This graphic shows top snow totals in the Northeast so far.
© FOX WeatherThis graphic shows top snow totals in the Northeast so far.
At least four people have died in the storm that brought nearly 2 feet of snow to higher New England elevations and winds gusting to 70-85 mph, knocking out power to over 600,000 customers.

A deadly late-season nor'easter that has hammered the Northeast and New England with drenching rain, heavy snow and gusty wind continues to pummel the region Friday.

Snow will continue at times for Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, but the worst of the weather should be on a downward trend by Saturday, the FOX Forecast Center said.

Tragically, two people lost their lives during the recent storm in Pennsylvania when trees fell onto their cars. One of the victims was an 82-year-old woman who was waiting at a stoplight in Collegeville on Wednesday when a tree fell and crushed her car.

A 70-year-old man was also killed when a tree fell onto his car in Aston Township late Wednesday afternoon, according to authorities.

Another death was reported in New York when police say a tree fell onto a car on Route 128 in Armonk, killing the driver. Police said the driver was the only person in the car then and was later identified as the wife of a New York Yankees front office executive.

More than a foot of snow falls across New England

Significant snow totals have been reported across the Northeast and New England, with plenty more left to go.

Since Wednesday, as much as 21.5 inches of snow have fallen in Rochester, Vermont, and Shapleigh, Maine.

"Oh my gosh. This is kind of wild. It's April 4th, and we have a snow day and we haven't had a snow day all year," Plymouth State University Professor Mark Fischler told FOX Weather Correspondent Katie Byrne in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Up to 2 feet of total snow expected in some areas

The higher elevations of the Green and White mountains, as well as the Adirondacks, will see the highest snowfall totals and could pick up 2 feet or more.

Northern and western Massachusetts could see several inches of snow by the storm's end, with some areas possibly seeing 8-12 inches.

Plowable snow is also expected across northern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Lighter accumulations are expected in the lower elevations and farther south. About 1-3 inches could fall in places like northern Connecticut, as well as southern and central Massachusetts and parts of central New York.

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until 8 a.m. EDT Saturday for Franklin, Western Clinton and Western Essex counties in New York where additional snow accumulations of up to 7 inches are expected. The Winter Storm Warnings in the region have been canceled.

Power outages climb from Pennsylvania to Maine

Strong and damaging winds with gusts of 60-70 mph across the region Thursday caused power outages to skyrocket.

More than 600,000 customers were left in the dark from Pennsylvania to Maine. Around 400,000 outages were reported Friday morning, with Maine and New Hampshire taking the brunt of the outages.

An 85-mph wind gust was reported in Petersburg, New York, on Thursday. In Wellfleet, Massachusetts, a 73-mph wind gust was reported.

The relentless winds along the shore of Cape Cod in Massachusetts forced water far onshore Thursday morning. Video recorded in Orleans shows large waves pounding the beach in Orleans while high winds whip across the landscape.

In the Ohio Valley, the FOX Forecast Center is continuing to monitor the threat of river flooding. Historic river levels will be possible along the Ohio River, with major flood stage possible in some locations.