UK: It's a 'hole' big mystery

© UnknownHole in Eton Close, Burton
A mysterious hole has caused 'anger and confusion' among residents after being left unfilled and unattended for almost a year.

The hole, which is the size of a small car, appeared in Eton Close, Burton, in April last year and despite repeated attempts by homeowners no-one will lay claim to the 'disaster'.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: "No-one has any idea why the hole was dug in the first place - it just popped up all of a sudden.

"The situation just continues to go from the sublime to the ridiculous and it has now been left for more than 11 months - nearly a whole year. It has obviously caused problems for all of the people in the road as it is not a small hole - it is as big as a small car.

"Some residents received anonymous notes at the end of last year telling them to sort out the problem.

"The borough council has been involved and could not come out last year due to the bad weather.

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Large Crack Opens in the Earth in Southern Peru

Puno Crack
© El ComercioThe mysterious crack measures 100 meters wide and three kilometers long.
The sudden appearance early in the morning of an enormous crack, measuring 100 meters wide and three kilometers long, caused confusion among residents of the Huacullani district in the Chucuito province, department of Puno.

The exact cause of the crack in the earth still unknown. Peru's geophysical institute ruled out the occurrence of an earthquake in the region, but what is clear is that the ground opened up and large blocks of earth can be observed scattered throughout the area.

The event, recorded Wednesday morning, caused the collapse of one house located in the rural community of Llorohoco. Four people managed to escape, but the youngest in the family, five-year-old Jean Carlos Vilcanqui Acero, is missing.


Mysterious lava substance oozes from the ground in India

© Unknown
In a strange phenomenon, a black chemical substance gushed out from the earth, creating panic in Maddikera village in Kurnool district on Monday. Huge cavities also formed in the three acres of land owned by a farmer, Nagaiah, of Maddikere, about 100 km from Kurnool, soon after the black substance spewed out from beneath the land. Nagaiah said it damaged the soil. The nearby grass caught fire when the black substance spread like lava from a volcano. A cement electric pole in the vicinity collapsed. Nagaiah said he first saw the phenomenon two days ago. Officials rushed to the village to take stock of the strange occurrence. Experts said they would conduct studies to unravel the mystery behind the spewing out of the blackish material from beneath.

- Times of India


UK: Cliff landslide leads to Coast to Coast closure

© Unknown
A section of the Coast to Coast Walk in Cumbria has been closed after a landslip near its starting point.

A 40m stretch of the cliff-top path at South Head at St Bees has collapsed and authorities say it is unsafe for the public to use.

Police were alerted yesterday evening and immediately cordoned off the area. Copeland Borough Council also alerted the Liverpool Coastguard office.

The local Coastguard sector manager went to the scene, along with Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team and officers from the council to assess the extent of the fall, which is right at the start of the 309km (192-mile) route, which runs from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Yorkshire coast.

Liverpool Coastguard watch manager Paul Parkes said: "We would like to advise members of the public to take care when walking the stretch of cliffs between North Head and South Head at St Bees as part of this path has been closed off for safety reasons.

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Hawaii: Ground collapse on Maui island big enough for car to fall in

Heavy rains on Maui in the Waiehu area caused the ground to collapse, right next to a road's shoulder.

The huge hole is between Makaala Street and Wailupe Drive.

The sinkhole is 15 feet deep and up to 40 feet wide; it's big enough for a vehicle to fall into.

Sources say it's affecting drainage, fiber optics cables, and a sewer main.

State workers and county public officials will discuss repair efforts on Monday. Drivers are advised that authorities may close a lane along Waiehu Beach Road when repairs begin.

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China: Giant Hole Opens up Behind House

giant sink hole
© na
A Chinese family had to leave their home after a giant sinkhole suddenly opened up in their backyard overnight.

The hole is nearly 70ft wide and nobody has so far even been able to measure how deep it is.

Zhang Fengrong, 58, of Leshan, Sichuan province, said he suddenly heard a roaring sound at 2am.

He stepped outside and was amazed to see the giant hole opening up, and getting closer and closer to his house.


Florida: Sinkhole Opens up in Venus Backyard

Florida Sinkhole
© Ryan Pelham, Highlands TodayA sinkhole approximately 140 feet wide opened up on Luis and Orpha Hernandez's property on Alphonso Lane in Venus on Thursday afternoon. Luis was standing on the area of the sinkhole when he felt the ground rumble, and within five minutes, a sinkhole approximately 100 feet wide had opened. By Friday afternoon, several feet of water had accumulated in the bottom of the sinkhole.
Owner ran to escape falling sand.

About 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Luis Hernandez felt the soil trembling beneath his feet.

"He had to run that way," said his wife, Orpha, pointing to the east behind their three-bedroom mobile home.

He heard air coming up, "Whooo, whooo, whooo," Orpha approximated the noise, as if underground air was rushing to the surface.

Luis knows because he looked at the clock on his phone - in just five minutes, a 100-foot wide sinkhole opened in the sand, gulping pots with palm trees and ligustrum hedges and catley guava.

By Friday, they'd rescued all the nursery plants from the one-acre plot, moving them to the adjoining nine acres. But the hole had swelled 20 feet wider, and at 4 p.m. Friday, the circular mouth was an estimated 140 feet across.

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Mysterious crack still begs answers

Nearly 200 yards long, 5 feet deep in parts

Menominee Township, Michigan - Nestled just beyond the tree line of Eileen Heider's 53 acres, is Menominee County's newest tourist attraction.

"It's amazing, I want to get back there and check the rest of it out," said Kevin Clermont of Wallace, Michigan, who stopped on his way home from work to sightsee.

Heider and neighbors heard an explosion-like sound Monday morning. Heider found the nearly 200-yard-long crevice, which measures five-feet deep in parts, Tuesday.

"I was sitting in my recliner and the recliner started to vibrate," said Heider. "And it's not electric."

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Germany: Sinkhole Swallows Car Overnight

© Deutsche Presse-AgenturNovember 1st 2010. Tiefenort, Germany. Depth is about 65 feet (20m).
A large sinkhole opened up overnight in the middle of residential area in Thuringia, sucking a nearby auto into its depths and forcing authorities to evacuate residents, police said on Monday.

The crater, measuring some 40 by 15 metres, appeared in the town of Schmalkalden, a police spokesperson said. The hole is believed to be some 20 metres deep, she added.

No-one was injured in the incident, but another vehicle near the hole is in danger of falling into the hole.

A number of homes in the vicinity were evacuated, and a large contingent of police and fire fighters were out trying to secure the site.

Authorities remain uncertain of what may have caused the sinkhole.

Comment: From The Telegraph, UK:

An unexplained 25m "crater" has appeared beneath a village in central Germany, swallowing a car

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Menominee County Shakeup was an Earthquake, says Tech Researcher

© UnknownClose up shows crack from Menominee County earthquake on October 4.
That shaking and loud noise experienced recently in Menominee County of Upper Michigan was indeed an earthquake, albeit a small one, according to a Michigan Tech researcher.

"The large crack and ridge were created most probably by a magnitude 1 or 2 earthquake," said Wayne Pennington, chair of geological and mining engineering and sciences, of the events that took place Monday, October 4.

The ridge and crack are 361 feet long, and the ridge is 4 to 5 feet high and 20 to 30 feet wide at its largest point, Pennington said after visiting the site. The crack is 2 feet wide and 4 to 5 feet deep at its largest point. Trees are tipped away from the crack at about 14 degrees on either side, showing that the surface is now tipping, having formed the ridge.