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Fri, 26 Feb 2021
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Pandemic is the excuse for concentration camps for dissenters

Eisenhüttenstadt´s COVID-19 detention camp
© Foto: dpa
Eisenhüttenstadt´s COVID-19 detention camp.
Since the year 2000, we have witnessed two epochal events, 9/11 and COVID-19. Both produced massive changes in civil liberty and government power, reducing the former and enhancing the latter.

The official narrative of 9/11 is unbelievable as it is contrary to all known science. The official narrative of Covid relies on running the PCR test at high cycles known to produce false positives in order to produce headlines of a scary high rate of infection. Covid deaths are magnified by ignoring co-morbidities and by counting even motorcycle deaths as Covid deaths. In the US, financial incentives were created for hospitals to report all deaths as Covid deaths. The flu season has been conflated with Covid and has disappeared. It is possible that more Covid patients were killed by ventilators than by Covid and by immune systems unsupported by adequate intake of vitamins C and D and zinc. No Covid deaths were necessary as two proven and safe treatments — HCQ and Ivermectin — were available but banned by public authorities. Deaths were wanted in order to build fear in order for pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars on vaccine sales and in order for governments to impose more controls over citizens and more inhibitions of civil liberty.

In Florida there are no lockdowns, no mask mandates, no arrests of people for "non-compliance," and Floridians are not dropping dead in the streets. Indeed, you would not know that there was a "Covid pandemic." This indicates that the Covid pandemic is an orchestrated hoax with ulterior motives.

In the US, 9/11 was used not only to attack seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa on entirely false pretenses but also to attack the US Constitution. Habeas Corpus and due process were discarded by the "war on terror." Consequently, today American civil liberty is much weakened.

In the article below, European Soren Korsgaard reports that the orchestrated "Covid pandemic" is being used throughout the Western world as an excuse for concentration camps.


Out with good taste: Biden tosses Trump's classical architecture order

Health and Human Services building Washington
© Mark Wilson/Getty Images
The Department of Health and Human Services building in Washington, D.C., is one of the city's prime examples of brutalist architecture, which former President Donald Trump disparaged as "ugly."
The former president's action on "ugly" modernist federal buildings received condemnation from architects as aesthetically myopic.

Brutalists, rejoice!

Former President Donald Trump's attempt to favor classical architecture got the ax on Wednesday as part of a sweeping scrapping of Trump-era executive orders by President Joe Biden.

Trump's executive order in December, titled "Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture," disparaged the modernist architectural styles of some federal buildings as "ugly" and a jarring contrast with local architectural styles. The Trump administration hailed Greco-Roman-inspired buildings as an important homage to democracy in antiquity.

Comment: Trump was correct in his evaluation of most of the buildings that house government services. They are ugly. Everyday Americans feel it They are not alone in the visceral understanding that the visual landscape affects a country's sense of self.


Russia is 'existential threat' to West that NATO must neutralize in order to prevent 'power war', insists bloc's supreme commander

NATO europe l Tod D. Wolters
© U.S. Dept of Defense
U.S. European Command, Air Force General Tod D. Wolters
The Cold War ended decades ago, but Moscow is still working to maintain its Soviet-era influence over Eastern Europe, one of Washington's top generals has claimed, warning that the US must take on Russia to deliver world peace.

In a speech published by the Pentagon's press service on Wednesday, the head of the country's European Command, Air Force General Tod D. Wolters, claimed that, when it comes to projecting American force abroad, "everything we do is about generating peace." However, he caveated, "we compete to win ... and if deterrence fails, we're prepared to respond to aggression, primarily through NATO."


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The Mechanism of Invisible Empire

kids in cage painting
© Robert Weaver
Artwork by Robert Weaver (c. 1960s-70s)
"The invisible hand has created an invisible cage...blinding us and dividing us,
allowing the ruling class to exploit us and subjugate us."
-Hiroyuki Hamada

When the whole society becomes a theater of absurdity, the puppeteers become kings and queens of insanity. The society loses its logic, history, facts, honesty, sincerity, creativity and imagination, as the monstrous imaginations of the deranged ruling class devour humanity and nature.

