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Thu, 24 Sep 2020
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UN thanks Putin for "generous" coronavirus vaccine offer, says it will be studied by experts

Stephane Dujarric
UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric
Earlier during his virtual message at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered the UN to provide it with Russian-made anti-coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, free of charge.

The UN thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for offering free Sputnik V vaccine to the UN staffers and said that medical services will examine his proposition, according to the UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.

"We thank President Putin for his generous offer, which will be examined by our medical services", he said.

Earlier in the day, Putin offered the UN staffers to provide them with Sputnik V - the first anti-coronavirus vaccine in the world made in Russia - free of charge.

Comment: If there is anyone with any integrity still working at the UN, perhaps this will push them to question why, instead of just opting for Russia's admittedly safer and effective vaccine, they're, instead, wasting time and risking lives concocting a dangerously experimental one of their own: Also check out SOTT radio's:


Tucker Carlson: Dems threaten to fly to Washington, prevent Senate vote on SCOTUS nominee by laying down and blocking the door

© Fox News screenshot
Tucker Carlson opened his show on the left's latest threats against Republicans, the US President and America. Democrats are determined to prevent the Republican President and Republican Senate to nominate and confirm the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The 87-year-old Ginsburg passed away at home on Friday.

Democrats are threatening impeachment of President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr. And Democrats are even threatening to block access to the Republican senators from entering the US Senate Chamber in the US Capitol Building. Gavin Newsom's Chief of Staff Ann O'Leary tweeted out that she's ready to lie down and block GOP senators from entering the US Capitol to vote on the next SCOTUS justice.

The Democrats are out of control. In fact, they are dangerous.



Military generals are just another group of self-interested technocrats

James Mattis
The United States has always had a love affair with certain generals. George Washington, of course, was immensely popular, and thirteen US presidents were generals before they were president.

But prior to the Second World War, generals as a group were not revered or treated with any particular veneration or respect. In fact, in the nineteenth century, full-time US military officers were often treated with suspicion and contempt. While state militia officers were regarded as indispensable night watchmen who preserved order, the full-time government employees who served in the federal military were often derided as lazy and otherwise unemployable.

But now those days are long gone. In recent decades, active generals and retired generals have grown into a group of politically influential technocrats who can be regularly seen on evening news programs and are habitually feted and promoted as incorruptible patriots. They are fawned over by media organizations while being paid enormous pensions. Moreover, upon retirement they are able to turn their former government employment into lucrative positions on corporate boards and throughout the private sector.

Comment: Now we can imagine why some of these generals have just gotten on the election 2020 anti-Trump bandwagon. No doubt a lot of these figures have been promised something in the way of compensation.

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Navalny, Pevchikh are barking dogs: Merkel and Nord Stream-2 are the caravan which moves on

What with all the noise of the dogs and camels, a swan song can be easily missed. But not Maria Pevchikh's (lead image, right) broadcast by the BBC's Russian Service.

For the first time, the British state propaganda organ has said too much too loudly in defence of one of its Russian assets, and confirmed the combination of celebrity, political ambition, and money which has made the poisoning of Alexei Navalny a faulty fabrication; and Navalny's attempt to make political capital out of it, a modest success for the British secret services; an immodest failure for the German Foreign Ministry, Defence Ministry, German Army, and the Berlin medical clinic which goes by the name of Charity.

The difference between the evidence of success and failure is the problem the BBC has attempted to overcome in an unusually long interview Pevchikh recorded with the BBC in Berlin, published on September 18.

She is recorded as saying that she and her colleagues from the Navalny group had been having breakfast in the restaurant of their Tomsk hotel when they received the news that Navalny's flight to Moscow had been diverted to Omsk, and that he was in hospital with symptoms of poisoning. She then went to his hotel room, she said, to recover the evidence of the poisoning - three blue-capped bottles of Saint Springs water drunk by Navalny during the night before.

The time shown on the wrist watch of Pevchikh, in the film she directed and released last week, 28 days after the event, shows a time when Navalny's flight was still in the air. This was more than an hour before his poisoning had been discovered and reported to his team in Tomsk, and to the rest of the world.

Navalny's dogs were barking, but their caravan had failed to start according to plan. The BBC has demonstrated what that plan was.

Bad Guys

BoJo the Covid tyrant orders more restrictions because 'we've reached perilous turning point!' (No, we haven't)

Boris Johnson
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Tuesday that they may be in lockdown for at least six more months after he ordered new restrictions following a surge in coronavirus cases.

"We will spare no effort in developing vaccines, treatments and new forms of mass testing, but unless we palpably make progress, we should just assume that the restriction I have announced will remain in place for perhaps six months," Johnson told the House of Commons, according to the Associated Press.

On Monday, 4,300 new confirmed cases were reported, according to the AP.

Comment: Total idiocy. Just look at this picture:
uk covid deaths

Chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance warned Monday that is the U.K. doesn't take swift action to curb the spread of the virus, new infections could rise to nearly 50,000 daily by mid-October compared to the current daily case rate of 4,400 cases, according to CBS.

Chief Medical Examiner of the U.K. Chris Whitty said Monday that the infection rates in Britain have "in a bad sense, literally turned a corner," according to CBS.

Comment: Don't worry, Christmas is allegedly not cancelled, though you may be out of a job. And do listen to what the authorities tell you. They are never wrong and absolutely have your best interests at heart:
Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Patrick Vallance addressed the public on Monday, and their demeanor was stern. ... Vallance and Whitty's prediction is just that: a prediction. It assumes that the current growth rate will continue exponentially, and that deaths will rise proportionally. Predictions, however, can be wrong. Modelling by Imperial College London in spring suggested that half a million Britons would die of Covid-19. This modelling informed the government's 'stay at home' policy, before it was revealed to be founded on faulty data. Its projected death toll was revised down to 20,000, a figure that was wrong too, as nearly 42,000 have died so far.

