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Sat, 27 Aug 2016
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Increasing the fear and paranoia: France to deploy 3k troops, prepare students for terror attacks on school

© Charles Platiau / Reuters
France will deploy around 3,000 reserve troops to provide security to schools, education and security ministers have announced. Anti-terror drills aimed at preparing students for potential attacks will also be ramped up.

Around 12 million French students are preparing to head back to school on September 1, but the government is also making plans of its own. Those plans are aimed at protecting pupils and preparing them for possible attacks on their schools.

All students aged 13-14 will be adding basic life-saving measures to their portfolio of skills, in case they need to provide assistance to classmates in a worse-case scenario. Right now, only 30 percent of students are trained, Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said in a Wednesday press conference, according to AP.

Around 500 school administrators will also be trained each year at the national gendarme training center to manage crisis centers and act as liaisons with security officials.

Vallaud-Belkacem said during the press conference that the new plans are "not about ceding to panic or paranoia," but conceded that "the threat is high, it is real."

In addition to training students and staff stepping up to the plate, security forces have been ordered to be particularly vigilant around schools, and some 3,000 gendarme reservists will be deployed to provide reinforcement for local authorities, including police, Reuters reported.


Turkey condemns Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza Strip

The Turkish Foreign Ministry Monday strongly condemned Israel's disproportionate attacks in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

"The attacks, which caused injuries to innocent Palestinian civilians, are not acceptable regardless of their grounds," the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said Israel's "hostile attitude" had interrupted the peace process as well as a period of inactivity.

"Normalizing ties with Israel does not mean that we will keep silent in the face of attacks against the Palestinian people," it added, referring to ties recently restored after a break of six years.

It said Turkey will continue to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israeli action that violates international law and offends the conscience.

Wall Street

That will be the day: Trump says Brexit vote sets example for US to go against international bankers - Farage speech at Mississippi rally (VIDEO)

© Flickr/ Gage Skidmore
Anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage and the UK Brexit vote set an example for the United States to follow in breaking free of multinational corporations and a world without borders, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a rally in Jackson in the US state of Mississippi.

"On June 23, the people of Britain voted to declare their independence from international government," Trump said on Wednesday night. "They voted to break away from rule by large corporations and media executives who believe in a world without borders... The same thing is happening in America."


Biden's Balkan visit: Serbia at the geopolitical crossroad

© Beta
US Vice President Joe Biden welcomed by Serbian officials at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport. Photo:
US Vice President Joseph Biden just completed a "three day visit to Serbia." The phrase in quotes is the spin Serbia's puppet government in Belgrade puts on it. He actually spent only a couple of hours in Belgrade, just enough to deliver instructions. From there he flew off to Prishtina to spend the bulk of his time on Serbian territory in the NATO occupied province of Kosovo with his real friends, who were put in charge as a result of the 1999 aggression against Yugoslavia.

It is assumed that Biden's visit will be the last to the Balkans by a senior Obama Administration official, so it may be of more than passing policy significance. What kind of message did Biden bring to Serbia and the occupied province of Kosovo?

There is no reliable way of answering that question other than by observing carefully Serbian government's moves in the visit's wake, which should give us the necessary clues. Official statements make it clear that the overall purpose of the visit was to strong-arm the Serbian government into accelerating its alignment with NATO and EU, which are practically synonymous. Explicit (and rather ominous) reference was made to Serbia's standardization of arms and equipment with NATO. Another important "unfinished business" item was to put the final touches on Serbia's abandonment of NATO-occupied Kosovo. Next month, for no discernible reason other than an otherwise empty, symbolic gesture of Western-mandated "regional cooperation," the Serbian cabinet will hold a joint session with not only its counterparts from Albania, but also with officials of break-away Kosovo, who will attend as a government entity even though Kosovo is legally a part of Serbia. Needless to say, the agenda of "regional cooperation" and strict adherence to Biden's injunctions must prevail, and the separatists will not be arrested by the Serbian authorities for treason at this meeting.

Comment: Some last minute housekeeping in preparation for Killary's coronation?

Mr. Potato

Unhinged ex-Pentagon official calls for 'rolling no-fly' line in Syria

The United States should issue a rolling "no-fly" line in Syria to prevent accidents between US and Syrian forces, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Steven Bucci told Sputnik.

Department of Defense Press Secretary Peter Cook said at a press briefing earlier this week that the United States is prepared to communicate directly with the Syrian government to avoid another situation like the Syrian Air Force conducting airstrikes near ground forces close to Hasakah.

"The United States should issue a rolling 'no fly' line and tell [Syrian President Bashar] Assad that any aircraft that enters such an area will be shot down and that any 'accidental' air strikes on Allied forces or those supported by the allies will prompt a retaliation," Bucci said on Wednesday.

Comment: Imagine Russian special forces land in the US. Russian jets appear over the States, bombing targets it says contain terrorists. Russian officials then call for a "no fly" line and tell President Obama that any American aircraft that enters such an area will be shot down and that any "accidental" airstrikes on Russian forces will prompt a retaliation. You'd think the world went slightly mad, no? Well, it already is, because that is essentially what is happening in Syria.


