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Mon, 18 Feb 2019
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Strange Sounds


Strange musical sounds heard the skies of Ølen, Norway

Strange sounds in Norway
© YouTube/Per-Einar Lauritzen
YouTube user 'Per-Einar Lauritzen' recorded this strange sound on February 10th stating that the "sound is very low because my window was closed and the sound was far away."


Canadian city plagued by mysterious humming noise that has been driving residents mad for years

windsor ontario

Detroit, Michigan, west of the river - Windsor, Ontario, east of the river: why is it mostly residents of Windsor who hear it?
A mysterious low-level humming noise which has plagued a Canadian city for years has left residents unable to cope with the persistent sound with poor health.

The Windsor Hum, can be heard throughout Windsor, Ontario, home to almost 220,000 people, but it has been reported 90 miles away in the US city of Cleveland.

Complaints of the part noise, part vibration arose in 2011, when locals initially compared it to rattling windows.

Comment: Interesting, that's the same year the 'strange sky sounds' phenomenon really took off.

But as the hum began to vary in its intensity, droning on for days at unbearable levels, distressed locals have taken to all forms of social media to question their hearing and vent their frustrations.

Comment: It may not be noise pollution, i.e. man-made. It could also be at least partly natural, but yes, 'new' at the same time.

What's striking in this particular case is that something about the location apparently 'anchors' the noise(s) there very frequently, if you'll excuse the pun. Zug Island, located in the river between the two cities, might in some way function as an 'anchor' or 'transducer' of electrophonic geomagnetic frequencies.

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Strange trumpet sounds heard in Austin, Texas

Strange sounds in Austin, TX
© YouTube/BradyKDrum
Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by 'BradyKDrum'. He reports the sounds were quite repetitive, lasting approximately 45 minutes. The audio was unaltered from an iPhone 8 microphone.


Strange 'trumpet sounds' heard reported in Łódź, Poland (VIDEO)

Strange sounds heard in Poland
© YouTube/Tanger Joe
Recorded 27 January 2018, uploaded to Youtube by 'Tanger Joe', who reports hearing the sounds approx. between 8am and 12 noon.


'Sounds like the Earth is giving birth': Strange grinding, moaning sounds heard in sky over Georgia

Strange sounds in GA
© YouTube/Revs Life
On January 29, 2018, two recordings of strange sounds were uploaded to YouTube by 'Rev Life' in Forsyth County, Georgia. The sounds were described like 'grinding metal' and 'moaning'.


What's causing the loud booms heard in Springfield, Missouri?

Mystery booms in Springfield, MO.
© Getty Images
No, you're not crazy.

Those loud booms you've been hearing? The city of Springfield wants to know more about them.

City spokeswoman Cora Scott said Wednesday that the city has received two formal service requests and nine calls about the booms in the past few weeks.

And after more booms were heard early Wednesday morning, many more people are chirping about the booms on social media.

Scott said the city wants residents who have "experienced hearing or feeling" the booms to contact them with the exact time, date and location. Residents can call 417-864-1010, email city@springfieldmo.gov or post on the city's Facebook page.

Angela Edwards, 47, has lived her whole life in Springfield and said she has never heard anything like what she heard early Wednesday morning. "This is something huge. This is something big ... I wouldn't know how to describe it. It was like a deep, loud boom," Edwards said. "It wasn't normal - whatever it was."


Loud, mystery boom rattles residents in southern Maine

Loud boom heard in Kennebunk, Maine
© visitthekennebunks.com
Residents in parts of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel were left startled and baffled earlier this week when what was described as a loud boom was heard and felt across the area on two occasions, with no one able to pinpoint the cause.

Word of the mystery boom spread across Facebook Monday evening around 9 p.m. and again Wednesday around the same time.

People took to social media asking "Did anyone hear that? What was it?" Speculation ranged from thunder snow to a sonic boom, or a blown electrical transformer.

"I can't believe it was thunder. This was felt and heard from Cape Porpoise to Waterboro. Then two series of popping noises like semi-automatic gun fire," Kennebunk resident Wendy Lank said. "It was so loud, it really made me uneasy."


Strange sounds heard in the skies of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Strange sounds in Kuala Lampur
© YouTube/Jathniel Tong
Weird strange sound from sky. One hour, keeps on and off. It's so loud.


Loud boom rattles homes in southern Arkansas; officials unaware of cause

Mystery boom in AR
© The Commercial
At about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, hundreds of reports of a loud "boom" were sent to the Commercial via social media.

A few minutes later, residents in the Magnolia area, some 108 miles southwest of Pine Bluff, reported a similar sound to the online news organization Magnolia Reporter.

Reports in our area came in from just south of Walmart to Redfield and along US 79 in Watson Chapel.

The National Weather Service in North Little Rock ruled out any weather-related noises, such as thunder. The Pine Bluff Police Department also reported no information on the sound, which some residents south of Pine Bluff reported shook their homes.


Residents of North Routt, Colorado trying to solve mystery of what rattled homes

Residents in North Routt County are still trying to figure out what caused some homes and a fire station to rattle from the Clark area all the way to the shores of Steamboat Lake on Thursday morning.

Some residents wondered whether it was a sonic boom, an earthquake, or an avalanche.

But with no offical reports of an earthquake made in the area that day, the source of the boom appears to remain a mystery.

Residents started to try to solve the mystery when North Routt Rumors, a local news source in the area, asked its Facebook fans whether anyone else had experienced what felt like a "roof sliding" between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Thursday.