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Sinkhole opens up below car in El Paso, Texas

Sinkhole opens up below car in El Paso's Lower Valley
Sinkhole opens up below car in El Paso's Lower Valley
A sinkhole along Penjamo Drive near Socorro Road opened up Tuesday.

The front-end of an SUV went into the sinkhole at 9734 Penjamo Drive.

An El Paso fire spokesman stated two people fell into a sinkhole.

A police officer was able to help the induvial out of the hole

No injuries were reported.

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Watch the moment a sinkhole swallows a Tesla Model Y in Taiwan

A sinkhole has swallowed a Tesla Model Y in Taiwan.

CCTV footage captured the moment the SUV, which can cost up to USD $95,000, was sucked into the void too.

The footage, posted to Twitter by @notonlywater shows a section of road opening up and sucking the Tesla and nothing but the Tesla into it.

It's almost as if the sinkhole specifically targeted the Model Y.

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Chesapeake Bay area sinking, area becoming more vulnerable to flooding from storm surges

© Sonam Futi Sherpa for Virginia Tech.Projected Inundation area from both subsidence and sea level rises under very low greenhouse gases emission scenario at year 2030, 2050, and 2100 (top panels, panels (a), (b), (c), respectively). The bottom panels (d), (e), (f) highlight zoomed-in inundation from sea level and subsidence at 2100.
New research by Virginia Tech scientists shows that sections of the Chesapeake Bay are sinking at rates of nearly a quarter an inch — or 7 millimeters — a year. Further, up-to-date knowledge of where the ground in the Chesapeake Bay area is sinking and by how much is not included in the official planning maps that authorities use to assess the local flooding risk from rising sea levels, the researchers said.

This poses a significant challenge to present and future management efforts as it could under or overestimate flooding risk to coastal communities along the stretch of Virginia shoreline, said Manoochehr Shirzaei, an associate professor of radar remote sensing engineering and environmental security in the Department of Geoscieces, part of the Virginia Tech College of Science, and a member of the Virginia Tech National Security Institute.

Comment: It's reasonable to question what's really driving the subsidence, because it's not the only region of the planet that's subsiding, or rising, at alarming rates in recent years. And this is occurring alongside a variety of other geologic phenomenon such as sink holes and fissuring:


Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor comes from Cascadia fault, could offer clues to earthquake hazards

Pythias Oasis
© Philip et al./Science AdvancesThis sonar image of the Pythias Oasis site shows bubbles rising from the seafloor about two-thirds of a mile deep and 50 miles off Newport, Oregon. These bubbles are a byproduct of a unique site where warm, chemically distinct fluid gushes from the seafloor. Researchers believe this fluid comes directly from the Cascadia megathrust zone, or plate boundary, and helps control stress buildup between the two plates.
The field of plate tectonics is not that old, and scientists continue to learn the details of earthquake-producing geologic faults. The Cascadia Subduction Zone — the eerily quiet offshore fault that threatens to unleash a magnitude-9 earthquake in the Pacific Northwest — still holds many mysteries.

A study led by the University of Washington discovered seeps of warm, chemically distinct liquid shooting up from the seafloor about 50 miles off Newport, Oregon. The paper, published Jan. 25 in Science Advances, describes the unique underwater spring the researchers named Pythia's Oasis. Observations suggest the spring is sourced from water 2.5 miles beneath the seafloor at the plate boundary, regulating stress on the offshore fault.

The team made the discovery during a weather-related delay for a cruise aboard the RV Thomas G. Thompson. The ship's sonar showed unexpected plumes of bubbles about three-quarters of a mile beneath the ocean's surface. Further exploration using an underwater robot revealed the bubbles were just a minor component of warm, chemically distinct fluid gushing from the seafloor sediment.

"They explored in that direction and what they saw was not just methane bubbles, but water coming out of the seafloor like a firehose. That's something that I've never seen, and to my knowledge has not been observed before," said co-author Evan Solomon, a UW associate professor of oceanography who studies seafloor geology.

The feature was discovered by first author Brendan Philip, who did the work as a UW graduate student and now works as a White House policy advisor.

