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Thu, 25 May 2017
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Earth Changes


Signs and Portents: Goat born with one eye in Assam, India

© Barcroft
The kid has defied the odds to live past a few days old
A baby goat has been born with one eye in what has been hailed a 'miracle'.

Some villagers believe the goat, that was born in Assam in India, is sacred and have begun to worship it after it was born a week ago.

Vets predicted that the goat, which also only has one ear, would die within a few days but it has defied the odds so far.

People have been visiting the village to see the kid which suffers from a condition seen in other animals including horses, pigs, cows and cats.

The condition which causes the defect is called cyclopia and occurs when the two hemispheres of the brain do not separate.

Cloud Grey

Rare meteorological event creates cloud spectacle at Grand Canyon

© The Washington Post
Clouds formed inside the Grand Canyon during a phenomenon that usually only happens once every several years
A sea of clouds lap at the shore. Waves roil and dissipate while the tide comes in and then flows out. This isn't an ocean, though. It's the Grand Canyon in very rare form.

On an average day — the vast majority of days, actually — air temperature gets cooler as you go higher in the atmosphere. Put very simply, the ground is warm and the sky is not.

That's why clouds form in the sky. If moist air rises up from ground-level, it cools in the sky and the moisture condenses into clouds, much like the condensation on a cold glass of lemonade during a hot summer afternoon. Water vapour in the air condenses on the glass.

In rare circumstances, the opposite happens — cold air is at the ground and warm air is above it. The atmosphere flips over and all of a sudden the clouds are at your feet.


Huge sandstorm blankets Eilat, Israel

© Youtube screenshot
Poor visibility caused by a sandstorm in Eilat, May 18, 2017.

Main roads leading into Red Sea resort also closed due to thick cloud of orange sand

Poor visibility caused by a massive and unexpected sandstorm on Thursday prompted authorities in Eilat to close both the airport and two main highways in and out of the southern city on the Red Sea.

Route 90, which connects Eilat to the rest of the country was shut in both directions from the Arava junction. Route 12, to the west, was also closed.

The Environment Ministry cautioned that those at risk, including children, the elderly, the ill, and pregnant women, should refrain from going outside, while the general population should not take part in strenuous physical activities outside.

Sandstorms often accompany hot winds blowing in from the Sinai desert.

In March, a Tel Aviv-bound flight from Vienna was forced to return to Austria as a result of a heavy sandstorm blanketing Israel.

Cloud Lightning

Spectacular lightning show captured over Oklahoma (VIDEOS)

© Twitter
Ground-to-cloud lightning over Oklahoma City
Spectacular lightning displays have been captured on video over Oklahoma during severe storms on May 18, 2017. The storms also produced multiple tornadoes and tennis ball-sized hail.

This video from Live Storm Media shows incredible ground-to-cloud lightning.

Comment: Electric universe: Lightning strength and frequency increasing

The Electric Universe model is clearly explained, with a lot more relevant information, in the book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.


Dead sperm whale found in a remote cove in Shetland, Scotland

The precise cause of the whale's death will never be known as researchers are unable to gain access to the body
This heartbreaking footage shows the carcass of a dead sperm whale which died after getting trapped in a cove.

The video was captured on May 15 from the top of a 40-metre high cliff in Fethaland in the Shetland Islands and shows the 55-tonne whale's body floating next to rocks.

Researchers have said the precise cause of the large male's death will never be known as they are unable to gain access to the rotting body.

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, which rescues, rehabilitates and releases seals and otters in Shetland, were called out to investigate the discovery.

A spokesman for Hillswick Wildlife said: 'A report came in of a dead sperm whale trapped in a cove on the northern tip of Shetland's mainland in a very remote corner of the islands.

Cloud Precipitation

Thousands evacuated after floods in northern provinces of Thailand; almost 1 foot of rain in 24 hours

© Chinnawat Singha
Residents try to stop a restaurant's straw huts from floating away in the swollen Kwai Noi River in Wat Bot district of Phitsanulok on Wednesday.

Heavy rain has been affecting northern and central areas of Thailand since 15 May, causing floods in several provinces. Local disaster officials report that some areas have recorded almost 300 mm of rain in a 24 hour period.

Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) reported earlier today that around 800 people have been evacuated in Mueang Kamphaeng Phet, the capital district of Kamphaeng Phet Province. DDPM says that 280.5 mm of rain fell on 17 May, causing floods that affected a local hospital.

DDPM also reported flooding in the province of Uttaradit. Local media report that 2,000 households in Thong Saen Khan district have been asked to evacuate to higher ground by local authorities.


Dead 10-foot whale found on beach in Criccieth, Wales

The whale is believed to be a Minke calf, and was badly decomposed when it was found
A 10ft whale has washed up on a Gwynedd beach.

The marine mammal was spotted on Criccieth beach yesterday morning and reported to the coast guard.

A Holyhead coastguard spokesman has confirmed that it is a minke whale, which is the smallest of the baleen whales found in UK.

It is thought to be a juvenile around 10ft long.

A Holyhead coastguard spokesman said: "It was reported to us yesterday morning.


Parts of Colorado hit with 3 feet of snow in May

© NWS Boulder
18 to 36 inches of snow has fallen in the foothills with this spring storm. An additional 6" to 12" is expected by morning
A May snowstorm continued to pound the central and northern Rockies on Friday, a day after burying portions of Colorado under three feet of snow.

The storm has created headaches for travelers on highways, caused thousands of power outages and forced schools and businesses to close.

The highest reported snow total was 38.5 inches near Ward, Colo., the National Weather Service said. Many other locations picked up between two and three feet.

More snow is forecast Friday before it tapering off Saturday.

Cloud Precipitation

Record deluges hit Australia's Queensland coast

© Sky News
For the next four days rain, much of it heavy, is expected across Australia’s east and south west.
Towns along Queensland's coastline have been hit with record deluges as forecasters warn of potential flash flooding across the state.

Collinsville and Proserpine in the Whitsunday region both had their wettest May day on record, with respective downpours of 120mm and 111mm, the Bureau of Meteorology said on Friday afternoon.

The drenching has seen areas around Townsville in north Queensland drenched by more than 100mm of rain over the 24 hours to Friday morning, while there were also steady falls further down the coast.

The soaking even forced Townsville City Council to cancel Heritage Day, which was set to take place on Sunday, as well as warn residents to be on the look out for pot holes.

Minor flood warnings were also put in place for the Ross River and Houghton River near Townsville and the Don River and Proserpine River near Bowen and Proserpine.


Azure Organic Farm standoff with state authorities in Sherman County, Oregon

The 2000 acre Azure Organic Farm in Sherman County Oregon will be forcibly sprayed with Milestone, Escort and Roundup herbicides because the farm will only control weeds not eradicate weeds with chemical sprays.

This is government over reach to the point of forcibly removing part of the food supply chain because other farmers in the area using terminator GMO seeds say the weeds from the organic farm are getting into their roundup ready planted / sprayed fields.

This is not about the weeds, it is a litmus test to see the public's reaction when their food supply is taken away.

Will we fight, speak up, back off or take no action. As the grand solar minimum intensifies state and local governments will come for your self grown foods, this is the line in the sand. Stand up now, or never.