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Strange Sounds


'Loud flute sounds' heard coming from the sky in Lakeland, Florida

© flutelia
On April 23, 2020, YouTube user 'Iron Rails And Pipe Dreams' recorded strange 'flute' sounds he heard around 8 a.m. that morning outside his home:
I began hearing these sounds at around 8:40am from inside my house this morning and they only kept intensifying as the morning dragged on. Finally unable to sleep, I grabbed my phone and began recording them. Interesting! The only place I've ever heard these sounds are here on YouTube from various videos people uploaded.


Strange sounds heard in the sky above Domodedovo, Russia

Strange sounds over Domodedovo, Russia
© ruinformer
Strange sounds were recorded by a resident of Domodedovo, Russia. The noise resembled a siren or the voice of a horror movie. Someone heard the wind in the strange sound... a warning about impending cataclysms.
According to the author of the video, the strange noise started around 03:00 a.m. and lasted until approximately 03.40 a.m. The author of the video told MK reporters:
The window was ajar. I already went to bed and heard these sounds. At first it seemed to me that this was howling dogs or something. I opened the window to the fullest, and the sound became clearer and very strange in nature. I have never heard anything like it before. All this lasted about 15 minutes.

According to users of social networks, a similar anomalous noise has already been recorded in different corners of the planet, and it itself may be a harbinger of cataclysms or even an apocalypse.

Director of the Institute for Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Peter Shebalin blames the planes for everything. According to him, the source of noise could be two flying aircraft, which created sound resonance.

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Strange 'trumpet' sounds disturb the night in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Strange sounds (stock)
Last night, social networks exploded after hundreds of residents claimed to have heard strange sounds "like sirens" or "trumpets" in the sky of cities in the western suburbs. What does buzz have to do with coronavirus quarantine?

For several nights now, citizens have been claiming to hear different quasi-apocalyptic sounds from the skies of different cities around the world. Argentina is no stranger to this phenomenon that occurs mainly in countries that go through quarantines in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The explanations are not very reliable. From supposed "sky-bikes", a kind of collision of hot and cold air masses to radio frequencies that propagate in the ether.


What's up will all these booms, Mason City, Iowa?

Mystery boom (stock)
© Globe Gazette
A frost explosion. A meteor sonic boom. Blown transformer. Trains. Tannerite. Fireworks. Build ups in the sewer line. Aliens.

Yes. Aliens.

All these have been offered up as possible culprits for a semi-regular, unexplained "boom" that's been heard by residents of Mason City for the past few years.

Map shows the most recent locations of booms heard and reported on local social media platforms.
Map of booms in Mason City, IA

Some insist they only hear it in the southeast part of town, while others insist it's farther north.

Even the intensity of the boom isn't wholly agreed upon. Some of that could be explained by location. The farther away you are from something, the less intense it's going to sound, after all.


Strange trumpeting sounds heard in Anchorage, Alaska

Strange sounds stock
On November 25, 2019, YouTuber 'Shannon Maybe' shared footage of strange trumpet sounds she heard in the skies of Anchorage, Alaska around 1:00 a.m.

A commenter on the video attributed the sound to road graters which she dismissed:
... it's not tho.. I looked up other videos on here and the sounds are the same in other states, some during the days and with no snow out...
Another commenter said the noise was from the HAARP project, to which she replied:
I've lived here my whole life, I've never heard that here before ever! HAARP is here in Alaska.


'Boom!' Sonoma Valley, California residents look to skies for answer following nocturnal noises

Mystery boom in Sonoma Valley, CA
© Press Democrat (file photo)
An amateur astronomer sets up his home-made 18" Newton Reflector during the monthly public viewing night at the Ferguson Observatory in Sugarloaf Park. Though there were few reported meteors on the night of Nov. 21, many people heard distant sonic booms with no known source.
People all over Sonoma County looked up at about 7:40 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21, when a brief series of "booms" rolled across the valleys. But there was no glow in the sky, the stars were visible in the cloudless sky. Was it thunder?

Or was it a meteor?

It may be no coincidence that the sound corresponded to a large but infrequent meteor shower, known as the Unicorn (or Monocerotids, from the constellation of its visible origin), seen only every 25 years or so - and last reported in 1995. But meteors are usually silent apparitions, fleeting and ghostly.

In social media groups, many people dialoged about the Thursday night noises. Descriptions of the noises ranged from "rumbles like thunder" to "like a limb fell on the house."

And it didn't seem to be particularly localized, but strong throughout the Sonoma Valley, in Nextdoor neighborhoods from Temelec to Denmark Street. Similar social media networks reported the noises at about the same time in Healdsburg, 25 miles away. Others on Facebook said it was heard in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Cloverdale, Petaluma, Napa and Marin.


'It's like gigantic wind-chimes': Strange sky sounds heard in Norwood, Ohio

Strange sounds (stock)
On October 30, 2019, YouTuber 'Jeff Stockman' shared footage of strange sounds he heard in the skies of Norwood, Ohio. He attributes the sound to a 'natural phenomenon', but something on the 'creepy side':


Ontario, Canada: Internet puzzled by mysterious howls coming from the woods

canada lake
© Flickr / Tyfrvmp
A series of strange and mysterious howls were recently caught on tape by a Canadian hunter, and netizens could not help but speculate about the nature of the sounds - with the craziest theories coming up, including those pointing to such legendary creatures as Sasquatch or Wendigo.

Gino Meekis was hunting grouse several kilometres from Sioux Lookout, Ontario on 3 October alongside his wife and grandson when the family heard the strangest and eeriest sounds, faintly resembling screams. The video, later posted on YouTube, has collected almost a million views, with people left guessing about who or what could have made these sounds.

Meekis, who was later approached for comment by Vice, is an experienced hunter accustomed to different sounds in the Canadian wilderness but even he was confused by the howls.

"When it let out the first scream, I thought it was a moose, but my mind changed when it screamed again and again", the hunter said. He began recording the shrieks almost straight away, as well as his grandson trying to mimic them. The family retreated to their vehicle shortly after the sounds appeared to move closer, as Meekis's wife became particularly scared of the noise.

"I've heard many different animals in the wild but nothing like this. I grew up hunting with my grandfather for the first 12 years of my life", Meekis said.


'Sounds like bells rubbing': Strange noises heard in Hillsboro, Oregon

Strange sounds (stock)
On November 7, 2019, YouTuber 'Infinite Wolf' shared footage of strange sounds he heard in the skies of Hillsboro, Oregon. He wondered if the noises were 'extra terrestrials', some 'secret government project' or an audio hallucination:


'Sky trumpets' heard in the skies of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Strange sounds (stock)
© vexels.com
YouTube user 'Shandleyman' heard strange trumpeting sounds outside his home on the evening of October 14, 2019. He reports that 'trumpet/flutes-like' noise lasted 6-7 minutes:
I was in my washroom drying off after a shower and I heard something funny outside. It was a chilly night so I didn't open the window to investigate further.

About 5 minutes later, I noticed the funny noise was changing pitch as if through a chorus effect. I pulled out my phone and started recording. I only caught the tail end of it but the noise lasted a good 6 or 7 minutes.

The chorus effect is barely noticeable in this video but what you can hear is individual trumpets/flutes coming in and going out. If this was a prank, someone had quite the amplifier because this surrounded my city of Port Coquitlam.