© Anadolu AgencyThese arrests follow a series of recent anti-terror operations conducted by Turkiye
Turkish authorities have arrested over 30 people with suspected ties to Israel's Mossad intelligence service, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said on 2 January.

Yerlikaya said on social media Tuesday that "33 suspicious persons were captured in the 'MOLE' Operation, which was held simultaneously in 8 provinces centered in Istanbul, for the Detection and Deciphering of International Espionage Activities."

The interior minister mentioned that police raided 57 locations across eight provinces as part of Operation "MOLE," which was launched by the Istanbul Counter-terrorism Bureau and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT).

"We will never allow espionage activities against the national unity and solidarity of our country," Yerlinkaya said, adding that authorities had confiscated 43,830 euros, 23,680 dollars, various amounts of cash from different countries, one unlicensed gun, and a large number of cartridges and digital materials were also seized.

The suspects arrested were believed to be seeking to identify, monitor, assault, and kidnap foreign nationals living in Turkiye.

"Our fight against organized crime organizations and spies that disturb the peace of our families will continue with determination and determination," the interior minister said.

This string of arrests comes as a continuation of Turkiye's anti-terror initiative. On 29 December, the Turkish authorities detained dozens of suspected ISIS members who were plotting attacks against synagogues, churches, and the Iraqi embassy in Turkiye.

Comment: Since ISIS was a product of the US-Israel, and survived only thanks to their benefaction, it makes sense that the two groups would be targeted.

The anti-ISIS operation occurred across nine different cities, leading to the arrest of 32 suspects and the confiscation of various digital materials belonging to the group.

On the same day of the anti-ISIS operation, Turkish forces conducted airstrikes targeting Kurdistan Workers Party fighters (PKK) militants in northern Iraq and Syria along the nation's borders.

The Turkish defense ministry said regarding the attack against Kurdish militants that 10 PKK members, eight in Syria and two in Iraq, were "neutralized," adding that "nowhere is safe for terrorists!"