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Strange Sounds

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Tennessee, US: Ground-shaking booms puzzle Louisville neighborhood

Louisville residents searching for the source of an unexplained ground-shaking boom can scratch another theory off the list.

A Loudon County resident speculated on Thursday that the noise could have come from maintenance on an underground pipeline (see previous story below). The Plantation Pipe Line Company operates a large liquid refined petroleum pipeline that runs from Knoxville to Macon, Georgia. The pipeline is co-owned and operated by Kinder Morgan.

Emily Mir with Kinder Morgan's media relations department contacted 10News on Friday morning and indicated there were no recent operations that would have created the noise. Furthermore, the pipeline in question is located around 10 miles from the Lashbrooke subdivision.

Original Story, Thursday, Sep. 29: Ground-shaking booms puzzle Louisville neighborhood

The Lashbrooke subdivision in Louisville enjoyed a quiet and sun-bathed afternoon on Thursday. The peaceful surroundings of the affluent neighborhood along the Tennessee River lend no hint that its residents suffer from shell-shock.

Evil Rays

Canada: Windsor officials say Zug Island may be source of mysterious buzzing noise

Zug Island
© Wikimedia commons/Notorious4life
Zug Island seems to be the source of a mysterious noise that's shaking windows and keeping Windsor residents up at night, Canadian officials said Thursday.

A two-month investigation by seismologists from the Ontario Environment Ministry traced the source of the noise to within roughly a half-mile of the island, officials said.

"We have seen the results now and the results are conclusive that the source of the noise and vibration is ... in or around Zug Island," said Teri Gilbert, a spokeswoman for the Canadian agency. "We did a considerable amount of work to determine whether there was a source in Ontario and we couldn't determine that."

Complaints about the noise started in March and have steadily been pouring in, officials said.

"It goes through some sporadic bursts. Sometimes you can hear it more prominently than other times," said Al Maghnieh, a city councilor in Windsor. "It's something that's been disturbing quality of life for residents in southwest Windsor."


More Unexplained Sounds, Tremors & Lights From The Skies

Earthquake Lights
© Ghost Theory
Have you been noticing a rise on reported aerial visual and auditory anomalies? Weird sounds coming from the earth and sky seem to be reported from different countries throughout the past few years. As recently as this month, there have been a few reports from Canada and Ukraine in which people describe either strange mechanical sounds emanating from the skies or a combination of low rumbling and low frequency hums.

YouTube has an interesting collection of videos in where people record these strange vibrations and noises. For example, the following compilation of this strange phenomena was uploaded by fidockave213 over at YouTube. It starts off by showing the famous Kiev, Ukraine, "mech noises" and goes on to show some interesting footage of other noises that are similar but heard throughout different parts of the world. Interestingly enough, the video also shows footage of the Windsor rumblings that were reported here on GhostTheory earlier this week. Watch it:

What is causing the strange noises being reported? Is this part of hoax? Or is this some sort of secret technological weapon being developed and tested by some obscure military division? Could the rumblings, vibrations and sounds heard in Canada be a product of this technology?

Comment: To shed some light on this phenomena of unexplained sounds and lights, we offer this excerpt from Mike Bailie's book Exodus to Arthur as 'food for thought':
What, I asked myself, would actually happen in a close [cometary] approach? I sought out Gerry McCormac, a colleague who had trained and worked as an atmospheric physicist. [...] When asked what he thought would happen if a comet approached very close to the earth, his reply was startling:
If it came within the earth's magnetosphere it would probably be spectacular ... the sky would go purple or green, particles from the comet would spiral down the lines of force and it is likely that you would have amazing auroral displays and coloured streamers...
Suddenly a new series of possibilities had opened up. One had to try to imagine a cometary body, or associated debris, passing within the Earth's magnetosphere and possibly producing a fabulous, moving, coloured display. So I asked if there would be any other associated phenomena - noise maybe? He replied: "Well, the Eskimos say that at the time of aurora they sometimes hear a hissing noise ... but! ...scientists who took up sensitive listening equipment did not manage to record anything." [...]

There is a whole literature on auroral sounds and, indeed, sounds heard directly from bolides, even comets. Colin Keay has written extensively on these phenomena. [...]

People have claimed that they have heard an incoming fireball and in fact heard it and turned around to see it. There is the contradiction: the flash of light from the fireball is traveling much faster than any related sound.

Traditional wisdom holds that we cannot actually hear fireballs coming in, we may hear the rumble and explosion only some time later, usually after we have seen them. Keay has accumulated information showing that some people genuinely do hear fireballs as they come in and before they see them: how? The plasma trail from a large fireball may generate Extra Low or Very Low Frequency radio emissions; if an observer happens to be standing beside a suitable object (or perhaps if he is wearing a suitable object like glasses or headgear, that object can act as a transducer for the electromagnetic signal - thus the observer actually 'hears' the incoming fireball as it enters the atmosphere, before seeing it.

The technical name for this phenomenon is 'geophysical electrophonics.'
Interesting how the strange sounds recently heard in Kiev, Ukraine happened on August 11th, right at the peak of the Perseid meteor showers.


