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Tue, 22 Sep 2020
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Green Party kicked off presidential ballots in swing states by democrats and linked officials, sparking concerns of political machination

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court kept the Green Party's presidential ticket off the ballot Monday, disappointing party members but ensuring more than a million absentee ballots will be sent to voters Thursday as required by state law.

The ruling also bolsters hopes for Democrats, who feared presidential nominee Joe Biden could lose a small share of his votes to the liberal third party. Republicans had hoped the Green Party would shave just enough votes from Biden's total to give President Donald Trump a victory this fall in a state he narrowly won in 2016.

Justice Brian Hagedorn broke with his fellow conservatives to form a majority with the court's liberals that kept Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins off the ballot.

Comment: RT reports:
The Supreme Courts of Wisconsin and Montana on Monday decided against the Green Party's nominee Howie Hawkins' presence on the ballot list for the November election. In both instances, court officials linked to the Democratic Party were responsible.

The simultaneous attempts to stop the Greens' presidential campaign in different states have led many online users to speculate that this might be a coordinated effort. Those who support this theory called out the Democrats for supposedly "destroying any semblance of democracy" in the USA.

Progressive pundit Krystal Ball took a less dramatic stance, joking that the Democrats would win more elections if they fought for voters as hard as they are fighting the Green Party.

Supporters of the Democratic Party, on the other hand, rejoiced. Activist Ady Barkan even called the Green's exclusion "best news of the day, by a mile."

In all three states, where the Green's presence on the ballot was disputed, it has been done for varying but seemingly "technical" reasons.

The decision to exclude the Greens was made by a four-to-three majority. Of those four, three justices are considered 'liberal' as their campaigns have been funded by Democratic donors and even the party itself, according to Ballotpedia.

In Montana, a Supreme Court Associate Justice, appointed by former Democratic president Barack Obama, denied an emergency request to try and stop the Greens from being disqualified. This move effectively upheld an earlier judgment to allow about 560 people to un-sign petitions that qualified the Green Party for the ballot, leaving them without enough signatures.

Pennsylvania's mail-in election was put on hold due to the Democratic Party arguing in court that there were disqualifying irregularities in how the Greens filed their election paperwork.
Evidently the establishment is, once again, doing whatever it can to try to prevent a Trump victory: Confessions of voter fraud: 'I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots' - Top Democrat operative

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White House cancels CDC's 'critical race theory' training after Trump banned it as "divisive"

DJT trump
The White House on Tuesday said it's canceling a training course at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that appeared to flout President Trump's recent ban on programs that use "critical race theory."

"Glad to report, per @POTUS's directive, this training is being cancelled immediately," White House budget director Russ Vought wrote on Twitter.

Christopher Rufo of the Discovery Institute published documents on Monday from what he said was a 13-week CDC series called "Naming, Measuring, and Addressing the Impacts of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the Nation and the World."

The trainings taught how to view "racism as a public health crisis" and said "systemic racism" causes "police killings of unarmed Black and Brown men and women" and "the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color."

Comment: See also: Trump bans 'divisive, anti-American' diversity training


Berlin struggles to answer RT's question on fate of mysterious Navalny aide who left Russia for Germany without being questioned

© Reuters / Evgenia Novozhenina
FILE PHOTO. Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny.
When asked by RT, on Monday, German government representatives failed to explain the mystery surrounding an Alexey Navalny's associate who was with him at the time of his alleged poisoning and went to Germany shortly afterwards.

During a press conference, officials failed to provide any actual answer about the woman identified by Russian authorities as 'Marina Pevchikh.'

"I can't tell you anything about this. We must not forget that an attempt was made on the life of Mr Navalny with the use of a poisonous substance. But I can't tell you anything about the location of an individual," Government spokesman Steffen Seibert stated.

The associate of the Kremlin critic was reportedly together with Navalny in Tomsk before his alleged poisoning. Unlike all other individuals who interacted with him on that day, she did not cooperate with Russian investigators and quickly left the country for Germany.

