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Mon, 25 Oct 2021
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Facebook launches major corporate rebrand to "Metaverse" as The Zuck tries to ditch scandals

Mark Zuckerberg
© Getty Images
Mark Zuckerberg
After announcing plans to hire 10,000 workers in Europe (despite a looming global corporate tax agreement that could substantially increase his firm's tax burden) to get to work on building the Facebook Metaverse - before Microsoft or Roblox, or - even worse - some scrappy newcomer, can beat them to the punch - Facebook has just leaked a massive scoop to the Verge.

In a move that, in a way, resembles Google's big corporate re-brand to 'Alphabet' in 2015 (and also, in a way, the defense contractor formerly known as Blackwater's numerous name changes over the years to help move past reputational damage) the social media behemoth has decided to 'rebrand' and change its official corporate name from 'Facebook' to, well, something having to do with "the Metaverse."

Eye 1

Poland will not be 'blackmailed' into accepting European Union laws, PM Morawiecki says

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki
© Bernadett Szabo/Reuters
Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki speaks during a news conference in Budapest, Hungary, on Oct. 12, 2021.
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday that his country will not bow to the European Union's "blackmail" on deciding legal frameworks of member states, but is open to constructive dialogue.

Arriving at a summit of the 27-member bloc, Morawiecki said that Poland "was as faithful to the rule of law as others and as the EU institutions are." He added, "Some EU institutions assume the right to decide on issues to which they have not been entitled to decide. They assume competencies which have not been handed over to them in the treaties."

Morawiecki said that EU laws maintain supremacy over national laws on matters transferred to the EU. "We don't agree to the constantly broadening range of competencies but we will, of course, talk about it."

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Brick Wall

DHS pays over $455K to build 'security fencing' around Biden's beach home

biden delaware home
© Google Maps
The Department of Homeland Security is building a security fence around President Biden's Rehoboth, Delaware, home.
Build that wall!

The southern border with Mexico is seeing the highest levels of illegal border crossings in 35 years, but the Department of Homeland Security has found one access point it can shore up — doling out $455,000 to a Delaware construction company for a fence around President Biden's "Summer White House."

In September, the department awarded a contract of $456,548 to Turnstone Holdings LLC for "PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF SECURITY FENCING AT 32 FARVIEW, REHOBOTH DELAWARE," according to USAspending.gov, an online database tracking federal government spending.


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Debunking CIA and MI6 Syria narratives - one by one

© Vanessa Beeley
Syria, 2019
The UK/US deep state talking points about Syria are familiar. The President is a "tyrant", the state is "authoritarian", "political prisoners" abound and the nation is a "police state".

These reductionist labels stick. They stick because regime change-pushing media outlets repeat them ad nauseam until they are absorbed into our psyche as truths.

"The interventionist war is bad but Syria is still "at fault" because The Guardian or CNN say so" is a paraphrase of the statements of many geopolitical commentators, even those allegedly onside with exposing the UK/US-led regime-change war in Syria.


'It's absolutely appalling': Unvaccinated Canadians become social outcasts and the new persecuted minority

Canada's Covid totalitarianism

Anti-vaccination, anti-mask and anti-pandemic protesters and their supporters seen in front of the Alberta Legislature Building during the weekly protest. Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images
In Canada, the supposedly benevolent country that prides itself on inclusivity, Covid totalitarianism has become unavoidably apparent, with its decision that soon only the fully vaccinated can travel.

Vaccine mandates have also been imposed on healthcare workers, municipal employees and federal public servants. Basically, as part of what PM Justin Trudeau called one of the world's strictest vaccine-mandate policies, unjabbed Canadians are being increasingly restricted/excluded not only from work, but from social life as well. Supposedly, this is done for their well-being and health. I argue, though, that it's nothing but "medical fascism."

Some months ago, much ado was made in media around the world when the government of Canada shed crocodile tears for the country's imprisonment, torture, starvation and murder of indigenous children in the horrific 'residential school' system. The government, we were meant to believe, suddenly cared for the people it had sought to erase.


US intelligence agencies issue 'dire warning over climate change' - what's in it for them?

africa raft
© AP Photo / Maura Ajak
In a 27-page report, all 18 US intelligence agencies issued their first-ever collaborative warning over the threat posed by climate change, to the US and to global security.

The report's key takeaways are that climate change will "exacerbate risks to US national security interests as the physical impacts increase and geopolitical tensions mount about how to respond to the challenge." US intelligence agencies also believe that developing countries will face the most severe ramifications of climate change due to their inability to finance necessary safeguards, which could create "additional demands on US diplomatic, economic, humanitarian, and military resources."

Comment: The US has demonstrated that it cares for developing nations only in as much as how it can use them for its own benefit, however, it is true that if host nations were to suffer additional difficulties due to climatic stress, it's likely they would be less accommodating to their American 'guests'.

As an aside, developing nations are less reliant than the pampered West on supply chains and have honed their survival skills so, in some ways, they could fare much better.

Comment: US intel agencies aren't known to share information for altruistic reasons, so whilst its quite clear that Earth Changes are afoot, and that they have nothing to do with CO2 emissions, it's likely that this announcement is intended to further a number of agendas, including but not limited to: budget increases; hastening the regressive and tyrannical New Green/Build Back Better/Great Reset agendas; diverting blame from the economy destroying lockdowns and the rampant corruption in business and politics; and containing China: Also check out SOTT radio's:


The world according to President Putin

Russian president, in Sochi, lays down the law in favor of conservatism - says the woke West is in decline.
Vladimir Putin at Valdai.
© Daily Sabah
Vladimir Putin at Valdai.
The plenary session is the traditional highlight of the annual, must-follow Valdai Club discussions - one of Eurasia's premier intellectual gatherings.