For cases to double every week, the virus would need a daily growth rate of just over 10 percent. However, current government estimates put the daily growth rate somewhere between two and seven percent. Should that rate remain the same, Valance and Whitty's prediction would be twice as severe as reality.

The two advisers also dismissed the notion that the virus was growing less deadly, despite death rates across Europe dropping off in recent months, and claimed that the increase in cases was not driven by an increase in testing.

It's almost as if they're making insanely idiotic decisions on purpose...


'Become a CO-RESISTOR': Federal agencies defy Trump's ban on 'racial justice' training, leaked documents show

floyd memorial
© REUTERS/Nicholas Pfosi
A memorial to George Floyd, whose death kicked off 'racial justice' protests across the US; Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 25, 2020.
Three major federal agencies have forged ahead with plans to host critical race theory training for their employees, teaching them to "co-resist" and check their white privilege, slides posted by researcher Christopher Rufo show.

The events, scheduled at the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Veterans' Administration (VA) in open defiance of a White House memo banning them, are going to deal with "racial equity," "white fragility" and "microaggressions," Rufo tweeted on Monday, publishing photos of the training slides he somehow obtained.

The State Department is embarking on a "21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge," in which employees will be asked to make pledges to racial equity, challenge "institutionalized/systemic racism, colonization, and white supremacy," become a "co-resistor" against "oppressive institutions," and "transfer the benefits of their privilege to those who have less," according to the documents.

Comment: This indoctrination was banned for good reason: it has nothing to do with what most people assume, i.e., racism. James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose are the ones to read for the definitive breakdown of "critical" theory.

Foggy Bottom is also providing "emotional validation" to riots over the death of George Floyd, quoting the African proverb of dubious provenance about a child not embraced by the village burning it down to feel warm - in a presentation slide that appears to justify looting while not "endorsing" it.

Comment: Just goes to show how far an extremist, revolutionary ideology can creep into the institutions of power. These freaks are taking over from within, all in the name of such nice-sounding sentiments as 'anti-racism', 'diversity' and 'equity'. Unfortunately, many people still believe the PR. It's past time to get wise to their tricks, however.

Cell Phone

Federal agencies tapped protesters' phones in Portland

Portland detention center
© GettyImages/Nathan Howard
Federal officers guard front gate of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center Portland, Oregon, September 18, 2020.
Homeland Security has not yet come clean to the public about the full extent of its intelligence operations in Portland.

This summer, Portland looked like a war zone. Phalanxes of shadowy law enforcement personnel fired crowd-control munitions, as plumes of teargas billowed into the sky. Federal agents without clearly visible identification rounded up protesters and loaded them into unmarked cars, on American streets. When videos began to spread online, it was hard to tell what was going on, or how widely.

The public backlash was ferocious, spurring Congress to demand that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disclose information about the operation. But the DHS never came clean to the public about the full extent of its intelligence operations in Portland, which consisted of clandestine activities including interceptions of protesters' phone calls conducted by a task force that included federal agencies besides the DHS, according to two former intelligence officers familiar with the matter.

Comment: See also:

Card - VISA

More shady actions with the Democrats' Clearinghouse ActBlue: Is China funding the Biden campaign?

ActBlue magnify
© Disrn
The Gateway Pundit reported on May 30th that the recent riots in Democrat-led cities around the country were coordinated and linked to domestic terrorists, foreign entities, and other radical groups and Marxists linked to the Democrat Party. Black Lives Matter (BLM) was one of these groups.

The Gateway Pundit was also the first to report that ActBlue was raising money using BLM as its front group.

The Daily Caller confirmed this and reported that BLM is not a non-profit organization and instead nonprofit organization (Thousand Currents) said it provides 'fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to BLM'.

Star of David

Israel and the Emirates sign the 'Accords of Abraham'

Trump Neti bin Zayed
© Daily Lebanon
The winner is not the one who is presented as such.
The Israeli-Emirati treaty upsets the rhetoric about the Middle East and makes possible an Arab-Israeli peace. It interrupts Israel's inexorable nibbling of Arab territories and establishes diplomatic relations between Israel and the leader of the Arab world. If one is to examine without prejudice a situation where fear, violence and hatred are causing manifest injustices, it is clear that President Trump's initiative has unblocked a conflict that has been tense for twenty-seven years. He was immediately nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The situation in the Middle East has been blocked since the Oslo Accords signed by Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in 1993. They were supplemented by the Jericho-Gaza Agreement, which recognizes certain prerogatives of the Palestinian Authority, and the Wadi Araba Agreements, which concluded peace between Israel and Jordan.

Comment: See also:


Bloomberg raises millions to fight Florida voting law, helps pay former felons legal fees

© CHESNOT/Getty Images
Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg
Former Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire Mike Bloomberg helped raise millions to fight a Florida law that prohibits former felons from voting until all legal fees are paid.

Bloomberg's nearly $17 million contribution to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition gives the group over $20 million to restore the franchise of 32,000 felons before the Nov. 3 election, according to the Associated Press. Bloomberg had already dumped nearly $100 million into the Florida race.

"Working together with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, we are determined to end disenfranchisement and the discrimination that has always driven it," Bloomberg's spokesperson said.

The news comes after a 6-4 ruling from the panel of 10 judges on a federal appeals court reversed a lower-court ruling that granted voting eligibility to Florida felons despite any remaining expenses.

Comment: Bloomberg funds a 'bucked up' system - where anything and everything can be bought for a price.