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Wed, 21 Feb 2018
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Strange Sounds

Bizarro Earth

Strange sounds heard in Illinois sky

Strange sounds in Illinois
© YouTube/Aledragon777 Lopez
Strange sound in the sky September 5th 2017, Illinois.


Mysterious 'trumpet' sound emanates from Iranian sky

A strange sound resembling a trumpet was apparently heard by people in the vicinity of the coastal city of Astara in Iran on August 28.

While some people immediately started speculating about the nature of this mysterious phenomenon, a number of skeptics have already commented on YouTube that the video may be a hoax and that the strange sound could be the product of montage.


Weird sounds from the sky heard in Budapest, Hungary

Strange sounds in Budapest, Hungary
© YouTube/Péter Gugi
Weird sounds recorded around 22:00.

Bizarro Earth

Strange sounds heard in the skies of Karachi, Pakistan

Strange sounds in Karachi, Pakistan
© YouTube/Krish Abush
Strange sounds from the sky DHA Karachi Bada bukhari ph 6 lane 2.

Bizarro Earth

Strange noises in the sky heard in Northern Territory, Australia

Strange sounds in Australia
© YouTube/Kevin Pattemore
Went outside for a smoke and heard the noises, similar to those on many other YouTube uploads from all over the world.

The sound changed in volume, sometimes stopping for a period then starting again. It would be loud(ish) one minute and then grow distant, then get louder again, over a period of around 15 mins that I noticed.


Strange sounds heard from the sky in Romania

Strange sounds in Romania
© YouTube/Lake Victoria
Strange sounds from the sky in Romania.

Fireball 5

Experts: Loud bang over Weston, UK may have been comet or asteroid

Comet over Weston, UK
© thewestonmercury.com
A small comet or asteroid could have been the cause of a sudden flash and loud bang over Weston-super-Mare in the early hours of Monday morning

People all over the town, and as far out as Kewstoke and Banwell, reported hearing the noise which made some windows shake at around 1.20am on Monday.

Many reported on social media that they had seen a flash of light before hearing the sudden bang.


Strange sounds heard from the sky in Sweden

Strange sounds in Sweden
© YouTube/Chatarina Johansson
What is that sound? At 03:50 the first sound - not the car alarm - =) and at 05:15 the sound is heard more clearly.

My daughter Frida has recorded the movie. My voice is also heard in the background, she woke me up. I had never heard of anything like before.

The birds silence under the sound and a car alarm goes on, and you feel clear vibration of the sound waves.

Comment: The sounds can be heard at: 3:50, 5:15, 6:40 and 8:16.


Strange sounds recorded in the sky over Austria

Strange sounds over Austria
© YouTube/Daneil_AT
Strange sounds in the sky recorded in Austria (Europe)


'Wow, this is crazy!' Strange banging sounds from the sky recorded in Carteret, New Jersey

Strange sounds in NJ
© YouTube/Felix Borbor
The sky does strange sounds in Carteret NJ:

Comment: About two months ago (and not so far away) in Staten Island, New York, similar sounds were recorded:

'Banging sounds from the sky' recorded in Staten Island, New York