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Fri, 28 Oct 2016
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Remember When the US Media Sold us the Iraq WMD Lies? It's Happening Again

Remember this bullshit?
Months before President George W. Bush's speech on September 11, 2002, the New York Times reported at the time, White House officials confirmed the Bush administration had already been "[planning its Iraq strategy] long before President Bush's vacation in Texas" in August of that same year.

The strategy was to persuade the public and Congress that the United States and its allies should confront the "threat from Saddam Hussein."

The now infamous 9/11 anniversary speech — and the speech before the United Nations following the anniversary remarks — both stressed the importance of "[ridding] the world of terror." But before speaking to the United Nations, Bush made the clearest case for war.

Claiming "our principles and our security are challenged today by outlaw groups and regimes that accept no law of morality and have no limit to their violent ambitions," Bush presented his case against Iraq, claiming Hussein had only "contempt for the United Nations ... [claiming] it had no biological weapons. "

Making the case that Iraq had a clandestine "weapons program ... producing tens of thousands of litres of anthrax and other deadly biological agents for use with Scud warheads, aerial bombs and aircraft spray tanks," Bush and his administration sold the invasion of Iraq with lies.


'Unlawful' US airstrikes kill 300 civilians in Syria — bombs dropped a second time to kill first responders

© The Free Thought Project
As the media and the general population in the United States remain distracted by the sham elections, the US military is waging undeclared war across the middle east. Just this week, we reported that 60 civilians were killed, and over 200 injured during a US-led airstrike in Iraq.

Now, only a day later in Syria, 300 innocent civilians have died as a result of 11 different airstrikes conducted by a US-led coalition.

The killings were largely absent from the major headlines in American mainstream media, but the operations were condemned by human rights organization Amnesty International.

The organization stated that the US Central Command (CENTCOM) "may have... carried out unlawful attacks" in Syria, killing civilians.

Lynn Maalouf, Deputy Director for Research at Amnesty International's Beirut regional office said that the CENTCOM is downplaying the human cost of the recent attacks

"We fear the US-led coalition is significantly underestimating the harm caused to civilians in its operations in Syria," she said.

"It's high time the US authorities came clean about the full extent of the civilian damage caused by coalition attacks in Syria. Independent and impartial investigations must be carried out into any potential violations of international humanitarian law and the findings should be made public," she added.

According to witnesses, "double tap" airstrikes, in which the same target is attacked multiple times, ended up killing numerous first responders who were trying to save innocent victims trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Bad Guys

American terrorists bomb schoolchildren in Aleppo, blame Russia

© AP Photo/ Muhammed Muheisen
A book is left on the ground at the yard of a school in Tel Rifaat, on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria.
Three children were killed and 10 injured in a militants' shelling of a school in Syria's Aleppo, the Russian General Staff said.

Terrorists ramp up the shelling of western Aleppo in Syria, with a school and a humanitarian corridor their latest targets, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

"This afternoon during classes at a school in the Hadaiq al Andalus region, a mine and a gas cylinder hit the school classrooms from terrorist-controlled eastern Aleppo," Konashenkov stated.


The treacherous shrew - 21 things we learned about Killary from Wikileaks

© Top Right news
Let's talk about Wikileaks.

First of all, the organization was founded by Julian Assange back in 2006. Their website explains what they are all about:
"WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying, and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses."
In the 11 years that they've been publishing documents, they have not been disproven a single time. Their record for authentication is perfect. (Learn more here and here.)

So this means that a person would be pretty silly to disregard anything in the reams of information about Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, the Clinton Foundation, and the political shenanigans that would put the Machiavellis to shame.

Here are 21 of the most important things that have come out about Hillary Clinton, that unfortunately, no one is reporting on in the mainstream. In the interest of brevity, each topic has a link to an article that goes deeper into the leak. (In no particular order.)

Arrow Up

The Invisible Government: War, propaganda, Clinton & Trump

© Pakalert Press
The American journalist, Edward Bernays, is often described as the man who invented modern propaganda. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psycho-analysis, it was Bernays who coined the term "public relations" as a euphemism for spin and its deceptions.

In 1929, he persuaded feminists to promote cigarettes for women by smoking in the New York Easter Parade - behaviour then considered outlandish. One feminist, Ruth Booth, declared, "Women! Light another torch of freedom! Fight another sex taboo!" Bernays' influence extended far beyond advertising. His greatest success was his role in convincing the American public to join the slaughter of the First World War. The secret, he said, was "engineering the consent" of people in order to "control and regiment [them] according to our will without their knowing about it".

He described this as "the true ruling power in our society" and called it an "invisible government".

Today, the invisible government has never been more powerful and less understood. In my career as a journalist and film-maker, I have never known propaganda to insinuate our lives and as it does now and to go unchallenged.

Imagine two cities. Both are under siege by the forces of the government of that country. Both cities are occupied by fanatics, who commit terrible atrocities, such as beheading people. But there is a vital difference.

