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This week marks the 75th anniversary of NATO's founding in April 1949. The organization has become a global danger to peace and security and should have been disbanded more than 30 years ago when the Cold War supposedly ended. That the alliance was not disbanded attests that its real purpose was always to serve as a weapon for U.S.-led Western imperialism.

Barely four years after the end of World War Two - the greatest calamity in world history - and amid the ruins of a devastated Europe and Asia, Western imperialism was once again reinventing its nefarious internal forces.

Nearly 30 million citizens of the Soviet Union had died at the hands of Nazi Germany. And yet despite the horror and evil of war, the Western powers were busy reconfiguring their military forces to confront again the Soviet Union. With the defeat of the Nazi war machine largely by the Soviet Red Army, the Western imperialists innovated a new instrument in the form of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The betrayal and treachery were not just to the Soviet people. All of humanity was once again subjected to the warmongering designs and necessities of a global elite under Western imperialism.

NATO's declared purpose was to defend Europe from Soviet aggression. The same pretense exists today in the claim that the alliance is defending Ukraine from Russian belligerence.

The proof of NATO's real function is demonstrated by the fact that the organization did not disband in 1991 when the Soviet Union was dissolved. Over the ensuing 33 years, the military bloc has doubled its membership to 31 nations. Russia has replaced the Soviet Union as the Western-designated security threat to Europe. But such rationale turns reality on its head. NATO has always existed as a tool of aggression for Western imperialism. Where Nazi Germany failed to do the job of conquering the Soviet Union, NATO tacitly took over the task, and when the Soviet Union disappeared, the new enemy of convenience became the Russian Federation.

Twenty-five years ago, the U.S.-led NATO axis engaged in a pivotal step change when it unilaterally bombed former Yugoslavia in an audacious aggression based on duplicity and lies (as usual). That illegal military intervention was the opening of a new phase of Western imperialism that blatantly snubbed international law and the United Nations Charter. In the same year, 1999, the NATO alliance began its rapid expansion by acquiring new members across Eastern Europe up to Russia's borders.

Having smashed legal restraints against war, the United States and its NATO partners embarked on an orgy of aggression and militarism over the next three decades, invading and sabotaging countless countries and unleashing global problems of terrorism, displacement, poverty, and mass migration.

In 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a seminal speech at the Munich Security Conference in which he warned of the looming chaos and conflict from unbridled Western militarism.

The next year, in 2008, the NATO alliance declared that it would admit Ukraine and Georgia to its ranks. Neither of the former Soviet Republics has yet joined the bloc, but for Moscow, such a move has long been demarcated as an intolerable red line.

The expansion of NATO all the way to Russia's doorstep is not some ad hoc innocent development. It is a deliberate plan of aggression to strategically defeat Russia for the conquest of its natural wealth by Western imperialism.

The proxy war in Ukraine that erupted in February 2022 has been decades in the making. Arguably, the aggression goes back not merely to the CIA-sponsored coup in Kiev in 2014, nor the Color Revolutions in Ukraine following 1991. The Western hostility against Russia was the genesis of the Second World War borne out of Western sponsorship of Nazi Germany to attack the Soviet Union. In the subsequent Cold War until today, NATO has been the instrument of aggression.

It is therefore not enough to contend that NATO should have disbanded when the Cold War ended. Of course, it should have because it should have been evident what its real purpose was. The more logical contention is that NATO should never have been formed in the first place because it was always a war-making organization serving U.S.-led Western imperialism. The organization is inherently for war-making. By definition, it has a terroristic purpose, to incite war, to justify war, and to never stop promoting war because Western imperialism can never co-exist with peaceful relations between nations.

NATO has been sold to the Western public and the rest of the world as some kind of international security agency. The same deception has been used by American militarism and all other Western imperialist adventures. How Orwellian can you get? Peace means war, security means chaos and threats, and rules-based order means domination and exploitation.

For a start, the NATO bloc was always in violation of the United Nations and the supposed primacy of the UN Security Council. In addition, the pretensions of NATO as a security enforcer have been patently absurd to anyone with critical faculties. Why those pretensions were not more widely seen and rejected as a brazen deception is due in large part to the massive propaganda system of Western news media selling illegal wars and aggression as some kind of noble purpose. Imagine believing that millions of people were annihilated in U.S.-led wars for democracy and freedom! That is not dystopian fantasy. It actually happened and continues to happen, from Korea to Vietnam, from former Yugoslavia to Iraq, from Ukraine to Gaza, and many more horrors besides.

However, the proxy war in Ukraine has crossed a fateful Rubicon. The world can finally see that the NATO axis is a glaring fraud that is endangering international peace with its relentless aggression and toxic lies. It's not just about Russia. Any nation that decides to stand up to Western desired hegemony is liable to find itself in the crosshairs of a U.S.-led attack using NATO as a legal cover for an international coalition.

Western imperialism has been a dominant world force for at least 500 years in line with the dominance of Western capitalism. The lead hegemon has varied over time and the line of succession has engendered countless wars and bouts of destruction. The last Western hegemon is the United States. But its empire is collapsing along with its dysfunctional, debt-ridden economy. The NATO bloc has expanded to become an unwieldy, overstretched imperial machine that has been stopped in its tracks by Russia in Ukraine. Napoleon, the British, the Third Reich, and now the American-led Collective West.

That historic defeat of Western imperialism is at an epochal endpoint. American-led capitalism is bankrupt and irredeemable. That makes the NATO war machine a very dangerous unstable "multiplier" of American militarism. Will it risk a desperate final world war or will the abominable Western system be overhauled safely by the majority of people who abhor it?

NATO's sell-by date is well and truly past. Russia put paid to that. It remains up to the people of the Western nations to salvage something more constructive and democratic from the smoking hulk.