Comment: See also:


Trump says "highly overrated" former Defense Sec Mattis stopped him assassinating Syria's Assad

trump mattis
© Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images
President Donald Trump tore into former Defense Secretary James Mattis, claiming Tuesday during a Fox & Friends interview that the retired Marine general prevented him from assassinating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2018.

"I would have rather taken him out," Trump stated when asked about retaliating against al-Assad for the 2018 Syrian gas attacks. "I had him all set. Mattis didn't want to do it. Mattis was a highly overrated general, and I let him go."

The president further criticized Mattis for being fired by former President Barack Obama and claimed he was a "bad leader" who "wasn't doing the job with ISIS" and "had no concept" of winning.

Comment: Meanwhile: Trump pulls a fast one on imperialist oil oligarchs by allowing Syria to regain oil fields through Russia

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Chinese government combines 'track and trace' corona system with social credit score

China coronavirus
© China News Service/Getty Images
The Communist government of China has combined its coronavirus 'track and trace' system with the country's notorious social credit score.

As the Epoch Times' Joshua Philipp explains, fears that the new COVID surveillance system would be used for "totalitarian social monitoring" are being realized in China.

"The local government of China's Jiangsu province has launched a new social control system that combines the CCP's health code program with the regime's social credit system to create what they're calling a civilization code," Philipp reported.

The new system ranks each citizen via a "civilization score" and then places them in a category which determines whether they get priority access to services or are punished and restricted.


Kamala paints picture of 'Harris Administration ... with Joe Biden' for Latino voters

Harris Biden
© Joe Biden/Instagram
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) may only be the vice presidential nominee on the Democrat ticket, but she is already promising that a "Harris administration with Joe Biden" will be a boon to voters.

The California lawmaker, whom the former vice president said he chose as his running mate last month because of her readiness "to lead on day one," told a group of Latino small business owners from Arizona on Saturday that it was vital they made the right choice this November.

"As part of our Build Back Better agenda, we will need to make sure you have a president in the White House who actually sees you, who understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work, and who has your back," Harris said in a five-minute virtual address to the group, according to the Arizona Republic.

"A Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States, the Biden-Haris administration will provide access to 100 billion dollars in low-interest loans and investments for minority-business owners," she added:


After Putin-Lukashenko talks in Sochi, Russia disbands standby National Guard unit stationed near Belarus border

Russian riot police
© Sputnik / Mikhail Voskresenskiy
FILE PHOTO. Russian riot police.
Moscow has disbanded a law enforcement reserve unit stationed on its border with Belarus following talks between the presidents of the two countries. The force was formed last month at Minsk's request and raised eyebrows abroad.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, met in Sochi on Monday. The decision to dismantle the formation was one of a variety of subsequent announcements, but flew somewhat under the radar.

"An important outcome of the talks between both presidents in Sochi is the agreement on Russia dismantling the backup law enforcement and National Guard unit that was established near the Russian-Belarusian border and on transferring people to their permanent dislocation sites," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Comment: See also:

Oil Well

Trump pulls a fast one on imperialist oil oligarchs by allowing Syria to regain oil fields through Russia

© Unknown
Russia is building up its military presence in the northeastern part of Syria, in the area of ​​the city of Kamishli, which is considered the unofficial capital of Syrian Kurdistan. As reported today, September 14, by the Turkish state news agency Anadolu, 30 units of Russian military equipment, which arrived in Qamishli from the Tabka region (Raqqa province), were transferred to this region of the Arab republic.

FRN received word from our local sources that armored vehicles and trucks with military personnel are stationed in the airport area southwest of the Syrian city. This was confirmed by Anadolu sources in Syria, adding that up to 75 Russian troops have been deployed to Qamishli in that convoy.

