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Sat, 25 Feb 2017
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Trump protests infiltrated by American Facists hiding inside civil rights movement

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Engraving of the Four Freedoms at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Over the last couple of years I've written volumes on fascists making inroads into American politics and civil life. With civil and human rights it starts with understanding a little about what's known as the Four Freedoms. And there are many legitimate civil rights groups today that go under that banner.

In 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave what became known as the Four Freedoms speech. He proposed that there were four freedoms that people everywhere in the world should enjoy. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. The speech was mainly concerned with national security and democracies that were heading into a world war. The first two freedoms are enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The last two were and are revolutionary.

Unfortunately ever since the Four Freedoms were first spoken it have been used politically to gear America up for war. They became a cornerstone of American Exceptionalism and intervention.

Comment: Political Ponerology should be required reading for all journalists. It lays out in detail how good ideas can be hijacked for a psychopathic purpose, right under the noses of sincere, well-meaning people.


Bannon & Priebus use CPAC to present image of a 'united front' in the White House

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White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, left, speaks Saturday with White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in the Oval office as President Trump speaks on the phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Rumors of divisions within the White House were either dispelled or proven depending on who was watching, when President Donald Trump's chief strategist Stephen Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus took the stage at CPAC. Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos also addressed the event.

On Thursday at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Bannon and Priebus sat down with Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, which hosts the annual gathering of thousands of activists.

The "big moment," as the interview was cast, began with a question on media accuracy. Reports of feuding between Bannon, former executive chair of Breitbart News, and Priebus, former chair of the Republican National Committee, were downplayed immediately.

Comment: Further reading: The Fourth Turning and Steve Bannon Pt. 1: Why He's Wrong, Even Though He's Right


Russia hopes Trump can revive Syrian proposals discussed with Obama's office

© Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation / Sputnik
Disposal of mines found by the Russian Armed Force Mine Action Centre sappers in Aleppo.
The new US administration hasn't yet worked out its stance toward Syria, Aleksey Borodavkin, Russia's envoy to the UN Office in Geneva, said, adding that the Russia-US agreement achieved under Obama can still be implemented - with slight modifications

"The US administration has now declared the fight against terrorism its main priority. I think, now is the time when the documents [on Syria] elaborated last year could become the basis for [Russia-US] collaboration in the fight against terrorism," he told journalists in Geneva where a new round of UN-sponsored Syria peace talks begin on Thursday.

"The new administration has spent very little time in office so far," he added. "It's hard to expect the White House, Pentagon, CIA and other structures who influence the US foreign policy to agree on a joint position on this very complicated issue... So Americans just should be granted time to complete this process."

Snakes in Suits

Tillerson and Kelly met Mexican counterparts, faced 'tough trip'

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (from left), Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and Mexican Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly met with their counterparts in Mexico City amid heightened tensions over immigration and trade. Conflicting statements didn't help the "tough trip."

Before the two American envoys left for Mexico, President Donald Trump told Tillerson it was "'gonna be a tough trip,' because we have to be treated fairly by Mexico," during a roundtable meeting with manufacturing CEOs Thursday morning. The visit comes at a time when US immigration officials have carried out large raids on and deportations of illegal immigrants.

Tillerson and Kelly met with Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong on Thursday, after which they spoke to reporters.

The two countries agreed to host a meeting in the coming months between Mexico, the US and other countries in the region that will discuss development, stability and the different causes of migration, Videgaray said. "It will be a long way to go" to come to an agreement "that will serve both interests," he said.

Comment: Disconnect! How does the US team come away with one impression and the Mexican team with the opposite? Incomplete homework? Preconceived bias? Fault/no fault divide? Perhaps this was an instance where business ploys do not translate well into international scenarios, nor do they help solve differences if your intent is to keep neighbor countries as reliable and cooperative partners.


Malaysia asks Interpol for help in hunt for Kim Jong-nam murder suspects

© Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images
TV news broadcast
Malaysian police have reached out to Interpol for help in apprehending four North Korean citizens wanted in connection with the murder of Kim Jong-nam. The suspects are believed to have returned to North Korea on the day Kim died.

Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of leader Kim Jong-um, died on February 13 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in a suspected poisoning. CCTV footage from that day shows a man believed to be Jong-nam being sprayed in the face by a woman identified as Indonesian Siti Aishah, who has since been detained by police.

Along with the Interpol request, Malaysian police have also asked the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur for an interview with two suspects they believe are residing there. "If you have nothing to hide, you should not be afraid to cooperate, you should cooperate," Malaysia's police chief, Khalid Abu Bakar, said at a press conference on Thursday, Reuters reported. However, a North Korean official at the embassy told the media that no formal request for interviews has been received, but did not respond when asked if such a request would be honored.

One of the suspects, Hyon Kwang Song, who is an official at the embassy, will not be served with an arrest warrant due to diplomatic immunity, according to Khalid. The second suspect, Kim Uk Il, an employee of North Korea's state-owned airline Air Koryo, will face "the process of the law" if he does not come forward, Khalid warned.
© Tribune News/Kompas TV
Suspects arrested top left: Doan Thi Huong (Vietnamese), Unidentified North Korean, Siti Aisyah (Indonesian), Ri Jong-choi (North Korean)

Comment: Additional commentary from RT:
From KCNA, (North Korean Jurists Committee) a state-run North Korean news agency: "What merits more serious attention is the fact that the unjust acts of the Malaysian side are timed to coincide with the anti-DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] conspiratorial racket [rocket] launched by the South Korean authorities.

