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Wed, 01 Dec 2021
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Sinkhole swallows heavy truck in Rome

A truck is hauled from a hole 32 feet deep and 16 feet wide on Via dei Colli Portuensi in Rome.
© vigilfuoco.tv:Real Press
A truck is hauled from a hole 32 feet deep and 16 feet wide on Via dei Colli Portuensi in Rome.
A large truck, equipped for draining the sewers, was hauled out of an even larger sinkhole last week in Rome. The fire department, with the help of two large cranes, came to the rescue after a sinkhole opened in Via dei Colli Portuensi in the Italian capital on the morning of April 15.

The chasm opened as a heavy truck was driving along the road. The driver was able to get out and was unhurt.

In addition, a car that was parked on the side of the road partly sank and had to be recovered.

The removal operation was complex because the crews needed to conduct safety checks on the asphalt before the road was reopened to traffic.


Biggest rockfall in 60 years at UK's Jurassic Coast, more falls expected

Jurassic landslide

Huge Dorset Jurassic Coast rockfall revealed in drone footage
A huge section of a cliff on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset has collapsed on to a beach below and into the sea in the biggest UK rockfall in 60 years.

The rockfall happened just west of the south coast seaside town of Weymouth and Dorset council said more cliff was expected to be lost, with people being urged to stay away from the area. Parts of the coastal path were cordoned off.

A spokesperson for the council said: "Further movement is expected with fresh cracks affecting the fence line but not the coast path. We will monitor over the next few weeks to ensure that any further movement does not affect access.

"Now the ground is drying out, there is the possibility of more slips and falls and they can happen very quickly. For your safety, keep clear of tops and bases of cliffs when out and about."

Comment: It's likely that the rockfall is related to the rise in various and unusual sinkholes and landslides being reported all over the world:
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Several cars fall into sinkhole in St. Petersburg, Russia

Several cars fell into a sinkhole after a hot water pipe broke in the parking lot of a shopping centre in St. Petersburg on Monday.

Footage filmed by eyewitnesses shows the cars slowly falling into the hole.

According to the press office of the Fuel and Energy Complex, the reason behind the accident was a technological malfunction that caused a burst of the main pipeline.

The press service also added that reconstruction of the road is currently undergoing.


Landslide blocks Europe's busiest freight train link in Germany's Rhine Valley

landslide rhine
A landslide at the Middle Rhine Valley near Kestert has blocked the underlying railway, with no traffic possible the entire week. On Monday 15 March 5,000 cubic metres of stones and rubble came down, not only affecting the rails but also blocking part of the B42 federal highway between Kamp-Bornhofen and Kaub. Currently, geologists and special forces are securing the area and unblocking the way for transportation.

European rail freight is heavily impacted by the landslide, as it disrupts traffic though Europe's most heavily used freight line: the Rhine-Alpine corridor. According to reports from the site, freight traffic diverts through the left bank of the Rhine using the Bingen route. However, this is not enough since long-distance trains are excluded from this diversion, a situation that also affects the bustling Genoa-Rotterdam route.

Comment: It's likely that this landslide is correlated with the extreme flooding and drought that Europe has seen in recent times, as well as being part of an overall uptick in geologic and seismic events that's also seems to be correlated with the rise in landslides and sinkholes.

However, it's particularly concerning that Europe's busiest freight line is now out of service, because, over in Egypt, the Suez Canal, which is a critical shipping lane for the distribution of goods is also out of service due to a ship becoming stuck: Strange Sounds reports of another landslide that occurred in Germany just a few weeks before. Investigators state that the area, a former mine, was being worked on because it was known to be unstable, but, bearing in mind the above, one wonders if it's related to the general uptick in these kinds of events:
On Thursday 11 March 2021, a large landslide occurred on the banks of an abandoned and flooded open case coal mine site at Knappensee in eastern Germany [...]
landslide knappensee
This bank had been undergoing work recently and was a site with known geotechnical problems. The unslipped areas in the image above have little or no vegetation, suggesting engineering works since the last growing season. [...]

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Huge sinkhole appears in a street in Ceuta, Spain

© Mohamed Ali
RESIDENTS in Ceuta were alarmed when a huge sinkhole appeared in the road near the entrance to the Barriada del Principe.

The sinkhole, which measured several metres in diameter, took up part of the pavement and the road, by the old Quemadero bridge and the football field, in the Spanish enclave city in North Africa.

The leader of the local Caballas Coalition party, Mohamed Ali, tweeted about the sinkhole, which left residents in the area shocked over how dangerous it could have proved.

The area was cordoned off and barriers were placed around the sinkhole.


Croatia sees gaping sinkholes emerge in area ravaged by December 2020 earthquake

sinkhole croatia earthquakes
© AP Photo/Darko Bandic
This aerial photo shows a sinkhole in the village of Mececani, central Croatia, Thursday, March 4, 2021.
After the deadly earthquake came the sinkholes.

A central Croatian region about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of the capital, Zagreb, is pocked with round holes of all sizes, which appeared after December's 6.4-magnitude quake that killed seven people and caused widespread destruction.

Scientists have been flocking to Mecencani and other villages in the sparsely-inhabited region for observation and study.

Comment: Strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Croatia - Second quake in 2 days - UPDATE: At least seven killed


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: New clues why there are power outages and earth cracks

Outer gas giants
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
The extremes you are seeing across the globe signal the amplification beginning of a new magnetic field forming in the outer solar system as our Sun decreases its output in this new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Did you notice the Level up in lock down with a 1750 Pound quarantine tax for entering the UK. This effectively shuts down global travel if implements across other nations. Another fingerprint f the Grand Solar Minimum fulfilled marching toward 2024.

Comment: See also:

Road Cone

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Signs you are looking for indicating system collapse around 2024

Malaysia sinkhole
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Signs that a global liquefaction has begun again on its 2000 year cycle. You will look for Earth Cracks, Sinkholes and "Unusual Landslides", which have begun increasing in frequency after the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. This is what to look for from now to 2024.

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Massive sinkhole swallows lorries and buildings in Malaysia

Malaysia sinkhole
A total of 67 employees from two companies in Bestari Jaya near here were evacuated to a relief centre at SK Rantau Panjang, after a land subsidence occurred in an open area near the premises on Friday evening.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) assistant director of operations Hafisham Mohd Noor said in the incident at about 6.50 pm, there was a 10m-deep fissure over 50,000 sq m of land near Jalan PKPS in Kampung Bestari Jaya near here.

"The JBPM received an emergency call at about 6.51 pm and seven firemen were rushed to the scene.

"Based on preliminary information, Selangor JBPM was told that there was a victim buried in the sediment, however after doing a headcount of workers at two nearby premises, none of the victims were found missing or buried," he said in a statement here yesterday.

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Hospital in Naples evacuated after huge sinkhole opens up

Naples sinkhole
© Vigili del Fuoco (Italian fire brigade)
Witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion at dawn as a large chasm appeared outside the Ponticelli Ospedale del Mare in eastern Naples.

There were no injuries reported at the site, where firefighters say the sinkhole "affected an area of about 500 square meters" and has swallowed up several cars which were parked outside the hospital.

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