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The greatest political con act of all time?
Given the fact that Candace Owens has received much outrage at her suggestion (and lost her job over the kerfuffle that followed) that Brigitte Macron, the wife of President Emanuel Macron, is in fact a man who transitioned into a "woman," it might serve our readers to understand the data behind Ms. Owens' assertion. The facts of this case are rather startling, to say the least. The video Ms. Owens linked has also long been scrubbed. Why, if it is all fake news?

So, here is a primer of the main arguments.

The questioning of Brigitte Macron's real sex began back in 2021, when the journal, Faits & Documents, published by Xavier Poussard, began a five-part series, entitled, "Le Mystère Brigitte Macron" ["The Mystery of Brigitte Macron"]. The investigation, which had taken three years, was done by Natacha Rey and then furthered by Mr. Poussard. By the end of 2021, there was a great buzz about all this in France.

The main arguments presented in the journal, with much documentary proof, may be summarized as follows:

1. Brigitte Macron was born a man and transitioned into a woman. There is a mysterious video from 1977, which shows a man shadowed out, calling himself "Veronique," who had begun to live as a woman. Documented analysis shows that Veronique's voice is remarkably like that of Mrs. Emmanuel Macron (to avoid confusion hereon in, we shall only use this designation).

2. This initial hint led to a fuller investigation into the background of Mrs. Macron, whose given name is "Brigitte," and whose family name is Trogneux; the family hails from the city of Amiens. What investigators found next was rather unexpected. There were two Trogneux children, a brother named Jean-Michel (born in 1945) and a sister named Brigitte (born in 1953). But this sister (Brigitte) supposedly died in 1961. And the photos of the sister, the late Brigitte, look nothing like the present Mrs. Macron who actually is a dead-ringer for the brother, Jean-Michel. So, what exactly is going on here? A dead Brigitte, and a Mrs. Macron who looks like the brother?

3. This means that the three Auzière children that Mrs. Emanuel Macron has from a previous marriage are actually Jean-Michel's before he transitioned. There is a son, Sébastien (born 1975); a daughter, Laurence (born 1977); and another daughter, Tiphaine (born 1984). The two daughters resemble Mrs. Macron; Sébastien not as much. It is said that their real birth-mother was the woman Jean-Michel married and who has since died. After the birth of his youngest daughter (Tiphaine), Jean-Michel is said to have transitioned into a woman.

4. But where does this leave the supposed first husband of Mrs. Macron, a man named "André-Louis Auzière" (they were supposed to be married in 1974) and who is also said to be the father of the three Auzière children? This is where things become stranger still. A photo of Mr. Auzière was produced by Mrs. Macron, but it turned out to be a photo of someone else. What wife would get the picture of her husband wrong, even if he is an ex? Mr. Auzière was also supposedly a wealthy banker, but no one seems to have heard of him in any of the banking circles, nor ever seen him. He appears to be a man who never was. Plus, the signature of his wife (supposedly the future Mrs. Macron) looks nothing like any of the signatures known to exist of Mrs. Macron. There is also a wedding photo of Mr. Auzière and the future Mrs. Macron, but the image of Mr. Auzière and his bride in this photo has been debunked as being of another couple. So, what exactly is going on here?

We will leave aside the bizarre claim that at the age of 40 the future Mrs. Macron left her husband and three children to marry Mr. Emmanuel Macron, aged 15. The relationship between Emmanuel and his wife is a great bundle of the bizarre (including a very Satanic wedding cake), but perhaps another time.

5. What about the mother of the three Auzière children? Her name was Brigitte Auzière (whose signature in the marriage registry mentioned above cannot be that of Mrs. Macron). This Mrs. Auzière disappears after 1984; perhaps she died. No one is sure. Mrs. Auzière was in fact Jean-Michel's second wife and he had two daughters by her; he was also married to another woman with whom he had two children.

Putting all this together, we get the following scenario:

When Mrs. Auzière died, her identity was assumed by her husband Jean-Michel when he transitioned into a woman. Therefore, a fictitious husband was invented for her in order to turn Jean-Michel into "Brigitte Auzière." This then led to the creation of a fictitious husband for the newly minted "Brigitte Auzière," a banker named "Jean-André Auzière," whose whereabouts are nowhere to be found. Thus, Jean-Michel assumed the identities of two dead Brigittes: his late sister and his late second wife.

The other strange thing — there are only two photographs of Jean-Michel's sister, Brigitte. Other than that, she is invisible. This Brigitte is supposed to be the future Mrs. Macron. Why can no photos of her youth be found? This dearth of photos can be explained by the fact that the sister died young.

It is said also that the person who assisted Jean-Michel in all this deception was the real Mrs. Auzière's uncle, a fellow by the name of Jean-Louis Auzière. He worked in the French secret service and could easily fabricate identities and hide real ones, with appropriate paper work. In this way, Jean-Michel became Mrs. Emmanuel Macron. There is a lengthy sideroad that veers into Jean-Michel's sordid exploits in the gay community of the 1970s, in France and in the USA.

But why do the Auzière and Trogneux families themselves say nothing? There is a conspiracy of silence, fueled by embarrassment, and now greatly heightened by the fact that Mrs. Macron is now the "wife" of the French president.

As many have pointed out, this can all be cleared up by a few hard facts that Mrs. Macron can produce. But there is only silence, and a lawsuit, and much deflection. Plus, the little proof produced only vindicates what is loudly declared a "conspiracy theory."

Is Mrs. Emmanuel Macron Jean-Michel Trogneux? Nothing official has been produced that would say otherwise. Plus, Mrs. Macron has been the recipient of a lot of surgery.

And, there you have Brigittegate in a nutshell.