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Moscow 'condones' online scams that target the UK's elderly, Ben Wallace has claimed

The UK is facing certain forms of "unconventional warfare" waged by its enemies, potentially including Moscow-backed online scams that target the elderly, former British Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace has claimed.

The Conservative MP, who resigned from the cabinet last August, told Sky News on Wednesday that the world today reminded him of the interwar periods during the last century.

The situation, Wallace explained, is similar to "the 1930s, but with an added challenge of terrorism and a challenge of unconventional warfare." As examples of the latter, he cited "disinformation campaigns, the enemies in this country using cyber to divide us, to rob from us, to spy on us, and to create frictions in our society."

When asked by host Kay Burley which nation posed the biggest threat to the UK, Wallace said it was Russia.

Comment: It's a little rich for Wallace to blame Russia for the state of the UK, considering how the UK's misrule by plonkers like him have been at the forefront in destroying that society.

"Many of the big cyber-crime syndicates are based in Russia, curiously protected by the Russian state," he claimed. "They are the ones robbing your granny and my parents with phishing emails. So, Russia is directly challenging us at all levels."

Comment: There is likely state-backed coordination of many if not most of such scams, but it's not Russian. From Europol in February 2023:

Franco-Israeli gang behind EUR 38 million CEO fraud busted

Earlier this month, British police reported busting a UK-founded international ring of scammers, which since 2021 alone has stolen from some 70,000 victims in the country. Thirty-seven people were arrested around the world in the LabHost case, the force reported. The statement didn't mention Russia.