Following the Turkish operation Peace Spring in October 2019, Russia began to expand the territory of the military base at the Kamishli airport. Before yesterday's transfer, at least 200 Russian troops, dozens of armored vehicles and tanks, and six military helicopters were stationed in this area of ​​Hasake province. According to several sources, Russia plans to soon increase pressure on the United States, whose military controls the oil fields in the Rumeilan region, east of Kamyshli. Russian troops have previously repeatedly tried to take control of the Rumeilan field zone, but each time they encountered US resistance, Anadolu notes.

The United States is adjusting its own policy in Syria to reflect current realities amid sharp criticism from Russia, while the State Department is calling for the withdrawal of Iranian and Iranian-backed forces from the Arab Republic, but not for the removal of Russian troops from the SAR.


Kremlin says it considers Lukashenko the legitimate president of Belarus as Putin agrees to a $1.5B loan for Minsk

© Reuters/Russian Presidential Executive Office
Russia's President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, Russia on September 14, 2020.
The Kremlin considers Alexander Lukashenko to be the legitimate president of Belarus, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman told reporters, after the two leaders emerged from a one-on-one meeting in Sochi on Monday.

Dmitry Peskov's comments came after threats from Western-backed opposition figurehead Svetlana Tikhanovskaya that any agreements made between Moscow and Minsk would not be recognized by her movement, should it ever come to power. Describing Lukashenko as an "illegitimate" president, she said that, in her opinion, any deals he makes have no legal force. Peskov emphasized:
"Mr. Lukashenko is the legitimate president of Belarus and is the counterpart of President Putin in interstate relations. As for those who do not agree with the election results, they are all citizens of brotherly Belarus and we appreciate and love them. But we want everything that happens in Belarus to take place not in the form of unconstitutional maneuvers, but legally."


Officials: Iran weighing plot to kill US ambassador to South Africa

Lana Marks
© Leon Kgoedi, United States Embassy South Africa via AP static.politico
U.S. Ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks posing with ventilators donated by the U.S. Government.
The Iranian government is weighing an assassination attempt against the American ambassador to South Africa, U.S. intelligence reports say, according to a U.S. government official familiar with the issue and another official who has seen the intelligence.

News of the plot comes as Iran continues to seek ways to retaliate for President Donald Trump's decision to kill a powerful Iranian general earlier this year, the officials said. If carried out, it could dramatically ratchet up already serious tensions between the U.S. and Iran and create enormous pressure on Trump to strike back — possibly in the middle of a tense election season.

U.S. officials have been aware of a general threat against the ambassador, Lana Marks, since the spring, the officials said. But the intelligence about the threat to the ambassador has become more specific in recent weeks. The Iranian Embassy in Pretoria is involved in the plot, the U.S. government official said.

Still, attacking Marks is one of several options U.S. officials believe Iran's regime is considering for retaliation since the general, Qassem Soleimani, was assassinated by a U.S. drone strike in January. At the time, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. killed Soleimani to reestablish deterrence against Iran.

Comment: Iran blasted US for propaganda and Politico's insinuations on this strange revenge plot:
Tehran has accused the US of using "worn-out" methods to defame it on the world stage. It comes after a US media report claimed that Iran was mulling a plan to avenge the death of its top commander by killing an American diplomat.

"We advise the American officials to stop resorting to hackneyed and worn-out methods for anti-Iran propaganda in the international arena," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said.

The diplomat's remarks were apparently meant to rebuff a story published by Politico on September 13 alleging Tehran was "considering" an option to assassinate Lana Marks. Katibzadeh said the allegations in the Politico story were baseless and agenda-driven.
"It was predictable that the United States... would resort to anti-Iran accusations and falsification ahead of the US presidential election."
The Iranian diplomat further accused the Trump administration of acting like a "rogue regime," masterminding and carrying out "tens of plots for assassination," as well as meddling in other countries' affairs. As for the Islamic Republic, Katibzadeh argued that Tehran has always behaved as a "responsible member of the international community."

In his statement on Monday, Katibzadeh reiterated that Iran will seek legal redress for Soleimani's murder, and "will neither forgive nor forget the act of terrorism."