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Lavrov tells UN: Israel wants to escalate conflict NOT Hezbollah

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated on Wednesday that Lebanon's Hezbollah and the Lebanese government do not desire a "full-blown war" with Israel, though some factions within the Israeli regime are seeking it.

Speaking at a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Wednesday, Lavrov noted that "There's a suspicion that some circles in Israel are trying to achieve just that," citing American and European analysts.

He stressed that "escalation, as the practical developments show, is something which Israel is interested in."

Since early October, Hezbollah and Israel have been exchanging deadly fire following the regime's launch of a genocidal war on Gaza after a surprise operation by the Palestinian resistance groups.

Comment: As noted below, Israel's provocations, and its attempts to widen the conflict - sometimes bombing Palestine, Lebanon and Syria all in 1 day - wouldn't be possible were it not for the West, and some Arab states:

Footage of Lavrov's statement at the UN - which has, unsurprisingly, gone largely unreported in the legacy media:

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Russian strike takes out British SAS sabotage group in Ukraine, claims retired Russian naval officer Sivkov

Konstantin Sivkov.
© russkievesti.ruKonstantin Sivkov: Military expert, doctor of military sciences, deputy president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, columnist at Tsargrad TV.
The Russian army is acting "carefully" in the zone of its own defense. The main directions are the Hours of Yar, his entourage so that they (APU. — Ed.) eventually leave him. These are actions in the Kharkiv region — constant maintenance of tension with a willingness to surround this city. The third direction is attacks on various objects on the territory of Ukraine. Konstantin Sivkov, a full member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Vice-President of the Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences for Information Policy, said this in an interview on the Aesthetics of Theory Youtube channel.

According to him, two days ago, the Russian Aerospace Forces struck Odessa, as a result of which an entire unit of British SAS special forces fighters was destroyed — "underwater saboteurs, the elite of the British sabotage community."

As Konstantin Sivkov noted, there was evidence that as a result of a very precise strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces, 18 British special forces were killed and 25 more wounded.

Comment: The presence of Western mercenaries, and even covert brigands of Western specialists of various kinds, is no secret, however the total count, and death count, is less well known:


Top US commander calls for more powerful response to Houthi attacks: Report

Supporters of Yemen's Houthis in Sanaa, on 24 June 2024
© Mohammed Huwais/AFPSupporters of Yemen's Houthis in Sanaa, on 24 June 2024
Letter comes after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lobbied Russian President Vladimir Putin against arming Houthis with cruise missiles

The top US commander in the Middle East warned Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin that the US's operations against Houthi fighters in Yemen are "failing" to deter the Iran-backed group from attacking international shipping, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

In a classified letter, General Michael Erik Kurilla, the head of US Central Command (Centcom), suggested the US should take a more forceful approach against the Houthis, the report said. The letter comes amid fears that Red Sea tensions could draw in Russia.

Comment: This article was published Friday and as on cue the next day Israel bombs Yemens Hodeiday port:
From the same source there was this headine:
Yemen: Israel confirms airstrikes targeting Yemen's Hodeidah port
From RT this headline:
Israel conducts first direct air raid on Yemen (VIDEOS)
And already up on SOTT is Israel strikes Iran-backed Houthis after attack on Jewish state

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Clintons backing Biden and then not really - anonymous sources

The Clintons
Multiple Democratic Party stalwarts have urged the president to step aside following last month's disastrous debate against Donald Trump

Former US President Bill Clinton, and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have privately thrown their weight behind Joe Biden as the Democratic Party's candidate in the November 5 presidential election, NBC News and CNN have reported, citing anonymous sources.

The 81-year-old president has been facing a growing mutiny within his own party ranks in recent weeks as an increasing number of lawmakers and donors have called on the veteran politician to abandon his bid for reelection.

Doubts as to whether Biden is fit for a second term have come to the fore in the wake of his bungled performance at last month's CNN-hosted debate against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. During the showdown, the incumbent repeatedly lost his train of thought, mixed up words and numbers, and struggled to finish his sentences.

Comment: So the Clinton's are not coming out and giving their support in the open. It is only anonymous sources which say so.

Comment: Biden has been a walking disaster for the last 4 years and now that disaster looks set to consume the Democratic party too.

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Star of David

Israel strikes Iran-backed Houthis after attack on Jewish state

houthi drone strike tel aviv
© Noam Falakasa/TPS-ILAftermath of Houthi drone strike on Tel Aviv, July19, 2024.
NSC spokesperson says US 'not involved' in Yemen strikes, and didn't 'coordinate or assist' Israel with them

Israel's air force on Saturday launched surgical strikes against the Islamic Republic of Iran-sponsored Houthi terrorist regime in Yemen.

According to an Israel Defense Forces statement, "A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck military targets of the Houthi terrorist regime in the area of the Al Hudaydah Port in Yemen in response to the hundreds of attacks carried out against the State of Israel in recent months."

In a video statement posted on X, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that, "The port we attacked is not an innocent port. It was used for military purposes; it was used as an entry point for deadly weapons supplied to the Houthis by Iran." Netanyahu, who is due to address Congress next week, congratulated the IDF and Air Force for the operation and warned: "I have a message for Israel's enemies: don't misunderstand us. We will protect ourselves in every way, on every front. Anyone who harms us will pay a very heavy price for his aggression."


Western elites are dysfunctional: The latest NATO summit proves it

75th nato summit joe biden
© Kent Nishimura / Getty ImagesUS President Joe Biden holds news conference at the 2024 NATO Summit on July 11, 2024 in Washington, DC.
Faced with the biggest challenge in recent decades and the need to make important decisions that will determine the future of the Western world, the bloc resorts to loud statements and fake actions

Thirty-four years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed and the West became convinced that this signaled the "end of history". Western liberalism, they assumed, was the pinnacle of historical development and would gradually be adopted by all countries. They also believed that NATO would be its spearhead.

