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Fri, 24 Mar 2017
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Israel and Russia are NOT on the verge of war, they're allies

There are no circumstances under which Russia will go to war with Israel over Syria. Doing so would be wholly contrary to Russia's policies and strategic interests.

The alternative media community, especially its social media iteration, is experiencing collective psychosis in hallucinating that "Israel" and Russia are on the verge of war with one another.

The prevailing narrative is that Israeli "Defense Minister" Lieberman's threat to destroy Syria's air defense systems is tantamount to a declaration of war against Russia, with the assumption being that Moscow is on a crusade against Zionism and has thus become Tel Aviv's worst enemy.

There's no diplomatic way to say this, but the presumptions on which such a crazy conclusion has been reached are absolutely and utterly wrong.

Far from being Israel's hated nemesis like many in the alternative media community wishfully pretend that it is, Moscow is one of Tel Aviv's closest allies, and this is entirely due to President Putin's deliberate policies. Not only does he enjoy a very strong personal friendship with Netanyahu, but President Putin also sees a lot of opportunity to advance his country's interests in Israel through the large Russian diaspora there.


War Whore

Democrat who thinks 'Russia hacking an act of war' gets owned by Tucker Carlson

Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell
Eric Swalwell goes back on Tucker Carlson's show, and looks dumber than ever.

The Duran has written before about Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell, and his crusade to take down Vladimir Putin and President Trump with a "Russia election hack" scandal.

Swalwell's problem (despite his paranoia and ignorance on all things related to Russia) is that, to-date, no evidence can be dug up connecting Trump to Russia.

Comment: For an in-depth analysis of the US' current state of hysteria, check out:

The Fourth Turning and Steve Bannon Pt. 3: Implications for Hysterica-America
This kind of "thinking" is highly contagious and can spread throughout an entire society. Mass media just makes it worse, and provides a willing outlet for political operators to inject disinformation through the media stream and into the public mind. Actually, one of the best ways to observe it in action is just to watch and read the mainstream media. They consistently miss the point, ignore the big story, lie, or hallucinate things that aren't there. Government censors aren't necessary when people have their own tiny censors in their brain that prevent them from acknowledging any uncomfortable truths:
When the habits of subconscious selection and substitution of thought-data spread to the macrosocial level, a society tends to develop contempt for factual criticism and to humiliate anyone sounding an alarm. Contempt is also shown for other nations which have maintained normal thought-patterns and for their opinions. Egotistic thought-terrorization is accomplished by the society itself and its processes of conversive [i.e. 'hysterical'] thinking. This obviates the need for censorship of the press, theater, or broadcasting, as a pathologically hypersensitive censor lives within the citizens themselves. (PP, p. 121)

Heart - Black

Daesh terrorists executed and dumped bodies of hundreds of detainees at site near Mosul in 2014-2015

© REUTERS/ Youssef Boudlal
The organization urged Iraqi authorities to mark the site and turn it into a memorial.

"The Islamic State (also known as Daesh) executed and dumped the bodies of possibly hundreds of detainees at a site near Mosul... Multiple witnesses told Human Rights Watch that the bodies of those killed, including bodies of members of Iraqi security forces, were thrown into a naturally occurring sinkhole at a site known as Khafsa, about eight kilometers south of western Mosul," the organization said.

"If exhumation is possible, the process should be carried out under international standards," the organization said.

The Iraqi government forces backed by the US-led international coalition forces are currently leading an operation to free western Mosul from the terrorists. The eastern part of the city was liberated in January.


Officials say U.S. raid on Al-Qaeda in Yemen reason for laptop ban on flights

Three intelligence sources told The Daily Beast that the ban on carry-on electronics aboard U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in North Africa and the Middle East was the result of information seized during a U.S. raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen in January. The United Kingdom joined the U.S. ban Tuesday.

Information from the raid shows al Qaeda's successful development of compact, battery bombs that fit inside laptops or other devices believed to be strong enough to bring down an aircraft, the sources said. The battery bombs would need to be manually triggered, a source explained, which is why the electronics ban is only for the aircraft cabin not checked luggage.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security publicly cited two attacks on flights in the last two years, the downing of a Russian jet over the Egyptian Sinai in October 2015 and an attempt that nearly succeeded in bringing down a jet that had taken off from Mogadishu, Somalia last year and made an emergency landing after an explosion ripped open its cabin. The insurgent group Al-Shababb claimed credit for getting a laptop onboard the flight that had been rigged as a bomb.


Partnership against the US Empire - The strategic implications of Sino-Russian Arctic cooperation

Cooperation in building modern railway links, deep water ports and mining infrastructure in Russia's Arctic and Murmansk Peninsula in the far north is becoming a strategic new element binding China and Russia. Its implications are worth a closer look.

