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Sat, 16 Feb 2019
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Strange Sounds


Strange 'sky sounds' heard in the Netherlands

Strange sounds in The Netherlands
© YouTube/RavenMcDougal
YouTube user 'RavenMcDougal' recorded video of strange sounds she heard in the the Netherlands sky on April 22, 2018:
What the hell is that? Any explanations?


Loud house-shaking boom heard in northwestern Washington

Loud boom in WA
© The Bellingham Herald (stock photo)
A sonic boom from a plane? A stick of dynamite? Somebody blowing up old tree stumps? Something at the refinery? Blasting for a new logging road? Mount Baker getting ready to erupt? How about a UFO?

Plenty of theories were floated on social media Monday night and Tuesday morning about the cause of a large boom that was heard from Everson to Bellingham and west to Blaine around 7 p.m. Monday. According to reports, the boom shook houses, though no reports of damage were mentioned.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the only thing known for sure was that it was loud. The cause is still a mystery.


Southeast Michigan residents report hearing loud house-rattling 'boom'

Mystery boom in MI
© 13ABC
Some people in Southeast Michigan have reported hearing a loud "boom" that they say sounded, and felt, like an explosion.

People living in and near Bedford Township tell 13abc they heard the loud noise just before 8:30 Sunday evening.

Some viewers say they believe it happened on Erie Road between Crabb and Minx.

A 13abc crew drove to the area and found a Monroe County Deputy patrolling the road.

That deputy told 13abc he was called to check out the sound, but hadn't found anything suspicious.

The law enforcement officer did say, however, that he felt his cruiser shake around the same time that noise was reported.


'Trumpet-like sounds' heard in Queens, New York

Strange sounds inn Queens, NY
© YouTube/A Fox
Trumpet-like sounds were heard and recorded by YouTuber 'A Fox' over Queens, New York. He reports that he heard them just before an airplane flew overhead:
...and the plane for a few seconds suddenly sounds as if it's echoing off of something metallic, as well as the trumpet sounds themselves become more metallic and both sound very slightly muffled, only until the plane starts to move away; it's the best way I can describe it.
The sounds began when he was idling his car at around 9:00 a.m. and lasted about 5 minutes.

'A Fox' posted another strange sounds video in December of 2017 that lasted about 10 minutes.


'Strange trumpet sounds' heard in the skies of Osijek, Croatia

Trumpeting sounds in Croatia
© YouTube/FCHollywoodFCB
On April 13, 2018, YouTube user 'FCHollywoodFCB' recorded strange trumpeting sounds in the the skies of Osijek, Croatia. A commenter on the video reported they heard the same sounds in Germany the same day.

Alarm Clock

Strange loud bang heard over Wirral, Liverpool, UK

Liverpool boom
© Liverpool Echo
Dozens of people took to social media to express their shock at hearing a loud bang across Merseyside this morning.

The huge boom was heard as far and wide as Bootle and Wirral, with some New Brighton residents saying their homes shook.

One woman described how her neighbours had all peered out of their windows and left their houses to check for the source of the noise.

She said when she heard and felt the bang, she thought a car had driven into her home.


Strange trumpet sounds recorded in the skies of Hawaii

Strange Sounds
© YouTube/Snippins
Strange trumpet sounds in the skies of Hawaii
With weird sounds being heard in many parts of the world, scientists remain skeptical about the phenomenon being caused by supernatural factors.

A user nicknamed Snippins has published a video on YouTube showing the Hawaiian sky with "unusual and unexplained noises," which many described as sounding like trumpets.

Most users remain at loggerheads over the origin of the sounds, with some suggesting that "Jesus Christ is coming soon."


Eerie sounds recorded in the skies Bellbrook, Ohio

Strange sounds in OH
© YouTube/Dominik Walter
On April 2, 2018, YouTube user 'Dominik Walter' uploaded a recording of an 'eerie sound' that he was 'pretty sure there was an atmospheric explanation for':
I am pretty sure there is an atmospheric explanation for this strange phenomenon. I assume its construction site noise or the highway that gets distorted by different temperature layers in the air . Still it is a very eerie sound that occasionally occurs. It is also not the first time i heard it, however this time i had my phone with me and was able to record.

Comment: He might not be far off in his conclusion that these strange sounds may be atmospheric in nature. See:


'Not a nuke': Loud boom heard and felt it Great Falls, Montana

Loud boom in Great Falls, MT
Although the source of the loud boom that was felt and heard in and around Great Falls on Saturday afternoon has not yet been determined, we do know that is was not the result of an accidental detonation of a nuclear missile from Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Hundreds of people reported hearing the loud boom in all areas of Great Falls and even beyond; there has been speculation that it may have been a military jet breaking the sound barrier, a small earthquake, a meth lab explosion, or possibly even a "frost quake" (see below).

While those are all possible, we are confident in stating that the boom was not caused by a nuclear missile.

Someone used a website that lets people create their own "news articles" for humorous purposes in order to make a bogus article claiming that the boom was caused by an accidental detonation. The article is riddled with typos, poor grammar, and false statements, such as that Air Force personnel "...can be seen walking 56th St, 38th St, and 24th St with Geiger Counters, checking for radiation levels."


Mysterious light, loud boom startles residents in San Jose, California

Fireball over San Jose, CA
A mysterious light in the sky and a loud boom rattled some South Bay neighborhoods late Sunday night.

Hundreds of people who live near Branham High School in South San Jose reported on the community network Nextdoor hearing it Sunday just before midnight.

"You can see this is coming from way over on this side," Dale Johnson said while viewing video of the mystery light. The video posted to a South San Jose Nextdoor page shows a small light travel across the sky for about a minute. Then there's a flash and boom.

"Yeah that doesn't do it justice at all," Johnson said of the audio.