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Myanmar's civil war: A golden opportunity for U.S. sabotage of China's interests

© thealtworld.substack.comMyanmar's civil war
The real U.S. objective is to exploit the turmoil in the country as a way to contain China and undermine Beijing's strategic interests.

Myanmar's civil war is in a critical phase where the ruling military government is losing significant territory to a broad coalition of insurgent armies. It is estimated that insurgents now control over half the area in the Southeast Asian country after nearly three years of conflict.

Washington views the conflict as an "unmissable opportunity" to topple the military rulers and restore an elected government. The real objective of the United States is not to support democratic politics in Myanmar or peace and stability, but rather to exploit the turmoil in the country as a way to contain China and undermine Beijing's strategic interests.

In a set-piece interview with Time magazine published this week, President Joe Biden reiterated that Washington is pursuing a Cold War-style containment strategy against Russia and China. As the U.S.-led proxy war in Ukraine against Russia looks increasingly like a dead-end from the West's perspective, one can expect Washington to up the ante by turning its focus more on hampering China as a geopolitical rival. In his Time interview, Biden provocatively talks about "defending Taiwan against a Chinese invasion", and mobilization of other Asia-Pacific nations in a U.S.-led alliance to curb Beijing's influence.

Comment: USA: Rinse and repeat.


Bayer will start selling genetically modified salad greens in US stores

Genetically modified food

Chemical giant Bayer last week signed an exclusive
licensing agreement with Pairwise, a genetic-based food startup, to develop and market its CRISPR-edited mustard greens.

Pairwise was the first company to bring produce created with the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR to the U.S. market when last year it started selling its mustard greens in some restaurants, hotels and retirement centers in a few U.S. cities.

Comment: For more information on the potential risks of genetically modified foods, see the following:

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'Until genocide stops': Israel's top coal supplier Colombia suspends exports

Colombian President Gustavo Petro
Colombian President Gustavo Petro
Colombia has said it would stop its coal exports to the Israeli regime as long as the latter sustained its months-long genocidal war against the Gaza Strip.

"We are going to suspend coal exports to Israel until the genocide stops," Colombian President Gustavo Petro said in a post on X on Saturday.

He also posted a draft decree, which said that coal exports would only resume if the regime complied with a recent order by the International Court of Justice that mandated that Tel Aviv withdraw its troops from the Gaza strip.

Comment: With the weight of the US, UK, and Germany, propping up the genociders in Israel, whilst this will have some impact, it's unlikely to deter the pathocrats from their maniacal mission to eliminate Palestinians for their greater Israel project.

However, with the economies of the West slowly collapsing, the emerging multipolar alliance do stand a chance of having a more significant impact on Israel's plans. And that might be at least one reason why the West-Israel have chosen now as their moment to try to incite a worldwide chaos and war:


Scholz and Macron should quit politics - Medvedev

FILE PHOTO: Deputy chair of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.
© Sputnik / Ekaterina ShtukinaFILE PHOTO: Deputy chair of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.
The German and French leaders belong to the 'ash heap of history' having suffered damaging EU election defeats, the former Russian president has argued

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron should abandon politics after their respective parties suffered damaging setbacks in the European Parliament elections, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev believes.

Scholz's center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) is projected to finish third in the key ballot, behind the center-right Christian Democrats and the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Macron's Besoin d'Europe coalition is expected to win less than half of the votes received by the right-wing National Rally party associated with Marine Le Pen, prompting the French president to call a snap parliamentary election after preliminary results emerged on Sunday.

From the same source:
9 Jun, 2024 08:14
German leader is a 'rotten liverwurst' - Medvedev
Olaf Scholz should "repent before the Ukrainians" for "dooming them to the slaughter," the former ex-Russian president has insisted

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz must ask for forgiveness from Ukrainians for playing a role in plunging their country into misery and helping to revive Nazi ideology, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said.

Writing on Telegram on Saturday, Medvedev, who now serves as deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, lashed out at Scholz, who argued that President Vladimir Putin "must finally realize" that "Ukraine is strong and will not be forced to its knees or forced to surrender."

He went on to say that "there can only be a just peace for Ukraine," adding that "working for peace does not mean simply raising the white flag," while reiterating Berlin's commitment to supporting Kiev.

In response, Medvedev called Scholz "a rotten liverwurst," who he said "unexpectedly became chatty and talked outright drivel."

The former president claimed that Ukraine has become "a kind of dominion directly controlled by the United States and NATO countries," adding that Kiev is fully on the Western payroll and "is receiving all kinds of the most lethal weapons, despite the protests of its own people."

"So where does this strength come from, sausage maker? From exuberant corruption which is completely out of control? From the wholesale theft of this aid by the Zelensky clique? Or from a dying people, half of whom live in Russia and Europe?" Medvedev asked.

Scholz should "get down on his knees and repent before the Ukrainians" for lying to them that they could achieve victory against Russia, and for "dooming them to the slaughter while sacrificing the well-being of the Germans," according to the former president.