In one siege, the government soldiers are described as liberators by Western reporters embedded with them, who enthusiastically report their battles and air strikes. There are front page pictures of these heroic soldiers giving a V-sign for victory. There is scant mention of civilian casualties.

In the second city - in another country nearby - almost exactly the same is happening. Government forces are laying siege to a city controlled by the same breed of fanatics. The difference is that these fanatics are supported, supplied and armed by "us" - by the United States and Britain. They even have a media centre that is funded by Britain and America. Another difference is that the government soldiers laying siege to this city are the bad guys, condemned for assaulting and bombing the city - which is exactly what the good soldiers do in the first city.

Confusing? Not really. Such is the basic double standard that is the essence of propaganda. I am referring, of course, to the current siege of the city of Mosul by the government forces of Iraq, who are backed by the United States and Britain and to the siege of Aleppo by the government forces of Syria, backed by Russia. One is good; the other is bad.

What is seldom reported is that both cities would not be occupied by fanatics and ravaged by war if Britain and the United States had not invaded Iraq in 2003. That criminal enterprise was launched on lies strikingly similar to the propaganda that now distorts our understanding of the civil war in Syria. Without this drumbeat of propaganda dressed up as news, the monstrous ISIS and Al-Qaida and al-Nusra and the rest of the jihadist gang might not exist, and the people of Syria might not be fighting for their lives today.

Some may remember in 2003 a succession of BBC reporters turning to the camera and telling us that Blair was "vindicated" for what turned out to be the crime of the century. The US television networks produced the same validation for George W. Bush. Fox News brought on Henry Kissinger to effuse over Colin Powell's fabrications. The same year, soon after the invasion, I filmed an interview in Washington with Charles Lewis, the renowned American investigative journalist. I asked him, "What would have happened if the freest media in the world had seriously challenged what turned out to be crude propaganda?"

He replied that if journalists had done their job, "there is a very, very good chance we would not have gone to war in Iraq".

It was a shocking statement, and one supported by other famous journalists to whom I put the same question — Dan Rather of CBS, David Rose of the Observer and journalists and producers in the BBC, who wished to remain anonymous. In other words, had journalists done their job, had they challenged and investigated the propaganda instead of amplifying it, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children would be alive today, and there would be no ISIS and no siege of Aleppo or Mosul. There would have been no atrocity on the London Underground on 7thJuly 2005. There would have been no flight of millions of refugees; there would be no miserable camps.


Clinton Foundation: $12M Moroccan king's pay day visit negotiated personally by Killary

© www.politico.com
Look, she's made him sweat and salivate!
Why was Hillary Clinton still entertaining a lucrative face-to-face meeting with Morocco's king on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, even after she'd announced her presidential run last year? Because there was a lot of money at stake, hacked Wikileaks emails reveal. Fox News' Ed Henry reports:
Just hours after Hillary Clinton dodged a question at the final presidential debate about charges of "pay to play" at the Clinton Foundation, a new batch of WikiLeaks emails surfaced with stunning charges that the candidate herself was at the center of negotiating a $12 million commitment from King Mohammed VI of Morocco. One of the more remarkable parts of the charge is that the allegation came from Clinton's loyal aide, Huma Abedin, who described the connection in a January 2015 email exchange with two top advisers to the candidate, John Podesta and Robby Mook. Abedin wrote that "this was HRC's idea" for her to speak at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in Morocco in May 2015 as an explicit condition for the $12 million commitment from the king. "She created this mess and she knows it," Abedin wrote to Podesta and Mook. The "mess" refers in part to the fact that the three Clinton advisers were discussing the possibility of the former secretary of state pulling out of speaking at the May 2015 event because it was happening one month after the official launch of her presidential campaign and could raise more questions about her role at the foundation.

In January 2015, Mook indicated Clinton was still considering whether to attend the event, even though her advisers clearly seemed to be concerned about the appearance of such heavy involvement in the foundation amid questions about its fundraising. With the subject line, "FYI CGI Africa," Mook sent an email to Podesta and Abedin on January 18, 2015. "Came up on our call with HRC," wrote Mook. "John flagged the same issues we discussed, Huma. HRC said she's sitll (sic) considering." Abedin wrote back later that day, and suggested the King would be furious if Clinton pulled out of the event. "Just to give you some context, the condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation," Abedin wrote. "If hrc was not part if(sic) it, meeting was a non-starter." Abedin added that CGI had not even come up with the idea to hold the event in Morocco, instead it was generated by Clinton herself. "This was HRC's idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request," wrote Abedin. "The King has personally committed approx $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting."...While Clinton was secretary of state, her department in 2011 charged that the Moroccan government was behind "arbitrary arrests and corruption in all branches of government."

