Rafah tanks
© IDFIsraeli forces enter Rafah Crossing
Destroying Hamas was never in the plans of the Zionist state, which is aware of its military weakness, with the sole objective of provoking the massacre of innocents in Palestine.

Israel is entering Rafah. After Hamas announced its willingness to negotiate a ceasefire agreement brokered by Qatar and Egypt, Zionist forces invaded Rafah, where more than 1.5 million Palestinian civilians seek shelter after having their homes destroyed during the brutal bombings by Tel Aviv. Israeli tanks advance in the region, in parallel with strong air attacks, generating terror and panic among local residents.

The operation in Rafah was already expected by many experts. Strategically, it does not seem interesting or profitable for Israel to launch this type of mobilization, considering that many civilian casualties will occur in the hostilities, and, in this way, the international image of the Zionist regime will be further damaged. The U.S., which is Israel's biggest ally, has already made it clear that it does not support Netanyahu's measure, which shows how the regime is isolated internationally, acting without diplomatic support from its own partners.

However, it is not rationality that is behind Israeli actions, but ethnic hatred against Palestinians and the objective of expanding the occupation to all Arab territories. The Zionist project of "Greater Israel", endorsed by most Israeli decision-makers, has messianic and religious extremist roots, which explains the fanaticism behind the brutal actions of the occupation troops. In other words, the Israeli government does not make decisions based on what is most strategic and rational, but based on what is believed to be "necessary" according to fanatical and extremist beliefs.

The inertia of neighboring Arab countries has also contributed significantly to the progress of Israeli plans. Considering the geographical factor, Egypt is the country that could most help the Palestinians directly to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Rafah. However, Egypt has been a country absolutely incapable of acting against Israel for decades, given the "peace agreement" maintained with the Zionist regime. In the same sense, Jordan is, in practice, an Israeli proxy state, always acting to harm the Palestinians and favor the occupation - even though the majority of the local population is Palestinian.

It must be emphasized that this operation, despite its drastic humanitarian effects, will not provide Israel with any military victory - and, obviously, Israeli decision-makers are aware of this. There is no strategic interest in attacking Rafah, where the targets of the attacks are simply civilians. The Israeli objective is only to increase the massacre against ordinary Palestinian people. "Defeating Hamas" is not a real goal - perhaps it never was.

It is impossible for Israel to defeat Hamas. An insurrectionary war cannot be ended until the last guerrilla is eliminated. And, in a situation of ethnic insurrection against an occupying force, as long as there are people alive, there will always be guerrillas willing to fight. Furthermore, Hamas and allied Palestinian militias have understood an important factor in guerrilla warfare, which is the use of the tunnel system. There is nothing in the military literature that indicates the possibility of winning a war against groups that use underground tunnels as military bases. Israel simply does not know how to make efforts to defeat Hamas and is no longer trying to do so.

As several experts have said, killing Palestinians is more important for the Zionists than defeating Hamas. By eliminating children and women, Israel seeks to prevent the next Palestinian generation from joining the Resistance. This is why attacks target civilians and massively annihilate women and children. This is basically the only Israeli intention behind the criminal attack in Rafah, where refugees from all other areas of the Gaza Strip are located. This is further evidence that the Zionist war was never against armed militias, but against innocent civilians.

However, the strategic checkmate against Israel continues. If it continues to kill civilians, Tel Aviv will become increasingly hated internationally, becoming a diplomatic pariah. In parallel, the forces resisting the occupation will continue to fight, making it impossible for Israel to return to normality - creating a permanent war. In practice, no matter how much it continues to attack civilians and promote all kinds of massacres, Israel is more and more approaching the absolute unviability of its existence as a state.