The German chancellor should also take responsibility "for the revival of Nazism" in Ukraine, his own "indescribable mediocrity of management," and the loss of public confidence in his Social Democratic Party, which makes his predecessors Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt "turn over in their graves many times over," Medvedev said.

The former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnik, once called Scholz 'offended liverwurst'. In 2022, the envoy said the chancellor was behaving "not very statesmanlike" after he refused to visit Kiev following Ukraine's criticism of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Melnik was sacked following the remarks.
It is a kind of funny that the "liverwurst" description did not originate with Medvedev but with a now former Ukrainian ambassador. Had it not been for this precedence case, Medvedev would probably not have chosen this word in his commentary.

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The Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All

Military-industrial-congressional complex
We need to talk about what bombs do in war. Bombs shred flesh. Bombs shatter bones. Bombs dismember. Bombs cause brains, lungs, and other organs to shake so violently they bleed, rupture, and cease functioning. Bombs injure. Bombs kill. Bombs destroy.

Bombs also make people rich.

When a bomb explodes, someone profits. And when someone profits, bombs claim more unseen victims. Every dollar spent on a bomb is a dollar not spent saving a life from a preventable death, a dollar not spent curing cancer, a dollar not spent educating children. That's why, so long ago, retired five-star general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower rightly called spending on bombs and all things military a "theft."

The perpetrator of that theft is perhaps the world's most overlooked destructive force. It looms unnoticed behind so many major problems in the United States and the world today. Eisenhower famously warned Americans about it in his 1961 farewell address, calling it for the first time "the military-industrial complex," or the MIC.

Start with the fact that, thanks to the MIC's ability to hijack the federal budget, total annual military spending is far larger than most people realize: around $1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5 trillion). Contrary to what the MIC scares us into believing, that incomprehensibly large figure is monstrously out of proportion to the few military threats facing the United States. One-and-a-half trillion dollars is about double what Congress spends annually on all non-military purposes combined.

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Now official: US lifts arms ban on Ukrainian neo-Nazi unit

Azov flag
The State Department has allowed the delivery of US weapons to Ukraine's Azov Brigade, whose members openly espouse ultranationalist and neo-Nazi views. The flow of arms had previously been restricted due to the unit's ties to hateful ideology.

"After thorough review, Ukraine's 12th Special Forces Azov Brigade passed Leahy vetting as carried out by the US Department of State," the agency said in a statement to the Washington Post on Monday, referring to the legislation that bans military aid to units that were implicated in human rights violations.

The State Department added that it found "no evidence" of such violations committed by Azov.

Ukrainian officials treated the lifting of the ban as "a top priority" during their lobbying efforts, the Post said.

Azov was founded as a volunteer battalion in 2014 and participated in the war with the breakaway republics of Donbass after they chose to secede from Ukraine in the wake of the Western-backed coup in Kiev. The unit's core fighters were active and former members of ultranationalist and neo-Nazi groups, as well as far-right football hooligans.

Comment: The US doesn't have a problem using and supporting Nazies or ISIS terrorists or any other terrorist outfit as long as they fight for the US hegemonic world. The only difference from before is that it is now official concerning the Azov Brigade.

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FOUR high-profile resignations hit Israel's government, Ben-Gvir says there's now a 'big opportunity' to achieve 'victory' in Gaza

Itamar Ben Gvir
© Kobi Wolf/Bloomberg via GettyItamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s national security minister, during a news conference at the Knesset in Jerusalem, Israel, on, 05 February , 2024
Israel's far-right National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, on Monday considered the resignation of War Cabinet Minister, Benny Gantz, as a "very big opportunity" to achieve "victory" in the Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reports.

"The people of Israel want victory in the south, the people of Israel want victory in the north, the people of Israel want to stop the fuel and humanitarian policy, most of which ultimately goes to Hamas. This is not how a country that wants to win behaves," Ben-Gvir told reporters.

He said his Jewish Power Party will request a seat in the War Cabinet.

Comment: As noted by X-user, Khalissee below, the other resignations were the IDF's Gaza chief, Avi Rosenfeld, who and Hili tropper.

Times of Israel reports on Rosenfeld, and two other high profile IDF resignations:
Brig. Gen. Avi Rosenfeld, the head of the Israel Defense Force's Gaza Division, said in a letter to his superiors that "on October 7, I failed in my life's mission to protect the [Gaza border communities]."

The officer was due to be replaced in "the coming period," the IDF said.

Rosenfeld is only the second senior officer in the IDF to resign over the October 7 attack, after the chief of the Military Intelligence Directorate announced he was quitting in April. (Another top intelligence general who was planning to step down over the onslaught quit after being diagnosed with cancer.)

One suspects that a more 'decisive' Israeli war cabinet will involve an escalation in their crimes against humanity, however the rising number of resignations are notable considering the ICJ genocide case against Israel; the ICC warrant request against Netanyahu; the wave of resignations in the IDF; the conscription struggles; Israel's crumbling economy; alongside an evident attempt to expand the war of terror:


Belgian's liberal PM De Croo announces resignation after heavy election loss, right-wing party wins with 22% of votes

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo
FILE: Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo
De Croo will now tend his resignation to King Philippe, who has the power to reject it at his discretion.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced his resignation after his Flemish Liberals and Democrats party (Open VLD) was defeated in the European elections.