Pakistan: In Shishkat, Rumbling Tremors Worry Locals

© unknown
The blasts were so severe that it seemed as if the earth was moving, the villager said of the bang.
Underground tremors and blasts have created panic among the residents of villages adjacent to Attabad, a small hamlet devastated by a massive landslide early 2009, people said on Friday.

"We heard several bangs from underground all night," said Hamid Hussain, a resident of Shishkat, a village upstream of Attabad.

The landslide that struck Attabad blocked the Hunza River and formed a lake that expanded upstream, submerging the lower part of Shishkat.

The blasts were so severe that it seemed as if the earth was moving, the villager said of the bang.

The villagers said they were afraid of the tragedy repeating itself anytime as the mystery continues. At least 19 people died in the landslide that cut off Gojal from the rest of the country.


Georgia, US: Residents Report Mysterious Loud Noise and Ground Vibrations

Gainesville - Hall County sheriff's deputies have been patrolling the northeast Georgia county after several people reported hearing a mysterious loud noise.

Several residents called 911 to report hearing a loud noise and feeling the ground vibrate between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Thursday.

Hall County Maj. Jeff Strickland tells The Times of Gainesville that most reports were from the area of Browns Bridge and McEver Roads.

Lt. Col. James Wilson, a spokesman for Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, said the cause was probably not an aircraft coming to or from the base. He said its flight schedule does not indicate any aircraft would have been passing through the area then.

Base officials say they've received calls from local law enforcement agencies, and are still looking into the matter.


US: Weird Noise Phenomena in Florida (Video)

Two very weird phenomena stories out of the Florida beginning on March 9 when residents in Flagler County located on the east coast of Florida reported a loud noise - 'very strange sounds' that lasted 'up to 20 minutes'. [Video, which is pretty amazing, below] Nine days later, one day before the Super Moon, scared Floridians near Tallahassee, located over 200 hundred miles to the northwest of Flagler County, reported the ground and buildings shaking.

The explanation for the extremely loud noise in Flagler County from the National Weather Service:
Special Weather Statement
National Weather Service, Tallahassee Florida
7.18 pm EST Wed Mar 9 2011

...Strange sounds being reported across the Florida Big Bend

There have been several reports of very strange sounds coming from the Woodville area since about 6.45pm EST. The National Weather Service believes this phenomenon is being caused by thunder from distant lightning strikes... bouncing off a very stable layer above the ground. This is called ducting... and can allow sound to travel unusually long distances. This sound has been mistakenly attributed to possible tornadoes... But we at the National Weather Service want to be very clear that there are no tornadoes... and none are expected.

Fireball 2

Pelham Abuzz Over Booms in the Night

Bang! And then silence. No wreckage, no clouds, no conflagration in the neighborhood. Just a lingering mystery.

It's been the talk of the town for weeks now -- the boom.

Bill McDevitt may never find out what caused the terrific clap of noise that startled him from bed in the early morning hours about three weeks ago.

"It wasn't just a distant rumble. It sounded like lightning hit across the street. It was a sudden, loud, explosive bang," he said. "You get up and go look out the windows and you expect to see smoke or flames coming from the woods or somebody else's house, but I didn't."

McDevitt is just one of many north Pelham residents left wondering what's behind the blasts out of the blue. In the days following the first incidents, the town's online message board lit up with people swapping stories and cultivating theories.

Jill Atkinson, awoken by the same bang as McDevitt, thought her neighbor's home exploded. She expected to hear the approaching howl of sirens as she peered through her windows.


Ireland: County Laois - A Very Strange Sound From All Over the Sky

Posted: July 4, 2009

Date: 5 6 2009
Time: 23.40
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Small lights
Weather Conditions: Cloudy sky

Description: We both heard a very very strange sound when we were in the house. It was a deep sound that washed in and out, in and out. I didn't know what it was at first - it sounded like a boiler, but we both looked at each other both in shock because it was a much bigger sound than that. We went outside and the sound came from the sky, but it seemed to come from all over the sky - it was very hard to locate the source of the sound. We eventually saw the source of the sound - a light fly away which looked like a plane, but the sound was no sound of a normal plane. It was much deeper, widespread and it washed inward and outward.

Evil Rays

Hear that? It may be a mystery hum

If you listen closely enough, you might hear it.

For years, people all over the world have reported hearing a strange and persistent humming sound. Not everybody can hear the humming but those who say they hear it describe it as sounding something like a distant idling diesel engine. Usually, the low-frequency noise is hard to pick up with microphones and no one can figure out exactly where it comes from.

Many people who claim to hear the humming sound say they can hear it more clearly inside buildings instead of outdoors. Some say they can also feel vibrations throughout their bodies. The sound is often heard more intensely at night and earplugs are little help. Those poor folks who can't sleep during the night because of the sound are often called "hum sufferers," according to a Web site about the weird phenomenon.

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Canada: Ranchlands residents hear strange noises

Calgary - Some residents of Ranchlands say they have been hearing some strange noises in their community.

"It's almost like a giant refrigerator just getting louder and louder and louder," says Dana Negrey, a resident of the northwest neighbourhood. "Our neighbours on both sides have commented [on hearing the noise] and done their own pursuits to a degree...one neighbour, in fact, thought I was out at 4 a.m. with a leaf blower.'

Negrey says he first heard the noise last summer. He has a sound-proof recording room in his basement and recorded the sound several times since.