear that? What happened? Had terrorists struck again?

Well, New York, there is good news and bad news. The noise that shook buildings and rattled nerves does not appear to have been caused by terrorism. But no one seems to know what, exactly, was the cause.

Calls flooded into the New York Police Department and the Fire Department, which sent units to investigate the reports in "a ton" of locations, according to a spokesman. Shortly after the first reports, the police tweeted that the noise had been caused by two F-22 military aircraft flying over Queens.


An American tragedy: Why are millions of trees dying in the country?

© David McNew/Getty Images
Oak trees at dusk near in California. The state has seen more than 66 million trees killed in the Sierra Nevada alone since 2010.
JB Friday hacked at a rain-sodden tree with a small axe, splitting open a part of the trunk. The wood was riven with dark stripes, signs of a mysterious disease that has ravaged the US's only rainforests - and just one of the plagues that are devastating American forests across the west.

Friday, a forest ecologist at the University of Hawaii, started getting calls from concerned landowners in Puna, which is on the eastern tip of Hawaii's big island, in 2010. Their seemingly ubiquitous ohi'a trees were dying at an astonishing rate. The leaves would turn yellow, then brown, over just a few weeks - a startling change for an evergreen tree.

"It was like popcorn - pop, pop, pop, pop, one tree after another," Friday said. "At first people were shocked, now they are resigned.

"It's heartbreaking. This is the biggest threat to our native forests that any of us have seen. If this spreads across the whole island, it could collapse the whole native ecosystem."

Almost six years later and nearly 50,000 acres of native forest on the big island are infected with rapid ohi'a death disease. Rumors abound as to its origin: did it emerge from Hawaii's steaming volcanoes? A strange new insect? Scientists still aren't sure of where it came from or how to treat it.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods kill 18 and destroy 6,000 houses in Nigeria

At least 18 people have been killed and more than 6,637 houses destroyed by flood which ravaged 19 local government areas of Jigawa state.

Alhaji Yusif Sani, the Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) confirmed on Tuesday in Dutse that the incidents occurred during the current rainy season.

The deaths, he said, were recorded in Gwaram, Dutse, Jahun, Gumel and Ringim local governments.

Some of deaths were as a result of building collapse and it caused three persons to sustained injuries.

Flood destroyed 141 houses in Dutse; 419 in Jahun; 525 in Hadejia, 417 in Babura; 525 in Ringim; 822 in Gumel; 529 in Malammadori and 126 in Birninkudu local government areas.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 9 in Madhya Pradesh, India

© 123RF
Nine persons were killed after being struck by lightning in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh which has been experiencing heavy rainfall, police said on Thursday.

Seven of the deaths occurred in two separate incidents in Chhattarpur district.

Pipat Station In-charge Mann Singh Parmar said that on Wednesday five farmers and eight others were injured when lightning struck a hut they were sheltering in. The injured were being treated at a local hospital.

A mother and her daughter were killed in Budha village while they were working in their field, police added.

According to police, two persons were also killed in Tikamgarh district after lightning struck their field.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills two buffaloes in India

Two buffaloes of a farmer died after being struck by lightning at Mirpur village near here today.

Ravinder Singh, son of the farmer, Sukhwinder Singh, said a short rain took place during afternoon amidst lightning. They had tied their buffaloes in the yard of their house. Suddenly at about 1.30 pm, a loud sound of lightning was heard and in no time it struck their buffaloes. Two buffaloes died on the spot.

Ravinder Singh said the buffaloes were of Mura breed. One of the buffaloes provided milk and the other was yet to deliver. He said they suffered a loss of about Rs 1.5 lakh as they were dependent on selling milk for their livelihood.

Meanwhile, a Congress leader and Zila Parishad member, Harkeet Singh Bhari, Hardev Singh Meerpur, Gurcharan Singh Goslan and others demanded compensation for the farmer from the Punjab government for the unexpected loss.