"For us, it's a particularly difficult evening. We lost. As of tomorrow, I will resign as prime minister," a visibly emotional De Croo announced in a speech to his supporters on Sunday.

Comment: There are a number of elections due across the West this year and polling is showing that Europe's populist parties are rapidly increasing their share of votes. The media often labels them as 'far-right', and 'right-wing' which is not always an accurate description, because, for example, restricting and regulating migration after years of weaponised mass migration could be considered a necessary response rather than part of an ideological agenda: Footage:


Don't blame the Russians when Europe votes right

© EP/CC-BY-4.0European Union message
An Afghan knifeman tried to assassinate a leading anti-Islamist campaigner at a rally in the German city of Mannheim on Friday, and murdered a young policeman in the attack. The stabbing, carried out by a failed asylum-seeker who had been living in Germany illegally for years, was a searing indictment of successive German governments' mass migration policies.

A week before the elections to the European Parliament, this attempted assassination of a critic of political Islam provided a graphic illustration of why support for the right-wing, anti-migration Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) has soared in recent times.

However, if you were to judge by European news media headlines, you might have thought that it was actually 'far-right' rally attendees who had stabbed the policeman. And if you believed the mainstream political reactions to the Islamist attack, you could have concluded that the 'divisive' AfD was really to blame for such political violence, so the party should be cordoned off, censored, or even banned to stop Germans choosing to vote for it.

This political inversion of reality is typical of what we have come to expect in a European Union dominated by the centre-left under European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. We might call it the politics of 'Ursula Through the Looking Glass.'


French far right obliterates Macron's party in EU election

Le Pen/Bordella
© Chesnot/Getty ImagesMarine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella
Macron dissolved France's parliament following a crushing EU election defeat and called fresh legislative elections June 30.

The far-right National Rally is projected to win the European election in France with 31.5 percent of the vote — more than twice that of President Emmanuel Macron's party.

The shock result pushed Macron to call a snap election Sunday evening.

The National Rally, headed by Jordan Bardella, is set to achieve its highest-ever finish in a nationwide election.

"The president of the Republic cannot remain deaf to the message sent this evening by the people of France," Bardella told supporters at the Parc Floral in Paris.

The far-right leader demanded the president call early legislative elections, pointing to the "unprecedented gap" between the main opposition party and the party in power.
© Stephane de Sakutin/AFP/Getty ImagesMarine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella celebrate
Macron announced the National Assembly would be dissolved this month, with new elections set to be held on June 30.

Comment: Macron responds calling a snap parliamentary election:
Macron's allies look certain to be roundly trounced by the right-wing National Rally (RN) party, which is associated with Marine Le Pen.

The president said he could not act as if "nothing happened," admitting that the projected election result did not bode well for his government. Macron also warned about the apparent rise of nationalist forces, calling it a danger both to France and the EU as a whole.
"This is a serious, difficult decision, but above all it is an act of trust. I trust the French people to make the best choice for themselves and for future generations."
Bardella, in a victory speech from campaign HQ:
"By according more than 30 percent of their votes to us, the French have delivered their verdict and marked the determination of our country to change the direction of the EU, the projected result as "only the beginning."
The former long-time leader of the National Rally party and incumbent head of its faction at the parliament, Marine Le Pen, welcomed Macron's decision to call a snap election. She also expressed readiness to become France's Prime Minister should the party emerge victorious in the upcoming national polls.

Raphael Glucksmann, the frontrunner for French socialist alliance, which is projected to come third in the EU polls, criticized Macron's move.
Given this twist to French politics, Le Pen claims she is more than ready to lead:
"We're ready to exercise power if the French people place their trust in us in these future legislative elections. We're ready to turn the country around, ready to defend the interests of the French, ready to put an end to mass immigration, ready to make the purchasing power of the French a priority."
National Rally leader Bardella, who has consistently campaigned for limiting the free movement of migrants by implementing national border controls, and for relaxing EU climate rules, echoed Le Pen's remarks, saying:
"France has given its verdict and there is no appeal. The vote demonstrate the determination of our country for the European Union to change direction with the French people expressing a desire for change. Emmanuel Macron is tonight a weakened president."
Macron's office justified the decision to dissolve the National Assembly, citing "the historic score of the far-right" and the current "parliamentarian disorder."

The EU parliamentary election concluded on Sunday after four days of voting. Exit polls have indicated a shift towards support for far-right and conservative parties.

Macron, an ardent advocate of aiding and arming Ukraine in the conflict with Russia, has been accused by Le Pen of "playing politics with war" and "hijacking" the hostilities to achieve his electoral agenda. She slammed Macron's decision to allow Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons to strike deeper into Russian territory, arguing it would create a "staggering danger" for France.

Le Pen, a former three-time presidential candidate, has also consistently opposed Ukraine's admission into NATO and the EU, as well as speaking out against economic sanctions on Russia.