Vladimir Putin is a frequent keynote speaker. In Sochi this year, as I related in a previous column, the overarching theme was "global shake-up in the 21st century: the individual, values and the state."

Putin addressed it head on, in what can already be considered one of the most important geopolitical speeches in recent memory (a so-far incomplete transcript can be found here) - certainly his strongest moment in the limelight. That was followed by a comprehensive Q&A session (starting at 4:39:00).

Predictably, assorted Atlanticists, neocons and liberal interventionists will be apoplectic. That's irrelevant. For impartial observers, especially across the Global South, what matters is to pay very close attention to how Putin shared his worldview - including some very candid moments.

Right at the start, he evoked the two Chinese characters that depict "crisis" (as in "danger") and "opportunity," melding them with a Russian saying: "Fight difficulties with your mind. Fight dangers with your experience."

This elegant, oblique reference to the Russia-China strategic partnership led to a concise appraisal of the current chessboard:
The re-alignment of the balance of power presupposes a redistribution of shares in favor of rising and developing countries that until now felt left out. To put it bluntly, the Western domination of international affairs, which began several centuries ago and, for a short period, was almost absolute in the late 20th century, is giving way to a much more diverse system.
That opened the way to another oblique characterization of hybrid warfare as the new modus operandi:
Previously, a war lost by one side meant victory for the other side, which took responsibility for what was happening. The defeat of the United States in the Vietnam War, for example, did not make Vietnam a "black hole." On the contrary, a successfully developing state arose there, which, admittedly, relied on the support of a strong ally. Things are different now: No matter who takes the upper hand, the war does not stop, but just changes form. As a rule, the hypothetical winner is reluctant or unable to ensure peaceful post-war recovery, and only worsens the chaos and the vacuum posing a danger to the world.


Lithuania vaccinated ~75% of its adults and instituted a very strict vaccine pass program: Rates are still rising, but civil liberties are vanishing

lithuania  covid
© Centre of Registers/Screengrab
Covid-19 map of Lithuania from May of 2020
You'll never BELIEVE what happened next. (Or maybe you will.)

For months, Lithuania - once the home of peaceful and surprisingly effective resistance to Soviet tyranny - has engaged in increasingly strict medical fascism.

Adults who refuse the Covid vaccine are essentially barred from work, shopping, and public life. Even food shopping and visits to doctors are difficult. Violators face hefty fines.

A Lithuanian who goes by "gluboco" has catalogued the restrictions:

Comment: Twitter user Gluboco Lietuva has documented the precipitous decline in Lithuania's civil liberties in a long, disturbing thread beginning here:

and ending here:

The complete thread may be read here.


CNN torched by real journalists for 'embarrassing' statement on Joe Rogan: Sounds like an 'advocacy group,' not a news network

Joe Rogan and Sanjay Gupta
© Getty Images
Joe Rogan and Sanjay Gupta
'You don't have to endorse Rogan to abhor CNN's coverage of this topic,' WaPo media critic Erik Wemple wrote

CNN has renewed criticism of its journalistic ethics after issuing a blistering statement in response to podcast giant Joe Rogan.

Last week, CNN remained silent as Rogan accused the liberal network of "lying" over its coverage of his use of ivermectin after he announced he tested positive for COVID, a treatment its anchors repeatedly characterized as "horse dewormer" and a "livestock drug" despite the common human form of ivermectin having been prescribed to Rogan by a doctor.

Rogan intensely grilled CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Podcast. Rogan forced Gupta to admit his colleagues should not have said such claims about his use of ivermectin.

CNN was widely panned for pushing its false narrative about Rogan and Gupta was also criticized for his attempt to spin the disastrous interview.

Comment: The clip in question:


Public health or private wealth? How digital vaccine passports pave way for unprecedented surveillance capitalism

© Unknown
Bill Gates • Davos
The titans of global capitalism are exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to institute social credit-style digital ID systems across the West.

The death by starvation of Etwariya Devi, a 67-year-old widow from the rural Indian state of Jharkhand, might have passed without notice had it not been part of a more widespread trend.

Like 1.3 billion of her fellow Indians, Devi had been pushed to enroll in a biometric digital ID system called Aadhaar in order to access public services, including her monthly allotment of 25kg of rice. When her fingerprint failed to register with the shoddy system, Devi was denied her food ration. Throughout the course of the following three months in 2017, she was repeatedly refused food until she succumbed to hunger, alone in her home.

Premani Kumar, a 64-year-old woman also from Jharkhand, met the same demise as Devi, dying of hunger and exhaustion the same year after the Aadhaar system transferred her pension payments to another person without her permission, while cutting off her monthly food rations.

A similarly cruel fate was reserved for Santoshi Kumari, an 11-year-old girl, also from Jharkhand, who reportedly died begging for rice after her family's ration card was canceled because it had not been linked to their Aadhaar digital ID.

These three heart-rending casualties were among a spate of deaths in rural India in 2017 which came as a direct result of the Aadhaar digital ID system. With over one billion Indians in its database, Aadhaar is the largest biometric digital ID program ever constructed. Besides serving as a portal to government services, it tracks users' movements between cities, their employment status, and purchasing records. It is a de facto social credit system that serves as the key entry point for accessing services in India.

Comment: Authors offer a jaw-dropping unlayering of 'the march toward' and 'trajectory of' the Mark of the Beast. We must not remain naive.