This ideological doctrine naturally gave rise to an idea of endless expansion - since the West leads the way towards the ideal and has the necessary global organizations for this, then everyone should strive to join it. How could it be otherwise?

At the time, it indeed made sense for countries from the former Soviet bloc and the Third World to join Western-controlled economic organizations which promised a common market, loans, portfolio investments, trade rules, and so on.

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Landmark opinion of U.N.'s top court says Israeli settlements violate international law

IF israel refugee camp west bank
© Nasser Ishtayeh / LightRocket via Getty ImagesIsraeli military vehicles enter Balata camp, east of the West Bank city of Nablus. The ICJ said Friday that Israel’s “unlawful policies and practices” in the Palestinian territories violated international law.
The International Court of Justice said Israel should cease all new settlement activities and evacuate settlers from Palestinian territories.

Policies and practices used by Israel in its occupation of Palestinian territories are in breach of international law, the United Nations' top court said in a landmark opinion Friday.

The International Court of Justice said in its opinion, which was read out by Judge Nawaf Salam, president of the world body, that Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as "the regime associated with them," were established and are being maintained in violation of international law.

The ICJ said Israel should cease all new settlement activities and evacuate settlers from Palestinian territories.

It further said that Israel systematically discriminated against Palestinians and branded the occupation of the territories as "de facto annexation," and that Israel's exploitation of natural resources in the Palestinian territories likewise violates international law.

Comment: It's not like Israel hasn't been up front about it's goals. The problem could have been solved decades ago, except for the West's perfidy. Now it looks like it can only end in bloodshed. Oct. 7 was an opening salvo.


Von der Leyen wins - Stay tuned for ThyssenKruppGate

Von der Liar
© New Eastern Journal
Congratulations to all European Union citizens. With the re-election of Ursula von der Leyen, you can all expect more of the same. It should be of further comfort to Europeans within the bloc that 284 of 401 elected parliamentarians voted to put the Queen of vaccines and European militarism in charge once again. So, your leaders have matters well in hand.

The Poor Greeks

For the Greek people, who recently became the poorest people in Europe, Prime Minister Mitsotakis' being one of the first to congratulate the former German Defense Minister is a potent reminder. Mitsotakis' post on the social media platform "X" on election day means even poorer nations will soon wisk past Greece economically. In all seriousness, Mitsotakis and the EU presided over a Greek disaster in which the income gap between rich and poor grew ever wider. A key metric is that Greek wages have dropped at a rate three times that of Spain, or minus 30% of what they were before the financial crisis. By contrast, Queen Ursula's country, Germany, has seen an over 12% increase in real wages, a difference of roughly 42%. But numbers do not tell the whole story. And neither does one country in the waffling EU.

Let's look at what Ursula von der Leyen's cronies are planning rather than what their propagandists tell the public. A good example is the discontinuance of the bloc's massive post-pandemic recovery fund for poorer countries. The commission, led by some of von der Leyen's German chums, is also looking at extending the "cohesion fund," which blackmails poor EU nations to become more German. Cash for reforms (proposed €392 billion), but no emergency money to help poor EU people climb out of the gutter of bad policies. Here in Greece, a traditional culture is being destroyed to become "Europeanized." Companies like TUI, Lidl, and others have accomplished what Hitler's paratroopers could not. Germany took over Crete without a shot being fired.

Bad Guys

Elon Musk says European Commission offered X 'secret' agreement in return for 'quiet' censorship

old twitter phone new twitter musk european comission censorship
© Reuters File PhotoThe new logo of Twitter is seen on Elon Musk’s Twitter account on an iPhone as the old Twitter logo is displayed on a MacBook screen in Galway, Ireland July 24, 2023.
Billionaire Elon Musk claimed that the European Commission offered his social media platform X a secret agreement to quietly censor speech after it accused X of violating the bloc's digital laws.

"The European Commission offered X an illegal secret deal: if we quietly censored speech without telling anyone, they would not fine us," Musk wrote on X.

"The other platforms accepted that deal. X did not," he said."We look forward to a very public battle in court, so that the people of Europe can know the truth," Musk wrote later.

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Bad sign: China suspends nuclear non-proliferation talks with US

Beijing's foreign ministry Lin Jain CHina
© China Ministery of Foreign AffairsBeijing's foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jain announced Wednesday that China was ending arms control and nuclear non-proliferation negotiations with the United States. Photo courtesy of China Foreign Ministry
China has suspended arms control and nuclear non-proliferation negotiations with the United States over Washington's weapons deals with Taiwan.

Beijing's foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jain announced the suspension of talks Wednesday during a press conference.

"Over the past weeks and months, despite China's firm opposition and repeated protest, the U.S. has continued to sell arms to Taiwan and done things that severely undermine China's core interests and the mutual trust between China and the U.S.," Lin said.

"Consequently, the Chinese side has decided to hold off discussion with the U.S. on a new round of consultations on arms control and non-proliferation."

Comment: It's even more stupid to poke the Dragon than it is to poke the Bear.It can only end the same way.

In what world does the MIC think it can sustain a war thousands of miles away, when China sits on Taiwan's doorstep. There's no NATO block of countries to act as weapons caches, and any shipments to the Philippines or other vassals states would be destroyed on the high seas long before they got there. Pure stupidity and wishful thinking. Common sense may yet prevail: Taiwan must pay for defense - Trump