The invisible cage of authoritarianism comes in the shape of a bottomless pyramid. Fear and hopelessness fill the dimly lit bottom layers. Layers and layers separate us, alienate us and dehumanize us. The​ pain of "others" becomes your gain. The power of oppressors becomes your safety: The safety of living in the dangerous imaginations of the kings and queens.

But​ such a thought vanishes as quickly as our minds get flooded back with the numbing noises of the insane theater, while our remaining logic, seriousness and honesty are ridiculed and attacked by fearful fellow humans with cynicism, hopelessness and cowardliness.

The world doesn't look like that at all for those who belong to the club of kings and queens. The unruly mass with no understanding of the righteous path of "humanity" has been inherently expendable for them. This has been shown over and over: colonization of natives by Europeans, enslavement of African people, genocides of many sorts.

But one also sees the same blunt inhumanity embedded among us today: homelessness, deaths by treatable diseases, hunger, deaths by substance abuse, suicide, poverty, refugees, mass incarceration, state violence, the psychological torture of alienation. The kings and queens don't recognize those as issues to be solved with their resources.

Instead those issues represent forms of punishment for those who fail to secure viable positions within the capitalist hierarchy. The fear of the punishment and the fear of the authority work together to lock us in positions in the hierarchy, forcing us to protect our positions which systemically and structurally threaten our wellbeing 24/7; we live in a system of structural extortion.

Comment: We know where the current 'feeding mechanism' resides in all its short-sighted glory, but we know not the extent of its insanity, the dwindling length of our puppet strings, nor the grim degree our future holds. Brilliant article.

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Netanyahu asked Biden to maintain US sanctions on ICC

© WhatsApp Image/PM Office
PM Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with US President Joe Biden • February 17, 2021
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked US President Joe Biden to maintain sanctions on the International Criminal Court that were imposed by the Trump administration, according to a Wednesday report.

Netanyahu made the request during his first phone call with Biden last week, the Axios news site reported, citing Israeli officials. The sanctions were also discussed in a phone call between Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the report said.

Israeli officials have argued to the US that it should maintain the sanctions as leverage against investigations in Afghanistan, as well as the West Bank and Gaza.

Netanyahu hinted at that argument in a speech last week about missing soldiers, the report said.

In a major decision earlier this month, a pre-trial chamber of the ICC determined that The Hague has jurisdiction to open a criminal investigation into Israel and the Palestinians for war crimes alleged to have taken place in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

Comment: See also:

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Biden fires Chicago US attorney hot on the trail of Democratic corruption

Attorney John Lausch
© Charles Rex Arbogast/AP
U.S. Attorney John Lausch
With all of his incompetence there is one thing that Joe Biden does really well and that is to fire or have fired any prosecutor investigating his family and his party.

We all know the story about how Joe Biden convinced Ukraine to fire their top prosecutor who was investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden. Now, Joe Biden has fired US Attorney John Lausch, who for the past two years has been rounding up crooked Democrats by the handful.

Joe Biden fired him even though both Democratic Senators from the state asked him not to. Lausch's office nailed an alderman in the city of Chicago that had served since 1969.

Edward Burke had been in the crosshairs of prosecutors for four decades but Lausch was the first to get an indictment against him.

Lausch then went after the longest-serving Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Lausch had him nailed in a pay-to-play scheme involving COMED, the local power company, among other shady deals he and his cronies participated in. Politicians in Illinois were very worried about which Democrats he would nail next.

Joe Biden fixed it so they no longer need to worry. In fact, Joe Biden fired all 56 US Attorneys appointed by Donald Trump. Biden wants to replace them with candidates who pledge not to go after Hunter or any member of the Democratic party.

Comment: The Biden administration has wasted no time in steamrolling Cover Your A** necessities.