Comment: Qatar has given between $1-5M to the Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia donated upwards of $25 M to the Foundation...and the list goes on. It is clear that while in the State Department, Killary had a pattern of extending preferential treatment for cash donations to persons of influence, or even to just persons with a lot of cash. In return foundation donors received State Department-approved contracts, arms deals, policy considerations and who knows what else. What's the big deal? Conflict of interest, favoritism, cronyism, misrepresentation, breach of ethics, false advertising...there's undoubtedly more. Chart below is from here.
© The Federalist
See if you can locate the only charitable line item!


Crossroads: Putin warned us about Syria three years ago; nobody listened

© ABC News
As Russia and the United States approach arguably the most dangerous crossroads in history — and as Western media continues to crucify Russia for its actions within Syria — a closer look at the rationale Putin used for intervening in the Syrian war paints a sane explanation of how we ended up at this juncture of a global conflict.

Unsurprisingly, the explanation comes from the Russian president himself and was actually offered over 3 years ago. As expected, the Western corporate media and the Obama administration chose to ignore Vladimir Putin's explanation for Russia's stance on Syria and continued a number of policies that have completely exacerbated the conflict.

In a live interview with RT in June 2013, Putin was asked for an explanation regarding Russia's support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria, even though this support has made some people very angry at Russia. Putin's response was that Russia does not support the Assad government or Assad himself, but before defining Russia's official position, he explained what Russia does not want to do within Syria or across the Middle East:
"We do not want to interfere into the internal schism of Islam, between Shias and Sunnis. These are internal issues of the Islamic world. We have very good relations with much of the Arabic world, Iran for example, and others."

Comment: When one believes one is right, no other's truth matter. When taken to the level of global implications, it is best to consider all 'truths' and choose wisely. The stakes couldn't be higher and fallacy can never be an option.

Red Flag

Sting operation: Super PAC 'consultant' offered voter suppression black, female voters for 'Chinese national's $2M payout'

© ProPublica
Donald Trump may call the 2016 election "rigged," but a consultant connected to the Great America PAC, a pro-Trump super PAC, told reporters that the group has a suppression campaign in the works, believing them to be representatives of a potential donor.

Political consultant Jesse Benton is once again in hot water. After journalists from The Telegraph introduced themselves to the former Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) aide as lawyers representing a potential Trump donor who was also a Chinese national, Benton proceeded to not only tell them how to donate to Trump's campaign despite it being against federal election law, but also discussed attempts to suppress votes in Cleveland, Ohio.

This isn't Benton's first time engaging in politically and legally questionable behavior. In May, he had to take a step back from his role at the Great America PAC after pleading guilty to buying an endorsement for presidential candidate Ron Paul in 2012, during his time as campaign manager. Benton was sentenced to two years of probation.

The undercover reporters first contacted the PAC's co-chairman, Eric Beach, who was filmed telling them that their Chinese client would be "remembered" if Trump becomes president, The Telegraph reported.

Comment: Flushing out the slime. This sting operation reveals one way corruption works behind the scenes for personal gain, compromising the candidate it represents. Reportedly, the Trump campaign wisely nixed the PAC back in April. PACs raise money for themselves, paying out a token $5 or so to the campaign and pocketing the rest of the donation -- at best a scam operation perpetrated on uninformed citizens while casting a bad light on the campaign and the candidate.


Mosul: Daesh executes 232 civillians

© Reuters/Zohra Bensemra
Daesh militants have executed at least 232 civilians near the Iraqi city of Mosul, the chairman of the Iraqi parliamentary human rights committee said on Wednesday.

On October 17, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the start of a military operation to retake Mosul from Daesh, a jihadist group outlawed in Russia and a number of other states.

According to local media, about 30,000 Iraqi soldiers and 4,000 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are taking part in the operation, backed by airstrikes carried out by the US-led international coalition.

"IS [Daesh] militants continued to commit atrocities in the province of Nineveh, they executed 190 people in the area of ​​Hammam al-Alil after taking them hostage in different areas of Mosul," Abdel Rakhim Shamri said as quoted by his press service. According to the lawmaker, another 42 people in the nearby village of Arij became victims of the terrorist group because of their refusal to cooperate with the militants.

Comment: This is just plain slaughter. And we all know just who, at the top of this chain of command, has the most blood on his hands.


Ex-Turkish FM Yasar Yakis: Turkey, Syria and Russia proving cooperation possible

© Nina Zotina / Sputnik
Former Turkish Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis at the 13th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi.
Journalists, politicians and academicians have descended upon the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi for the 13th annual Valdai International Discussion Club at a time of deepening political fractures between Russia and the West.

RT spoke on the sidelines of the event with Yasar Yakis, former Foreign Minister of Turkey, for his opinion on a wide range of issues, including Russian sanctions and the ongoing Syrian conflict, which has driven a wedge between Russia and the US-led coalition.

Later in this section, RT also talks with Wolfgang Schussel, former Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria (2000-2007).

Comment: Contrary to what Schussel says, "Americans will return to normal business" not in any from of cooperation with Russia and China but to continue conflict escalations.