The biggest responsibility for his death rests with the government of Malaysia as the citizen of the DPRK died in its land," KCNA said. "Malaysia is obliged to hand his body to the DPRK side, as it made an autopsy and forensic examination of it in an illegal and immoral manner. This proves that the Malaysian side is going to politicize the transfer of the body in utter disregard of international law and morality and thus attain a sinister purpose," it said.

Kim was once seen as a possible successor to his father, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, but he gave up any political ambitions in favor of his younger half-brother, Kim Jong-un. The murder victim spent many years living abroad keeping low profile. Unconfirmed media reports claimed that he sent a message to his younger sibling pleading for his life after being forced into exile.
According to CNBC:
South Korean and U.S. officials say he was assassinated by North Korean agents. North Korea has not acknowledged his death.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said the two women - one Vietnamese, one Indonesian - arrested last week had been paid for carrying out the fatal assault on Kim Jong Nam using a fast-acting poison.

He declined to say if they had been used by a foreign intelligence agency. Police are also holding one North Korean man, but are seeking another seven in connection with the murder.
UPDATE 24 Feb, 2017 TIME:
The banned chemical weapon VX nerve agent was used to kill Kim Jong Nam, the North Korean ruler's outcast half brother who was poisoned last week at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, police said Friday. The announcement raised serious questions about public safety in a building that authorities went 11 days without decontaminating. The substance, deadly even in minute amounts, was detected on Kim's eyes and face, Malaysia's inspector general of police said in a written statement, citing a preliminary analysis from the country's Chemistry Department.

Dr. Bruce Goldberger, a leading toxicologist who heads the forensic medicine division at the University of Florida, said even a tiny amount of VX nerve agent — equal to a few grains of salt — is capable of killing. It can be administered through the skin, and there is an antidote that can be administered by injection. U.S. medics and military personnel carried kits with them on the battlefield during the Iraq war in case they were exposed to the chemical weapon. "It's a very toxic nerve agent. Very, very toxic," he said. "I'm intrigued that these two alleged assassins suffered no ill effect from exposure to VX. It is possible that both of these women were given the antidote."
See also:


Feds sue company that fired black man who complained coworkers used KKK hood to bully and intimidate him

© Adrees Latif / Reuters
A US federal agency is suing a Texas energy company for racial discrimination after it fired an African-American employee who complained about coworkers using a KKK hood to bully him.

On Wednesday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a suit against Downhole Technology, which manufactures equipment used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The company is accused of violating federal laws when it fired Kenneth Echols after he complained about his coworkers wearing a KKK hood to torment him.


Chemical used in Kim Jong Nam killing identified as Vx nerve agent, say police

© Reuters TV / Reuters
Video grab appears to show a man purported to be Kim Jong Nam talking to airport staff, after being accosted by a woman in a white shirt, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia
The chemical used in the high-profile killing of the stepbrother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been identified as the Vx nerve agent, Malaysian police reported.

Vx is a highly toxic substance used for chemical warfare and is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN.

The Malaysian police said traces of Vx were identified in a preliminary lab report conducting forensic analysis of the evidence found at the crime scene.

Comment: Kim Jong Nam assassination caught on CCTV


Iraq carries out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria

© Ali al-Mashhadani / Reuters
A man looks at the site where a car packed with explosives blew up, Baghdad, Iraq February 17, 2017.
The Iraqi prime minister said he had directed the military to conduct airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syrian territory. The strikes come in response to recent bombings in Baghdad, he added.

"We are determined to chase terrorism that tries to kill our sons and citizens wherever it is found, so we gave orders to the air force command to strike Islamic State positions in Hosaiba and Albu Kamal inside Syrian territory as they were responsible for recent bombings in Baghdad," Haider al-Abbadi said in a statement. "The heroes of the sky executed the operation and responded to the terrorists with amazing success."

IS claimed responsibility for a deadly attack that took place on February 16 in southern Baghdad, when a car bomb blast ripped through the area, killing at least 45 and injuring dozens.


Catherine Austin Fitts: The Empire Strikes Back Against Trump (VIDEO)

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says the oligarch, or establishment class, is on the attack. She calls this latest chapter in the Trump Administration "The Empire Strikes Back." Fitts explains, "Number one, Trump came into Washington with an agenda that would really make America great again: tax reform, regulatory relief, infrastructure and Obama Care. Immediately, he got bogged down in those for a variety of reasons. If you look at Congress's constituents, they can't make money solving those things, particularly if it helps regular people. So, immediately you bog down on those issues. He's trying to get his cabinet in place. In the meantime, you have the Empire worried about a variety of things. If you want to slow Donald Trump down or make sure the only thing he can get through Congress are things that are good for what I call the "piggies," . . . the first thing you do is take out their loyal lieutenants. You take them out and try to put space between him and his lieutenants."


While fake news media obsesses over Trump, CIA document release exposes illegal schemes and global malfeasance

Public interest in leaked and declassified intelligence reports has surged in the era of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden. But while media outlets focus on the antics of Donald Trump, they continue to ignore hugely revealing information that could really embarrass powerful leaders, organisations, and even entire countries. And recently, as WikiLeaks continues to uncover covert US actions around the world, the CIA has actually had to release documents itself.

Below are five key revelations from a recent document dump from the CIA.

New WikiLeaks release downplayed

WikiLeaks recently published a 'smoking gun'; a high-level US intelligence report which proves the US sought to interfere in the 2012 French presidential elections. While the revelation headlined in European newspapers, The New York Times and others downplayed it. And The Associated Press, in its very brief coverage, dismissively (and falsely) labelled the CIA spying as "standard intelligence gathering".