US Allegiance
At one time, American schoolchildren were made to pledge allegiance to the American flag - a curious thing, when you think about it a bit.

But it was at least the American flag.

How about this business of the people who supposedly represent Americans - in Congress - holding and waving the flag of Keeeeeeeeeeeev? We can see where their allegiance lies.

As has been observed by many - and you can observe it yourself by going to the downtown area of any major city -
Israel Too
America is disintegrating. But there is always money for Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

And Israel, too.

Who runs Bartertown? (per Mad Max in the Thunderdome.) And isn't "Bartertown" exactly apt? It is the place where things of value are traded. Washington, DC having long been the epicenter of that. But it used to be more discreet, which at least gave Americans the psychological latitude to pretend they were being represented. Now it is clear who is represented - and by both political parties, which have always represented themselves.

We are told by these representatives that America is a "democracy." Well, how about let's seeing?

Why not put further "aid" to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev to the vote - ours - and let the people decide? Everyone knows why this will never be allowed in "our democracy." It is because they will never permit any matter they know the people overwhelmingly oppose to be put to a vote . . . of the people.

St Zelensky!
So much for "our democracy," which has long been a corporatist oligarchy in which the interests of those who own the government are always represented.

This being a result of the ancient dictum that you get what you pay for.

How much did Speaker Johnson cost? A look at the major contributors to his office-seeking will give some idea. It is almost impossible to seek office without seeking money, which always has a cost. And those who provide it expect to get something in return for their money. Something more than their man getting elected that is implicit in his getting elected. Elections are not charity drives or vanity projects. They are about buying advantage via the buying of representation - which is something most of us ordinary people cannot afford to purchase and which, for that reason exactly, we do not get.

Observe the well-known fact that most people seem perfectly willing to not see - which is that "representing" is very remunerative. How is it that Joe Biden, for instance, is worth so many millions? Where did those millions come from? The same for the Clintons. The same for pretty much all of them, less a few exceptions such as Ron Paul (and Rand)
Gay Zelensky
that hardly matter because their well-meant attempt to represent us is drowned out by the representation paid for by the corporate oligarchs.

There is no other plausible explanation for - frankly - everything that goes on in Bartertown. It is where things (including people) are bought and sold and - to slightly modify the dictum of the comedian who spoke the truth, George Carlin, you are not a member of the shopping club. As at Sam's, there is a price to be paid just to get in - and most of us will never be able to afford it.

So we're locked out.

Meanwhile, the buying and selling escalates to obscene and obvious egregiousness. This is both possibly explosive as well as salutary, for exactly the latter reason. Most people will tolerate an astounding amount of shit dropped in their lap, mainly because most people will do almost anything to avoid confronting the people who drop the shit in their lap. But we are well beyond that now.

We are now at the point of having shit rubbed in our faces - by people holding and waving the flags of
Clown Zelensky
Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev and Israel.

And it hardly ends there.

It is everything. It is everywhere. And it has probably reached - or soon will reach - a point of insufferability if only because it cannot be suffered much longer, in the literal, existential sense. Once people realize they are seen as little more than things to be used - that their "representatives" regard them with contempt and derision as exploitable resources whose job is to smile when the shit is smeared in their faces - it becomes a matter of survival to figure out a way to pull these leeches off our body politic and so off of us.

We owe no allegiance to these people - who have made it very clear where their allegiances lie.

Hopefully, the day is approaching when anyone who dares to wave the flag of Keeeeeeeeeeev or Israel or any other foreign country in the legislative bodies of this country will be met with the response such deserves.