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Fri, 22 Feb 2019
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Strange Sounds


'Trumpeting sounds' heard in Dallas, Texas

Strange sounds (stock)
On August 23, 2018, YouTuber 'Erika Diaz' uploaded footage of 'trumpet sounds' she heard in the skies of Dallas, Texas.
Apocalypse sounds coming from the sky. As soon as I was walking outside, I heard loud trumpets sounds. You all give me your thoughts. Strange sounds.

Fireball 5

Spectacular lightshow or harbinger of doom? 5 facts about tonight's Perseid meteor shower

Perseid showers
© Mario Anzuoni/Reuters
This year's Perseid meteor shower promises to be one of the best for stargazers as a new Moon bringing darker skies means night time conditions are optimum for this potentially catastrophic cosmic event.

The trail of shooting stars created by the Swift-Tuttle comet have been active in the night sky since mid-July, however, they have been peaking since August 11 and as many 70 shooting stars per hour are expected to be visible from Earth in the early hours of Monday morning.

Here's five more facts about the Perseid meteor shower:

One of the most consistent:

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most reliable showers year-after-year with Comet Swift-Tuttle being in orbit for thousands of years. It takes 133 years to ellipse the Sun and this is the first year it has passed into the inner solar system since 1991. The next time will be in 2126.

Comment: See also: The annual Perseids: Astronomers prepare for Earth to 'plow' into fiery meteor shower


Loud 'sky sounds' heard in New York

Strange sound in NY
© YouTube/Charity Oswald
On July 30, 2018, YouTube user 'Charity Oswald' heard and recorded 'loud sounds' she heard in the sky outside her New York home.


Mysterious rumble heard, felt in Norfolk, England

Map of Norfolk rumble
© Google Maps
The rough area affected by the possible sonic boom or earthquake on Thursday evening.
Mysterious rumblings have been felt by residents of mid, south and west Norfolk on Thursday evening.

People from Swaffham to Narborough to Watton and Hingham reported feeling their houses shake at about 7pm.

Kim Newman from Santon Downham said: "Not sure if there was a sonic boom this evening around 7pm.

"I heard a slight noise but thought it was my kids banging upstairs, also my whole house vibrated.

"Slightly puzzled to what it was."


Loud strange booms heard in Maryville, Tennessee

Mysterious booms in TN
© Wikimedia Commons
Mysterious booms in Maryville continue to confuse people after neighbors there say loud, ground shaking noises came out of nowhere on Monday night. But what caused the noise is still unknown.

Around 9:30 Monday night, people in Maryville said they started hearing loud booms near Sandy Springs Park.

"It was a strange, strange occurrence," said Tait McAtee. McAtee lives on Lennox Circle, right next to Sandy Springs Park. He and other neighbors said you couldn't miss the noise. "The house kind of randomly shook for 10, 15 minutes," said McAtee. "That's what it felt like, like if somebody's jumping around upstairs -- kind of that noise," said neighbor Sarah Pita.

Other neighbors searched their own houses, saying the noises seemed like they were coming from garages or basements.

Comment: WATE reports the USGS is now saying the booms heard were the result of a 2.4 earthquake in the county.


'Not one plane in the sky': Strange sounds heard in Antlers, Oklahoma

Strange sounds in OK
© YouTube/ Universal Love And Enlightenment
On July 19, 2018, YouTuber 'Universal Love And Enlightenment' posted video of strange sounds he heard in the skies of Antlers, Oklahoma.


Strange 'horn' noise heard in northeastern Pennsylvania

Strange sounds
On July 12, 2018, YouTube user 'GunGlutton' posted a recording of a strange sound he heard in the sky. He comments that this was the second time he'd heard the noise.

Please excuse the foul language.

Comment: Another YouTube user in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania posted a clip of strange sounds he heard the same day.


'Crazy roaring sound': Strange noises heard in Gilbert, Arizona

Strange sounds in Gilbert, AZ
© YouTube/Alex Cross
YouTuber 'Alex Cross' uploaded a video of a 'scary, crazy ass roaring sound' he heard in Gilbert, Arizona on July 6, 2018.
Unexplained, unacknowledged - what do you think about that Secure Team?


'Terrifying' noise heard in the sky of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Strange sounds
On June 12, 2018, YouTuber 'Joey Walker' recorded a clip of a scary noise he heard in the sky about 1:00 a.m. He reports that noise had been going on for about an hour and a half.


'Just crazy': Strange sounds heard in Baron, Oklahoma

Strange sounds (stock)
Strange trumpeting sounds were recorded and uploaded to YouTube by user 'Jacob Sullivan' on June 27, 2018. He reports that the sounds have 'been happening for a few days now.'

Please excuse the foul language.