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Strange Sounds

Bizarro Earth

Trumpeting sounds heard in the skies of southwestern Quebec, Canada

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On January 2, 2019, YouTube user 'Saba rah' posted video footage of strange sounds she heard in the skies of Pierrefonds, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She reports that she's heard the sound before, 'but this time was really intense'.


North Dublin residents report massive boom, house-shaking

Swords Castle in Dublin, Ireland
© Dublin Live
Several people in Swords took to social media this morning after reportedly hearing a loud bang - with one person saying "the whole house shook".

Local resident Lesley McKeever posted a question on her Facebook status shortly after 10am asking if anyone else had heard the loud bang - or felt the "huge shake".

She said: "Anyone else in Swords just feel a huge shake and hear a loud bang about ten minutes ago???

"The whole house shook...have checked everywhere inside and out nothing seems out of the ordinary???"

Others reported hearing the noise, which some suggested may have come from the nearby quarry at Feltrim.


'Eerie trumpeting noises' heard in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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© vexels.com
On December 1, 2018, YouTube user 'Huey Lewis' shared a clip of eerie trumpeting noises he heard on November 29th at 1:30 am in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada:


Strange noises heard in the skies of India

Strange sounds in India
© YouTube/Hammad Mustafa
On December 11, 2018, YouTuber 'Hammad Mustafa' uploaded video of strange noises he heard in the skies of India.

A commenter on the video reported they heard the same sounds, the same day in Ohio.

Bizarro Earth

'Weird sounds' heard over Owensboro, Kentucky

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On December 10, 2018, YouTube user 'Tiffany Goatee' shared video footage of strange sounds she heard in the skies on November 29, 2018:
I heard weird noises outside while watching TV and decided to record them.


'Tripped me right out': Strange sounds recorded from the sky in Edmonton, Canada

Strange sounds (stock)
YouTuber 'Rynelle trutq' uploaded footage of strange sounds she heard coming from the sky in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on December 14, 2018:


'Weird noises' heard in the skies of Greenville, South Carolina

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© Shihao Mei/Unsplash
On December 19, 2018, YouTube user 'Sean Feighn' shared video footage of weird noises he heard in the skies of Greenville, South Carolina:

This video was taken shortly after 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 18th, 2018 in Greenville, SC. Heard this noise faintly from inside my house, stepped outside and took this. It was this constant sound with a lower noise similar to a helicopter rotor like sound going on for 20 minutes straight.

I increased the video volume 4x so you can hear it better. Posted it to my story on instagram and a follower of mine in the area heard it as well. No one knows what exactly it was. I've heard everything to an industrial plant, to construction, to biblical signs, to atmospheric pressure.

What really got me was this---I was looking through youtube videos of sounds in the sky in Dec. 2018 and found a video someone took in Canada of the same exact sound 2 days prior to when I heard it. Here's the link.

Please, if anyone has any explanations comment below.

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'Sounds like someone shaking metal': Strange sounds heard in Houston, Texas sky

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YouTube user 'Ana Marin' shared video footage of strange sounds she heard in the Houston, Texas sky on December 5, 2018:
We live near 288 in Houston Texas, As my kids and i got home, at around 1:30 am, we heard some really loud sounds coming from the sky, it sounded as someone was shaking giant metal sheets, we do have companies and all but they are closed at night, and the only sound that we recognize is earlier in the afternoon, but its NOT close to what is in the video...


'Weird noises' heard in Florida skies

Strange sky sounds
© Strange Sounds
On November 24, 2018, YouTuber 'Don't forget Me now' posted a clip of 'weird noises' they heard in the Florida skies:
Crazy sky and weird sounds.


'Creepy sounds' recorded in Ohio's night sky

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© vexels.com
On November 27, 2018, YouTube user 'CJ Blaze' recorded video of 'creepy sounds' they heard in the skies of Ohio:
U have to turn sound up, powers that be turned it down.