On March 29 a high-level delegation from the Chinese Government and private companies will meet with their Russian government counterparts in the ancient seacoast city of Arkhangelsk on the White Sea at the mouth of the Northern Dvina River. The city is strategic as it is now navigable by ship year-around owing to technology improvements in Russian icebreakers. The occasion of the March 29 gathering is the fourth meeting of The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue forum since its creation by Russia in 2010. Among the agenda topics will be China-Russia cooperation in development of projects including the Belkomur railway and the Arkhangelsk deepwater port.

China's delegation, seventy participants, will be headed by Vice Premier of the State Council Wang Yang, a Politburo member and leading Chinese political figure. Russia's delegation will be led by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Rogozin is not only head of Russia's Arctic Commission. For the past six years he has held the key post as Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the Russian defense and space industry. He is directly in charge of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry, Russia's version of the US Pentagon DARPA.


Damascus to file lawsuits over terrorist crimes committed in Syria

© REUTERS/ Abdalrhman Ismail
Damascus has documented proof of the crimes committed by Daesh and other terrorists, Syrian Justice Minister Najm al Ahmed said in an interview with Sputnik Arabic.

He added that the veracity of the documents had been proven by independent judicial committees and forensic experts.

Syria is going to file a lawsuit with regional and internationals courts against the perpetrators of terrorist crimes in the country. Damascus has enough documents on its hands indicating that the terrorists are getting help from some Arab and other countries.

Snakes in Suits

Unstable Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters tweets to Trump: 'Get ready for impeachment'

Wishful thinking, or does nutty Maxine Waters know something?

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is quickly becoming the looniest US politician on the planet. Waters thought Russia had invaded North Korea, and called Trump's cabinet a bunch of scumbags, just to name a few of her recent mental breakdowns.

The Hill is now reporting that Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is doubling down on her calls for impeaching President Trump, tweeting Tuesday that it's time to "get ready for impeachment."

Comment: More of Maxine Water's craziness:


'America doesn't have a Deep State... it just sometimes really looks like it does'

Last week the New Yorker, and yesterday Salon magazine, published editorials arguing against the very existence of an "American Deep State". The arguments presented are very...interesting. Both are, perhaps, classic cases of protesting too much

© Salon
Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m convinced.
This article, appearing in the New Yorker on Sunday, sets out to tell its readers that there is no such thing as an American "deep state", repeatedly rubbishing the very idea whilst - at the same time - making a compelling case for the exact opposite.

To start off the author, David Remnick, relates a very cheery sounding story about a young man's transformative journey from junior naval officer to hard-hitting journalist. I shall relate it to you in bullet points, for the sake of brevity:
  • In 1970 junior naval officer Bob Woodward, a Yale graduate and member of the Book and Snake secret society, goes to the White House Situation room. At night.
  • Whilst there, he meets a high-up at the FBI named Mark Felt, an intelligence veteran and long-time loyalist to J. Edgar Hoover.
  • For reasons unknown the two men discuss the career prospects of young Mr Woodward. Mr Felt gives Woodward advice about pursuing "only employment that interests him".
  • Later that year Woodward leaves the navy, and applies for a job at the Washington Post. He doesn't get it, thanks to a complete lack of any journalistic experience. He spends a year working at a minor local paper instead, before being hired by the WaPo in 1971.
  • Throughout this time Woodward and his FBI friend are in constant contact, Woodward thinking of Felt as a "career counsellor".
  • Felt confides in Woodward that he sees the Nixon administration as "corrupt, paranoid, and trying to infringe on the independence of the Bureau".
  • In 1973 Felt, under the alias "Deep Throat", leaks Woodward information on the Watergate break-in, and - by proxy - brings down the Nixon administration.
How does that story read to you? There are unquestionably overtones of Operation Mockingbird, right?


Trade wrangling: Mexico threatens to ditch US corn imports

© AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski
Mexico has identified a potential weapon in its trade wrangle with US President Donald Trump: lucrative yellow cobs of American corn.

The Latin American nation imports billions of dollars' worth of the yellow grain from the United States to feed its livestock.

But with Trump pushing to shake up the countries' trade ties, Mexico is now threatening to buy from elsewhere.

That is worrying corn growers in some of the very same US states that voted heavily in favor of Trump: Iowa, North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Trump has vowed to restrict free trade with Mexico in order to protect US jobs and industry.


US-backed Syrian militia airlifted to Raqqa by US air assets to overtake Taqba Dam

© Stringer / Reuters
Raqqa city
The Pentagon confirmed US air assets have been used to airlift Syrian militia fighters in a bid to take the strategic Tabqa Dam, west of Raqqa, the Islamic State "capital" that is finding itself increasingly under siege.

US air assets had been used to airlift members of the Syrian Arab Coalition, part of the Syrian Democratic Forces group, in a bid to retake the Tabqa Dam, Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman, told Reuters. US forces also provided fire support, Rankine-Galloway said, but offered no further details.

The Tabqa Dam has strategic significance because it provides electricity to Raqqa as well as the nearby military airfield.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pohan said US military advisers were helping to coordinate the operation. He said no US troops were doing any front-line fighting and declined to say how many US troops are involved and what kind of aircraft were used to ferry the Syrian Arab fighters to the area.