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Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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Strange Sounds


Residents of North Routt, Colorado trying to solve mystery of what rattled homes

Residents in North Routt County are still trying to figure out what caused some homes and a fire station to rattle from the Clark area all the way to the shores of Steamboat Lake on Thursday morning.

Some residents wondered whether it was a sonic boom, an earthquake, or an avalanche.

But with no offical reports of an earthquake made in the area that day, the source of the boom appears to remain a mystery.

Residents started to try to solve the mystery when North Routt Rumors, a local news source in the area, asked its Facebook fans whether anyone else had experienced what felt like a "roof sliding" between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Thursday.


Police in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania investigating reports of loud booming noise

Wyomissing police said that they are investigating what residents described as an "extremely loud boom" that shook their homes about 12:40 p.m. Sunday.

Initial reports from investigators southeast of Wyomissing Hills indicated that there was no fire, but the cause of the noise had not yet been determined.

A resident of Birchwood Road who called the newspaper reported that the boom rattled the roof and walls of his home and that several neighbors rushed outside to see what had happened.

Another resident who lives in the 100 block of Woodland Road said that it felt like an earthquake.

This story will be updated when further information is available.


Loud explosion in southern Wisconsin rattles homes, 'knocks things off walls'

Mystery boom in WI
© Angela Major
Law enforcement officials Thursday afternoon were investigating an explosion in a field north of Janesville that was linked to a noise dozens of residents reported hearing Thursday morning.

Leon Brown, who lives next to the property where the explosion occurred, said a vehicle exploded around 9:30 a.m. Photos taken at the scene show the remains of what appears to be an obliterated vehicle.

Rock County 911 Communications Center Director Kathy Sukus said officials were investigating the incident in connection with the explosion noise and shaking houses in Janesville, Milton and Edgerton reported earlier.

Reporters at the scene Thursday afternoon saw several law enforcement officials and vehicles in a field north of the intersection of North Kennedy and East Manogue roads. A lone law enforcement vehicle with a trailer was spotted several dozen yards southwest of the officials.


Strange sounds heard in the skies of England

Strange sounds in England
© YouTube/Rickrocklane
Strange sounds coming from the sky in England. Any ideas?


Trumpeting noises heard in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Trumpet sounds in Regina, SK
© YouTube/Riddler00010
Birds hit the back of the house and heard STRANGE sounds in the sky. Who else heard it??? EEEE LOLJK

Comment: Please excuse the foul language.


Strange trumpet sounds heard in Garland, Texas

Strange sounds in Garland, TX
© YouTube/jajajaja beans
Strange Trumpet Sounds from Sky in Texas:


Mysterious 'big boom' rattles windows in eastern Minnesota

Lake Elmo Inn
© Fox9
Many in the east metro are talking after a mysterious "big boom" rattled windows and nerves Tuesday night.

Now, communities in Lake Elmo are asking, just what was that sound?

Washington County Sheriff Dan Starry said the first call came in just before 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Deputies looked for the source, but couldn't find anything. And Xcel Energy said it didn't come from the Bayport power plant, either.

In Lake Elmo if you didn't hear it, you sure heard about it. Sometime after 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, the conversations quickly turned to whatever just boomed outside.

Ice Cube

Cold weather, 'frost quakes' blamed for loud booms heard in eastern Tennessee

Tri-Cities Regional Airport in TN
© Bristol Herald Courier
Tri-Cities Regional Airport.
Late Tuesday night, there were reports of a few loud booms around the Tri-Cities Airport. We seem to get more of these reports during the cold weather. Immediately, News 5 reached out to the Sullivan County EMA and the Tri-Cities Airport. Both said that they hadn't heard the explosion or received any reports.

It seems that this incident was highly localized, but reading a few comments on Facebook. If this did indeed happen, there's two ways that the weather could have impacted this. One of which is a frost quake. The other possibility is the cold air enhancing the sound.

Frost Quake

Frost quakes, or cryoseisms, are nothing new. In fact, they've been observed/studied since the 1800s. In 2014, there were many reports of these loud booms.

Comment: See also: Mystery boom shakes Michigan village blamed on 'frost quake'


Mysterious house-shaking booms rattle Fannin County, Georgia

Mystery Boom
Residents of Fannin and Gilmer counties took to social media late Friday night trying to find the source of what is being described as a loud explosion. The boom that took place had enough force that some residents were reporting their homes shaking from the blast.

Residents took to social media to try to find the source of the noise.
Facebook post of boom in GA
Brenda Curry, a resident of Cherry Log, described what happened close to midnight on Dec. 29: "At first, I heard (and felt) one big explosion. I looked outside, because it sounded like a transformer had blown, or what I imagined a propane tank might sound like if it exploded."

"I didn't see anything," Curry stated of looking outside directly after the noise,"no fire, flames, or smoke."

Comment: See also: 64 mysterious booms heard all over the world this year. Why?


Mysterious 'explosion' heard in Potters Bar, St Albans in Hertfordshire, UK

Cranborne Rd in Potters Bar, UK
© Google Street View
Cranborne Road in Potters Bar. Picture: Google Street View.
Confusion has gripped Potters Bar after numerous residents claimed to have heard a deafening "bang" in the town last night (Wednesday)

Described by some as sounding like an "explosion", it was heard by residents in Cranborne Road, Southgate Road, Sunnybank Road, Oakmere and Little Heath, with one person claiming it even reached St Albans.

A police spokeswoman told the Welwyn Hatfield Times that they had received no official reports last night.

Some people claimed on social media that it may have been a sonic boom, but a Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed no operations were being held in the area last night.

Members of the public also said they had spotted a cloud of smoke near Hatfield Business Park, but it is not known whether this was anything to do with the loud bang.