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Manhattan district attorney reportedly obtains millions of pages of Trump tax documents following Supreme Court decision

Trump /Tax form
© Getty/AP
Former US President Donald Trump • Tax Form
The Manhattan District Attorney's office has reportedly obtained millions of pages of former President Donald Trump's personal and corporate tax documents.

CNN first reported Thursday that prosecutors, led by District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., obtained the documents on Monday following the U.S. Supreme Court's denial of Trump's request to shield his affairs from Vance's office. The documents, allegedly handed over by the accounting firm Mazars, contain Trump's tax returns and associated documents for 2011-2019.

CNN's report claims that Vance's office has also subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, Ladder Capitol and the insurance company, Aon, for additional documents regarding the Trump Organization's finances and practices.

The documents themselves are still subject to grand jury secrecy rules and might never be released publicly, CNN reported at the time. The Court previously ruled in July of 2020 that the probe into Trump's finances could proceed.

Vance reacted to Monday's news with a simple statement on Twitter: "the work continues."

Comment: Monday's decisions marked the Court's first action in four months and will grant a state prosecutor — and potentially a grand jury — access to Trump's finances.

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Navalny's failure to renounce nationalist past may be straining his support

Aleksei Navalny
Aleksei Navalny
An assassination attempt made Aleksei Navalny into a globally recognized dissident, a Russian opposition leader who courted Chancellor Angela Merkel from his hospital bed and collaborated with leading Western news outlets in investigating the near-fatal poisoning he blames on the Kremlin.

But the man who for more than a decade has challenged President Vladimir Putin and deftly exposed corruption among officials, earning widespread support in Russia and sparking repeated waves of anti-government protests, has also faced criticism in the country and abroad for nationalist comments that he has repeatedly declined to disavow.

On February 23, the prominent NGO Amnesty International withdrew Navalny from its list of "prisoners of conscience," a designation reserved for people imprisoned for who they are or what they believe. Amnesty said Navalny, who is in prison on what he and his supporters call trumped-up charges aimed at silencing him, fell short of its criteria because of past statements the rights watchdog perceived as reaching the "threshold of advocacy of hatred."


NYC is no longer an 'anarchist jurisdiction' as Biden repeals Trump order

© Doug Mills/Getty Images
US President Joe Biden
President Biden on Wednesday repealed former President Donald Trump's September memo that instructed the federal bureaucracy to consider pulling funding from "anarchist jurisdictions" including New York City, Portland and Seattle.

The Trump order, first reported by The Post, was implemented by the White House Office of Management and Budget and leaned on the Justice Department determining that the cites either tolerated rising violent crime or allowed violent protests.

Biden's decision to revoke the order came in a list of Trump actions that he repealed through a single executive order. Other repealed Trump actions include a memo that promoted classical architecture for use in federal buildings.

The Biden order says:
"heads of executive departments and agencies shall promptly consider taking steps to rescind any orders, rules, regulations, guidelines, or policies, or portions thereof, implementing or enforcing the Presidential actions identified."
The impact of the designation was potentially severe. New York City gets about $7 billion in annual federal aid. New York made the list for cutting $1 billion from the NYPD budget amid a near-tripling of shootings in July and August.

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Israel: Satellite images show secretive nuclear facility undergoing major revamp

Dimona facility
© Planet Labs
Israel's 'secret' nuclear site near Damona
A secretive nuclear facility at the centre of Israel's undeclared atomic weapons programme is undergoing what appears to be its biggest construction phase in decades, satellite photos analysed by the Associated Press (AP) have revealed.

A dig around the size of a football field and likely several stories deep now sits just meters from the aging reactor at the Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Centre near the city of Dimona.

The facility is already home to decades-old underground laboratories that reprocess the reactor's spent rods to obtain weapons-grade plutonium for Israel's nuclear bomb programme, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Thursday.

What the construction is for, however, remains unclear. The Israeli government did not respond to detailed questions from AP about the work.

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