Ukraine celebrates 25 years of economic collapse

On August 24th, Ukraine celebrates independence day. Supposedly on this day in 1991, Ukraine declared its independence. But even the date is rather controversial: up until the abolition of the USSR in December 1991, Ukraine legally remained part of the union state. The near end of the existence of the USSR was the Ukrainian referendum of December 1st, 1991 in which the majority of participants voted for independence. Finally, there were the Belovezh Accords, a declaration by the presidents of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus on December 8th, 1991.

The validity of both acts is questionable from a legal point of view but, nevertheless, it was from this point on that the existence of an independent Ukraine came into existence. I propose that we briefly estimate the economic results of Ukraine's 25 years of independence.

Snakes in Suits

Obama congratulated Ukraine on 25th anniversary: Urges Kiev to tread in the path of a 'united Europe'

US President Barack Obama has released a statement to mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union.

In the written statement released Wednesday, Obama touched upon the crisis that has gripped the Russian neighbor.

People in Ukraine's Black Sea peninsula of Crimea voted in a referendum to join the Russian Federation in March 2014. The move angered the West and the Ukrainian government, which branded it as Moscow's annexation of the territory.

"On behalf of the American people, I'm proud to join the Ukrainian people in marking this historic anniversary. As we have been reminded in recent years, Ukraine's path has not always been easy," he said.

Comment: How is that freedom and democracy working for you Ukraine? Not too well apparently.


The overthrow of America - by its enemies within

My recent article exposes a brand new propaganda infomercial starring Angelina Jolie and 15 other high profile card-carrying members of the treasonous elitist "think tank" the Council on Foreign Relations. I outed the its obvious attempt at an image makeover, upgrading its Mr. Burns-David Rockefeller image of wrinkled, old white men ruling the world to a new generation of bright young stars brilliantly working together to solve the planet's most daunting challenges and problems facing humanity in the 21st century. Yet a brief US history of the last 100 years with a more detailed focus on the last decade and a half since 9/11 reveals the true story in plain sight of how infiltrated traitors within our own government have long had scheming eyes on their sinister prize of one world government tyranny.

This article will demonstrate how a subhuman class of murderous psychopaths epitomized in the modern day era by the likes of the Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA crime cabal family have treasonously overthrown America's democratic republic and replaced it with today's technocratic fascist totalitarian police state oligarchy. But the story could just as easily begin the same year America's Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. Another historically significant figure in Bavaria in southern Germany barely two months earlier was busy founding the secret Order of the Illuminati.

The son of a rabbi but trained in Jesuit tradition he later came to despise, German philosopher Adam Wieshaupt dabbled in Freemasonry and the Cabbala before developing his own secret society. With fellow Jewish Rothschild money, they plotted an ambitious, highly subversive plan for their anti-Catholic secret society of elitists to implement global governance. Influenced by both ancient Talmudic roots and Egyptian occult nearly two and a half centuries ago, prior to the United States even becoming a sovereign, independent nation, Weishaupt and his "illumined" order already identified the three major barriers deemed the true enemy of one world government.

Star of David

What the media misses in the Syrian bloodbath: a 'thank you' to Hillary from Israel

© Wikipedia
The delusional "Greater Israel".
Wikileaks has released what may be the most under-reported story of the year in a year full of them, Hillary Clinton's uncanny fulfillment of Oded Yinon's plan for the Middle East according to Israel 30 years ago. This was summed up in Yinon's "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties." Yinon, an influential right-wing Israeli strategist, envisioned a Middle East riven with conflict between Arab tribes and religious denominations, unable to oppose Israeli ambitions for regional dominance. Yinon wrote:
"Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel's targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel...Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon."
When former presidential candidate General Wes Clark shockingly proclaimed in 2011 that he had seen a memo emanating from the Bush defense department which revealed that the invasion of Iraq was only the beginning of a much more extensive program of "regime change" across the Middle East, one could not help but recall Yinon's desire to provoke "inter-Arab confrontation." Recalling a conversation with a Pentagon staffer before the invasion of Iraq, Clark told an audience:

Light Sabers

Damascus blasts Turkey's operation inside Syria's border as 'blatant violation of sovereignty'

© Umit Bektas / Reuters
Smoke rises from the Syrian border town of Jarablus as it is pictured from the Turkish town of Karkamis, in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 24, 2016.
Damascus denounced Turkey's joint military operation with the Syrian rebels aimed at re-taking the Syrian border town of Jarablus from Islamic State militants (IS, former ISIS/ISIL). Damascus said it considers Turkish troops' incursion into Syria a violation of its sovereignty.

Damascus condemned Turkish incursion into the Syrian territory after Turkey's tanks and Special Forces supported by the Turkish and US aircraft and Syrian rebels launched an offensive on the Syrian northern border town of Jarablus, calling it "a national security issue."

Syrian government officials said that any side willing to fight terrorism on the Syrian territory should cooperate with the authorities and the Syrian Army, "which has been fighting terrorism for over five years," as reported by SANA news agency.

Syrian government called the Turkish operation a "blatant violation of the sovereignty" of Syria, adding that "replacing" Islamic State with "other terrorist organizations backed directly by Turkey" cannot be regarded as a fight against terrorism.

"What is happening in Jarablus now isn't fighting terrorism as Turkey claims - rather it is replacing one type of terrorism with another," a Syrian government official told SANA and once again called on the UN to "put an end to this aggression" and to make Turkey and the US-led coalition fulfill the UN resolutions related to closing the borders and preventing the terrorists from receiving funding and support from abroad.