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Fri, 23 Feb 2018
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Strange Sounds


'Wow, this is crazy!' Strange banging sounds from the sky recorded in Carteret, New Jersey

Strange sounds in NJ
© YouTube/Felix Borbor
The sky does strange sounds in Carteret NJ:

Comment: About two months ago (and not so far away) in Staten Island, New York, similar sounds were recorded:

'Banging sounds from the sky' recorded in Staten Island, New York


Strange trumpeting, groaning sounds heard in Hungary

Strange sounds over Hungary
© YouTube/MiklóS
Strange Sound in the sky


Residents report hearing explosion and seeing homes shake in Springfield, Oregon

boom 2
Residents of the Thurston area of Springfield reported feeling the neighborhood shake as they were startled by the sound of an explosion shortly before 4 p.m. Monday.

"I was inside with my daughters. There was a huge exploding noise. It caused the houses on the area to shake," said Eve Kuha, who lives on 56th Street. "I immediately told my daughter's to stay inside while i went outside to see where it came from. My neighbors all came outside from their homes as well."

Kuha said she looked up and didn't see any jets - and that the boom didn't sound like a jet to her.


Mysterious boom rattles St. Helens, Oregon

A sound resembling a thunderous explosion was heard around 8 p.m. on June 25 in the St. Helens area. Curious citizens flooded social media with questions about the origin of the boom that some said shook homes and rattled windows.

According to St. Helens Police Chief Terry Moss, the first reports of the sound came in at 8:22 p.m. Moss said his department fielded 11 calls regarding the boom, mainly from residents on the west side of town.

The cause of the sound has not been determined. Moss said this time of year is marked by frequent firework and "loud boom" reports. Without more definitive information, Moss said the matter would be considered closed.


Thunder? Mystery boom jolts awake residents of Tauranga, New Zealand

Lightning in a thunderstorm
© stuff.co.nz
MetService says the loud bang was probably thunder, but not all locals are convinced.
A mystery bang is the talk of Tauranga after it woke many locals in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Police and MetService say it was likely just thunder, but residents aren't so sure.

One local believed it could have been a meteor, another thought it was an earthquake, while a third believed a "sonic boom" was the cause.

Helen Lynam wasn't convinced that it was thunder. "It was loud and like a boom/bang sound. I didn't think it was thunder, it didn't have that sort of sound to it."

A member of the Tauranga Weather Facebook group said her pets had been "going weird" in the moments before the noise was heard.


Nottingham, UK residents woken by strange 'whooshing' noise

Strange sounds in Nottingham, UK
A strange whooshing noise has been waking Nottingham residents in the middle of the night.

The sound has been likened to that made by a jet engine, a hot air balloon or a giant blowtorch.

Some worried residents have contacted Nottinghamshire Police, who said the noise could be from machinery.

It has been heard for several weeks, with reports coming as far north as Wollaton and as far south as West Bridgford.

"For the last two mornings, I've heard a series of noises outside my house in Wollaton which sounds like a giant blowtorch," resident Hayley Compton said.

Comment: Another strange sounds recording was posted to YouTube on May 26th by Paul Millard:

Very strange deep sort of wind sounds coming from the sky above Nottingham. This was recorded at around 03:30 to 04:00 but has continued after while I've been uploading the video. Very strange and quite unnatural. I've not heard anything like this at all.


Residents across Kent, UK mystified by loud bang

Loud boon in Kent
© Kent Online
Police say they are as mystified as everyone else as to the cause of a loud bang heard across large parts of Kent last night.

People living in Medway, the Isle of Sheppey, Deal and as far north as Bromley and Beckenham reported hearing the noise.

One Rochester resident took to social media to say the bang was so loud that birds flew out of a tree.


'War of the worlds': Strange booming noises heard above Nottingham, UK

strange sounds nottingham

The unexplained noise has been described as a "roaring" and "rumbling" noise, which has happened every few minutes over night.

A loud "booming" noise has been heard above Nottingham and people are desperate to find out what it was.

The unexplained noise has been described as a "roaring" and "rumbling" noise, which has happened every few minutes over night.

Many people have taken to Twitter to try and find out where it is coming from with one person saying: "It sounds like the war of the worlds in Nottingham at the moment. Unknown catastrophically loud noise every two minutes."


'Banging sounds from the sky' recorded in Staten Island, New York

Staten Island skyline
© silive.com
Strange sounds, banging sound, ufo, sound, alien, aliens, banging coming from the sky.


Strange 'drum-like' booms heard in the sky over southwest Louisiana

Strange sounds in the sky
At 8:40 pm, May 4th 2017, I hear very loud noise sounds like giant plane over house so i charged my phone went out and started recording... Sorry for all the talking. Mid-video is best footage of this online.

Comment: The booming noises start at around 2:12.