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Wed, 25 Apr 2018
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Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: More cold and snow on the way for Spain, USA, Canada, UK, Asia and North Africa

Snow road
More snow and cold temperatures on tap for the Northern Hemisphere from Spain, USA, Canada, UK, Asia & N. Africa. Even countries in Central Africa showing very strange below normal temperatures. Crop planting update and a look at the grow zones effected so you can explain the news to others.



Huge waterspout filmed off the Bahamas

American tourist Marty Cely captured this dramatic video of a huge waterspout spotted off Rose Island in the Bahamas.


Powerful waterspout hits Fort Walton Beach, Florida

© Dave Perkins
Video posted on Facebook showed a large waterspout came on land Sunday in Fort Walton Beach.

The video was recorded from a high-rise building and shows the waterspout start in the ocean, cross over the beach, then travel into another body of water before hitting land again.


One in eight bird species are at risk of being wiped out, researchers warn

Puffins could be consigned to the history books as a report has found that it is one of the 40 per cent of bird species that are in decline.

Puffins could be consigned to the history books as a report has found that it is one of the 40 per cent of bird species that are in decline. One in eight is at risk of global extinction
Forty per cent of all bird species are in decline and one in eight is at risk of global extinction, according to a new report.

Iconic birds such as the snowy owl, turtle dove and the puffin are all struggling to survive and humans are to blame for the shrinking numbers, scientists warn.

Agriculture and logging are the main culprits, with climate change and hunting also a major concern.

Despite some limited conservation success over the past decade, the global crisis is worsening, scientists said.


Watch dust storm engulf historic Iranian city of Yazd

dust storm iran
© Matthias Schmidt / Reuters
Sandstorm bearing down on Yazd, Iran April 16, 2018
Incredible footage posted by social media users in the Iranian province of Yazd shows an intense sandstrom engulfing the region like a terrifying, giant dark wave.

The fierce dust storm, known as a haboob, swept across the province in central Iran earlier this week but, despite its force and apocalyptic appearance, it left areas largely unscathed. Among the cities enveloped by the dense sand cloud was the region's capital city Yazd - a historic site recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


'Fire rainbow' blazes over New Taipei City, Taiwan

Fire rainbow over Taiwan
© Chu Hsin-cheih
New Taipei City's Xindian District witnessed a "fire rainbow" yesterday morning (April 18), according to Cheng Ming-dean (鄭明典), director of the bureau's Meteorological Research and Development Center.

On his Facebook page, Cheng posted an image of what he called a "textbook" example of a "fire rainbow," or circumhorizontal arc, which he said is actually not a rainbow, but is actually a halo formed by sunlight refracting through ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Cheng said that it appeared in the morning over the skies of Xindian District and Facebook user Chu Hsin-chieh (褚信介) submitted the photo he took of the rare phenomenon.


Peeved pachyderms: Elephant kills 3 people in as many days in Nepal

Charging elephant
© Getty
Charging elephant
An adult male elephant at Parsa National Park (PNP) has killed three persons in the last three days. Just two days after killing Sadhu Kamalesh Giri on Thursday, the wild tusker attacked and killed Saga Bahadur Dong and Manmohan Dhakal on Saturday.

Haribhadra Acharya, the park's chief conservation officer, said the elephant has been wandering around Rambhauribhatha area for the past few weeks.

Sadhu Kamalesh, who was living in the forest for meditation, was killed on Thursday morning. His body was discovered on Friday.

Dong, a resident of Thori-4, Parsa, and Dhakal, who hailed from Manahari, Makwanpur, were attacked as they were visiting a fair on the New Year's day.

Comment: Elsewhere in just the past week wild elephants have killed a woman in Botswana, 2 children in Zimbabwe, 2 women in separate incidents in Tamil Nadu, India and cyclist in Bengal.

When taken in conjunction with the following selection of additional reports over the last year or so, it all seems to indicate an increasing trend of attacks lately.

Rogue elephant kills 15 people over a month in India

Two killed by elephant in West Bengal, India; 108 such deaths across the state in 2016

Wild elephant kills 4 in Tamil Nadu, India

Wild elephant kills two in Karnataka, India

Elephant kills 2 and injures 5 in Nepal

Woman killed by elephant at Kruger National Park, South Africa

As regards the 2nd report listed above it's also worth bearing in mind that 108 fatalities due to elephant attacks in just one state of India over a year does seem extremely high given the fact that some other sources claim that elephants kill a total of around 500 or 600 people annually across the world.


Flood of tumbleweeds submerge Victorville, California

Heavy winds have caused a Southern California town to become deluged with tumbleweeds.

In Victorville, Calif., tumbleweeds accumulated so much, entire driveways and front sides of homes were covered in the dry, detached diaspores.

"Normally you get a few flying down the street or whatnot, but never this many that will stack up even this much," Victorville resident Tanya Speight told KABC-TV, referring to the hill of tumbleweeds in front of her home. "And this is mild compared to what it was actually in the back yard and in the front of the house. So no, it's never been this bad."

Comment: "Some good Ol' apocalypse weather": Thousands of tumbleweeds filmed blowing across frozen Montana lake

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One killed, three injured by landslide in Nagaland, India

Volunteers making efforts to dig out victims buried under landslide debris in Mokokchung town on Saturday.

Volunteers making efforts to dig out victims buried under landslide debris in Mokokchung town on Saturday.
In a tragic incident, one person was killed and three others injured when a landslide buried them while they were working at a construction site in Mokokchung town. The incident happened at around 3 pm at Tongdentsuyong Ward below NH-2 where the four of them were working on constructing a retaining wall.

Following the incident, neighbours and public immediately rushed to the scene of the accident and dug out the victims buried by the landslide debris. All the four of them were rushed to the hospital where one was declared brought dead. Another was admitted to the hospital while the other two who sustained minor injuries were released after administering first aid.


Dolphin found dead near Wellington, New Zealand - 3rd for the area in 2018

Department of Conservation workers collected the body of a dolphin found in Pauatahanui inlet just outside Wellington.
© Department of Conservation
Department of Conservation workers collected the body of a dolphin found in Pauatahanui inlet just outside Wellington.
A dolphin has been found dead in Pauatahanui inlet just outside Wellington.

The cause of death was unknown, and the body would be shipped to Otago University Marine team for inspection.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Wellington operations manager Jack Mace said the adult male was the third such discovery in Wellington this year.

"In this instance, a karakia was performed at the beach and Ngāti Toa Rangatira have approved the dolphin being sent to Otago University for teaching and research purposes."