Observations from later cruises show the fluid leaving the seafloor is 9 degrees Celsius (16 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the surrounding seawater. Calculations suggest the fluid is coming straight from the Cascadia megathrust, where temperatures are an estimated 150 to 250 degrees Celsius (300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Alarming video shows 1,050ft sinkhole swallowing cars and telephone poles as it continues to grow in Daisetta, Texas

A view of the sinkhole in Daisetta, Texas
© RANDALL ORNDORFF, U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEYA view of the sinkhole in Daisetta, Texas
A giant sinkhole in Daisetta, Texas, is continuing to expand, swallowing trees, cars, and homes in its path. A new video released by Bluebonnet News provides a harrowing look at the massive expanse.

The sinkhole became active again this month after it first emerged in 2008 as a 20ft expanse. It remained stable for 15 years, but has since undergone rapid expansion, worrying residents of the town that their homes may be doomed if the hole continues to grow.

Daisetta is approximately 55 miles northeast of Houston.

City officials learned that the hole was again expanding on 3 April, which prompted them to notify residents in the area of the possible threat, according to My San Antonio.

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Car with family inside is swallowed up by sinkhole filled with boiling water in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Four people were taken to hospital, with one man suffering burns across 30% of his body
Four people were taken to hospital, with one man suffering burns across 30% of his body
This is the terrifying moment a car with two children inside fell into a sinkhole filled with boiling hot water in Russia.

Footage shows the white SUV being swallowed up as the ground opens up beneath them in Saint Petersburg on Wednesday.

The sinkhole was formed after a pipe ruptured and caused the ground to collapse inwards - filling the area with scalding water.

The driver and his 10-year-old son suffered burns, while the other child was reportedly unharmed.

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Sinkhole in Brazil almost swallows up two fishermen

It's never good when you go out on the water to catch some fish and the water tries to catch you instead...

Two fisherman in Franca, Brazil were in for a little more than they bargained for when a sinkhole opened up underneath the water and started to pull in their jon boat. The terrifying video shows the two men fighting to keep their boat above water (or mud) as the sinkhole pulls everything in the near vicinity down below.

The boat happened to be the perfect size, because the front and the back stayed on land just far enough apart to cover the length of the sinkhole. Almost looked like a classic Saturday morning cartoon gag.

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Two elephants rescued from sinkhole in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

A backhoe and a team of veterinarians in a forest in Thong Pha Phum district of Kanchanaburi province have helped an elephant and its calf to get out of sink hole, in which they had become trapped.

Officials of the Lam Khlong Ngu National Park were informed by villagers yesterday (Sunday) that they found the two pachyderms trapped in a hole in Khao Bo Rae national forest reserve in Chalae sub-district, which is outside the territory of the national park.

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Bikes, dog fall into sinkhole as road collapses in New Delhi, India

A dog and two bikes fell inside a hole after portion of road collapsed in RK Puram, Delhi.
A dog and two bikes fell inside a hole after portion of road collapsed in RK Puram, Delhi.
On February 22nd, residents of the RK Puram area in New Delhi witnessed a startling event as a portion of a road gave way, causing a sinkhole to form. The collapse was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media. According to reports, a dog and two parked motorcycles were swallowed by the sinkhole as a result of the road collapse.

The incident occurred around midday, at approximately 12:40 pm, and was reported to the Delhi Police. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or injuries reported, and the authorities immediately took measures to cordon off the area and prevent further accidents from occurring.

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UK: Experts are baffled as giant 30ft-wide and 9ft deep sinkhole crater opens just feet from busy road in Wales

sinkhole wales
© Penfold Photography/Wales News ServiceThe 9-ft-deep hole was spotted by walkers yard from the busy road leading to a house estate in late January 2023
Experts are baffled by a giant 30ft-wide sinkhole crater in South Wales, with some fearing that it could be the result of old mining works or even a UFO landing.

Aerial footage of the sinkhole shows the giant crater filled with murky stagnant water, surrounded by dry weeds. The 9-ft-deep hole was spotted by walkers yard from the busy road leading to a house estate more than a month ago.

Council officials in Caerphilly, South Wales, were called in to look into it.

Locals believed the ground opened up due to old mine workings - but officials say the cause is still being investigated.

Video shows giant sinkhole crater that opened in South Wales