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Wed, 22 Aug 2018
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Strange Sounds

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Strange trumpeting sound heard in Manitoba, Canada

Strange noises Alberta, CA
© YouTube/Scotticorn
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'Strange noise in the sky' recorded in Palmetto, Florida

Strange sounds in Palmetto, FL
© YouTube/Erik Rowan
Strange noise in sky, November 27, 2017 in Palmetto, FL.


'Horns or trumpets' heard in the skies of Edmonton, Canada

Trumpet sounds in Edmonton, CA
© YouTube/Queen Mea
November 9th, 2017 at around 2:30 pm My daughter and I heard what sounded like horns or trumpets being blown in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

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Nonsense: USAF claims supersonic aircraft responsible for mystery booms heard near Fort Hood Texas

supersonic aircraft mystery booms

The USAF claims supersonic aircraft on secret missions are causing the booms, yet such mysterious booms are being reported worldwide.
The loud and unexplained sounds have been heard dozens of times across the country from New Jersey to Colorado for months.

In mid-November, shocked residents in Alabama were left so alarmed by the noise they even called the cops to investigate.

They dubbed it the "Bama Boom", saying it was so powerful it actually shook houses and left windows rattling.

However, NASA and the US Geological Survey said they had no idea what was causing the booms, saying they could only theorise.

Comment: The sounds have been heard in numerous areas of Alabama. The National Weather Service has said that it did not appear that earthquakes were involved. Meteorites and sonic booms have been floated as possible causes.

Comment: These loud booms often coincide with earthquake like shocks and are rattling nerves around the world with increasing regularity. They are probably associated with the dramatic rise of fireballs and meteors which have been increasing each year exponentially! For more background on the increased asteroid and fireball activity - including its causes, effects, and role in human history, see: Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.


Strange trumpeting noises heard in Alabama

Strange sound in the sky
It was in November 9, 2017 Something bigger chiming and we still we don't know. Some strange noise from the sky - really great experience for any one hearing......

Comment: Coincidentally, there have been a spate of 'strange sounds' heard in Alabama recently. On November 14th, a mysterious loud 'boom' was heard across North Alabama. On November 24th and 26th, more booms were heard and recorded: Another unexplained boom heard in Alabama (Update).


'Weird horn noise' heard coming from the sky

Weird horn noises
© YouTube/Hayley Freeman
It lasted for like 2 hours and originally I thought it was a plane but then at 11:11 a.m. it stopped, with no fade. Just went completely silent.


Mysterious 'skyquakes' continue around the world with few answers to their origins

Across the world, the sky is quaking with mysterious, explosive booms leaving residents rattled and baffling experts trying to determine their origins.

More than 64 different incidents involving loud, unexplained booms worldwide have been reported in 2017, according to a recent NY Post report.

The most recently reported skyquake in the U.S. occurred near Daytona Beach, Florida, on Dec. 3, prompting nearby residents to search for answers on social media.

Birmingham, Alabama, residents experienced a similar event last month, which local media dubbed the "Bama Boom."

The "Bama Boom" occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 14, around 1:30 p.m. local time, according to Fox News.

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'Sky trumpet phenomena' heard in Pennsylvania

Trumpet sounds in PA
© YouTube/Nick Wilkes
Caught the "sky trumpet" phenomenon while walking back to my dorm from the Subway in California, PA. Conspiracy theorist say that these are a sign of the apocalypse.

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Loud 'roaring sounds' heard in the sky along the Mississippi River at the Illinois/Iowa border

Strange sounds in IL, IA border
© Via YouTube/Splenorous
The video can be deceptive! I have more understanding of what I am hearing and seeing in other videos! Your comments are most welcomed! However, I can tell you for 100% accuracy as to what I am witnessing as the camera is recording!

It is a cloudy November day in 2017 along the Mississippi River Illinois/ Iowa border. There is very little wind, the trees are barely rustling so the noise is NOT wind although it occasionally sounds like a mighty wind very high up in the sky! NEVER heard this particular noise EVER before! Even though the camera may seems as if it is raining - it is NOT RAINING! Kind of sounded a tish like thunder but this noise was a continual noise for an hour!

It sounded for 5 - 7 minutes at a time then died down for just 1-2 minutes and was back just as loud as before. We could hear it out from the same direction but seemed to be louder just right, left then right over head. It was not moving far if at all. NO VARIATIONS as traffic, planes, jets, and way too loud for a plane to be that low and we did not see one thing! For an hour, no lights, shadows or planes.


Another mysterious boom shakes buildings, this time in Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach boardwalk
© YouTube/Best Orlando Vacation Packages
A sonic boom rattled buildings up and down the Daytona Beach area Friday afternoon and its source may have been fighter jets flying in the area.

Messages left with the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville were not returned Friday, but Kaylee LaRocque told WESH-TV that the boom was probably caused by the Air National Guard flying F-15s in the area.

People reported hearing it from Ormond Beach to Port Orange. The boom was heard around 4:30 p.m.

Soon after the sound reverberated across the area, people speculated that NASA was conducting tests.

Comment: Another space rock exploding in the sky?